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Welcome to my Subspecies fan page. In case you never heard of it, Subspecies is a series of vampire movies by Ted Nicolaou and Full Moon Pictures starring Anders Hove as the evil (yet very cool) vampire Radu. I first discovered the series in October of 1997 when The Sci-Fi channel was running their tribute to the 100th anniversity of the novel Dracula. I quickly fell in love with not only the movies, but also with the character of Radu (could there exist a cooler vampire?)

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The reason for this page is pretty much just to show my appreciation to all those involved with the movies, and to hopefully create some new fans of people who just happen to be passing by. Here you will find all the basic information on the various movies (casts, storylines, posters, maybe some pictures, and trailers when available), and anything else relavent that I may think to include. Hope you enjoy your visit, and feel free to tell me what you think at

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The following are links to information about the indivdual movies. You may want to read the story descriptions with caution as to not spoil them if you plan to view the movies for the first time soon.

Subspecies (1991) A struggle for power between two brothers.
Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993) A young woman trying to cope with vampirism.
Bloodlust: Subspecies III (1994) The final confrontation?
Vampire Journals (1997) A vampiric love triangle.
Bloodstorm: Subspecies IV (1998) ..And justice for all.
Subspecies V (2000) Wait for it..

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*The fanfiction and Anders Hove pages are actually seperate, not created or maintained by me.

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The above picture was taken from The Page that Dripped Blood.

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