Chapter 96


Sarah reached the hospital in just under ten minutes but there was no sign of a rescue squad.  She quickly parked and as she was rushed across the parking lot, her cell rang.


“Hey, Alex.


“Are they okay?”  Nick was frantic.


“Calm down, Nicky.  I beat the squad here.”  A siren pierced the air and Sarah spotted the source.  “Hang on.  This might be them now.  Are you on your way?”




Sarah could ‘see’ Nick pouting on the other end and laughed.  “What’s wrong, Nicky?”


“Kevin took my keys and they’ve got Raoul, Tommy, and Eddie at the door to keep me here.”


“Relax, Nick.  They don’t want you to have a wreck too,” soothed Sarah as she reached the squad.  Peaking in, she spotted Garrett screaming for all he was worth but no Becca.  “Nick, I need to go.  Garrett’s here.”


“Is that him I hear?”


“Yeah, it is but don’t worry about him.  He looks to be fine and once I get him in my arms, I’m sure he’ll calm down,” reassured Sarah.


“Hug him for me and I’ll be there as soon as I can.”


Sarah closed her phone as the attendant stepped out with Garrett in  his arms.  “Where is his mother?”


“They were having trouble getting her out.”


“Is he okay?”


“He’s fine…just mad.”


“I’m Sarah Dorough, his aunt.  Can I take him?”


“Of course!!  Mrs. Carter said you’d be here,” answered the attendant as he handed Garrett to Sarah.


“Hey! Hey! Come on, Garrett!!” soothed Sarah as she held the screaming baby close.  “It’s okay.  Aunt SaSa has you now and Daddy is gonna be here as soon as he can.”


“Mrs. Carter asked that he be checked out.”


“Definitely.  How far behind is she?”


“I’m not sure.  We’ll go in with you to get the little guy checked out.”


“Thank you.”


Sarah, with a still sobbing Garrett, followed the rescue squad attendant into the ER where they were met by the nurse.  Sarah was then shown to an examining room.  Minutes later, a doctor joined them and Garrett was given a thorough exam.


“This little guy seems to be just fine.  You can give him some Infant Tylenol if he seems uncomfortable.”

”Thank you, Dr. Hall.”


“I’m going to release him.  I just need your signature.”


“What about the insurance and such?  I’m not his mother.”




“His mother is being brought in and I can get the information from her then.”


“That’s fine,” answered Dr. Hall as things in the ER jumped into action.


“We’ve got a 25 year old white female involved in a MVA.  Head trauma, possible fracture of the left hip, multiple contusions.”


Sarah heard it all and then saw Becca rushed into the trauma room.  “That’s her now.”


“Let them get the assessment done and then you can go over to see her.”


“Thank you.  I need to call her husband and let him know.”


“I’ll let you know when you can see her.”


“Thank you.”  Sarah watched the doctor leave and then handed Garrett one of the twins’ toys from her pocketbook as she pulled out her cell.  Pushing the speed dial, she waited.  She knew the meeting had started and she hoped that Howie had given Nick his cell.  Her hopes were dead on as Nick answered.  “Hey Nicky!......Garrett’s fine.  The doctor checked him out and I’m waiting with him now…..They just brought her in and they’re doing the assessment now….I heard something about head trauma and a possible fractured hip…..As soon as the doctor lets me know but I really don’t want to take Garrett in with her…Yeah, he’s calm now…..Are you sure?  He was NOT happy on the rescue squad……Okay, I’ll try it….I’ll call you later.”


Sarah closed her phone and looked at Garrett who seemed to be getting sleepy.  “Hey buddy!  You & your mom have had a tough day, haven’t you?  You need to take a nap….so I can go check on your mom.  I’m gonna get a nurse to stay with you though, so you won’t be alone.”


Garrett looked up at Sarah, his eyelids drooping with sleep.  Sarah knew it wasn’t going to take much to get him to sleep so she got him to lay down, still holding the toy in his hands, and she began to sing as she stroked his back.  It was the same thing she did with DJ and Caroline.  In no time at all, he was sound asleep.


A nurse stepped in with the paperwork for Garrett and Sarah asked, “Could you sit with him and make sure he doesn’t roll off?  I want to go check on his mother.”




Giving Garrett a gentle kiss, Sarah rushed across the hall and slipped in unnoticed into the trauma room.  She listened to all of the talk of the doctors and nurses and knew that Becca was in serious condition but nothing life-threatening.


“My son…where is he?” questioned Becca weakly.


“Your son is fine.  Your friend has him,” answered a nurse.


“Sarah?  Where is she?  I need to see her.”


Taking that as her cue, Sarah moved to Becca’s side and took her hand.  “I’m right here, sis.”




“He’s fine and he’s asleep.”

”Where’s Nick?”


“He’ll be here soon.  Kevin took his keys.”


Becca tried to laugh but it came out a sob.  Why…..why did you….come?”


“You called me, you goof.”




“We had an argument….so what?  It’s not our first and won’t be our last.  It doesn’t change the fact that I love you.  Now, relax, and let them check you out.  We need to get you better.”


“Mrs. Dorough, we have Mrs. Carter stable and given her something for the pain.  She’s going to start to get groggy soon.”


“Thank you.”


“We’ll be taking her to x-ray soon.”


“Can I stay with her until then?”


“That’s fine.”


Alone, Sarah sat on the edge of the bed beside Becca and reached out to move her hair out of the blood on her forehead.  “Is the pain medicine working?”  she asked with concern.


“Yeah,” slurred Becca.  “Meeting….board meeting tonight….shouldn’t you be there?”


“Yes, but you’re more important.  Howie and Kevin are handling things for me.”


“I’m sorry.”


“For what?”


“For being so hateful to you….even after you tried to apologize.”


“Becca, you had a right to be mad at me.  I was being a HUGE selfish brat!”

”Did you tell Howie?”


“Of course, and he said you had every right to be mad at me too.  Becca, you’re more than my best friend…you’re my sister and I NEVER meant to hurt you.”


“I know and I accept your apology.  Sarah?”




“Can….we…talk…”  yawn, “later?”


Seeing that Becca couldn’t keep  her eyes open, Sarah brushed her hair back again and said, “Of course, whenever you want.  Go to sleep and when you wake up, Nick will be here.”


With her eyes closed, Becca squeezed Sarah’s hand as she whispered, “Thank you.”


“Any time, sis,” whispered Sarah giving her a kiss on the forehead.


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