Chapter 97

A hand on her shoulder startled Sarah awake.   Looking up, she realized it was Nick.  With a yawn, “Hey, Nicky!” 

“Hey yourself.  How’s Bec?” 

Sarah stretched trying to wake up.  “She’s in still in x-ray.  Where are the others?” 

“AJ and Brian went home but Kevin and Howie are on their way as soon as they close up the center.” 

“When ‘D’ gets here, we’ll take Garret home and put him to bed.” 

“No need.  Billy came with me and he’s taking GT back to the house.”  Nick ran his fingers through his hair.  “Dayum!  I should have MADE her come back with me!  This NEVER would have happened.” 

“You’ve been around Kevin too long,” teased Sarah. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“This was an accident, Nick.  You couldn’t have known it would happen OR control it.  Take a deep breath and pull yourself together.  They’re bringing Becca back now and she does NOT need to see you frantic.” 

Nick turned towards where Sarah was looking spotting the orderlies pushing Becca’s gurney towards him and his heart stopped.  It felt as though all the blood had drained from his body. 

Sarah saw Nick’s face pale so she put her hand in his.  “Not what you expected?” 

“No,” he choked out. 

But what had he expected?  He’d never seen someone in a wreck before and he’d NEVER seen Becca hurt.  A familiar sensation washed over him….the one he’d had the night they’d heard Sarah was dead.  God, he’d never thought he’d feel this way again, or even WANTED to feel this way again.  His dinner was in his throat, threatening to come back. 

A voice beside him…a voice that seemed to be so far away despite being right at his elbow…whispered, “Hold it together, Nick!” 

Becca was back in place and her eyes were open.  She managed to see Nick and her tears burst forth. 

Quickly, Nick moved to her and carefully wiped them away.  “Why do you always cry?” he scolded lovingly. 

“I’m sorry!” she sobbed. 

“For what?  You haven’t done anything wrong, baby,” soothed Nick.  “I’m here now and you’re gonna be just fine.” 

Becca’s eyes fluttered shut. 

Nick looked around to Sarah.  “Did she pass out?”

“I doubt it.  It’s probably the pain medicine they have in her IV.  She’s gonna be groggy…in and out.” 

Nick reached for Sarah’s hand and as she put hers in his, he pulled her to him.  “She looks so helpless.” 

Sarah put her arms around Nick, holding him close.  “She’s got you, Nicky.  She’ll be okay.” 

“And you!  I can’t believe you came.”

”Why wouldn’t I?” 

“Well….Becca’s been pretty cool to you lately.” 

“Yeah, because I was a brat.  Nick, just because we were having a disagreement doesn’t mean we don’t still love each other….and before you thank me….don’t.  I’m gonna clear out and go check on Billy.  Do you need anything before I go?” 

“Just come back tomorrow……please.” 

“First thing.  I’ll stop and get both of you some clothes and other stuff before I come back.   Send me a text to let me know what room she’s in.” 

“I will.” 

Sarah hugged Nick tight.  “She’s gonna be okay, Nicky….I promise.” 

Sarah slipped out as Nick took a seat beside Becca once more.  She paused at the door for a second to see Nick take Becca’s hand in his and place a kiss on it. 

Walking through the parking lot, Sarah spotted Kevin’s truck and then Kevin and Howie.  She picked up her pace rushing into Howie’s arms. 

Howie held her tight but was surprised when he felt her tears on his shoulder.  Setting her back, he asked, “What’s wrong, ‘Angel’?” 

“She apologized to ME!  I was the brat but ….” 

Howie laughed softly.  “You were upset when she wasn’t speaking to you and now you’re upset because she is speaking to you.  Make up your mind!” 

Kevin spoke up, “You sure she’s not blond?” 

“You both suck!” pouted Sarah as she wiped her tears. 

“Uh huh, and according to you, quite well,” countered Kevin with a sexy smirk. 

Sarah stuck her tongue out at Kevin soliciting laughter from both men. 

“How’s Becca?” asked Howie as he hugged his wife. 

“They gave her pain medicine when they first got her in and she has been out of it for the majority of the time.”

”What are her injuries?” questioned Kevin. 

Sarah could see the concern in his eyes and hear it in his voice.  “Lots of bruises – a concussion.  They took her for x-rays of her hip but the doctor never came back while I was there to give the results.  I’m sure he’ll talk to Nick.” 

“What about Garrett?” asked Howie. 

“He’s fine.  Billy came and took him home.  I do want to go by and check on him before we go home.” 

“We have our own children to check on,” Howie reminded gently. 

“I know…but….” 

“Sarah, you go with Howie home.  I’ll go by Nick’s to check on Billy and Garrett.” 

“Are you sure?” 

“Positive. Lynne’s out of town so I have nothing to go home for.” 

“Okay.  Promise me one thing.” 

“Anything…you know that.” 

"Just be there for Nick.  Don’t lecture him or tell him what to do or how to do it.” 

Kevin frowned.  “Am I really that bad?” 

“Yes.  Now, give me a hug and stop pouting.”  She stepped towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “I still love you even though you’re a control freak and so does Nick.” 

“Thanks, baby.  I’ll call you to let you know how everyone is.”

With the good-byes said, Sarah handed Howie the keys and the couple headed home to check on their own family.

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