Part 95


“Relax, ‘Angel’!  You’re presentation is perfect and the other board members are going to love it,” reassured Howie as he watched his wife nervously check each person’s binder of information.


“You’re prejudiced too.”


“Yes, I am,” he said as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his lap.  “But you know I’m not going to agree to something that isn’t going to be profitable.  Sarah, you’ve done all the research; you’ve got all the numbers; and your presentation is going to blow them away.  Just take a deep breath and relax.  The meeting is in an hour and you’re ready.”


“I know how you can help me relax,” purred Sarah as she ran her fingers through his hair.


“We could go to your office and close the door.”


“Let’s go.”


As the two started across to Sarah’s office though, they ran into Kevin and AJ.


With a knowing smirk seeing the couple entangled in each other’s arms, AJ asked, “What’s up?”


“Just going to calm Sarah’s nerves,” winked Howie.


“Hmm, want an audience?” leered Kevin with a wag of his eyebrows.


“Nah, I think this should be a private affair,” smiled Howie seeing Sarah’s disgust.


“You three are pigs,” huffed Sarah as her cell phone rang.  Recognizing the ringtone, she answered, “Nicky, you’d BETTER be on your way!  I need you tonight.”


There was a long pause before a weak, scared voice said, “Sarah.”


Realizing something was seriously wrong, Sarah motioned for the three who had started serenading her with ‘I Need You Tonight’ to be quiet.  “Becca, what’s wrong?  Where are you?”


“I’ve…..I’ve had a….wreck,” came the whimpered response.

Sarah could tell that Becca was barely holding it together.  “Where are you?”


“The exit….coming from Tampa.”


“Is Nick with you?”


“No….he….he came back earlier….so he could go to the meeting.”


Howie, Kevin, and AJ had realized something was wrong and were waiting anxiously.




“Becca’s had a wreck,” she whispered with her hand over the phone.  Then, to Becca, she asked, “Have the police been called?”


“Yes.  They’re here….with the rescue squad.”


Sarah nodded her head to let the guys know that the police were there.  “Do you know where they’re taking you?”


There was a long pause before Becca answered, “Orange County Memorial.”


“I’m on my way.  Howie will tell Nick when he gets here.”


Howie acknowledged Sarah and headed to her office to get her things.


“Sarah, I’m scared.”


“I know you are, sis, but you need to stay calm….for Garrett.  Where is he?”


“I….I can’t….reach him.  I can’t….Sarah, he’s not crying.  I can’t hear him,” sobbed Becca.


“Calm down, Becca.  You had him in the car seat so I’m sure he’s …..” The phone went dead and Sarah looked at the guys.  “I lost the call.”


Howie handed Sarah her stuff.  “Be careful, Sarah, and call us when you know something.”


“The meeting… presentation and the budget?”


“Don’t worry about it, baby,” reassured Kevin.


“I’ll take care of it, ‘Angel’.  I have all your notes and Kevin can run the presentation.  You go take care of Becca and Garrett.”


“Thank you, all three of you,” said Sarah as she gave Kevin and AJ a hug.  “Try Nick at the house please.  You might also try Becca’s cell.  If she had Nick’s, maybe he has hers.”


“We’ll get hold of Nick.  Just go,” said AJ.


“Walk with me, ‘D’?”


“Of course!  Guys, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  With his arm around her, Howie led Sarah out to the parking lot where he took her keys and opened her door for her.  “Are you okay, Angel?”


“I’m fine….just worried.  It’s got to be bad if she called me, especially since she’s ticked at me.”


“Becca loves you, even if she is upset.  I’ve always heard, even from you, that you hurt the ones you love the most.  Now, forget about the problems you two have been having and be there for her.  Don’t mention the meeting.  Let this be about her….just like you did when she had Garrett.”


“Thank you.”  Sarah hugged him, holding on an extra second, then got in the car rolling down the window first.  “Someone should probably bring Nick to the hospital.”


“Don’t worry about Nick.  ALL of us will come to the hospital,” said Howie as he closed the door.  “I love you.”


“I love you too.”


Howie stepped back and watched as Sarah pulled away before he headed back inside.


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