Part 94


The Monday after her birthday found Sarah at her desk at the youth center, piles of paper in front of her.  There was a meeting with the board of directors that night to discuss the budget and Sarah was trying to pull it together.  She wanted to add new programs that would have to be included in the budget but the numbers weren’t looking good.  She knew the guys would be receptive to her ideas; it was the rest of the board she had to convince.


Howie entered her office quietly knowing she was busy and stopped to watch her.  Her hair fell in her eyes and her glasses kept slipping down no matter how many times she pushed them back into place.  He adored her to no end and this was one of those moments when he wanted to shout it to the world.


“Damnit!” she mumbled and he couldn’t suppress the chuckle.  She looked up and gave him a tired smile, “Hey, ‘D’.”


Howie moved to her after closing the door behind him.  As he sat on the edge of her desk, he leaned over to give her a kiss.  “Hey, ‘Angel’.  How’s it going…or was that ‘damnit’ an indication?”


“It’s an indication.  Howie, they’ll NEVER approve these programs if I can’t pull this presentation and the numbers together.”


“You’ll get it, Sarah, just relax.”


“The meeting is…..”


“The meeting is tonight.  Now, you need some lunch and with a full stomach, you’ll feel much better and you’ll be able to concentrate.  You’ll have all afternoon and my help.”


“Lunch?  What time is it?”


“Eleven.  I told you I’d be here to pick you up.”


“I can’t go to lunch!” protested Sarah as Howie took her hands and pulled her up to him. 


Howie put his hands on her waist and kissed her, slowly and tenderly.  “You need to eat too,” he whispered against her skin as he began to place small kisses along her neck.


“How….wieeee!!  What are you doing?”


“Reminding my beautiful wife just how wonderful she is.”


Sarah sighed as she gave in to his kisses.  “You are the one who is so wonderful.”


“Have you been working all morning on this?”


“Yes,” she pouted as he looked at what she was doing.


“Okay.  If you go to lunch and we get back by 2, you’ll have at least 4 hours before you need to eat some dinner and the meeting is at 7:30.  With my help, you’ll be able to do it.”


“Howie, it’s a power point presentation.  How much help are you going to be?”


“What are you trying to say?”


“That you suck at computer stuff.”


“I’m hurt!” pouted Howie with a glimmer in his eyes.


“Get over yourself.  You know I’m right,” laughed Sarah. 


“Yeah, but I got you to smile, didn’t I?”


“Yes!  You did!  I love you because you are always here for me.”


“Yes, I am and if I can’t help you with the actual presentation, I can help you in other ways….like with the numbers.”


“You mean the actual budget?”



“How can you help me with that when I have to present it to you?”


“We’ve always told you to come to us for help.  Well, you need my help.”


“My prince riding in to save the day.  Okay, you can help me.  Where are we going to lunch?”


“I promised Jesse that we’d come eat with her at school so I ordered pizzas for her class.  They’re being delivered to the school at 11:30.  I have the drinks in the car and I sent her teacher enough money to buy the class ice cream for dessert.”


“You are going to spoil her,” said Sarah with a shake of her head.


Touching the tip of her nose, he said, “Just like I spoil you.  Are you ready?”


“Just let me get my stuff.”


Sarah grabbed her pocketbook, then took Howie’s hand and followed him out of the center.  They were off to spend the next couple of hours with Jesse and her class.


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