Chapter 93

Howie watched over the group as laughter and conversation filled the room.  He was pleased to see that everyone was getting along.  He’d been worried about having all of the guys together, especially after the disaster at Nick’s party.  But then again, his family and Sarah’s were there too so maybe that was the difference. 

Looking over at his wife as she talked to Pollyanna and John, he caught her stealing a glace across the room at Becca who sat with her arms folded across her chest staring at nothing in particular.  Well, almost a perfect evening.  He knew Sarah had tried to apologize via email and by trying to call and tonight, there was no mistaking that Becca did NOT want to be there.  She had spoken little, only when spoken to as a matter of fact, and had avoided eye contact with Sarah. 

Nick joined Howie and said softly, “Maybe we could lock ‘em in a room until they either kill each other or make up.” 

Howie shook his head, “They’ll work it out in their own time.  We just need to be supportive and stay out of it.” 

“What’s going to happen when we hit the road again for my tour?” 

“Hopefully it’ll have been straightened out by then,” answered Howie with a shrug of his shoulders.  “Are you and Becca going with us to Tabu?” 

“Man, it was all I could do to get her HERE!” snorted Nick.  Then, looking at Sarah, he said, “If she doesn’t mind, I might come by for a little while.” 

“Don’t worry if you can’t make it.” 

“Nah…I wanna be there.  It’s Sarah’s birthday and I want to be there for her.” 

“Sarah will understand, Nick.  Don’t cause….” Howie stopped short when he saw Becca headed out and Sarah starting to follow her.  Moving to intercept Sarah, he said over his shoulder, “Hang on, Nick.” 

Nick watched Howie rush over and catch Sarah just before she left the room. 

“Where are you going, ‘Angel’?  You’ve still got all your gifts to open and Pollyanna brought a cake…your favorite,” said Howie as he wrapped his wife in his arms. 

“I was going to TRY to talk to Becca.” 

Howie saw the tears Sarah was fighting and his heart broke.  Brushing her cheek with his fingertips, he said, “Maybe you should let Becca come to you, Sarah.  I get the impression that she’s not ready to talk to you.” 

Sarah tucked her head and began to play with the buttons on Howie’s shirt but she didn’t say anything.  She couldn’t.  Her tears were on the verge of spilling over and she just knew if she said something, they’d fall at will.  There was no way she was going to ruin the perfect evening that Howie had planned. 

Putting his finger under her chin, Howie lifted her face to look into her eyes.  “Angel, it’s gonna take time to heal…on both parts.  It will be okay…eventually.” 

A tear rolled slowly down.  “I know I was wrong, ‘D’.  Why won’t she listen to me?” 

“She’s still hurting too, Sarah.  Come on…after gifts and cake, we’re headed to ‘Tabu’.” 


Howie placed a finger on her lips to silence her.  “Ilse knows where we’re going and I have everything you need in the car.  Besides,” smirked Howie in a playful way.  “I have to show off my angel cuz she’s absolutely HOOOTTTTT!” 

Sarah giggled at the way Howie exaggerated ‘hot’ and gave him a quick kiss.  “You are so good to me even when you know I’m wrong.” 

“That’s cuz I love you….every” he touched her nose, “last thing about you.”  Turning her around in his arms, Howie started pushing her towards their seats as he said, “Now, do your best to let it go and enjoy your evening.” 

Sarah didn’t argue with Howie as she let him lead her back.  At the table, Howie announced that it was time for the gifts to be followed by cake and then they were headed to Tabu to finish celebrating Sarah’s birthday.

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