Chapter 81

From the shadows, the hidden figure watched as Howie and Pollyanna made their way towards the ring.  Everything was falling into place and a phone call was made.

“Everything is set.  He’ll be coming back alone.  By tomorrow, we’ll have what we want.”

* * * * * * * *

The fifteen minutes on stage was an eternity but he was in the car now and headed back to the hotel.  Pulling out his cell phone, he pushed the speed dial number for home and waited.

On the other end, “Yo!  D-meister!!  Whaz up?”

“Who is this?” asked Howie completely confused.

“WOW!  You must really be out of it not to recognize me.”

“Nick?  Where’s Sarah?”

“Off making out with AJ!”

In the background, Howie heard Sarah growl, “GIVE me the phone, Nickolas!”  Then, “Hey, ‘D’,” she greeted happily.

“What are you doing making out with AJ and why is Nick there?” demanded Howie.

“Nick was just playing, ‘D’.  Are you okay?”

“NO!! I’m NOT okay.  I called to talk to my wife and I hear she’s making out with my best friend.  What else is going on you haven’t told me about?”  ranted Howie.

Sarah knew for certain that Howie was sick and she knew she needed to calm him down.  Getting up, she moved to the bedroom where she could talk uninterrupted.  “Howie, nothing is going on here.  AJ came out to spend the day with me and he’s going to take me to the airport tomorrow so I don’t have to leave the van there.  Nick, Becca, Lynne, and Kevin came out for dinner too so that we could all watch the boxing together.”

There was a long pause before Howie, his voice lowered with remorse, said, “I’m sorry, ‘Angel’.  I….I just really need you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well, ‘D’?”

“I didn’t think it was that bad.”

“But it is.  I saw how bad you looked, baby.”

“I’ve got a fever and I ache all over.”

“Sweetheart, have you taken anything for it?”  Sarah was worried.  In all the time they’d been together, Howie had never really gotten sick.

“I’m gonna get something at the hotel and then go to bed.”

“Do you have anything to do tomorrow?”

“Meet you at the airport.”

“I’ll get a cab, ‘D’….just stay put and rest.”

Again, Howie paused before asking, “Do you really think you should still come and expose Caro and DJ?”

“Probably not but you need me.  I’ll talk to Frank and see if we can leave any sooner than noon.”

“I’d like that, ‘Angel’.  I’m at the hotel now.  Call me before you leave in the morning.”

“I don’t want to wake you, ‘D’.”

“Sarah, I love you.”

“I love you too, ‘D’.  Go get something for the fever and aches and then get some rest.  I’ll be there by this time tomorrow and I’ll take care of you.”

“I can’t wait, ‘Angel’,” whispered Howie.  “See you tomorrow.”

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