Chapter 82

As he stood staring at the different flu remedies, a shadow moved past catching his eye and he looked up to see the maker of the shadow.  “Sarah?” he whispered.  No, it couldn’t be.  She was in Florida.  He’d just talked to her.  It had to be the fever playing with his mind.

“Can I help you?”

“Huh?  Oh, yeah, please,” replied Howie turning to the clerk wearing a white coat.

“What are your symptoms?”

“Cough, aches, fever.”

The clerk reached out and got a box off the shelf.  Handing it to Howie, he said, “This NyQuil should handle it all.”

“Thank you.”

“I can bill it to your room if you’d like.”

“Perfect.  I’m in the penthouse….Howard Dorough.”

“Get some rest, Mr. Dorough.”

Making his way to the elevators, Howie didn’t see the ‘shadow’ following him.  The elevator wasn’t there so he sat on the bench and leaned forward putting his head in his hands.  His fever was climbing and he felt worse…if that was possible.

A hand reached out to touch his shoulder.  “Howie, do you need help?”

“’Angel’, how long have you been here?” slurred Howie.  Delirium had set in and he truly believed this person was Sarah.  He grasped her hand as he tried to stand.  “I feel really bad, Sarah.”

This was working out better than they had planned.  Howie thought she was his wife and she wasn’t going to dispute it.  Instead, she held on to him as they made their way onto the elevator and she pressed the button for the penthouse.

As the elevator rose, Candy thought about why she was doing this.  Just a few months earlier, on the Black and Blue tour, Sarah had come in the way of her best friend being with the man she was desperately in love with…Howie.  Her sister had also lost her job because of Sarah.  At least, that’s the way she saw it.  Revenge would be sweet and she’d help someone else who’d been hurt by Sarah too.

As the doors opened, Candy and Howie were met by her partner…Rho.  Candy motioned for her to move away and she asked, “Howie, where’s the key card?”

“In my wallet,” he mumbled as he reached for it.

Candy took the wallet and as she opened it, she was greeted by a picture of Sarah.  Under her breath, she growled, “You’ll get yours, bitch.”

Opening the room, Candy helped Howie to his room where he collapsed on the bed.

“He’s out.  Now what?” asked Rho as she looked at him from the other side of the bed.

“Help me get him undressed and we’ll get the pictures.  Then we can enjoy our night…on Howie.”

The two girls worked quickly and then went to the living room where they called room service.  The rest of their evening was spent running up Howie’s bill and getting the pictures developed.

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