Chapter 80

His body was covered with sweat but he shivered as if he were freezing.  Every muscle ached and he struggled to suppress the coughing fit that gripped him.  How was he going to sing?  All he wanted was to go back to the hotel, climb into bed, and sleep until Sarah could get there to take care of him.

“Just do what you can and I’ll sing the bulk of the song,” offered Pollyanna she felt Howie’s forehead.  “When is Sarah supposed to be here?”

“Tomorrow afternoon,” answered Howie when the coughing stopped.

“She’s bringing Caroline and Dwaine, isn’t she?”  Howie nodded and Pollyanna said, “You don’t need to be around them as sick as you are.  You’re burning up now.”

“I know but I really want Sarah here with me.”

“Just be sure to tell her so she knows what she’s bringing the babies into.  Are you taking anything?”


“When we finish singing, go back to the hotel, get something from the drugstore, and call Sarah.  You need to rest too.”

“I need to stay here….for the foundation.”

“I’ve got that covered, Howard.  You need to take care of yourself.”

“I don’t feel like arguing with you.  I’ll head back as soon as we’re done.”

* * * * * *

“Mami!  Mami!  They’re on!  They’re on!” screamed Jesse as she bounced around the room just out of reach of everyone there.

Coming out of the nursery, Sarah heard the announcer making the introductions for the first boxing match.  “Jessica, settle down before you wake the babies,” she scolded as she sat down beside AJ.

Putting his arm around her, AJ laughed, “Baby Tigger in action.”

Nick managed to grab Jesse and pulled her into his arms as Howie and Pollyanna were being introduced.  “Geez, Sarah!!  Howie looks horrible.  Is that what no nookie does to him?”

Everyone chuckled as Sarah replied sarcastically, “Very funny!”

“Uncle Nick, what’s nookie?”

That got a bigger laugh as Sarah said, “Yeah, Uncle Nick, what’s nookie?”

Touching Jesse’s nose, Nick said, “Peanut, that’s something you can ask your Mami and Papi when you get older.”

“Sarah, Howie doesn’t look like he feels well,” commented Becca.

Sarah stared at the TV as Pollyanna began to sing.  She was right; Howie looked bad but he hadn’t said anything about being sick.

AJ pulled her closer and whispered, “Is he sleeping?”

“He said he is.  I’ll ask him when he calls.”

“When are you leaving?” asked Kevin.

“Around noon tomorrow.”

“Should you go if he’s sick?” asked Lynne.

“Probably not.  He’s supposed to call later so I’ll find out what’s going on then,” she answered as she put her head on AJ’s shoulder.

Everyone knew how much Sarah was looking forward to joining Howie in LA but if Howie was sick, would she still go?

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