Chapter 21

Special Guest Author - Lynne Macaulay

The next morning Lynne was woken by a soft kiss and the aromatic scent of fresh coffee. 

“Mornin’, babe, I have to leave soon to make my flight.” 

She scooted up to lean back against the headboard and raised the steaming mug to her lips. 

“Mmmm, thanks, hon. I’m glad you woke me. Make sure and hug everyone for me. And, remember to make sure everyone knows how much I wanted to be there.” 

“I will, I will!” Kevin smiled. “Everyone knows a nurse can’t always get away.” He took her coffee mug and put it on the bedside table before cupping her sleepy face with gentle hands. 

“I’m going to miss you though.” The kiss they shared was deep and passionate. “I love you.” He whispered. 

“I love you, too, Kevin. You do know that, right?” Her eyes were serious as she looked at him.  

She’d had a couple of bad moments during the night when she’d woken up and thought about what they had talked about. What if her beliefs drove him away? What if he felt there was no point to continue their relationship since it could never end the way he may want? What if she lost him? 

“I know you do.” They held each other for a few more moments before he pulled back, kissed the top of her head and stood up. 

“Would you just go already? You can’t come back if you don’t go!” She laughed at him and his obvious reluctance to leave, even though she was feeling the same. “Go on, Richardson, I want to go back to sleep.” 

He stopped in the doorway and turned back to her. He knew it was a bad idea but he couldn’t seem to control his mouth. 

“Um…last night?” he paused before continuing in a rush of words. “Does it mean you would say no if I asked you to marry me?” 

Lynne’s eyes widened in surprise but before she could formulate an answer he spoke. 

“Never mind. I shouldn’t have asked.” He turned on his heel and was gone. 


Lynne sat at the kitchen table with her second cup of coffee and stared through the glass of the sliding doors, not seeing the birds in the feeder or the reflection of the sunlight glinting off the crystal clear water in the reflecting pool. 

Her heart was aching at the thought that it could all be over with Kevin. What had happened last night? Why had it happened last night? Why couldn’t they go back in time and never have that conversation? Kevin was a man of principles and there was no way he would ever change his mind about this. Marriage, God and family, they were important to him. And, why should he have to change his value system for anyone? 

This time with him had been like a dream. Meeting him, falling in love, traveling thousands of miles from home to be with him, she had thought it couldn’t get any better. And, she was right, but now, it was going to get worse. She was going to lose him because they couldn’t agree on one of the most important issues in their lives.  

She had been three years old when her father had left her mother. From the time she could formulate the thought she had known she would never get married. It made you sad, it hurt you and it inevitably ended badly. There had never been a time when this belief had been questioned. There had never been a man that had come close to making her even think about it. In all her twenty-five years she had never once considered marriage as a viable life choice.  

Until now. 

In the past twelve hours her entire belief system had been turned upside down by a man with the most beautiful, green eyes she had ever seen in her entire life. A man who could turn her inside out with a kiss, a man who could make her feel cherished with a glance, a man she could see herself spending the rest of her life with. 

She picked up the phone.

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