Chapter 2

The doorbell rang and Sarah pushed herself up off the couch.  Waddling through the living room to answer it, she prayed it wasn’t just a delivery man.  She was to the point that she would probably invite him in just to have someone to talk to. 

Opening the door, she was thrilled to find Becca and Garrett there.  “OH THANK GOD!!  COMPANY!” she beamed. 

“Should you be up?” asked Becca with concern. 

“How else was I gonna answer the door?” answered Sarah reaching to take Garrett. 

“Oh no you don’t!” said Becca moving him out of her reach.  “You take yourself BACK to that couch and park it.  I’ll let you hold him when you’re sitting down!” 

“Geez!” grumbled Sarah as she started back to her spot.  “You must have talked to Howie!” 

Shutting the door behind her, Becca said, “Yes, I did and he’s the reason I’m out here.  He said you’d be going stir crazy by now and thought you’d enjoy some company.” 

“Well he’s RIGHT!  If it had been the mail man, I was going to invite him in just to be able to talk to someone.   I’ve TRIED calling Howie but he won’t answer his cell.” 

Becca followed Sarah into the living room and just as she promised, when Sarah was seated, she handed Garrett to her.  “He said he was headed to the foundation to do some work there.  He probably just got really busy and turned the phone off.” 

“You’re probably right.  So how’s my favorite little nephew?” said Sarah making faces at Garrett. 

“He’s eating EVERYTHING that isn’t nailed down,” Becca laughed.  Looking around the condo, she asked, “Where’s your personal assistant?” 

Hearing a touch of sarcasm in Becca’s voice, Sarah looked up.  “I sent her to take care of the youth center for me.  Rachel was having problems with collecting delinquent payments from some of the parents.  You know, she’s NOT that bad and Jesse adores her son.” 

“Whatever!!  So….Howie said you were on complete bed rest.  What’s going on?” 

“Basically, I’ve started to dilate and they want me to at least get through January.  Dr. Johnson also hopes that by me going as long as possible that the babies will be in the right position so I don’t have to have a c-section.  He’s doing everything possible.  Now, NO MORE about me.  Tell me about what you and Nick have been doing.  Why did he bail on us for the cruise?” 

“We went with his family to Colorado for Christmas….” And Becca told Sarah about the trip out.

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