Written By Special Guest Author Becca O.

Chapter 3                                          Christmas In Colorado

"Beautiful, isn't it?" 

Nick came to stand behind Becca as she watched the snow falling outside their window. Christmas this year was so different than last year. So much had happened since then, they'd come such a long way. 

"It's so peaceful here, Nick." Becca sighed and leaned back into his embrace, mesmerized by the soft flakes that danced in the winter air. 

"You're not sorry we came?" 

"Sorry? Nicky, why would I be sorry?" Becca turned her head to see the uncertainty written all over her husband's face. 

He shrugged. "I don't know. I guess … I guess I just thought you'd rather be back home for GT's first Christmas, and our first real Christmas together." 

Becca smiled and laid her hand against his face. "Nick, once upon a time that would have been important. Maybe it will be important when he's older, but not this year." 

"I love you, Bec." He hugged her tightly, emotion clouding his voice. 

"I love you, too," she whispered. "Besides, it was nice of your parents to get us a separate bungalow. That way we can be with your family during the day and still have our privacy." 

"Yeah, I suppose. You know, mom would have taken the baby for us tonight." 

"I know, I just wanted him with us. He's such a good baby, Nick, it's not like he cries all night." 

Nick laughed, looking over at where their three-month-old son slept. "Not NOW he doesn't. I thought we'd never get past that stage, Bec. Lack of sleep from partying is one thing, but from walking the floors all night while a baby screams in your ear? Damn …" 

"Just goes to show he's destined to be a singer like his mom and dad." Becca looked lovingly at the baby as he slept peacefully on a comforter by the fireplace. 

Nick sighed. 

"What, Nick?" 

"Just remembering last Christmas." 

Becca smiled. "It was the best Christmas ever." 

"Most of it," Nick hedged. 

"What do you mean, 'most of it'?" Becca was shocked. 

Nick tried hard to keep a serious statement. "Well, church was good, I proposed and you accepted, THAT was good." 

"Yeah, and what else?" Becca smiled, running her hands through his hair and pressing her body against his. 

"Well, I suppose the party at the youth center was ok. Okay, so it was a good Christmas." He almost laughed at her indignant statement. 

"Nickolas Carter!" 

"What?" Now he did laugh, unable to hold it in any longer. "Did I leave something out?" 

"Only the best part." She ran her hands over his chest, relishing the feel of his soft sweater beneath her fingers. Softly she pressed a kiss to where neckline came to a 'v', and ran her hands around his back and underneath his sweater. She smiled as he made a noise in the back of his throat. 


"Shh, not now, I'm concentrating." And she suddenly had his shirt pulled loose, her hands beneath the fabric on his warm skin. "Take that off." She tugged up his sweater, and without hesitation he pulled it over his head and tossed it aside. "You're forgetting the rest of the evening." 

"No, I don't think so," he said trying hard to be serious without gasping for breath. 

"How sad that you've forgotten." Becca's fingers were undoing the buttons down the front of his shirt and pressing tiny kisses to the naked skin beneath. "The best part was that night." 

His shirt was wide open and hanging off his shoulders. "It's coming back to me …" He groaned as her fingers found his belt buckle. 

"I thought it might," she smiled. She pulled on his belt and it came free of the clasp. Her fingers touched his zipper and he lost the will to remain silent. 

"Good god …" he groaned.  

"I barely remember driving back to my place that night." She pulled the zipper over his straining hardness. 

Nick moaned. "I drove, you giggled." 

She reached beneath the denim to grasp him in her hand, giggling when he arched against her palm. "Yeah, I guess I did. I still giggle when I'm excited." 

"Excited?" he rasped. "Baby, you haven't SEEN excited yet." 

"So? Show me," she challenged. 

His hands were in her hair so fast that she gasped. His mouth covered hers as he kissed her deeply, his tongue stroking hers and darting out to trace her lips. His mouth held hers captive and Becca struggled for breath, pushing at his shoulders. Finally he broke contact and their eyes met, both pairs dark with desire. "God Bec," he panted. 

"I need you, Nick. I need you now," she whispered. 

He began to pull her towards the loft, but she hesitated, shaking her head. 

"Bec, come on." 

"No. Right here, right by the fire." Becca pulled in the opposite direction, towards the massive fireplace. 

"We'll wake the baby," he protested. 

"Not if we're quiet." She dropped his hand and pulled her own sweater off, her skin covering with goose bumps in the cool winter air. 

"Is that another challenge?" he grinned, whispering. 

"I'm game. You up for a challenge?" Becca grinned right back at him, hooking her thumbs in the elastic of her leggings. 

"Do it, Bec, or *I* will." Nick watched her as she pushed both her slacks and her panties to the floor in a singular motion. 

"Well?" she asked. 

He said nothing, simply strode toward her, stopping when they were almost touching and pushing his own pants to the floor and stepping out of them.  

He was hard and pulsing, and his erection brushed against her belly as they stood in silence. Gently he kissed her lips, teasing little caresses that left her wanting more as he moved his mouth across her cheek and down her neck. Pausing at the hollow of her shoulder he nipped at the tender skin before licking it better. 

Becca swayed toward him and held on to the nearest thing for balance. 

"Jesus!" he cried out as her hand wrapped firmly around his erection. 

"Shh! You'll wake up GT." 

"Stupid challenge," he muttered. "God Bec, don’t…" 

"Don't?" she asked, removing her hand. 

He groaned in frustration. "No, don't STOP. Baby that feels so good." 

Becca rested her head against his chest as she stroked him fully, from base to tip, thumbing the warm wetness that bubbled forth. They stood locked in an embrace, Becca's free arm wrapped around his back, both his hands cupping her bottom to pull her close. As she swayed against him, Nick pressed a hand between her thighs, parting the wet folds and sinking two fingers deep within her body. 

Involuntarily her muscles contracted around him as he moved them in and out, and as he touched her she gripped him tighter in her fingers. Becca felt to all too familiar numbness begin in her toes and shuddered. "Now, Nick," she begged. 

Together they dropped to the floor, onto the soft plush rug by the fireplace. Nick hovered over her, watching the firelight play on her skin and reflect in her eyes. Bending his head he touched his tongue to the pebbled tip of her breast, gratified when she arched her back in pleasure. Gently he took it between his lips, suckling tenderly and teasing her nipple with his tongue until she whimpered. 

When she would have begged for more, he moved away down her body, his lips leaving a moist trail to her navel, and then on to her hip where his teeth nipped just hard enough to make her squirm. 

"Nick stop! That tickles!" She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled him back up until his eyes were level with hers. He made no movement at all, and she opened her thighs wider, lifting her hips toward his in silent invitation. 

Smiling, he moved back, sitting on his heels and enjoying her frustrated movements. She lay before him, disheveled and wanton, open to his sight as he looked her up and down. Her normally pale skin was flushed and her breathing labored. 

"Nick, please," she whispered pleadingly. 

His only answer was to take himself in hand and stroke slowly, watching her eyes widen in surprise. It felt so damn good and the fact that she was watching turned him on immeasurably. Nick reached between his legs with his other hand, cupping the tight sac and squeezing gently as his fist pumped his rock hard erection. He closed his eyes at the sensation. God, he needed to come so badly … Opening his eyes he moved toward Becca, but stopped suddenly at what he found.  

Becca watched Nick touch himself and it unleashed something primal, a need so great that she had no control over herself. Just to see the look on his face as he sat with his head tipped back, eyes closed in ecstasy with his hand working his flesh … she had to do it. 

Nick opened his eyes to find Becca's hands on herself as well. Her own eyes were closed in concentration as one hand cupped a breast, her thumb teasing the swollen nipple; her other hand cupped her mound, fingers slipping slowly through the wet, glistening folds to tease the tiny nub of flesh hidden beneath. Her breathing was shallow and he knew from experience that she was close to coming. His own hand moved faster as he watched her begin to tremble and he had to see her eyes.  

"Becca-" he groaned as he said her name. But she was so lost in her own pleasure she didn't hear him. "Bec-" he called louder, and her eyes flew open, her hands hesitating. 

"Nick-" she'd forgotten what she was doing and her movements faltered in embarrassment. 

"No, baby, don't stop, please." His hand continued its movement, faster and firmer, and his body glistened with exertion. "Finish it, Bec." He sighed as her hand began its work again, coaxing her along with murmured words of love. 

Becca watched him watching her and she could feel her body losing control. The familiar tingling began in earnest and as she came she cried out, and then he was there, sliding deep within her molten core and slamming his hips against hers. As he pulled away to do it again, she shuddered and came once more, his mouth covering hers to swallow her scream of pleasure.

He needed …. God, he needed to finish, he needed it to last forever, he- 

Becca lifted her knees to wrap her legs around his waist and the sharper angle of penetration did it. Nick began to tremble in her arms and she held him close as he came, groaning against her lips as his body spilled into hers. 

Collapsing against her, Nick rolled to the side and held her tightly, struggling for breath. 

"God, Nick," she gasped, "that was-" 


Becca giggled. "I was going to say 'different'." 

"No way, that was just fucking incredible," he laughed, his breath ruffling her hair. 

"Better than last Christmas?" she grinned. 

"Oh hell yeah," he sighed. 

"There's no Christmas tree here. Last year we did it-" 

"Tree? No tree? Damn, Bec, I was little too busy to notice that particular detail." Rising up on one elbow, he looked down at her flushed face and smiled. Damn she was beautiful.  

"We did it," she smiled up at him. 

"Yeah," he smirked, "I'll say we did." 

"No, you goof, we did it without waking the baby." 

"Guess you could say I was 'up' for the challenge," he retorted with a cocky grin. 

Felling the stirring against her hip, Becca laughed. "Feels like you're 'up' for round two." 

"Lucky you." 

"Yeah," she sighed, "lucky me." 

"Merry Christmas, Becca," he whispered, once again covering her body with his own. 

"Merry Christmas, Nick."

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