Chapter 1

With the North American tour over, Howie and Sarah had headed home to spend some time with Jesse before heading overseas with the tour to Japan.  It had been an awesome week for Sarah.  Her first CD had hit the stands there and sold out within hours.  Then it had been back to the United States for the Lupus Cruise and a special appearance on Hollywood Squares Valentine’s Special.  Christmas had been in Virginia with Sarah’s family and then it was back to Orlando to wait for the twins’ arrival. Unfortunately, with their return to Orlando, Sarah had been put on complete bed rest until the twins were born.  She had begun to dilate and her doctor wanted her to at least get through January before giving birth.   

Now, sitting in the living room, she stared out at the ocean completely bored and alone.  Howie was at the club and Jesse was at school.  Kryss wasn’t even around to keep her company.  She had asked Kryss to go into Orlando and take care of something for the youth center.  She had tried to work on some music but even that wasn’t happening.  She’d checked her email and the lists were dead.   

Reaching for the phone, she dialed the club and waited.  The automated answering service picked up and she waited until she could enter Howie’s extension. 

“Tabu Night Club.  This is Amy, how can I help you?” 

“Hey, Amy!  Is ‘D’ around?” 

“I’m sorry, Sarah.  He just left.  Try his cell phone.” 

“Thanks,” and Sarah hung up.  Quickly, she pressed the speed dial for his cell phone. 

“Hey!  This is Howie D.  You’ve gotten my voice mail so leave a message and I’ll get back to you.” 

“DAMNIT!” she said out loud as she hung up. 

At the same time, Howie was calling Becca.  “Hey, Bec!!  What’s going on?” 

“Not much, Howie.  Where are you?” 

“Headed across town to do some work for the Foundation.  Can you do me a HUGE favor?” 

“What’s up?” 

“Sarah has been put on complete bed rest until the twins are born and she’s alone at the condo.  I know she’s about to go stir crazy not being able to do anything.  Would you mind going out and visiting with her?” 

“I’d LOVE to, Howie!  I haven’t seen her since you guys got back from Virginia and with Nick gone, I know EXACTLY how she feels.  What time are you going to be home?” 

“I don’t know for sure.  At least in time for dinner so I can cook for her and to be sure Jesse gets to bed on time.” 

“What about Jesse?” 

“Pollyanna is gonna get her and keep her for me.  I really appreciate it, Bec.” 

Hanging up, Becca looked at Garrett.  “Let’s go visit Aunt Sarah!!  She needs some cheering up!”

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