AKA: White Cannibal Queen, Mondo Cannibal, Inferno der Kannibalen, Mondo cannibale 3 - Die blonde Göttin,
Une Fille pour les Cannibales, Barbarian Goddess

Tag Line : Where the natives are pleased to MEAT you

This has got to be the WORST cannibal film ever made, not because it's particularly gory or anything, but because it's so inept. But then this is a Jess Franco film after all.

Borrowing heavily from his earlier film "Manhunter" (aka The Devil Hunter), we see Italian B-movie actor Al Cliver heading into the South-American jungle, in search of his long lost daughter, who was captured by a vicious cannibal tribe some 10 years earlier, who also killed his wife and ate his left arm.

Why it's taken him so long to go back and look for her is never fully explained, but it isn't too long before he and his group of intrepid explorers are rounded up and captured by the same tribe, who look more like white Italians/Spaniards than South-American Indios. Fortunately his daughter is still alive and well, and has since become the tribes queen, but will she remember her father and set him free or simply turn him and his friends into the tribes next meal?

Probably better known under it's alternate title "White Cannibal Queen", this really is an absolute stinker. Not only are the so-called tribesmen blatantly being played by white European actors, but since when did primitive tribes speak English, sport dodgy 70's hairstyles, or wear white underpants underneath their loin cloths? Not only this, but the tribes war-paint makes them look like refugees from a KISS concert, then there's the small matter of Al Cliver's severed arm which is all too obviously tucked into his shirt, hunting rifles that are actually air guns etc etc.

In short, like Franco's other films, avoid this one like the plague.

Overall marks : 2/10.

Other Information.

  • Filmed back-to-back on the same sets and with the same supporting cast as Julian Taberno's "Cannibal Terror", which was also written by Franco.

  • Al Cliver has appeared in numerous Italian Eurohorror films, his most popular being Lucio  Fulci's "The Beyond" and "Zombie Flesh-Eaters".

  • The "jungle" in the film was actually a forest in Spain.

  • The nurse in the hospital, who subsequently joins Al Cliver on his expedition, was played by the directors wife Lina Romay.

  • Sabrina Siani, who plays the grown-up daughter of Al Cliver's character, was a regular character actor in Italian sword & sorcery movies (ie "Conan" rip-offs) during the 80's. Most notably, Lucio Fulci's "Conquest".

  • Director Franco makes a guest appearance as a businessman who tries to persuade Al Cliver's character not to go into the jungle again.

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