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The Forgotten Children (V2.31)

This is a mini-mod in working. New features will be added when i can

It adds (at the moment) the following into TDD-ToB with no replacing or conflicts

1- A brand new shop located in area AR1400 (the shadow wood), this shop sells all manner of evil items including a set of potions that can turn you into undead. Lich, Vampire, Skeleton Warrior & Wraith are fully playable complete with all standard undead powers & weaknesses (such as inability to use healing potions) These undead potions have a high level (often stat also) requirement I will not tell you here those limits. find the shop and enjoy working it out for yourself.

In time the Forgotten Children will be expanded into a full feature / adventure mod. adding its own new area (to act as a stronghold for undead players.) The full set of the Forgotten Children will in time be included (as allies or enemies.) and more quests will be added to TDD as these undying children seek to use their powers in the baalspawn conflicts..

Download"The Forgotten Children" AND "The Race Mini-Mod" by clicking HERE

Read the version history and updates and compatability list HERE


The Race mini-mod (V2.2)

This mini mod is now included with the Forgotten Child mod and is not available for seperate download. it adds.

2- Another Semi-shop located in the first level, this shop sells potions that will alter your race to one of the following; Beholder, Gibberling, Gnoll, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Lizardman, Minotaur, Ogre and Orc.

All the changes are in-line with the rules given in the AD&D complete book of humanoids (apart from beholder) They are (in my opinion) a true conversion of the Ad&d races into TDD.

All changes to your characters are PERMANENT, once your an orc, thats it.

Also all the potions require you to be a human. ( but each potion may have further requirements such as class or stats) all this infomation is on the item descriptions.

Those of you who have had older packs will notice i have moved shop location. This is due to a number of issues most of which involve the new effects i useand the easy of returning to that location :)

Have Fun -Mortis

Report Bugs to me please, but i do NOT take requests for races, i will do them in time....