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There are many different RPGs that cater to the world of organised crime. However, there are not many resources on the net for these games. This is my little contribution to 'this thing of ours'; character sheets, game listing and links, adventures and other tasty titbits of information. So what is it about role playing mobsters that is so great? Power, respect, influence, what you want when you want it. That is if you are high enough up the ladder.

Here is one of my bi-yearly appeals for information. This time I am looking for stuff from anyone that runs a mob game. I want to put up some info about cities, so give me the outline of your crews and where they are from so I can place them on the web site. Thanks and hope to get your contributions soon. You can email them to me:

As the above plea has received no regard (I get no regard I tells ya!) I am now looking for other information. I have been running a gangster chronicle a-la Grand Theft Auto cities. So I though more information on other types of mafia, other than la cosa nostra might be helpful. Send anything you have or know to me! Thanks.

So, what does this page got on it anyways?

Games that we have stuff for and links to the companies

Files on this page and character sheets

Online mobster role playing  


Characters (some of the Mafia characters in our games)

Famous mobsters game stats

Portable RPG version of La Cosa Nostra

Utilities and Chat UPDATED 30-11-03

What products were released for these games?

News: so what the hell is happenin'? UPDATED 30-11-03

Links: RPG and Mafia

What is your favourite Mob RPG Poll?

This page does not have too many bells and whistles, but it will have updates when I find new stuff to put on, or when new games are released. If you have any contributions you would like to make to this site, the Don would like to thank you and asks that you pass all information through a secure line to his consigliore at this email.


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