Links: RPG and Mafia

These are links to places that I have found helpful and frequent often. I haven't included any of the game companies as that has its own page already.


Ex Libris Nocturnis: if you are into White Wolf stuff, this site is great. It has reviews, message boards, competitions, fiction and a whole lot of resources. Unlike some of the other RPG sites, they don't bag everything is existence!

RPGnet: the good thing about this site is some of the people that you can meet on here. The guy that wrote Noir is often on here. Also the guys from Deep 7 who made Mean Streets, S. John Ross and many others are often on here too. However, people on this site generally hate everything so don't take it personally.

RPG Sheets: this site has a rather extensive archive of character sheets for a lot of games. There are official ones and fan made ones, which are good to have a look at.

Open RPG: a new site dedicated to bringing rpg resources to writers, gamers and whoever else is looking. This site needs your support! If you have a rpg resource or a free game, send it to them!



Sopranoland: Well, no, not really the Mafia, but an excellent show about mob life. This is an excellent web site and if you like the show, you'll dig this site. If you wanted to run a Jersey Chronicle with the characters, you need to see this site.

Organized Crime 101: This is a good site with links to all sorts of information that you can search. If you are looking for something specific, have a look here.


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