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Shut up at home alone as I usually am I spend much time (probably too much) playing computer simulation games. One of these is Tac Ops , which recreates the hypothetical struggle of the Nato allies holding off the barbarian hordes with a small force as was our doctrine in the Cold War (circa 70s and 80s). My goodness, how much time and money was spent on preparation for that (which never happened?)

Well, what shall we think? Here we have the barbarian hordes in our very midst, but they are our own citizens being led under the banner of lies, fear, greed, and Demonism, overrunning all law, morals, and the most basic fairness and decency. Now my comrades, shall they succeed where the "Evil Empire" was forbidden from doing so?

May we catch them in the cross fire of truth, faith, and reason; fearless of their dread masters, ever steadfast and bold in our cause.

In what way would I say “Demonism” can be seen?

  • The extreme decline, indeed destruction of free and fair competition (kill your neighbor – it works better -- just don't get caught.)
  • the hijacking of the police and the postal service for the aiding and service of violent interests
  • the ongoing distortion of facts and the truth
  • The isolating of people and interference with communications, especially that between the people and the government, and the people and the media also
  • the practice of violence in secret
  • the most brazen two-faced hypocrisy -- as in cries for a war on terrorism accompanied by the apparent and complete disappearance of the FBI from non-"terrorist" matters. Evidently it is the policy of this agency not to have dialogue or reciprocal communication with the nation's ordinary citizens, but to rather "know about these things a certain way," and we are to leave it at that.
  • the demonizing, indeed character assassination, of people
  • the wholesale dumping or defacto elimination of careers (where have so many friends gone?)
  • the pursuit of things like cloning and stem cell research by people who (for the most part) could really care less about people's health
  • the usurpation of public institutions by groups tied to organized crime
  • the overt abuse of children and cultural malnutrition of children as manifested on television
  • the most abject and deplorable waste and squandering of lives, time, and resources
  • the flagrant ignoring of human rights and anti-trust laws
  • the denial of history, of both long ago and not so long ago. (Do you remember the McMartin pre-school case?)
  • a proliferation of television shows that make reference to dead bodies
  • why does not the regular media or our leaders speak out on organized crime, and racketeering? Are these non-existent or have they just as much taken over the place?

    and many other things I am sure of which you yourself can name.

    Is it my imagination, but is there not some psychotic lunatic largely in charge of national entertainment programming who doubles as a producer of serial killer thrillers and a maker of children's films and television shows? (You know, the one with "the edge.")

    Some Qualities of a Syllogism to Remember

  • Socrates is a man: factual inference ("Socrates") and association ("is man") based on perception, plus 1st level Induction ("men") plus nominal identity ("Socrates")
  • All men are mortal: Same as above plus the emphatic 2nd level Induction (so many men I have seen and heard of, i.e. "All"), while invoking as well the 1st Induction "men" as a component assumption.
  • Socrates is a mortal: Deduction.
  • Or as a simplistic rule of thumb, think:

    a: Perceptual or intuitive Fact (Socrates is a man)
    b: Induction (All men are mortal)
    c: Deduction (Socrates is mortal)

    Three cheers for Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather! Now if all the other major news anchors were to immediately follow suit -- as if in protest of the suffocated state of things in the media today -- you'd think it would save the country.
    To the Lawyers, et. al.

    I don't want to lay a trip on you. You don't owe me anything. But the truth is I have been fighting actual and literal Hell now for 12 years and no one would help. I appealed to you before to help. But you did not do so. What you need to understand is simply this. If after all that has happened you continue to refuse me help they will see you as very weak and ultimately make you their prey or else claim you as one of their own -- or perhaps you already accept this last as a given.

    At this blest period, when thy [Columbus’] peaceful race
    Shall speak one language and one cause embrace,
    Science and arts a speedier course shall find,
    And open earlier on the infant mind,
    No foreign terms shall crowd with barbarous rules,
    The dull, unmeaning pageantry of schools;
    Nor dark authorities, nor names unknown
    Fill the learn’d head with ignorance not its own;
    But truth’s fair eye, with beams unclouded, shine,
    And simplest rules her moral lights confine;
    One living language, one unborrowed dress
    Her boldest flights with happiest force express;
    Triumphant virtue, in the garb of truth,
    Win a pure passage to the heart of youth,
    Pervade all climes, where suns or oceans roll,
    And bid the gospel cheer the illumined whole,
    As the glad day-star, on his golden throne,
    Fair type of truth and promise of the sun,
    Smiles up the orient, in his rosy way,
    Illumines the front of heaven, and leads the day;
    Thus soaring Science, daughter of the skies,
    First o’er the nations bids her beauties rise,
    Prepares the glorious way, to put abroad
    The beams of Heaven’s own morn, the splendors of a God.
    Then blest Religion leads the raptured mind,
    Thro’ brighter fields and pleasures more refined;
    Teaches the roving eye, at one broad view,
    To glance o’er time and look Existence thro’,
    See worlds, and worlds, to Being’s formless end,
    With all their hosts, on One dread power depend,
    Seraphs and suns and systems round him rise,
    Live in his life and kindle from his eyes,
    His boundless love, his all pervading soul
    Illume, sublime, and harmonizes the whole;
    Teaches the pride of man to fix its bound
    In one small point of this amazing round;
    To shrink and rest, where Heaven has fix’d its fate,
    A line its space, a moment for its date;
    Instructs the heart a nobler joy to taste,
    And share its feelings with another’s breast,
    Extend its warmest wish for all mankind,
    And catch the image of the Maker’s mind;
    While mutual love commands all strife to cease,
    And earth join joyous in the songs of peace.

    ~~ Joel Barlow (1754-1812), The Vision of Columbus, Book IX.

    Some of you perhaps familar with my most unusual predicament will be interested in knowing I have finally made reciprocal and serious contact with intelligent human civilization. Sgt. Liz Eddy of the Seattle Police Department, is the first person to come to my house, pick up a copy of my "Narrative," and "Treatise" and see me! This after my making an appeal now for someone to do so for a number of years! My sincere and warm congratulations on the first person in Seattle (or anywhere) I have found yet to immediately show themselves to be a both courageous and intelligent individual, Sgt. Eddy and her associate (also a female plain-clothes officer) who came to visit and be open minded. God Bless our police officers!

    I have also managed to make phone contact with Father Michael Sweeney who now heads the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology associated with St. Albert's Priory in Oakland, CA. But, and circumstances permitting, more later...

    Copies of my "Narrative", with (what I thought was) a suitable cover letter", were personally delivered to the Seattle offices of the following people and public officials on Friday, 13 August 2004. Yet I did not receive back any reply from a single one of these people or offices (as of 12/2004.)


    In alphabetical order:

    Patrick J. Adams, Special Agent in Charge Federal Bureau of Investigation Seattle Field Office 1110 Third Avenue Seattle, Washington 98101-2904

    Archbishop Alexander Brunett Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle 910 Marion Street Seattle WA 98104

    The Honorable Maria Cantwell 915 Second Avenue, Suite 3206 Seattle, WA 98174

    Councilman Jim Compton Committee of Public Safety 600 4th Avenue Fl 2 PO Box 34025 Seattle, WA 98124-4025

    Charles Hamilton, attorney 2003 Western Ave. Ste. 600 Seattle, WA 98121

    Chief R. Gil Kerlikowske Police Headquarters, 610 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98124-4986

    Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles 157 Roy Street, Seattle, WA 98109-4111

    The Honorable Jim McDermott 1809 7th Avenue, Suite 1212 Seattle, WA 98101-1399

    The Honorable Patty Murray Jackson Federal Building, Suite 2988 915 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98174

    Mayor Gregory J. Nickels 600 4th Avenue Floor 7 PO Box 94726 Seattle, WA 98124-4726

    My most sincere and respectful congratulations to whomever our "new" President is. This said, I most dearly hope that it is among his top priorities to dismantle and outlaw the League of Horror and Organization Against Freedom evidently and principally located and operating out of Microsoft and Hollywood, one of the most brazen and hoodlumish monopolies the earth has ever seen. At the same time, it would be well for Law Enforcement agencies such as the F.B.I. to respond (at all) to the desperate letters and earnest pleas for help from our citizens, who are the former's victims. Quite simply, how come nothing is ever said of these terrorists?
    In Passing...

    I really think it would do the U.S. Army a world of mental good (including morale) if it gets rid of the Wehrmacht style helmet and go back to the G.I. style. The loss in ear protection is more that made up for by the recollection of tradition, and in this way soldiers wil be better reminded of what they are, and what there predecessors were, fighting for.

    Life's Greatest Disappointment

    If you asked me what was the worst person or thing (outside a particular event as such) I have seen or encountered in my own life personally (and since the day I was born) I would say it was these greatly powered spirit people,* who for all their show of heavenly lights, predictions, secret knowledge, radiant angels, I would just about rank on par with things like disease, waste, sewage, etc. They are and were for me, in other words, life's greatest disappointment. What a waste of time bunch of good for nothing bullying tyrants, and false religious, I say. This is, for me, simply a plain and simple fact, and not some mere venting of emotion or a need to insult anyone.

    Yet observe, others will look to these same people as highest authority.

    Someone then must be making a terrible mistake.

    * Note. Though not at all necessarily those working for them and who are often victims and slaves.

    The "Someone Must be Hurt" or Oaf Principle

    It is one of the most fundamental tenets of Hell people and demonists is that someone must be hurt -- and be hurt cruelly.

    Now on what is this principle and assumption based and where did this belief originate? Is it so impossible that these people have, in one way or another, been tricked into believing that someone must be hurt, and as a result have been making fools of themselves, as well as madly and brutally ruining the lives of others -- all to no purpose?

    My own reaction, having become familiar with these people, is an emphatic "yes." They are that stupid, despite possibly having, in a given instance, been around for centuries.

    Respecting the Great Ones, as well as the "Ape" of Demonism (whom “he” listens to), and the Organization Against Freedom

    As I still often encounter this objection in various ways and from various people, I would like to provide some brief answers as to why I don't -- and still don't believe -- in the higher authority of known spirit persons (aside from the Holy Spirit.) I realize others don't need to have this explained once more to them, but for those who need or would like something quick and easy my answer is this:

    1. I have fought these people and their army of demons, "nazi" scientists, ghosts, gods, elves, goon sprites, vampires, angels, hoodlums, hooligans, for 12 years now, and without a person to talk to let alone take my part, technically living on the poverty level, physically disabled (do to injuries these people have caused me), and no car! What miserable incompetents that my mere self could have defeated them in a repulse and over so long a time, and them with the first National Bank as their expense account. Yet you think these people know everything!

    2. They are indifferent to the senseless murder of innocent children, while devoting themselves to megalomania and the most petty sort of vanity and envy.

    3. They came after me and have tried to be in my life. I never wanted to have anything to do with them, least of all under such preposterous and evil circumstances. I resent having had to have spent time dealing with these people, but that some necessary Christian charity toward them called for it.

    4. These people, while very sophisticated in many ways, and can convincingly pretend otherwise to the irrational, are far from civilized and often show themselves in a number of respects still (foolishly) living in some barbaric stone age. In addition, the kind of people who routinely fear and cooperate with them are very typicaly childish, secretive, and irrational.

    5. Neither they nor the regular people they have working for them can face me in a fair and open debate and discussion. Moreover they will not hold themselves accountable to any regular person or authority outside themselves.

    6. The morals and reasoning these people have displayed, whether spirit person or otherwise, is of the most disgraceful, shameful, and contemptible sort, and these people the most arrant cheaters and hypocrites.

    7. They are dishonorable. Here I have defeated them by surviving 12 years of the most violent kinds of assaults and torture, yet they still abuse me.

    8. I am happy of myself, in God and my faith in God, and I do not need a spirit person for anything per se, but such as whom I see as being worthy or admirable. No spirit person can force on me the conclusion that they are necessarily any of these things.

    9. I have been in the “Great One's’” presence, and yes I think that’s all phony and a put on.

    10. Spirit people who regulalry involve themselves with regular people to gossip, plot, keep secrets, or scheme, are nothing more than parasites and leeches and have no mind to help anyone but their own selves, regardless of what magnificent shows they can put on or marvellous predictions they can make. If there's any real or serious problems going on, odds are these sort of "grand" spirit people are involved in the causing of it, meanwhile they ruin things for both regular people and other spirit people.

    What most makes one age or era distinct from another (or one spirit of an era from another) is what the people of that age or era love (and or don’t love.) This, or so it seems to me, is one reason why people from one time period often look different in photographs from those of another.
    The Empty Frame

    Instead of a picture
    I put up an empty frame,
    and now in it
    I can see anything
    (except nothing.)