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A Sunday Morning Sketch

A: I am afraid of and in awe of planets because they are so large they might crush or devour me! And I don't want to be hurt!

B: By means of rational intelligence I can move the planets. Now ask me what would I move them for and I will tell you about something truly great.

C: Yes, but what if the planets speak back and say you shouldn't do that?

B: Early on the ghost told me that the planets are not persons, and finding out later what a liar he is, I rather assume then that they are persons. So perhaps you are right, and we shouldn't move them without asking first.

A: There is Hell. I am fighting it. Can you help me?

C: No.

A: Why not?

C: Because you cannot fight darkness.

B: The devil doesn't own darkness you know he just hides in it. If reason is used to concot a deception, reason is needed to detect it. Have faith in God and fight the devil with reason.

A: But what of God?

B: Well, certainly by reason we can find him also.

C: But then reason doesn't quite tell us what we most love.

B: True. But you can use reason to rid yourself of the devil, and in that way have more freedom to see God.

C: Why can't we see God any more?

B: Because we cannot see Nature any more
and this because we fear for it.
Nature loves peace.
And there is no peace,
and with Nature gone
we await someone's decision
to bring peace.

C: But whose?

B: Only His who is most loving and most just,
who by His word and being
brings about greatest and truest beauty;
He who lies beyond the veil of names.

You cannot escape reason. Either you will reason for yourself, or you will let someone else reason for you (in which latter case you might think you have a good reason for doing this.)

Now the devil reasons and in certain respects is a very good reasoner. Can he reason better than you? Can he reason better than whom you trust? Is it he whom you trust your reasoning to? If so to these then odds are you will end up as his slave and work for him to make your living.

But then what then will you be living for? Your children? So that they can grow up and work for him?

Come evolve then, and come forth to your true being, lest you find yourself in submission to the ghost of an "ape" specially trained to do the wrong thing the right way (24 hours a day seven days a week)!



The more a person is loved
the more they are worth.
But when we love
the humble and good,
the whole world
is made more rich
than all the riches it possesses.

Take delight at this instant
in the sum of all pleasures goodly
and all real happiness thatís ever been,
and in your love of them
all these goodly pleasures are yours,
with joy enough for all beside.

Now, what now more could you ask for,
but true peace and freedom?

On the face of things (as seen from the television standpoint anyway), Jib Jab animations are sweeping the nation. But it makes me asks the question: is not this same producer the inimitable Boika of Celebrity Rants fame?

For the life of me, what taste the public shows!

In a phone conversation it was explained to me by a City of Seattle Police Detective that because the war on terrorism is the police's number one priority -- as per the current presidential administration -- that local homicides (such, for example, as witchcraft victims) are of secondary concern.

If this is true do you realize what a possible loophole for some this creates?...Hmmm

Did they isolate and damn you too? Don't feel too badly, they do this all the time, been doing it for years, and to such as are better than you and I, like innocent children and beasts.

After all their greatest leader is obsessed with isolation and damnation that being his fate, and wants you to be like him, alienated from all that's truly good.

Yet he has more money than anyone, can bribe and scare us more than anyone else, and hence gets to call the tune and have considerable veto power over govermental authority, or at least this is what people seem to have decided.

Is it a real city but one run by fear and deception?
Or is it an unreal city, a Potemkin village?
Where is the city? I am not sure even the city itself knows.

Recently, in my weekly recommendation, I had given a plug for Philip Freneauís poetry. On that note, here are two enjoyable later pieces of his which I imagine must be very rarely known, so that I wanted to share them. The volume which they come from is The Final Poems of Philip Freneau (1827-1828), collected and edited by Judith R. Hiltner, and there are more (as they say) where these come from and very nice also.

'An undevout astronomer is mad.'

To guide us through the etherial way
To regions of perpetual day,
Who can attempt, or who shall rise,
A traveler, through the unbounded skies?

Can bodies, form'd of humble earth,
Assume to tread the milky path?
No power assists out flight to wing
To Herschell's Moons, or Saturn's Ring.

We raise the Tube, and view from far,
On Nature's verge, the utmost star;
That star is but a central spot
To other worlds discovered not.

To wander through the unmeasured space,
To circumscribe the comet's race,
No human poverty will dare pretend,
Or who could find the journey's end!

O'er this vast Empire who presides?
What powerful hand its motions guides?--
'Tis true! -- a spirit moves the whole,
The body this, and that the soul.

Far as his awful name is known,
A seraph may approach his throne;
But man! -- shall man presume, or dare,
Or hope, to find admittance there?

While we this mighty void explore,
We wish the Glass could tell us more
Of nature's works, through ether sown,
Than yet is seen, or yet is known.

Not all the powers of art can do
Can pierce the vast creation through;
Above, below, in vain we try
To fix some limits to the sky.

To the great artist let me bow,
Whose goodness lent me all I know --
But, hid forever will he stand
Behind the fabrics of his hand?

That hand, unseen, sustains the poles
On which this huge creation rolls;
The stormy arch proclaims his power
His pencil glows in every flower.

The meanest pin in nature's frame
Points out some letter of his name
Where sense can reach, or fancy rove,
From hill to hill, from field to grove.

Across the heavens, throughout the sky,
There's not a spot or deep or high,
Where the Creator hath not trod,
and left the footsteps of a God...


This day am I released from care,
And Susan shall a treat prepare,
That will invigorate every vein,
And make me twenty-five again.

They who lament declining years,
With little hope, and many fears,
Should recollect what Plutarch says,
And practice, also, if they please.

He tells, what may in verse be told,
How to be young when we are old,
How to prevent, in life's decay,
The sickening wish-- to be away.

Preserve, said he, the mind serene,
The heart at ease, the conscience clean;
Let Temperance all your steps attend,
And only on yourself depend.

Drink every day from Nature's spring,
Let generous wine its comforts bring,
Walk hill and dale at morning hours
And a full century may be yours.
Thus Plutarch wrote, as scholars know,
At least two thousand years ago:
And they who practiced what he said
Will hardly want the doctor's aid,
But our existence is a blessing
As long as life is worth possessing.

Refutation of the Heretics

Great events are public, but life itself (is mostly) private. Now if only the public will cooperate we can all get on being happy!

As it is we live in thralldom to ghosts who know how to trick and scare people Ė that is people too cowardly, too ignorant, or too irrational to fight them back Ė which is probably most people.

It has been often said that humans were superior to animals because they were rational creatures. Well not all of us are, perhaps not even most.

If we arenít rational then what are we? Iíll tell you what we are if we arenít rational Ė we are slaves, cattle, and chattel to these greedy, rotten spirit people.

Stop the Arch-demonist Goon Goomerton, and his human sidekick Oafmore the Great!

Out with Archemago! Out with the Orkonists! Out with and the Goomerists! Down with the lying and deceiving Christianity of Dr. Insane!

Which is to say tell the truth. Well as best you can anyway. And only believe people who are capable of being wonderfully happy -- and honest. Remember the victims and martyrs!

With all the money spent by the nations on munitions I could not imagine people more worthy of being blown up than these inhuman horrors ludicrously believed by some to divine or all wise.

It is seems to me very strange that having handed out copies of my "Narrative" (see "To my Creditors" item) to all the persons and offices listed I should not have gotten a single response from any of the recipients. Surely a polite form letter response from one or some of them one would have thought possible.

What then do you make of it? Were the copies snatched from the reception desk, by a third party, after I left them there? Is it the case that the officals named received the "Narrative," would indeed help, but are powerless to reach me? Is the government afraid of organized crime and let's them have their way, and or perhaps is being fooled by them as well?

May we go further and ask is the government which is commanded to protect the safety of its citizens in some way acting in direct and conscious cooperation with organized crime?

What shall, can we say? 12 years of the most brutal and violent crime, yet the local police and FBI are completely silent and as yet unable or refusing to speak.

How's this for a real-life ghost story. I heard this from a ghost but I will tell it in my own words.

As I understand the matter from the individual who related it to me, an oft publicly lionized and well known film producer was himself or was connected to others who, a number of years ago murdered some witchcraft people, it being not at all unusual for people heavily involved in witchcraft to do in one of their own, or those they had previously used or employed -- truly the most voiceless of victims. Now it seems, years later, and naturally to his dismay, some of those same victims come back as ghosts to this producer's California ranch estate, and in a sense inhabit or prowl about the area. Whether the estate is still actually in the producerís possession or not, or lies more or less untenanted, I do not know however.

B: I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, for all his money and power he is not really a happy person.

A: Then why do you obey him if he doesn't even know how to be happy? If he is happy then why does he always need to hurt others? Other people don't seem to have that problem, and they are far more happy than he. Yet you bow to him as authority.
Look at it this way, if you condone or look the other way to torture, what will you do if you end up in a world where you are tortured? If you turn a deaf ear when others cry out in trouble, what will you do if you end up in a world where others are deaf to your cries?
If you stand aside and leave helpless the victims of injustice, what justice will shield you should you find yourself helpless some day? (Etc.)
Things have become much too dangerous for all of us. It is long past since we can afford to let our leaders and public officials be less than fully rational, and we need a law which states as much.

B: Now be reasonable.

A: I am.

Really -- Life doesn't need to be so complicated. Yet in our fear and ignorance we unnecessarily make it so.

The plain and simple truth is that the greatest enemy of mankind are certain powerful spirit people, and their direct and closest human accomplices. If humanity focused its energies more on fighting these persons rather than ourselves, there is not the least doubt in my mind we would live in a much, much happier world than we do.

So why don't we do this?

a) Some people think a powerful spirit person, who is perhaps appealing in his way as well, is a sign of divinity, when really there are no logical grounds for assuming this to be the case.
b) People are afraid of powerful spirit people -- so much so that even highly educated people are afraid to discuss them seriously. How then can objective and sober scientific inquiry into such things be started?
c) Some people assume that spirit people "know better" than regular, flesh and blood people, when again there is no ipso fact reason to assume this to be the case. A spirit person for example may be very intelligent even wise in certain ways, but it doesn't follow that a human cannot be as wise and intelligent, or more wise and intelligent. Such prejudice is fostered and implanted by such (antagonistic) spirit people themselves to better use and take advantage of us.


History as told by Spirit People

As I make note of in "New Treatise" some spirit people, like any people, are sometimes fond of gossiping, and relating old stories as well. The following are a few historical anecdotes I heard from some of them, though without venturing to give you any exact assurance as to their veracity.

* The original Simon the Magician in some way betrayed the apostle Philip, after Philip tried to help him, and this resulted in the latter's martyrdom.

* A Simon the Magician or ghost-sorcerer of some sort or another followed Burgoyne's army. Burgoyne knew of this (evidently had seen him) and did not want him around but could not get rid of him. During the second battle of Saratoga this ghost or someone working for was able to maneuver Gen. Simon Fraser to the position where he was felled by Timothy Murphy's rifle ball, thus in this way indirectly causing Fraser's death. The spirit person responsible for this did not want this known however so that I tell you this against his wishes (I didn't invite his story to begin with by the way so I donít feel especially bound to oblige him.)

* George Washington was visited and bothered by spirit people shortly before he died.

* Spirit people deceived the Union commanders at Chancellorsville, and some Union officers blame (not blamed) this interference for losing what would have been a great victory.

* Phil Sheridan tried locking a (full size) demon in a closet one time. What this achieved or what came of it I donít know, but I take it the story was related to me as something intended to be funny.

* The Unknown Soldier (buried in Arlington) did not want to be the unknown soldier, as he has a name and family like anyone else.

Each desire has an ideal, and if we think about it we can expand on and make more clear such an ideal.

Every complaint bespeaks an ideal not being fulfilled. If we complain, we should ask what this ideal is.

In what lies his goodness? He owns things.

Context Makes Value

Context is crucial to value. It is what makes something


that is to say context makes something one of the above in relation to what else concerns us.

We see this in works of art where "parts" are arranged according to a certain contexts created for them in relation to each other, and in relation to the circumstances in which they will be experienced.

We see this also, but differently, in how a mechanical device is constructed. Watt for example improved the efficiency of the steam engine by more efficient use of heat. Context or environment is created and arranged in such a way as to give each part its value and if we look at one part it will (more likely) have a certain value because of the context crated for it (in relation to other parts and to the greater environment as a whole.) In Watt's case he placed extra value on efficiency and saw this value reflected in the management and use of heat (that is in relation to the other components which made the engine work also.)

If value depends on context, do we feel badly because we are placed badly? How do we judge if we are placed badly, merely because of how at the moment we feel?

If context makes value than controlling or manipulating context can decide the value for someone or something, and by controlling context one can limit or enhance value.