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An Open Letter to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A Christian's View of your God.

These very powerful spirit people not only can't offer you heaven, but because they are without the Spirit of Love and Truth, they don't even really know what heaven is -- thunder and shake the foundations of the earth as they (in a given instance) might be able to. What they do know of heaven is based on pictures or representations. Now these pictures may well be based on the true thing. Nonetheless they are still only pictures and so these people's mind's persist in darkness. Yet still they will continue to deceive the credulous into believing they know about, indeed can offer, heaven.

In truth then I tell you, the spirit people who currently reside over the worldly state of things are the most worthless, stinking garbage there ever was -- again despite the belief of others than they offer or represent heaven. Yes it is true they have very pretty girls and some others who you could have little trouble seeing as part of heaven. Even so, the potential heaven here is with the girls and or these others -- and not or ever with them. It's as if they owned a fine painting but were so blind that they could hardly even see it: holding it as a mere trophy without really appreciating its actual worth. That's as much of heaven as these powerful spirit people know, so that in the final analysis it is not the goodness that they offer that makes them so powerful, rather it is their phenomenal ability to both manipulate and intimidate.

In saying this I don't extend this criticism to all powerful spirit people, or even powerful bad spirit people necessarily, but simply the present regime which seems to have such a strangle hold over everything (and I do mean everything, or just about everything), including its own version of who or whatever of anything.

These very powerful spirit people not only can't offer you heaven, but because they are without the Spirit of Love and Truth, they don't even really know what heaven is -- thunder and shake the foundations of the earth as they (in a given instance) might be able to. What they do know of heaven is based on pictures or representations. Now these pictures may well be based on the true thing. Nonetheless they are still only pictures and so these people's mind's persist in darkness. Yet still they will continue to deceive the credulous into believing they know about, indeed can offer, heaven.

In truth then I tell you, the spirit people who currently reside over the worldly state of things are the most worthless, stinking garage there ever was -- again despite the belief of others than they offer or represent heaven. Yes it is true they have very pretty girls and some others who you could have little trouble seeing as part of heaven. Even so, the potential heaven here is with the girls and or these others -- and not or ever with them. It's as if they owned a fine painting but were so blind that they could hardly even see it: holding it as a mere trophy without really appreciating its actual worth. That's as much of heaven as these powerful spirit people know, so that in the final analysis it is not the goodness that they offer that makes them so powerful, rather it is their phenomenal ability to both manipulate and intimidate.

In saying this I don't extend this criticism to all powerful spirit people, or even powerful bad spirit people necessarily, but simply the present regime which seems to have such a strangle hold over everything (and I do mean everything, or just about everything), including its own version of who or whatever of anything.

Understanding the arch-demonist Goomerton (and those like him)

False angels (or if you prefer, gods) get him to think they "do the wrong thing the right way," but they don't really, only they convince him that they do in order that he will so believe and so behave. This puts him greater in their power, makes him a more powerful weapon to use against us (whom he betrayed), while at the same time it makes him a source of amusement (i.e. to see him make a fool of himself in this manner.) If this hypothesis is correct, it would certainly explain much.

Who loves ya Baby?

"You can't compare yourself to Sherman. He was usually broke, completely alone, while physically and socially having been disabled by you, while taking care of some cats no less. He didn't even have anyone to talk to, let alone take his part. Yet you had a whole army, the first national bank as your expense account, the cooperation of public institutions, not a few businesses, and many citizens to assist you, yet he still managed to fight you off after twelve years, and to that extent beat you. He's right in calling you a low bully and a poltroon. If these other people think you are or like God, you know very well know yourself that's their stupidity, aside from your own wishful thinking."

King Oaf, the sorcerer ape, and the High Order of the Skull

"I don't want people havin it too good.

"I have to do things to hurt people."

"You can have friends, but only those I approve of."

"These things have to be done in a certain way."

WHEN did YOU ever vote for THIS?

Now you obey HIM but you won't even talk to ME!

A: Well if I go along with Goomerton I can be with these people I like. But if I don't I can't.

B: But if you do you will also have to be with Goomerton.

A: Me and my friends can get away from Goomerton.

B: So you think, but Goomerton will think you are his friend and won't leave you. After all you owe him. How else in this current state of things can you be making money and "living your life," but with his approval? And what is this you are living for? To raise kids so that they can be slaves to a tyrant and a fool?

A Beautiful Mind

Plotinus believed that by focusing one's self on the mind and reason that one could attain to the Divine Mind (or at least what we might characterize as such.) Not everyone is so picky, and they pick the mind of the people with the most money or who give the appearance of most success. Let's say after you died you go to the mind that most attracted you in life. Where then would you go? A mind that tells people to lie and keep secrets all the time?

On Evidence and Proof

For those who actually look I believe it will be found that they who "Block the Road to Inquiry" do so because of fear and because they don't look -- at the "moment of truth" -- to reason as authority but some person or mindset. Indeed, even some who make philosophy and science their profession will, under certain circumstances, toss logic, reason and honesty in the time of crisis -- as say during eras of a dictator or totalitarian regimes -- reason then having less sway over them in such violent and oppressive circumstances. Who or what will make the philosopher or scientist brave on such occasions?

Empirical evidence is not always something that can be readily tested as such, nor is it always something we can have immediately in hand. As a matter of fact, as Russell and others pointed out, so much of what passes for empirical science is entirely based not on what people see (or sense), but as much and more so on deductive and inductive inferences. We can know something by its effect without necessarily "seeing" it. Practical (as opposed to necessary) existence of a proposed entity then, such as a spirit person, can constructed from what appears to be their effect. For example, in the murder mystery, by means of assessing various clues and evidence the detective has reason to believe so-and-so committed the deed, even though no one actually saw so-and-so pull the trigger. By means of logic then, accurate conclusions can be arrived at based on data which -- taken by itself -- do not overtly imply or suggest a relevant conclusion (say, in our example, relevant to the proposal of their being spirit persons.). Of course such preliminary or supporting facts and data will need to based on intuitions or sensation. Therefore a useful hypothesis for such a proposed notion as "spirit people" or "spirit person" (and from this more precise definitions) can begin to be established on such a basis of such inferences, in addition to what might supplied in the way of first hand witnesses. If the hypothesis is in error than reason can detect it. But if reason and impartial fair hearing is refused, then the given proposition can neither be established or refuted. Mockery, sarcasm, "We know...," popular prejudices naturally cannot be considered scientific or philosophical reasoning, yet when it comes to the subject of spirit people some -- again under the pressure of the community or times they live in -- seem to think these are such.

On Mortality

In doing additional reading and note taking for the prospective second edition of "Calendar and Record: 1780-81," I came across the following passages from the journal or diary of Capt. Johann Ewald, a Hessian officer with the jagers, who served with the British during the siege of Charleston in 1780:

The 25th. [of March 1780] At daybreak the outpost under Captain Hinrichs on the highway to Dorchester was alarmed by an enemy [American] party. He sent several men through the wood lying before him on the right to fire a few shots in the flank of the enemy. A noncommissioned officer of the enemy party, who ventured ahead beyond all daring, was shot in the belly and captured. I asked him why he behaved so rashly. -- "Sir, Colonel [William] Washington* promised me that I would become an officer right away, if I could discover whether the jagers were supported by infantry and had cannon with them, because if not, he would try to harass the jagers."
He begged me to ask the surgeon whether his wound was mortal, and when he heard that it was he lay quietly down like a brave man, clasping his hands, saying: "Well, then I die for my country and its just cause."
Captain Hinrichs handed him a glass of wine. He drank it down with relish, and died like a man. [p. 214]

[* Note. As a member of Washington's cavalry corps the non-commissioned officer was presumably on horseback when felled.]

[April 5th] Toward nine o'clock in the evening, the Commander in Chief [Sir Henry Clinton] ordered the batteries on Fenwick's and Linning's points to play upon the city which quieted the enemy fire somewhat. A terrible clamor arose among the inhabitants of the city, since the firing came entirely unexpectedly. During this time I had approached quite close to the city to discover the effect of these batteries, and in the short intervals between the shooting I could often hear the loud wailing of female voices, which took all the pleasure out of my curiosity and moved me to tears. [p. 224.]

[May 18th, and following the fall of Charleston to the British] Suddenly, the idea struck me to ask him not to enter the magazine until I returned, and I asked him to go to the coffeehouse, where he should wait for me. We parted. Wintzingerode went to the coffeehouse and I to Captain Biesenrodt's quarters, which lay about seven to eight hundred paces away from the magazine. I had hardly entered the house, when such an extraordinary blast occurred that the house shook. I ran out of the house, saw a thick cloud of vapor a short distance away, and rushed there. The most dreadful cries arose from all sides of the city. I saw that the magazine into which I intended to go some eight or ten minutes earlier, had blown up with all the people who worked in and around it, along with several adjacent houses. The view was horrible. Never in my life as long as I have been a soldier, have I witnessed a more deplorable sight. We found some sixty people who were burnt beyond recognition, half dead and writhing like worms, lying scattered around the holocaust at a distance of twenty, thirty, to forty paces, and in the confusion one could not help them. We saw a number of mutilated bodies hanging on the farthest houses and lying in the streets. Nearby and at a distance, we found the limbs of burnt people. Many of those who hurried to the scene were killed or wounded by gunshots which came from the loaded muskets in the cellars...
The entire disaster had occurred through carelessness. In the cellars in which the muskets were stored there was a quantity of powder, and, as one might assume, one of the muskets had discharged while being handed into the cellar and the shot struck a powder keg. The catastrophe could have been greater, since a very large powder magazine was situated only two hundred paces away.
From this incident I realized once more that if one still lives, it is destined that he shall live. One should do as much good as possible, trust firmly in the Hand of God, and go his way untroubled. Here I recalled the following French verse:

Miserable toy of blind fortune,
Victim of wrongs and laws,
Man, you who through a thousand injustices
Must find life troublesome,
From whence comes only death, you fear all its power.
Coward, face it without flinching.
Think, that if it is an outrage,
It is the last you will receive. [pp. 239-240]

(from Diary of the American War: A Hessian Journal, by Capt. Johann Ewald, Translated and edited by Joseph P. Tustin, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1979.)

“Fighting Soldiers from the Sky…”

The Vietnam war has pretty much always baffled me, and frankly my knowledge of it is fairly fragmentary. The only memory from my childhood was my fourth grade teacher talking about it in class one afternoon, and, in addition to this, the John Wayne film “The Green Berets,” which I saw when I was seven at the movie theater. Otherwise I have no personal recollection of the war before the fall of Saigon. Watching "Green Berets" now I was amazed how inspiring and stylish the film is. It would make someone want to fight a war. And it also made me think, if all the U.S. forces were gung ho volunteers such as are portrayed in this movie then I can't see why it would have been wrong for the U.S. to have gotten involved. This argument at least seems plausible to me. On the other hand in the film an argument is used in which they suggest that because the North Vietnamese were beings supplied with East Bloc and Soviet weaponry that the U.S. should itself be in the war. Yet this attempt at persuasion is flawed because the simple response would be that the U.S. could provide the South Vietnamese with weapons and supplies, rather than actually intervene itself. Further, of course, the real war involved the draft, and this took the "Green Beret" viewpoint (as I have attempted to depict it) out of the reality of the war. Looked very nice though in its way I must admit.

Passing from “America's Best" to what might well today be seen as “America's Worst,” we are left with the question of whether the FBI should be considered guilty of gross incompetence or high treason. Here, once more, we are confronted with some simple logic. Regular and ongoing hacking, cyber piracy and vandalism by the same perpetrators ought to be not all that difficult to quell and get at because in most (if not all instances) we have means of tracing the attackers technologically, especially since the advent of Firewalls and Firewall logs. Yet cyber vandalism and piracy are carried out daily right before our eyes (say in the obnoxious Spam regularly poured into our mail boxes) and little or nothing is done to get at the criminals. How is it there are people sophisticated enough to keep putting out viruses so as to keep Norton, McAfee, Avast, et. al. continuing to provide anti-virus updates, yet the government can't seem to track down these people? How many of such people, after all, can there be? I of course have written and attempted to contact the FBI any number of times asking help for my own personal case of criminal victimization (which involves interstate racketeering, as well as flagrant cyber crime), but not only after a number of years has the agency not helped me but they have refused to even answer my letters or phone calls, which believe me, were made in a sober and respectful, and not sarcastic way. In my experience you call or write these people, over the course of years, and they never get back to you -- at all! Really if anyone who has most contributed to the proliferation of fear and distrust in this country, it certainly must be this agency, which as far as I know has given up fighting organized crime, and instead spends its efforts chasing what must be largely mythical foreign terrorists (that is in the ordinarily used understanding of the term "foreign terrorists.")
I was looking up Terry Jones of Monty Python on the internet when I found a recent interview with him contained at this website which website I very much suspect is the work of our friend Stinky Boika of Celebrity Rants Peppercoin, and Jib Jab animations fame (or else someone closely connected with him.) I was going to write something about this site, but instead I will let you see it for yourself and leave you with this simple question. Where does he get the money and influence to secure interviews with such very famous notables? (Note also the "Throw Mama from the Train" humor of one of the items on the "SG" home page.)
"Wake Not the Brain Dead"

In order to understand the current situation, I think one needs to appreciate that assassination, blackballing, smear tactics, blackmail, dirty tricks have been used in secret and openly now for some years by certain powerful spirit people and their immediate servants. People are encouraged by incessant and regular propaganda to become desensitized to deceit, injustice and cruelty. It is by such means the demonist and false religious have managed to shape our culture and government (in this order.) They come into power through such methods, and once there, will reward and offer employment to persons who they know to be (mostly) irrational, weak and or ineffective. At the same time capable and sincere people are kept out from participation. Because spirit people are guiding the lead criminals, and because spirit people (typically in the use of demons) are involved, the nay-sayers ordinarily have no idea how to combat such forces. The dupes are led to think that they have been empowered and promoted through their great talent, and cleverness in understanding how things “really are.” Together the original wrong doers, now along with the dupes or know nothing, a power block, along with a phony consensus, is formed. The not so guilty, yet ignorant dupes act a shield of legitimacy for the murderers and demonists: left or right it doesn't really matter. This is what happened in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, and now here in the U.S, albeit in a guise more acceptable to the nation. This method is not fool proof, but it has been shown to be very effective.

The real test of legitimacy is honesty, integrity and rationality. Now if this is true, how legitimate would you say many of those in power are today?

From Houghton Mifflin's (Online) "The Great American History Fact-Finder

Know-Nothing party

also called the American party, formed in the 1850s to oppose immigration and the election of Roman Catholics to political office. Because its members originally met in secret and were unwilling to divulge what they stood for, their name came from their response to questions: 'I know nothing.' They nominated ex-president Millard Fillmore in 1856 and won the electoral votes of Maryland. The party failed because of its unwillingness to take a stand on the issue of slavery."

Your Counter-Terrorism Dollar

I take the attitude that if you gratuitously hurt or attack helpless children or animals (say for purposes of spiting someone or inflicting cruelty) you have got to be among the very worst of people, all the more so as you have no shame about doing such. Now the people I am combating are exactly of this sort. They are the ones who, among their other crimes, murdered my cats (of which all told I had more than a dozen), as well as a number of other local animals, with a mind to intimidating me. Yet when I have gone to seek someone to help me fight them, no one, except perhaps for a few exceptions unknown to me (and God truly bless all such!), I say, no one will help me! Not the police, not the church, not the lawyers, not the government, not the academics, not the activists, not the media. You all blame someone else for what's wrong in the world, but as far as I can see you are the real assholes! If that’s not true then get over to 1604 NW 70th St., Seattle, hear my now 12 year plea of human rights abuse and victimization by the world’s worst terrorists, and stop being such a two faced Januses and hypocrites! I've tried very hard these past years to see any one or all of you, but you can't face me honestly.

I understand the government spends millions of dollars to fight terrorism. Well if they passed along some of that money to me, then the real terrorists would have a real fight on their hands. But they won't do so because they don't really mean what they say, are afraid of the real terrorists, indeed, when all is said and done, take their orders from them.

Stop and think. There are demon filled people in our midst, violent, raging, incoherent, abusive, and it goes on like this from day to day without our taking explicit cognizance of the fact. One sort of person may smolder in hatred over something which they do not begin to think rationally about, while another curses loudly, decrying all good. We might just run into these sorts of people (say at work, on the internet, or on television) and then avoid them.

Have you ever felt a sharp dislike for someone or something that didn't make the least bit of sense after you thought about it? That is a good sign that you had a demon or sprite in you, so that if this has happened you can say that you too have been possessed.

On The Power of Lying

There is this sort of understanding that times change, and the public taste changes. This assumption is true as a practical matter of course. Nonetheless, what many people fail to appreciate is that such changes do not always come about through voluntary informed consensus, but perhaps instead through manipulation, deception, disguised assassination, all of which is then foisted on us as consensus. Whole cultural eras can be formed and created by such means, and anyone one of that ill founded era's "beneficiaries" might never know exactly why they so prospered (compared to say another), though they might have a vague suspicion if they were honest with themselves and really thought about the matter. Those who go along with the aforementioned deceit and underhanded dealing will be rewarded with wealth and status by the criminal perpetrators, while those who don't will be shut out and denied their basic rights. Now if you happen to be one of the latter and go to the police or other public institutions to complain about your mistreatment, what they might typically say (in effect) is that they can't help you because you are going against consensus.

How can one help but continue to be aghast and astounded by some people’s obstinate irrationality and willful blindness, even among well-educated people? “Here no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

Yet others seem to say “if we all lie and we force our will on others then what we say is true.” The truth, such people seem to maintain, is what one says it is, no matter how much one lies.

One reason for such attitudes is, I strongly believe, the influence of spirit people, so that I think it is worthwhile to list some of the devices and methods certain spirit people have at their disposal to promote such indifference to and resentment of real and intelligent thought generally. Some of these things are somewhat hard to describe because they have no clear and evident parallel in ordinary experience, but we’ll try.

1. Spirit people through their machinations can manipulate people and circumstances so that they can create the impression that they control things, and when they can get people to believe such impressions they then actually do end up controlling things.

2. Certain spirit people seem to have knowledge of the future and can predict events. It may even be true that they do have such knowledge and can actually predict things. Yet even if one can be said to predict things, it does not necessarily follow that they are wise or know what they are talking about. The same is true with respect to very private knowledge about your past, perhaps reminding you of things you thought were known “only” to yourself.

3. Great personality cults such as that of iconified dictators and fulsomely lionized leaders and celebrities are sometimes symptomatic of evil influence. People see the success of great movements and popularity of certain figures as signs of God, and therefore authority. Yet by means of doctoring appearances false causes and incompetent leaders can be catapulted in people’s minds to divine or divine like status. The status then itself becomes a sign of divine endorsement of the person, so that the people are not only deceived about the given cause or leader, but about the nature of God himself. I don’t mean by this that all popular causes and popular leaders are not legitimate, but that "popularity" by itself is no proof of legitimacy.

4. Certain spirit powerful people can make their presence felt for fairly large distances. The power of such presence can be sometimes mistaken as a sign of authority.

5. Certain spirit people have great wealth and other kinds of power at their disposal. This also some take as indubitable signs of authority.

6. Certain spirit people can induce a wide variety of experiences and feelings. They can make you see in your mind and feel things like the radiance of “heaven,” or the pure light of "holy" being, when really these things, coming from them, are no more necessarily credible signs of authority than a person flashing enormous sums of cash. Note also how certain secret societies are denoted “illuminati,” and how the Scientologists speak of a person being “clear.” The light and clarity referred to in such conceptions is, I believe, something often brought about through psychological trickery of spirit people, again manifesting extraordinary kinds of lights and visions to a person. I know in point of fact from personal experience, how some of the most muddle headed and confused people will considered themselves enlightened because they have been shown or had such things "revealed" to them. The same can be said of religious pronouncements or declarations. If one were to suddenly hear in their thoughts "I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt," accompanied perhaps by a vision of distant shining lights, do know there are dishonest spirit people who can cause this to happen, and feel no qualm nor suffer any evident repercussion for doing so.

7. "My mother listen to some of these same spirit people, and she was a good hearted and devout woman. Do you mean to say that she was wrong -- and about something so important? Whatever answer you give I cannot accept it."

8. "You can't be responsible for or guilty of what you don't know." People will be encouraged to not know what is going on for exactly this reason. Even more, in some instances, a spirit person can get someone to commit a crime, and then, with that person's permission, "do something to them" to cause them to forget what they did, and or give them what seem like plausible reasons to think that they were somehow "forced" to commit the crime -- and therefore are not really guilty of anything.

9. As well as seeming religious, con artist spirit people can easily be irreligious, or else indifferent to religion, tailoring their approach to whomever they are trying to persuade.


Some Helpful Tips for New Writers

1. Understatement is preferable to overstatement, for, as Aristotle says, overstatements tend to be tiresome. Hyperbole is an exception, but even here something to be used with great care.

2. Say only what you need to say, and do not be afraid to cut out what you have written. When it comes to writing and expressing something, less is generally better.

3. Have an ear to things like sound, rhythm and color when possible. Why not making reading more enjoyable to the reader, by this kind of literary device, if this is possible and not too great an inconvenience?

4. Consider your audience, who you are addressing, and what possible effects or ends you hope to achieve. List both if need be.

5. If writing a longer work, set up for your piece an outline based on the overall, logical conception you have, and organize notes from readings, and your own personal jottings, which you have accumulated into such sections you have created. This process may need to be repeated, perhaps sections further resorted and sequenced, before you achieve a satisfactory result. Retain in mind that the outline itself is an important layer of expression, is itself a message, for which reference can indirectly be made to in particular parts of your text.

6. Find ways to improve your vocabulary, and use new words and arrangements of words to rephrase something you’ve already said. Keep a list of new words which you regularly add to as new words come your way.

7. One can have a meaningful thought or feeling, but sometimes, since it cannot be properly expressed in a manner suitable or appropriate to our audience’s understanding, it is better left unsaid. At the same time, sometimes by saying nothing we are actually saying something. Think then of what you are not saying, and know that it is possible to say what you want to say by not saying it. Also perhaps consider suggesting or implying something by creating an obvious or logical context for it.

8. Think of not wasting people’s time. Don’t burden them with listening to you if what you have to say is not really that important or else is better left said elsewhere and by someone else.

9. Be strict with yourself in writing down good ideas when they come to you, especially when you are lazy and don’t feel like doing so. Otherwise such ideas may be lost to you forever.

10. Thoughts and sentiments which mean the same (or much the same thing) can yet be worded in either an affirmative or negative manner, as in “best drummer” versus say “least worst drummer,” or “I love you” versus “you are the person I least dislike,” with many variations of course possible. Which sort of expression you use depends on the effect you desire to achieve.

11. Respecting music and verse. A song is more easily written after the notated music or extemporized is composed. Crudely, but correctly put, you can just fit words into the music. However, interestingly, and in a quite different manner, a) composed and notated or b) extemporaneous music can be made to fit already written words or verse, observing at the same time that a) and b) themselves are significantly different (forms of musical construction), with there no doubt being a c), or combination of the two possible.

Some Study Tips

1. Read blocks of subjects at a time, then various books randomly. Give yourself self a course or a mini-course in this or that subject rather than reading randomly, even if variously and extensively.

2. Mark passages in books with pencil, then later copy down those passages or write notes on them.

3. While reading, be careful to look out for passages that are of special value, while observing why such is the case, and considering different possible criteria as to value.

4. Doing logic puzzles and formal logic problems I think is very helpful because it teaches one to better see meaningful associations, comparisons, and contrasts between people, objects, etc., and which might not ordinarily occur to us.


Y: Why don't angel police chase off the scheming and trouble-making ghost sorcerers?

Z: Because the sorcerers fooled our citizens into voting them, and angels as well, into office as the police. Police are only as good as a community's citizens. Those angels many are commonly acquainted with are not good angels, but people who cooperate with the sorcerers to trick and manipulate us so that we will be led into thinking their God, the Devil, is our God.

Y: Why doesn't God overrule them then?

Z: Because they've elected the sorcerers' God as their own God, and they did this for the same reason. Quite simply, they are taken in and are being had. As a result, for them God and the Devil are the same person, the same one they worship is the same one they blame. In truth, they don't really know who or what God is at all. There are good angels, of course, but they can usually only be present where the spirit of Love and Truth persists. "True God" is no liar or trickster, who stalks around in secret, deliberately deceiving and frightening people. Yet, strange or not so strange, many seem to think He is like this, and on the basis of such false belief, and the influence of their false God, they oppress us as if they knew what was divine.

Y: Perhaps these very sorcerers and false angels are themselves deceived.

Z: As I can see, you're beginning to catch on.

(Someone wrote me about smoking recently, and I responded:)
"Smoking, like most anything else, is not necessarily good or bad per se, but rather how it is used and what you want out of your health, your life. Frankly, I am sick of people acting like health means to the same thing to all people (though no offense to you personally or anything.) Some people who smoke function better -- for what they mean to do -- than others who don't. It all depends on what you are doing else with yourself. For some, smoking is not a big deal, for others it very much is (of course.) It depends on what you are doing [and attempting to do] with yourself and where your head is at I think."
Who or what does this remind you of?:
"If you don't swear the oath and adhere to the code of silence, you can't live your life like everybody else. That's just the way it is."
Here's another something. It would not likely have occurred to you, but do you realize that victims of natural (and other) disasters, such as the recent tsunmai that hit Sri Lanka would, in the aftermath, be deliberately attacked and assaulted (in various ways) by devils in the midst of their already great suffering, as if to "rub it in," since "they deserve it?" A similar abuse and secret tormenting might take place with war zone refugees for example. Yet that is exactly how some of these spirit people and regular people accomplices are capable of behaving on such occasions. Of course, such a thing would seem so preposterous to us, that most would not know of it or be able to report about it and be believed.
The logic of the Nazis at the onset of World War II was evidently something like this. "Now see here. We only wanted to invade Poland. It is you who insisted on a fight with us because of this, not us. But since you did, we will fight you with a fury and a vengeance." And thus they overran France.

One can easily imagine Hitler, prior to all this, looking at the great maps, and envisioning armies overrunning countries, all very picturesque in his mind. But what must the reality have seemed like to him when (some years later) he learned that some tens of millions died because of his, what turned out to be, mistaken dream? I personally believe he was fooled by a spirit person into doing much (if not all) of what he did that so appalls and horrifies us. Imagine what he must have felt when he realized he had actually been duped! Yet all this, arguably, in no small part due to listening to some "mystical" spirit person who he had no doubt quite recklessly given over his trust and confidence to.

With Stalin, I think it must have been very much the same thing (possibly), but with the key difference that Stalin more or less inherited his tyranny, receiving it almost as a routine formality, while Hitler had to (more or less) make his from scratch.

You might conceive that such spirit persons as they did or might have dealt with were of a stern and forbidding sort. Not necessarily, at least not all of the time. For example, the same spirit person who may have told them it was necessary for them to seek, say, dire retribution on some enemies, may on, another occasion, have presented themselves as humorous, witty and urbane: such spirit persons, just like regular people, being able to adjust their deportment to serve the particular objective (of the moment) being sought.

Harry Potter and the Curse of the Sorcerer's Tomb

You can't do business in this town unless you pay tribute to demonism, witchcraft, gross social irresponsibility, and or other unwholesome and overtly obnoxious activity. Judge for yourself if this isn't true.

Historical Geometry

Consider the position of the Allied commanders planning D-Day. They had to secure a landing base, including a port, which could properly supply the armies and at the same time attempt to capture as manty Germans in France as possible. Now the more they set the invasion toward the west of France the better position they would be in to secure a landing base and preserve their army from harm. Yet the more west a landing place might be, the less chance they had of capturing Germans (by encircling them.) On the other hand, if the invasion was plotted more to the east, the greater opportunity was afforded of trapping Germans (toward the middle and west of France) and taking them prisoner. Yet the disadvantage of this was that they also risked greater harm to themselves in such daring. West was safety. East greater victory, but greater danger, it being possible to measure (at least roughly) actual degrees between the safety and danger, and corresponding overall defeat* and overall victory (as well), by means of physical distance, hemspherial direction, and time. Historically, the Allied commanders took what could (more or less) be seen as a middle approach and selected Normandy.

*i.e. the war, if it was to really end, needed to end in such a time, namely as soon as possible, in order to avoid making the effort too exorbitant in its cost.
Chryssipus (in effect) said it is better to run along with the chariot you are tied to than to be dragged along by it. Are things like bearing one's cross and passive resistance more like the former or more like the latter? If the former then it might be said that bearing one's cross and passive resistance are ways of making things less painful for oneself, which, after all, seems paradoxical, yet nevertheless encouraging in its way. Yet whether it is bearing one's cross or passive resistance it seems clear that such implies a mind toward virtue. For how could one be said to bear one's cross or engage in passive resistance without a mind toward virtue? Which only seems correct, because a person who runs along with the chariot is only showing rudimentary common sense judgment (a virtue!), and the person who prefers to have themselves dragged along seems more a fool. Or so one would think.
Picture this. In his masquerade, the ghost pretending to be Jesus, copies people who (from his seeing them) really knew the Holy Spirit,* and to that extent, sometimes (i.e. as circumstances would make advantageous to himself) teaches veritable truths as part of his get up. Now envision a third party listening to this ghost, but not really the Holy Spirit, and saying they believed "Jesus." What would such a person be like?

* i.e., of course, the spirit of Love and Truth.
In the vast majority of instances, if not all, willful murders are brought about through the persuasion or immediate influence of spirit people, and the reason why we have not actually solved the problem of murder better than we have is because people can or will not discuss the topic of spirit people openly and seriously.

Why is it the topic of spirit people is one which cannot or will not be discussed openly or seriously?

Because certain spirit people can appear (or create the impression) that they know everything, and can create a feeling of great awe and amazement in their (human) subject. Thus certain regular (i.e. flesh and blood people),who have made contact with them, will listen to these, and not truth, morals, reason or law. (If you want evidence of spirit people, believe me there is plenty, and much more than you probably think. Just try contacting me and attempting to communicate with me in earnest on the subject.)

As well, a number of very powerful, wealthy, and influential people maintain or retain their great wealth because they have compromised and made their peace with such malevolent (if benign seeming) spirit persons, and their henchmen. Why is it after all do you suppose, often worthless and talent-less people are permitted to exercise such phenomenal power and influence over our culture (say with respect to what's on film and television)? The answer is that granting such power it is (in effect) like paying tribute to the spirit people I mention. And if by contrast, someone else took vociferous exception to such going on, both the rogues and criminals with the money, and the spirit people they listen to, will go after the whistle blowers and ruin and or murder them, while everyone else will prudently keep silent. Hence the cynical and brutal state of things we are most all (typically via the media) familiar with.

In sum, spirit people prompt, if not directly cause, most murders, and the problem of murder cannot be solved unless people are able and willing to intelligently address the subject of spirit people.

It is only sensible to remember, while only all too easy to forget, that people go at their own speed. Really it is ridiculous how sometimes this is so -- despite all that is going on about the person. On odd occasions you can perhaps change this, say through certain kinds of persuasion. But most of the time you cannot, hence the necessity of patience. Yet if you would persuade someone, go where they love. And if you can't or won't go there, why should they care what you think? Or why should you care what they think?
In deciphering the meaning of the Revolutionary War as it pertains to "the American Revolution," one needs to appreciate a few crucial things. While it could be said the British soldier was fighting for a failed political policy, he was also fightig for a solid and justifiably proud military tradition. With the Americans it was somewhat reverse, except that the Americans were just in the stages of forming their own military tradition (rather than having much of one of their own as yet.)
Defoe and Brockden Brown, who wrote about plagues, also wrote about ghosts.
You can blog but you can't speak.
You can rip but you can't copy.
If you have a touch tone phone
please Press your selection now
otherwise if you have a rotary phone
stay on the line to speak with an operator


Made on the battle of Bunker-Hill, and the burning of Charlestown.

By Nathaniel Niles, A.M., Norwich, Conn., October, 1775

Music in Andrew Law, Select Tunes [1781],See Contemplator link below.

Why should vain mortals tremble at the sight of
Death and destruction in the field of battle,
Where blood and carnage clothe the ground in crimson,
Sounding with death-groans?

Death will invade us by the means appointed,
And we must all bow to the King of Terrors;
Nor am I anxious, if I am prepared,
What shape he comes in.

Infinite goodness teaches us submission;
Bids us be quiet under all his dealings:
Never repining, but forever praising
God our Creator.

Well may we praise him--all his ways are perfect;
Though a resplendence, infinitely glowing,
Dazzles in glory on the sight of mortals
Struck blind by lustre.

Good is Jehovah in bestowing sunshine,
Nor less his goodness in the storm and thunder,
Mercies and judgments both proceed from kindness--
Infinite kindness.

O then exult, that God forever reigneth;
Clouds, which around him hinder our perception,
Bind us the stronger to exalt his name, and
Shout louder praises.

Then to the wisdom of my Lord and Master,
I will commit all that I have or wish for;
Sweetly as babes sleep will I give my life up
When called to yield it.

Now, Mars, I dare thee, clad in smoky pillars,
Bursting from bombshells, roaring from the cannon,
Rattling in grapeshot, like a storm of hailstones,
Torturing aether.

Up the bleak heavens led the spreading flames rise,
Breaking like Aetna thro' the smoky columns.
Low'ring like Egypt o'er the falling city,
Wantonly burnt down.

While all their hearts quick palpitate for havock,
Let slip your bloodhounds, nam'd the British Lyons,
Dauntless as death stares, nimble as the whirlwind,
Dreadful as daemons.

Let oceans waft on all your floating castles,
Fraught with destruction, horrible to nature;
Then with your sails fill'd by a storm of vengeance,
Bear down to battle!

From the dire caverns made by ghostly miners,
Let the explosion, dreadful as volcanoes,
Heave the broad town, with all its wealth and people,
Quick to destruction.

Still shall the banner of the King of Heaven
Never advance where I'm afraid to follow;
While that precedes me, with an open bosom,
War, I defy thee!

Fame and dear freedom lure me on to battle,
While a fell despot, grimmer than a Death's-head,
Stings me with serpents, fiercer than Medusa's,
To the encounter.

Life, for my country, and the cause of freedom,
Is but a trifle for a worm to part with;
And if preserved in so great a contest,
Life is redoubled.

Last Verse

O, thus be it ever
when freemen shall stand,
Between their lov'd homes
and the war's desolation;
Blest with vict'ry and peace,
may the heav'n-rescued land
Praise the Pow'r that hath made
and preserv'd us a nation!
Then conquer we must,
when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto:
"In God is our trust"
And the star-spangled banner
in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free
and the home of the brave!

"He's Not Someone You Want to Know."

Are counter-terrorism experts prepared to contend with people who look like this?

Certain individuals are so incapable of dealing with persons such as (or very like) these that that is why they murder and or torture people. Still yet others will ridicule the idea of their being such monster people for exactly the same reason, while claiming to be rational and enlightened. (You who scoff, if, for the sake of argument, what I am saying is true, could you handle such people if you met them? Remember you could not call for help because no one would listen -- either because what you report is true or it isn't.)

Quite simply, if people in our government in charge of law enforcement and counter terrorism cannot deal with characters like these depicted then no war on terrorism can be won. Though understand it is not necessary for malevolent spirits to frighten. They or others more benign in appearance can also persuade through being friendly, amicable or humorous, yet with still the same result.

Now some will argue that if the Monster Maker, Satan, or whatever you want to call him, has people like this working for him, and thus has more power to scare than anybody else, then we should still throw in our lot with him. These are people who, in effect, believe in a command economy.

Opponents naturally prefer to see authority not in who can threaten with the most bad but who possesses or is capable of bringing forth the most good, while at the same time loathing the idea of submitting to such brutal monsters and gangsters. These prefer a free market or free choice economy.

I'm generalizing, but I think you get the idea.

Our sincere thanks to Microsoft for suing those people who have been sending out the large quantities of pornographic spam (and I hope included with this as well vandalistic or gibberish spam, and "vendors" of Viagra, Cialis, and enlargment pills) which regularly hit us. But the actual identity of these people who do these things is still a mystery. Will we now then get to see their faces and know who they are? Or will some mere camouflaging dupes end up taking the rap?
Our sincere thanks to Microsoft for sueing those people who have been sending out the large quantities of pornographic spam (and I hope included with this as well vandalistic or gibberish spam, and "vendors" of Viagra, Cialis, and enlargment pills) which regularly hit us. But the actual identity of these people who do these things is still a mystery. Will we now then get to see their faces and know who they are? Or will some mere camouflaging dupes end up taking the rap?
For those of you who have been following thus far, but see how little progress our society has made in realistically dealing with Hell and its serial killers and torturers, its let me offer some encouragement.

One thing the Hell people, for all the vast money and influence they possess, don't have is real and lasting value. They will show you Heaven or angels, beautiful nymphs, etc. But really it is all very phony, and such as these are merely the trappings of some great arrogant tyrant, who lives the life of the ultimate monster and hypocrite.

You who fight these people, who insist on the truth when it comes to things that matter, you are the ones that have real value. You don't need to regularly lie and keep secrets to establish or conceal your true worth. You don't need to force yourself on anyone. You don't need to directly collaborate with some masked assassin or turn your back on the innocent to keep your position. You are a free rational soul that can think for yourself, and is not controlled by the manipulation of some high powered con-artist or magician. You don’t have to lie all the time - they do. You know what is and are yourself the truly beautiful. Even if a majority (in a given circumstance), they are the cowards, the traitors of the human race. And all the wealth, power, and position they do or might possess is simply the price they are willing to accept to ultimately have themselves sold in what, for practical purposes, can be characterized as perpetual slavery. We and those we love suffer. But we are ones who are truly free, and truly worthy of freedom. And though we perish in our seeking of what are our God given rights, we leave an example for others, acquit ourselves in the sight of our forbearers and in doing so have hope for a better day, have hope for real happiness and peace.

The fate of the slave is his master’s and their master is the Monster Maker, the most hateful of all villains, bullies, and horrors.

How I thank God that if it had to be this way that I am the enemy of these people! Not all the money, fame, and honors, etc, in the world is worth as much! They will say this and that. Yet the fact is they – neither their spirit or regular people – can face me. They have to lie, censor, and cheat like crazy. I am poor, alone, regularly beat up with their brain radios, subject to abuse and assaults of various kinds, denied my most basic rights, betrayed and handed over – all the time!

But if I am wrong, why the need to do such things, and for twelve years now no less?

"Who is Mickey Mouse's girlfriend?" (one of the questions put to G.I.s and G.I. imposters during the Battle of the Bulge)
Just to give you a little idea of how these people operate --

It is well known already to some that the girl who played Buffy in the 60's show "Family Affair" was brought to her death by these or similar witchcraft people. Officially the story is the little girl died from a self induced overdose which may be true. But what isn't or wouldn't be known is that she was brought to this pass under the abuse of people like "Simon the Magician" (though in her case I don't know that there was a direct connection), including perhaps her being betrayed by friends or family (perhaps smiling all the while) who were led to believe that by doing so they were helping her or else serving some other "good" purpose. I know from when my own cats were attacked by these people they would cheer (via effects created by sorcery or perhaps the brain radios) while the innocent was being tormented, making it sound as if a crowd was cheering while he or she was being viciously assaulted (psychologically and or physically) and or murdered. This is something very likely to have happened when that girl mentioned died.

Years later, of course, we have the film and show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as if in tribute. It would be characteristic of some of the same people involved in her death to think they have somehow actually done her a favor, that is by martyring her, and then awarding, her (in this case using her tv character's name) with "fame."

Having said and described this know that some people having read this will think it funny. If this possibly happened to you odds are it is because you have a literal demon in you, and or you have been told you "know about these things a certain way," which is to say in accordance with Simoniac Gnosticism.

Simon the Magician Television and Film Credits

This is partial listing of television shows and movies with which "Simon the Magician" (the ghost) was at one time, and in one way or another involved, as I heard from himself or else someone "representing" him. I will try to add to this list as (and if) I find out more.

Lassie (the black and white tv show)
Lost in Space
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Time Tunnel
Batman (at least one episode)
Night Gallery
ABC Movie of the Week film: "Duel"
ABC Movie of the week film: "Trilogy of Terror"
The Greatest Story Ever Told

There was also another ABC Movie of the Week film (a "dark comedy") about a man who was raped which Magus also (in some way unknown to me) participated. As a matter of fact, there were a number of witchcraft people involved in some of the ABC Movie of the Week films some of whom apparently are no longer here today because of that involvement (or again so I have been told.)

Now the person who is currently working with Magus is often referred to as "Spielberg" though it is evidently not the Spielberg of Amblin entertainment fame but someone else who has leeched on the latter and used him in some way. This person reportedly was part of the "Trilogy of Terror" film and it was apparently the experience of that film that really "messed him up," or at least the film serves as milestone of that period in which he was "messed up." It is this person who is our great criminal at large today (aside from Magus himself.) Another possible explanation is that this (to me) unknown person is the "Hyde" to Amblin-Spielberg's "Jekyll." Also, with respect to this "Hyde" they have said he is the "Copy Cat" killer, and also did something (or had someone do for him) as the "Cat Burglar." If this is true, this would make those of you who have assisted or aided these people in lying, covering up, and perpetuating the code of silence his accomplices. Never thought you were in with a real life serial murderer now did ya?

In speaking of these things, I am relating what I heard from the ghost and from their "brain radio" (overtime and at various odd times these past few years) and cannot claim to be a first person witness.


To continue this thread the following are people who I have heard were murdered by this same bunch (again with the same caveat as before.) Keep in mind this is only a list of celebrity people, and does not begin to consider more "unknown" people who were victims:

The woman who played the voice of the queen in Disney's "Snow White"
Ted Bessell (from "That Girl")
The voice of "Peppermint Patty" from the Peanuts tv cartoon shows (though I myself have no idea whether or not she is not alive or not.)
Dan Blocker from "Bonanza"
Brandon Tartikoff
Gilda Radner
The young girl ("Their here..") from the film "Poltergeist"
Jessica Savage (ABC news reporter)
Jack Cassidy
River Phoenix
Bob Crane

This list does not include those "who didn't want to live anymore" among whom for starters were:

Whit Bissell
Doug McClure
Robert Shaw (though he may actually have been murdered I will give our monsters the benefit of the doubt on this one.)
Marty Feldman
Dean Martin
Sammy Davis Jr.
John Belushi
(more as I recollect what I heard. It is possible that a name mentioned in one list really should be in the other, but again I am not quite in a position to say. At the very least anyone of these, except perhaps Marty Feldman, were bothered by these people in some way prior to their death.)

Now if these people come your way to attack you or your loved ones, don't bother calling on the police, the media, or the government -- they will not help you. Because after all there are no such thing as spirit people, and if there are such they cannot be understood or discussed. Or so in effect you will be told. (Quote a U.W. Daily reporter: "However, as I have said before, your situations are something more applicable to a philosophical or spiritual journal -- not a newspaper." -- Hello Peirce-l!) On the other hand, do rest assured there are people hard on the trail of Ben Ladin.

Interesting to remark that in relating these things to you and fighting these people I have been told that I am somehow not Christian or else am a Christian gone astray. The real reason for being told this you can judge for yourself.

[Correction: I've been since told Marty Feldman was murdered but it was by someone else. Also, originally I had named Loren Michaels (in this "Simon the Magician" item) when I had actually meant Brandon Tartikoff, so that what I wrote earlier is now corrected. My apologies for the error.]