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This or that might not be so bad, or even not bad at all, but for some Hell (spirit) person being in the vicinity and perhaps deliberately projecting themselves (they do do this) or otherwise making that presence strongly felt. Now just imagine if this Hell person -- say because he was occasionally accompanied by angels -- imagine if he were taken (wrongly) as being someone who represented God or Heaven. You can see what problems and confusion could result. A false or unfair association is made, we agonize over the trifle, while trifling with the agony, perhaps even deifying him because of the great power he does or seems to possess.

Note. A Hell person is someone who routinely acts like Hell or who regularly brings Hell-like sorrow, pain, violence, etc. to others. Yes, we are all sinners, but if the person is a serial killer-rapist, and habitual torturer unrepentant, with disease like qualities (such as literally leeching onto others as a physical or emotional, and unwelcome, parasite), then we have an extreme case of the kind I mean. This said, this same Hell person, under certain conditions, and with certain kinds of hypnosis or other psychological technique, could create (in another) the impression he brought joy, wisdom, or some kind of religious or ethereal pleasure, and thus foster an association of such good feelings with himself, which is then used as a mask or disguise.

St. Augustine's Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit,
powerful consoler
sacred bond of the Father and Son,
hope of the afflicted,
descend into our hearts
and establish in there
your loving dominion...
We believe
that when you dwell in us
you prepare a dwelling
for the Father and Son.
Deign therefore to come to us
consoler of abandoned souls,
and protector of the needy.
Help the afflicted,
strengthen the weak,
support the wavering.
Come purify us,
let no evil desire
take possession of us.
You love the humble
and resist the proud.
Come to us,
glory of the living,
and hope of the dieing,
lead us by your grace
that we may be always
pleasing to you.

The history of spirit people tends to be shady because most conversant spirit people, if not all, and though they are or gleam like radiant angels, tend to be shady people, operating in secret, like plotters and thieves, and who answer to no human authority � no matter how good, honest, humble or just.

And when and where in all history have people listened to conversant spirit people on a regular basis, and been profited and raised up by doing so? Leaving aside the Biblical prophets, and Socrates and his "daemon" perhaps (and which are two types of highly unusual sorts of people, and their life circumstances very much open to question and interpretation), the answer is no one. Why? Because what one discovers who knows or has the opportunity to learn about these things is that most contact with conversant spirit people has been brought about to enslave and degrade, and not improve the lives of or liberate humanity. In fact I myself am by now more than convinced that organized slavery comes from spirit people into our own world, and it is with spirit people that it has its origin, it being the motive of certain powerful spirit people to control and subjugate us. This need of theirs to control us, in truth, could be said to be the nascence of evil: evil itself being the key ingredient to our enslavement.

Now behold the cowards and the traitors in our midst. Neither the spirit people they serve or us whom they betray are ever going to view them with honor, liking or respect. They ruin their own lives by listening to these powerful spirit people and then use the great powers these spirit people have bestowed on them to punish the rest of us for not being so stupid, timid, and irrational as themselves. The only power we have readily available to contend with both groups is our faith, reason, courage, and moral character.

By means of these, and these only, and with God�s grace, do we obtain our true freedom and dignity.

If they -- angels and devils both -- have been assaulting and waging war on us for ages, seemingly forever, so too there have ever been those among us who always fought back.

In 1798, former attorney (briefly) and Philadelphia author, Charles Brockden Brown (1771-1810) published his first novel Wieland , which is based on a real life story of someone who murdered his children because he believed he had received a divine injunction to do so, indeed was commanded by God's voice. Now if we don't accept the reality of spirit people how -- honestly and realistically -- can one account for such bizarre behavior? Of course, certain psychologists will attempt this by saying the person was suffering from a delusion. But where such explanations usually fall short is that they utterly fail to provide a scientifically convincing account of the specific origin and nature of such delusion, or else will attempt to provide such by means of very broad conceptions and generalizations, and which are invariably fraught with loose and unreasoned presumptions.
* from Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Winter 1998, p. 3, or see here.
"On October 11, Federal District Judge Jack Tanner ordered that David Rice be given a new trial. Rice, 38, was originally sentenced to die for the 1985 Christmas Eve slayings of Charles and Annie Goldmark and their two sons, Derek, 12, and Colin, 10, at their Seattle home. Charles Goldmark was a celebrated civil-liberties attorney, as was his father, John; Rice had confused Charles with John and incorrectly thought that John Goldmark was a Communist and Jewish. Tanner ruled that Rice’s first lawyer, Bill Lanning, had inadequately defended him. Rice’s current lawyers argued that Lanning, who was in his seventies during the trial and has since died, was physically unable to keep up with a capital-punishment case. They said that Lanning allowed police to extract a confession from his client without an attorney present, and he didn't object to the confession being admitted into evidence during trial. They said that these actions were devastating to Rice's case."

It seems very possible to me that when Rice committed these crimes -- on Christmas Eve note -- he thought what he was doing was funny or amusing.


Like mosquitoes carrying malaria, demons and other certain kinds of misbehaving spirit people are a means by which mankind is most virulently affected by a disease which leads to tortures, atrocities, horrors, and crimes unnameable. This disease itself may be called demonism, which among its other properties, and on its most basic and generic level, instills a destructive and sadistic disposition into a person, and if bad enough, leads to such grievous problems as above mentioned.

Now for some people, on the other hand, demonism, or the practice of invoking demons and other spirit people, is a desirable, indeed necessary means, to obtain wealth and influence. If one doesn't avail oneself of its powers you will simply be devoured by the big fish (or so, in effect, and when they are candid, its advocates will maintain.)


"Because it's there."
Vox Populi, or An American Portrait

-Dedicated to Spud Goodman-

If one were to judge by the some of the typical media this is what "the people" are telling us about themselves:

"If I were to speak my mind I would tell you:
I am outraged about smoking.
New and novel medications are of great importance to me.
Steven Spielberg is a respectable artist, and I admire both his historical conscience and flair for high fantasy and science fiction.
I love shows about crime scenes.
I like to see people regularly getting into trouble and being blamed in the news, though I usually object if even once any of those people get the opportunity to speak in their own defense. It would only be encouraging others to do wrong as well -- and give them the opportunity to be on television.
I love reality shows, shows about survival, in which real-life people are put down or degraded, (like day time talk shows for instance), star search programs, and while witchcraft and sorcery related culture are important subjects to me --- religion is rarely far from my mind.
I like educational shows, but more as entertainment really than education properly speaking.
I don't trust the internet for my information.
I certainly don't mind dropping a bathroom reference now and then.
Using terms like 'carb' and 'blogging' would seem to be popular and fashionable ways of speaking.
While it may have become more common for foreign subversives to attempt to smuggle explosives into this country, whether by truck, boat or plane, I trust that Federal Law Enforcement Agencies will be able to catch them before they do us any real harm."

And no doubt there is more we could add to this rough portrait.

"Why my friends, do not despair! He is savage and merciless, indeed relentlessly so, but only because he has lost or is losing. Else why should he rage and fume so much? Indeed, if the truth is spoken, raging and fuming all the time!"
Spirit people substance and or ether is such that to be snake like allows for more easy stealth and evasion.
(Someone should flat out ask him if he does listen to the serpent. This person is so brazenly uncouth that he probably wouldn't even deny the fact.)
The problem with some people is that while they say this is bad and that is bad, they will not say bad is bad, because they will say, "if one think's bad is bad then you are being religious and I can't be religious. That would be wrong, or at any rate I just don't like it that way."
If there is a problem it's because there is too much or too little of something. (But of what?)
What today qualifies a person to be of outstanding and phenomenal wealth, and what disqualifies him?
Executive Suite

[Oafmore is sitting down in front of the television, while K-Pax, and the Movie Director loiter in the background.]

Oafmore. Television just doesn't enage me any more. What's this all about?

K-Pax: It's "Celebrity Fear Factor" in which contestants square off in different events to see who's left standing.

Oafmore: What celebrities will they be having tonight?

Movie Director: Those are the celebrities.

Oafmore: I see, I see.

K-Pax: What's wrong?

Oafmore: They aren't going to the movie theater anymore like they're supposed to.

K-Pax: Why not not give away free tickets as a promotion?

Movie Director: We are giving away free tickets but they still won't come.

Oafmore: What about cracking down on thoe websites and that internet. Certainly they must be drawing away much of the audience.

Movie Director: We've already done that.

Oafmore: Boika�s marauders were taking care of that, correct?

Movie Director: Boika�s maurauders, yes.

Oafmore: Oh well, at least there's always the evening news. That's something they will have to watch.

K-Pax: Even the President of the United States.

Oafmore: Even the President of the United States, that's right.

"Let the Sun Shine in" or Goomerton Turning Over a New Leaf

Doing mathematics, since he complains of not being allowed even a yo-yo as equipment by that regime he serves. [I know you won't believe me but these things are actualy true.]

High voiced back up singing the chorus "Age of Aquarias" (some of you know this high voice.)*

In either case I am very sure we will be glad to see him minding his own business once and finally.

* With perhaps a scenario like this:
Recording director points his finger as if to say "Here's your cue."

Goomerton, along with chorus: This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarias, Age of Aquariaus...

Wow! I never seen him like this before. It's like a new him.

Sympathy and trust abounding...
mystic-crystal-revelations and the mind's true liberation.....Aquarius

It is a new him!

I think we have a star on our hands.

The other nods in agreement as Goomerton and chorus sing on.

A god is truly self sufficient. There is no need for him to cause or desire to cause problems because he has no needs to start with. Now is this person being listened to truly self sufficient?
In consequence of the many tragedies he's brought about, and though he take great care to disguise and deny it, a long-time devil is someone who carries around with him great grief. Now if you make peace with this devil, or the more you do so, the more you will most assuredly end up feeling his deep grief on one level or another. There are people who do the wrong thing, casually lie and far worse, who misbehave because they believe it will bring them pleasure and spare them grief. What actually ends up happening of course is the more they do the wrong thing the more the devil thinks they are his friend, and he -- along with his grief -- will inevitably insist on a place in their life, and if not that particular devil then another, for there are many. A yet more powerful person or entity will then further harp on the commonality between the two, again all the more so as the second person makes themselves guilty. As a result the grief they sought so much to avoid increases rather than decreases. Narcotics and intoxicants can mask the pain, but they can never really heal it, and what's more, the greater the demand, in order to keep the supply regular, they will be forced to commit further wrong doing -- the original source of all their sorrow.
It is argued that in war you must play or fight dirty. But this only makes the life of a soldier more dangerous and degrading to himself. As if killing another wasn't degrading enough! If he is fighting for something right he has just that much less reason to feel pang of conscience -- at least compared to his enemy. Hence it is in his own best interest to try to fight honorably, most of the time, if not always, with a fine line to be avoided as much as possible.
What cleans our souls if not right religion? Philosophy alone cannot do it.
Though they sometimes are unfairly blamed for things, or else just taken for granted, how good, indeed virtuous the animals are in their own way. It�s extraordinary what patience and acceptance they often show. While some will ascribe this to dumbness, if a human were to possess such steadfastness and long suffering we would think they were a philosopher or saint!
The idea that there is an ether is one I believe that should be taken much more seriously. To suppose it would explain many things, not least of which: phenomena related to spirit persons and that which is designated as the paranormal. An ether could serve as both a conductor and energy field which could transmit communications, whether welcome or no, of, for example, thoughts and feelings. If certain spirits are volant, perhaps it is by way of this medium flight is made possible. This would then leave us with questions of how such a medium or "element" might be affected, controlled and manipulated for effect. How this might be modified by taking into account temperature, air volume and pressure, light rays, electromagnetic fields, and other such aspects of the atmosphere which allow of being quantified, are points which make further exploration possible.
It was reported some of the 71st Regiment came from among persons being held as convicts in Savannah, who, after that city was taken, were offered freedom upon enlistment. For this reason, one whig leader, Major Butler, in speaking of them to some towns people, called the soldiers of the 71st �jail-birds.� �This speech was reported to that regiment, and both men and officers vowed vengeance against him, but were never able to effect their purpose.� see Joseph Johnson's Traditions and Reminiscences chiefly of the American Revolution in the South, p. 470, Walker James: Charleston, S.C. 1854.
Renegade: Someone hated by his own people at a traitor, and laughed at up the sleeve of those who employ him, and yet whom he continues to see -- indeed now "must" see -- as his saviors and benefactors.
Over time I have come to doubt whether true or pure Orkonism, that is the doctrine or policy of doing the wrong thing the right way, really exists or is really practiced. After all, might those who engage in evil earnestly and regularly be simply people who are tricked into doing so by others interested in enslaving them? Where otherwise one could point to someone, who actually did the wrong thing the right way, and whom an intelligent person could honestly describe as a "winner," or else a person whose fate or all-around circumstances they would gladly share? At the same time, we don't need to look far to find some ignorant or foolish person who thinks doing things "the wrong way" is the ultimate power and key to worldly happiness and success.

Picture then this. Many, many years ago, certain powerful spirit people, perhaps "angels" of some sort, hit up Simon the Magician, showed him the most incredible marvels and wonders, made him to feel as if the four corners of the earth were converging on his mind and being, offering the height and depth of knowledge, known secretly, and the opportunity to possess or have at his disposal the greatest power. They did all this, he feeling he was meeting his cosmic destiny, when in truth, and no doubt to their own amusement, all they were doing was putting one over on him.

Speaking of the historical Simon, incidentally, it is a curious facet of his story that he reportedly sought to buy the Holy Spirit from Peter and the apostles. Ironically, there are people even today who think the Spirit of Love and Truth is merely something* you can simply purchase with money or worldlly goods.

* Some preachers are very insistent that the Holy Spirit be spoken of as a person. Yet it seems to me more correct to think of the Holy Spirit as a person, yes, but more, i.e. God. Consequently, given all else, when the Holy Spirit is referred to as "it" or "something" there is no compelling reason to assume the person using such designation intends disrespect or is careless of accuracy.

The Apotheosis of Washington

Life is preferably to be lived in private and domestically. Public duty on which public peace, and individual dignity and freedom, and in turn domestic tranquility depend, deserves our utmost dedication. Even so, when all is said and done, it is first and foremost in the service of private and domestic family life that public duty and public life have their importance and necessity.

We must try to act together, because if we don't one part of us can make a pact with Hell, and as a result get us dragged into it in some way.
It boils down to this. If they murdered my kids, then should they still be allowed to torture me, still after all these twelve years of doing so? Well I say no, but according to the powers that be (or perhaps you per chance?) the answer is yes.
"I'm so sorry abut what happened to you. I am so sorry you had to die. But there was nothing I could do! It was these idiots with their megalomania -- they're the ones to blame! If I could have saved you I would have. Lord have mercy on us all that such things can take place!"
The demonistic is mostly, if not completely, unnatural -- I myself at least would say by definition. Only when it is taken to that certain and sometimes (and unfortunately) easily arrived at extreme, it becomes evil. Of course, the demonistic is usually not morally good, though it might be excused in a given instant as a necessary, if regrettable expedient (as say in fighting a war). But is the regal scowl in a sparrow's look demonistic? Fangs, teeth, claws, nails, talons, horns? Thorns? The color black?
Just as you or I can color a representation or caricature our idea of an object or person, etc., Hell can color or sneak its own presence into a representation or idea of an object, say by association. Do not let them do this, while taking pains to secure the representation for its proper and appropriate use and understanding, that is certainly do not throw the baby out with the bath water when you don't necessarily have to.
What is truly praiseworthy in an era is not in the era -- as such. No, rather it is in eternity. And what happens is eternity comes to visit that era, say in that certain enthusiasm, style, or grace, which then confers on the given period of note that appealing and or inspiring quality which makes it so memorable.
Last night, as a Christian, I was trying to help this ever harassing sorcerer, and offer him some suggestion as to the remedy for his damnable situation. Among the points raised was the following:

If something is good or bad, it is because it is true or false that something is good or bad. Someone decides whether something is true or false. If you are bothered by something being thought of as good or bad, you should ask, who says so, and are they honest, are they rational? The road out of Hell is the truth and if you are not in reality -- that is by being fair, decent, honest, logical -- then you make yourself more vulnerable and susceptible to Hell's control and influence.

As a philosopher once said then -- "get real!"

Laughing at the Devil, or Was it Really Worth It?

Behold the great kingdom of Oaf, His vast empire acquired through innumerable cruelties, agony, and tragedy! (Now some of you actually know what those last three terms mean.) I say to you behold the great Empire, with all its fearful power and dominion over mankind! My question now for you is this: was it worth all that inexpressible agony and tragedy they have brought about? To see these people for what they really are, glowing angels, phenomenal power and influence, was it really worth all that anguish and heartache? If there were a sojourner from another world, say new to the planet earth, and who was a person in their right mind, is this group one they would want to join and associate themselves with? Look at how miserable and contemptible the "great" ones are even in their success!

Yet many years ago, one of them had said: "Listen here boy, all we have to do is do the wrong thing, and we'll get the drop on all these other people and be sitting pretty laughing at all of them."

Some sitting pretty! True, as one of their enemies, I myself have suffered terribly. Yet it is far better to be the victim of tragedy and deep sorrow than the cause of it -- that is if you have some actual idea of what real tragedy and sorrow mean. And to have caused such tragedy and sorrow, and pray now, for what? To be happy?

To Whom It May Concern: �What the H--- do You Think You are Doing?�

I will try as best I may describe what my living circumstances are like. If the literary quality of what follows leaves something to be desired, please excuse it given the extremely painful nature of the subject matter.

Though I haven't spoke much about it outside my "Narrative," I am having "KGB" brain radios regularly run on me, though usually when I am asleep I do not hear it. I guess you can call me "RadioHead." Both my privacy is violated by this and there is never a moments peace except possibly when I am asleep. And it has been like this now for at least 10 years. In my waking hours there never ceases to be ranting, raving, and slogan spouting of the people running these radios, carried out under the oversight of some miserable ghost-sorcerer. It should be mention however that the people "they" have working these radios are poor people, typically young and disenfranchised, and are themselves victims in their own right. Imagine how impossible it would be for them to tell their own story (assuming anyone would listen.)

Demons and sprites are frequently sent over to harass and torment me in various ways -- day or night.

My computer is regularly attacked by hackers, and the number of attacks recorded by my Firewall since I installed it last summer is into the hundreds of thousands, with some thousand of these being rated as serious. In addition my mail is daily inundated with abusive SPAM, often times carrying with it a virus.

The Seattle Police have mocked me when I try to get their help. When for example I sent my "Narrative" to the intelligence unit I waited weeks for a reply and got no answer. Then afterward I called and what I got from Sgt. Dwayne Hendricks was that he sent my "Narrative" off to the FBI. When I asked him, and Detective Aaron Reynolds as well, to briefly describe the contents of my "Narrative," he refused, and in effect simply said he wasn't going to bother with it.

I have contacted the FBI numerous times, including complaints about intrusions and attacks on my computer, which sorts of crimes THEY (and which the Seattle Police remind me) are supposed to investigate and police, and they have never responded once.

While I am trying to work something out with Father Michael Sweeney (who is presently in Berkeley, CA), and aside from a seminarian and a Catholic legal services lawyer who spoke to me fairly and decently, but whom I now can no longer reach, the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, for whatever reason, has ignored my pleas for assistance, and I don't know who to go to there for help. Nor does even Father Sweeney know who he can direct me to here (i.e. in the Archdiocese.)

I have absolutely no one to talk to the vast majority of the time, and of those I can speak to, such as family members, they think nothing of lying to me, and will carry on as if there is no real problem going on. Far from giving me much sympathy, more likely they will blame me as if I were the one doing something wrong.

When I call professional people like lawyers, police, media, activists, and others who might be of help, almost always they are in a great hurry and do not have time to speak, and the quality of the communication that transpires is such that I usually don't bother calling them back. They give the impression of either being themselves under duress, else they are sarcastic or show complete indifference.

I am then attacked daily by these people and have no one to speak with let alone take my part in what I am going through. I used to at least be able to get mail relating to my Mabel Normand and Revolutionary War books, but even these have mostly stopped.

All I have is the one cat, Neffy, left from the many I had who died as a result of these Hell people and their accomplices attacking us (as recounted, albeit briefly, in my "Narrative.") But for her, and my sense of love and responsibility toward her, I have no one and would not continue putting up with all this.

Truly my attitude is one of complete amazement at what I am being made to endure -- without even mentioning what I already have been through these past 12 years.

You then who refuse to speak to me, come visit, or otherwise help me, what is supposed to be your reason? Is it because of fear (of these people?) Have you been bribed? Have you been blackmailed? Is it because you believe you are doing the right thing? If the latter, what on earth could possibly be your reason for thinking so?

With all the concern for liberating people in foreign lands -- THIS, dear reader, is what is going on in OUR country.

When I went to Harborview hospital last year to get my case of yellow jaundice, urinary tract infection, obstructed bowel movements, and liver poisoning treated, my assigned physician, Dr. Marcus Groffman, made an off hand comical quip to some staff people nearby about the "cone of silence" -- on the basis of which remark I think you get the idea what I up dealing with.

(But this is all just touching the surface. If I can get myself up to it, more on this unpleasant subject of what happens when people listen to and take orders from spirit people.)

�With his greatest ambition realized in the capture of Augusta and the dethronement of Thomas Brown, Colonel Elijah Clark was in high spirits. Safe and sound, he and John went to the home of friends on the far side of Augusta to find Hannah. With her heart in her throat, she had watched the battle from a distance and recognized Elijah�s five-pounder each time it thundered forth. Her joy knew no bounds when she saw her battle toughened husband and son coming. She ran to meet them and as she embraced them she exclaimed: �Now, Elijah, it�s all over. We can go home and live like real people.� The gleam in Elijah�s flaming eyes faded as he replied: �Not yet, Hannah. We cannot be safe as long as these barbarous Indians murder our people.� He explained to her that he had just received a messenger telling him that Colonel Thomas Waters and James Tillet, had collected a band of Tories and Indians and were attacking the forts on the border. He sent Captain George Barber to cover the Forts and dispatch any parties he might meet. Barber carried out his orders well, but now James Tillet with a body of Indians had attacked two small Forts on Broad River near their home. They had murdered eighteen women and children and had taken such women as were able to bear a rapid march into captivity, where they would be compelled to endure the difficulties of a savage life. Elijah dismissed his men for a rest with orders to hold themselves in readiness for a rendezvous at Waters� Fort to make ready for another campaign. As much as Colonel Clark wished to go with General Pickens against Ninety-Six, he could not conscientiously leave since his first concern was for the protection of the Ceded Lands. The Indians must be kept in bounds on the border, and besides he must hang around home as Hannah was fixing to have another baby.
The House of Commons of North Carolina in recognition of the valiant services of Elijah Clark of Wilkes County, Georgia, voted him a gratuity of thirty thousand dollars. This was concurred in a Resolution by the House.�

~ from Hero of Hornet�s Nest, pp. 138-139, by Louise Frederick Hays, published by Stratford House, New York, 1946.


It�s that time once more to go through the old mail bag one more time, and get some feedback from our readers.

Francesca at writes us and says:

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I was reflecting on the possibilities of "The Ghost of the Traitor" Part II, perhaps thinking in terms of "Faust," Part II. In this version of the story we see Oafmore and his companions living the good life as they like it, and without any protagonists (from Part I) left to combat them. Issues otherwise addressed would be love, loyalty, popularity, and of course heaven. But who his Gretchen would be I am rather foggy. They themselves have at times mentioned Reese Witherspoon, though I myself am in no position to say of course.
Socrates was right after all, wasn't he, when he said "well, since you know everything, you tell me?"

Stony Stevenson 2005

Angels have excellence, but then so do regular people, animals, plants and insects.
Why then are they especially elevated to ultra-divine status?
Because a given person who has met or is conversant with such is told they can lie and keep secrets about them, and by such methods the truth about "angels" is prevented from being known.
Now good angels are like good artists. They know when to come and go, and thus are more truthful and natural.
The bad ones are cold and feeble in their attitude toward injustice.

It has often been remarked in histories and memoirs how neutrality is almost impossible in a civil war. And between those who love God and morals and those who promote evil there is a ineluctable conflict one sometimes cannot realy avoid taking sides in. And in the long run these moments of determination accrue and have their impact on you. You see some demonists think evil is a matter of indifference, a view a proper religionist or moralist must abhor. As a result if you don't take sides, you take the demonist's side. Consequently, there are those who promote evil who will pretend neutrality when really they deliberate use such a guise to deceive.

Below is something I wrote in reply to a letter I received (an event of itself these days), and which is yet another attempt by me to put "the matter" succinctly.:

I would strongly suggest to you that --no conversant spirit person can be trusted. This may not be literally true and in all instances, but, for practical purposes an assumption we need to adopt. Dictatorship, tyranny and oppression come from the spirit people level to the human level -- not the other way around, which makes it all the more imperative that our antagonism be directed toward these people who pervert religion and everything else, and who in fact see humanity as slaves for their plantation. These are the ones we should be criticizing, not religion or priests or fundamentalists as such, though granted these latter can in given circumstances be the pawns of these devas (make that gods or devils.) But then so can non-religious be pawns, like Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. Hell (whether from above or below) is non-denominational and will enslave or ruin anyone, only they especially have it out for Christians and others of traditional religious faiths who are sincere, and ever seek to discredit them. So be careful about what you are thinking and saying. You blame religion, priesthood etc., but really if you knew the truth you should be blaming these con-artist spirit people or con-artists angels and those who listen to such, and keep secrets about it. These are the real source of our problems, not religion, which like anything else is not necessarily and of itself good or bad per se, but how it is conceived and utilized.


by William Cullen Bryant

Here are old trees, tall oaks, and gnarled pines,
That stream with gray-green mosses; here the ground
Was never trenched by spade, and flowers spring up
Unsown, and die ungathered. It is sweet
To linger here, among the flitting birds
And leaping squirrels, wandering brooks, and winds
That shake the leaves, and scatter, as they pass,
A fragrance from the cedars, thickly set
With pale-blue berries. In these peaceful shades-
Peaceful, unpruned, immeasurably old-
My thoughts go up the long dim path of years,
Back to the earliest days of liberty. -
O Freedom! thou art not, as poets dream,
A fair young girl with light and delicate limbs,
And wavy tresses gushing from the cap
With which the Roman master crowned his slave
When he took off the gyves. A bearded man,
Armed to the teeth, art thou; one mailed hand
Grasps the broad shield, and one the sword; thy, brow,
Glorious in beauty though it be, is scarred
With tokens of old wars; thy massive limbs
Are strong with struggling. Power at thee has launched
His bolts, and with his lightnings smitten thee;
They could not quench the life thou hast from heaven;
Merciless Power has dug thy dungeon deep,
And his swart armorers, by a thousand fires,
Have forged thy chain; yet, while he deems thee bound,
The links are shivered, and the prison-walls
Fall outward; terribly thou springest forth,
As springs the flame above a burning pile,
And shoutest to the nations, who return
Thy shoutings, while the pale oppressor flies. -

Thy birthright was not given by human hands:
Thou wert twin-born with man. In pleasant fields,
While yet our race was few, thou sat'st with him,
To tend the quiet flock and watch the stars,
And teach the reed to utter simple airs.
Thou by his side, amid the tangled wood,
Didst war upon the panther and the wolf,
His only foes; and thou with him didst draw
The earliest furrow on the mountain-side,
Soft with the deluge. Tyranny himself,
Thy enemy, although of reverend look,
Hoary with many years, and far obeyed,
Is later born than thou; and as he meets
The grave defiance of thine elder eye,
The usurper trembles in his fastnesses. -
Thou shalt wax stronger with the lapse of years,
But he shall fade into a feebler age-
Feebler, yet subtler. He shall weave his snares,
And spring them on thy careless steps, and clap
His withered hands, and from their ambush call
His hordes to fall upon thee. He shall send
Quaint maskers, wearing fair and gallant forms
To catch thy gaze, and uttering graceful words
To charm thy ear; while his sly imps, by stealth,
Twine round thee threads of steel, light thread on thread,
That grow to fetters; or bind down thy arms
With chains concealed in chaplets. Oh! not yet
Mayst thou unbrace thy corslet, nor lay by
Thy sword; nor yet, O Freedom! close thy lids
In slumber; for thine enemy never sleeps,
And thou must watch and combat till the day
Of the new earth and heaven. But wouldst thou rest
Awhile from tumult and the frauds of men,
These old and friendly solitudes invite
Thy visit. They, while yet the forest-trees
Were young upon the unviolated earth,
And yet the moss-stains on the rock were new,
Beheld thy glorious childhood, and rejoiced. -