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What more silent is
Than a family of Juncos
Flitting on twigs and fences
Amid the light falling snow?
It was from such quiet,
Life, I first came to you.
But when I depart, when I go,
Will I that same quiet know?


Oafmore: I have to do the wrong thing a certain way. None of this Mr. Nice Guy stuff, see -- I'm no sap! And if that means immolating children like he says, well so be it!


Oh, that Heavenly glamour!


The expansion of true freedom not only does not require the trampling of fundamental human rights, civil liberties and equal justice before the law; on the contrary, it requires the exact opposite, namely the bolstering and strengthening of such protections. False freedom, the notion you can just have whatever you want when and ever you want it (i.e. if you are sufficiently vicious, selfish, and duplicitous enough to get it), has nothing to do with the traditional and ennobling American idea of freedom; and is merely another of those disguises Hell puts on, in this case, in order to seem high minded and patriotic; not so very differently from how they will use Darwinism to justify slavery and murder.


What I am and have been trying to tell you for some time now is -- don't worry so much about Spielberg or pseudo-Spielberg, rather, get the ghost; kill him; keeping in mind that a certain rhythm always accompanies the striking of a truly victorious blow.


To give you some idea of how filthy this ghost is who, as much or more than anyone else, has most say about what does and what doesn't go on -– he likes to think of himself as not really being guilty and yet will still and casually use the most raw and unspeakable evil to have his way. But you see to the majority of those who listen to him (and for many, many years now), he is, after all, as harmless, sympathetic, and funny as Charles Laughton's "Sir Simon" in "The Canterville Ghost."


As Britney Spears is to Marilyn Monroe -- is Anna Nicole Smith to Jayne Mansfield? And Jessica Simpson to Julie Sommers? And yet the same one who could make a star out of the more recent instance is the same who could have been around to make a star of the second or previous star way back when -- such is one of the marvels and wonders of having spirit people operating so publicly in our midst.


True, it would seem you have me outnumbered. But then, who is the one doing all the actual thinking and, in effect, talking for you? (This you never say or admit to.)


These days I am mostly focused in my attention on the in progress fourth edition of my Calendar and Record of the Revolutionary War in the South: 1780-1781, and which I hope and expect to have done sometime in the early part of 2008. In the meantime, the following is one of the new entries (minus citations footnote) included and which I thought some may find of interest.

"12 June [1780]. [skirmish] Rocky Creek Settlement, also Martin’s Covenanters (Chester County, S.C.) In light of the burning of Rev. Simpson’s home and similar depredations carried out in the not too distant vicinity, Rev. William Martin exhorted the assembly at Covenanter Church on Rocky Creek to resist British authority. Shortly thereafter, some members of the church, under Capt. Ben Land, collected at a site seven miles above Rocky Mount for that purpose. A local tory informed on them to Turnbull who instantly dispatched Huik and his dragoons and militia. Huik managed to route most of the whigs. Land, however, ably defended himself with sword, wounding a number of dragoons; till he himself was overwhelmed and slain. Some two miles north, some six or so other men of the Covenanter Church were gathered at the shop of George Harris, a Negro blacksmith, having their horses shod. Huik caught up with these as well, killing one James Boyd. Rev. Martin himself was subsequently arrested and taken to Camden to be confined in the jail."


Who would you rather have ruling over you, autocratic spirit people and their billionaire henchmen?* Or honest reason upheld by of a society insisting on basic freedom and justice for all? Most, you would think, would prefer the latter. And yet the more the practices of secrecy, lying, privileged information, and censorship of the press prevail in a given community the more impossible the second choice becomes. At the same time, bear in mind there are those very much out to promote the first choice and it is these which encourage the above listed practices; while expressing ridicule and cynicism toward moral and civic virtues and values. (Or perhaps you already knew this?)

* I am not of itself against there being billionaires (in the monetary sense). Only I would point out that the existence of such tends more to aid the above kind of spirit people than it does regular people seeking a more free and equal justice based society.


Better poetry is a good experience put into comprehensible words; not good words put into the experience.


Because I haven't done so yet, I think it in the interest of justice only desirable to make a few remarks in regard to the O.J. Simpson case. While I am not in a position to speak with respect to the particulars of who actually killed his wife, I strongly doubt it was himself. At the same time I am absolutely positive (about as much as one can be at this distance) that he was, and probably still is, targeted by powerful, moneyed witchcraft people (probably connected to the entertainment industry) who were finding him uncooperative. One of the things which leads me to believe this is the famous Ford Bronco chase. Now this latter bizarre occurrence is exactly the kind of mocking show -- using the manipulated and gullible news media -- these kinds of people love to set up and put on, much like a Candid Camera prank, and it is not at all difficult to conceive that some spirit person or other was advising, while making a fool of, Simpson at that point in the course of his ordeal. Though granted, even if true, this would not of itself exonerate him, nevertheless, it does suggest strongly the involvement in some way of the kind of characters I mention.


Based on what we see on television, in films, and on the book and newsstands, it would seem that (aside from the war) Health Care, Pirates, and Witches are what are uppermost in the minds of most Americans. Has any of the Presidential candidates then yet proposed or suggested mental health care for those in charge of running the corporate mass media? (If not, permit me then to be among the first to encourage them to do so.)


By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them

Did you know that there are and have been angels who would kill themselves rather than live in Heaven? (William Blake for example speaks of angels in Heaven not being happy.) Why? Because what they were led to believe was Heaven is -- despite common, irrational ignorance and age-old mind control carried on by certain spirit people -- not (anything like) real Heaven and indeed is only a kind of mansion or else kingdom of Hell's rich people. Some might think I am only speaking allegorically, but I in fact I am speaking literally; and those pictures of angels such as you see for instance done by Gustav Dore', say for Dante's Divine Comedy, are, in actuality, portrayals not of Heavenly people (as would seem), but of witchcraft people. At the same time, you will not then be surprised to know, such "Heaven" is also used as a prop or device used to justify and excuse evil carried out in our own world; as well as, in some people's minds, give real Heaven a bad reputation. In real Heaven there is honest truth. With these kinds of spirit people real or higher truth is not esteemed; and what is thought of as higher truth is merely gnostic or secret witchcraft knowledge. Angels from real Heaven, by contrast, don't nor would need to conduct themselves according to a code of morality and moral understanding separate and distinct from that which what we (regular people) already know and are supposed to use.


They acted like they knew everything. They took over the place; abused and attacked our loved ones and ourselves in the process, and sure enough after all these years it isn't working out for them quite as planned and expected. No matter how rich, no matter how powerful, no matter how cocksure they were, we don't nor did we ever really see it working out for these people. I myself knew there was no point with these them many years ago when I saw that stupid movie career of theirs, and wondered even back then why anyone would bother -- this without even being aware that they were dealing with actual people from Hell.

Well, here it is 2:30 in the morning and I had to get up because the great genius who regularly torments me (a spirit person) and some of his associates were having fits of damnation fever. I thought then I would use this annoying occasion to list (in some instances once again -- see my New Treatise on Hell) some of traps and false arguments you will want and need to reject in order to help avoid a fate and disorder such as these must undergo and suffer from.

1. Good needs Evil and the world is essentially and fundamentally divided between Good and Evil.
While it is true that the contention of opposites and contraries can be considered necessary aspects of harmony and a part of perfection, and one will always strive to be impartial and see two sides of an argument, real and premeditated Evil as a practical matter is something very gross and horrible and something easily one can do without. For more on this topic, see also my book Christ and Truth
2. Spirit people are more important and more wise than regular people, and possess a wisdom superior to honest reason.
Even if for the sake of argument this were somehow true, by what means other than reason could one know it was true? Because spirit people, such as angels, told them so? Because of feelings of fear and or ecstasy spirit people might impart or evoke?
3. The truth should not be allowed since if it were people would be hurt by it.
Although there are certain facts which if we knew would offend if not disgust us, these sorts of things are a very small part of the greater picture of what is going on and it is the greater picture of what is going on that truth is properly concerned with. You need the truth to know and deal with what is going on in reality -- and the truth is not found in persistent lying and secrecy.
4. Those who do the wrong thing are helping others.
This is such a joke that for you humorists and would be humorists out there please feel free to adopt this premise when you feel the need to think up jokes or concoct ridicule.
5. "It doesn't matter."
If it doesn't matter then why do they do or feel the need to do those evil or evil like things in the first place? Using their own reasoning, they could just as well not, now couldn't they?
6. These devil people are not so bad; surely sooner of later they'll leave off and stop doing the wrong thing (so bad as they did it.)
If they could some of them would. But that's just it. They are slaves you see and for that reason can't (or at least don't think they can) if their boss insists otherwise.
7. If you don't go along with these people you are either purely righteous or else are self-righteous.
Whatever you are, if you are not going along with them you are not to blame for their problems, and it is a piece of nonsense for them to blame you for not being as bad as themselves or someone else.

Now if you are or happen actually be one of these people and suffer from some of the troubles common to them, three very important things to keep in mind are:

a. The road out of hell is the truth.
b. Don't do something to someone else that you don't want done to you.
c. If you see and think like these people, you will sooner or later become sick like them too.

This is all very brief, I realize, but then again it is three o'clock in the morning (and I didn't want to get up and would not if I could have helped it.)


It is sometimes observed that many of this nation's most notable founding fathers were free masons and, in turn, that there is something fishy or suspicious about this. Let me then attempt to elucidate what the problem underlying the misunderstanding here is. A mason's fraternity is initially formed with the idea of bringing together a group of men usually for purposes of community beneficence and mutual or business self-interest. In and of itself therefore there should not be really anything wrong with such a club or association. The problem, however, with masonic groups arose when in certain instances spirit people were brought in with the idea of empowering and facilitating a lodge's activities and standing. Bear in mind when I say spirit people were "brought in," this doesn't mean that all the members necessarily knew of their presence or involvement in the order, and a given person may have entered the order with all good and normal intention without knowing of spirit people acting as its mentors or overseers. In fact, in some circumstances persons may have been encouraged to join a lodge fraternity with the idea of getting them mixed up with spirit people though they themselves had no desire whatsoever of the kind themselves. Alternatively, they may have known or come to learn of the spirit person or persons being part of the group's hierarchy but were led to believe they were benevolent. Consequently, some with all good intention might join a masonic order without or only later realizing some of its members were involved with spirit people -- and to that extent it could be said they were ensnared into participating in something they might otherwise have found repugnant (that is, had they known what was actually going on.) And, as you might gather, there are all kinds of other scenarios and variations to be conceived -- made all the more possible by an order's penchant for secrecy and arcane codes of conduct. I don't mean to suggest all or even most masonic orders were or are afflicted with infiltration by spirit persons and their henchmen; yet if only one or a few of the major ones were you can see for yourself what misunderstandings or confusion might result.


None Dare Call It Treason

How very appropriate -- this November 22nd -- to find the Google Quote of the Day (in turn taken as usual from the "Quotations Page") to be the following.

"All the President is, is a glorified public relations man who spends his time flattering, kissing and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway." - Harry S Truman

-- as no doubt the makers of the film "Independence Day" would agree. (Some might think I am being overly sensitive in remarking on this, but it is not what is said that is troubling but rather the frequency with which such institutional ridicule and cynicism is expressed. And what, moreover, would these critics replace democracy and constitutional government with -- rule by rich men and clever ghosts? )


Some Lost Dialogue

Goomerton: I always have to do the wrong thing a certain way, Mr. Snavely.

Snavely: Yes, well, that much I can see for myself. You know, you think you're so smart, but in my opinion, I think you are just this person who has had mind control done to him and you don't even know what you are doing.

Goomerton: Oh you do, do you?

Snavely: Yes, I do. Don't you see how good people have it when ghosts like you aren't around?...(pause)... No I suppose you wouldn't. Look since you told me a while back that you do both the right thing and the wrong thing, that you visit both Heaven and Hell, then why not do the obvious thing -- and go kill yourself!? The one thing that would please everyone and he won't do it.

Axelrod Leon: He does these things a certain way; so he knows about these things a certain way.


When the going gets tough the tough get rational -- no matter how scary, how omnipotent, how awesome, how spectacular the god, ghost, demon, angel, deity or what have you is.


He Will Not Mind His Own Business for Nothing

Sherman single-handedly could a hundred defeat
Till spirit people were brought in; him to cheat.
So now while his enemies thrive in wealth, honors and name;
He now must live friendless, in poverty, and in shame.

"Worry not for Sherman," consoled a voice on high.
"Rather live rich, enjoy yourselves and buy.
For great, after all, shall be his Heavenly reward."
That's easy for him to say -- because he's not my Lord!

Please then real Heaven, grant me this request!
May my murdered kids in peace find joy and rest.
As for myself, I don't ask much -- only to be free.
So would you please tell these ghosts and angels -- "M.Y.O.B.!"?


One of the things that is often so thoroughly exasperating and perplexing when dealing with Hell spirit people is, understandably, why they act the way they do. Although it is true, as I have stated previously, that it is easy to discern motive in some; at other times you are still left scratching your head baffled -- even in the case of one whose motives were fairly obvious on an earlier occasion. "Why is he so crazy?" then is a question many who have dealt with these people on a prolonged basis will predictably, at some time or other, have asked themselves.

And yet this not a matter of idle of curiosity, but one of utmost importance if humanity is ever going to properly deal with and contain these kinds of people; namely, who are they and why do they behave the way they do? What is needed, inasmuch as it is possible, is to be able ultimately identify with some reasonable amount of empirical accuracy exactly who is who and what they are in this for. One of the things that has driven people mad down through the ages is that all they ever had to go on in identifying these people were quasi-mythical titles like Satan, or Devil, or Lucifer, when as a practical matter these perhaps are at best vague abstractions with little, no or else a misleading basis in fact. To know who someone is, we might not necessarily need to know their actual name, but it still might be possible to build a character profile and put together something like a rough biography of him. Precision of this kind is crucial if we expect to contend with or combat such persons. If, for example, he was, as would seem to be the case, a regular (now a spirit) person who lived in this life, what might be found out about his history? Are there spirit persons who manifest certain, peculiar behavior patterns such that when we learn of this or that going on, or else hear this or that point of view (or philosophy) in some way being expressed, might not these give us some grounds to suspect that specifically so and so might be involved? The more we can answer questions like this, the better we can label and identify who is who and thus rid ourselves of the weighty handicap of having to fight as blindly as we have hitherto been compelled to.


He will say this and will have said that; as if this or that were the reason he does the wrong thing as much as he does. But don't you believe it. He does the wrong thing as bad as he does not because he is wise, rational and experienced but because he is irrational and frightened and listens in secret to spirit people who tell him how things "really" are. And this you see, more than anything else, is why a great fool and madman is what he is.


A Faustian bargain or else a quasi-Faustian bargain can (in certain ways) be likened to a situation where a great Pirate comes to an island (in this case the island representing the community where you live) and uses his plunder, stealth, sleight of hand and pirate mateys to take over and control it. He might not himself actually sit in the Governor's mansion, but whoever does sit there is made to obey and answer to him (at least when the great Pirate feels it is necessary.) Now because of this state of affairs, if you live on this island you cannot work or do business unless you accommodate the Pirate and his gang; indeed if you do not accommodate him you may be subject to attacks and retaliation for your refusal. So, not so surprisingly, many come to think that going along with the Pirate is their only choice, and perhaps will even assist him in persecuting or eliminating those who do not cooperate. Now if instead of a great Pirate we speak of a devil, god or a powerful spirit person you will get a more clear idea of what I am actually talking about.

The question then is, why is it or is it not a good idea to cooperate with the Pirate? Some living on the island will be too frightened and or brainwashed to even consider that there is any alternative. But for those who are not (or would not be) this way, they can at least ask the question; and which here, dear reader, I again ask you. If you lived on the island what might be the advantages or disadvantages of going along with the Pirate? If the Pirate offers you riches for your cooperation, is there at all a downside to having these riches? If the Pirate obtained his wealth and position of great power through murder, robbery, kidnapping, and torture -- and your wealth depends on your cooperation with him -- does that in any way affect the value of the wealth you yourself possess? Is your freedom and ability to do what you want with your wealth at all affected by the necessity (at least in many instances) of securing the Pirate's approval for all or anything you do? Who then, in the long run, is actually in a position to profit and get rich based on such an arrangement and given possible restrictions on choice?

For one thing, as some will already recognize, if this Pirate is a brutal mass murderer there are certain things one won't really be able to do (except by way of acting or pretending); such as insist on (something like) real justice and truth for example. Therefore, while a citizen of the island can have great quantities of gold; if they want to spend it on promoting justice or truth, the pirate can refuse them this or else, perhaps, demand they pay an astronomical price for it. In other words, under such a regime while you can have much of certain things, there are other things you cannot have at all or else can only have at a ridiculously high rate of expense. This is easy for some people because they will not think things like greater justice or greater truth matter, or else will accept phony versions of these; so they don't feel they are missing out under this way of doing things.

Obviously, there is much more that can be said on this subject, but the above will serve for a start.


Moral Oscillation

You had it.
You don't have it. (He took it.)
You will have it.

He had it.
He has it.
He won't have it.

And how did he have it?
And where did he have it?

And how will you have it?
And where will you have it?

But why is all or was any of this ever
an issue? Indeed a crisis? Because,
as it turned out, he needed you --
though you didn't and don't need him
(and though you continue to do your best
to be nice to him.)


The millions who existed merely eating and carousing, or who lived tyrannically or fared slavishly in the Dark and Middle Ages could not have saved learning for posterity; only a small few were so oriented, had the desire, were able and in a position to accomplish this. Why? Because virtually all else believed that such things as learning don't matter -- not that they inherently thought this, but it was more easy and possible to lead them into believing it. And had autocratic spirit people (who you will know from reading me previously I see as being the primary culprits) been able to get, as well, the noble few to accommodate and facilitate this forced and encouraged ignorance then much of learning would not have survived at all -- and yet in a significance sense not all great learning has survived; and this gives you some picture of where we, as a species, are at in our understanding of things.


The quote of the day from "The Quotations Page" yesterday (14 Nov. 07) was this from Joseph Conrad:

"The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness."

And yet when did you ever see or hear in the news of someone deeply (or not so deeply) involved in magic*, witchcraft, sorcery or the occult ever brought up on charges of anything? (I won't say it never happened, but you get the idea.) At the same time, we are supposed to believe that the million dollar money ostensibly pouring into "Harry Potter," "The Da Vinci Code," "Yugi Oh," etc. is a result of popular desire and enthusiasm.

* I of course don't mean by this theatrical magic or magic merely for entertainment purposes.


"There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,
The earth, and every common sight
To me did seem
Appareled in celestial light,
The glory and the freshness of a dream.
It is not now as it hath been of yore -
Turn wheresoe'er I may,
By night or day,
The things which I have seen I now can see no more.

"The rainbow comes and goes,
And lovely is the rose;
The moon doth with delight
Look round her when the heavens are bare;
Waters on a starry night
Are beautiful and fair;
The sunshine is a glorious birth;
But yet I know, where'er I go,
That there hath past away a glory from the earth."

What Wordsworth wrote in the above stanzas from "Ode on Intimations of Immortality" or else expresses in his much longer "The Prelude" must, I think, be true because it was very much like he speaks of when I was very young too -- although in my case it wasn't merely objects or manifestations of nature, as Wordsworth usually (though not always) focuses on, but also in the people I knew then (and how I knew them) or in the things people did or made.

For example, when I went to Saint Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Centre when living as a child on Long Island, what was beautiful to me about the church was the idea of the love of goodness and the pure love of goodness; and probably the most holy-like and devout I ever felt in my life was at my first communion; when the little girls in white dresses and veils carrying small bouquets and the boys in white tie and shirts and nice navy blue suits with silken ribbons worn on our arms walked in procession to the church. I remember we were given a missal and a rosary. I had both for years until the rosary, along with a silver wristwatch my mother gave me, was stolen from me not long ago (ostensibly by someone from the Hooligan group.)

More than a few items from my "Recommendations of the Week" are things that I delighted in when younger. They could become so precious to me -- so much so that it is a little amusing to me now how sentimental I was back then; and how a child's awe and wonder could take something others might merely find diverting or attractive and turn it into something like a life epiphany. The love of the people who produced these things came through and touched me very personally, and in looking back now perhaps a little bit absurdly so.

Later growing up in the Seattle area in the 70's, it was more specifically like the experience Wordsworth describes. Nature was all around; it was a close part of our lives in one form or another; and even watching some 16mm film in Junior High Science class, say on geology, you could feel Nature's peace and warmth in the narrator's plain, unadorned and matter of fact manner. As well, the culture, with respect to films and television was more natural and nature friendly.

Then there was, of course, Nature itself or Nature proper. Farms, as an extension of, were often family run affairs, and places where you could casually go work for if you wanted a part time job, and be out picking fruit or berries. The mountains with their white caps, the solitude and quiet of a marshy pond, endless hills of forests, the countless islands in the Sound --it all made life seem something divine -- only better; so that even if you weren't financially wealthy in another sense you were still very rich just to live in such a place.

In this way the Creator was more near to us. That we lived in the United States a free country (at least on paper and in the hearts of some) only added to the simple joy of it all. And when I read and studied the history, how (though offended some will be to hear me say this) very proud it felt to be an American. I don't meant to suggest that everything and always was light hearted and innocent back then. Yet there were times, nonetheless, when it was.

Even the city areas and people were more natural. I miss the old Naval Reserve building on Lake Union; the tall sailing vessels that every now and then came to dock in the port. I miss the turn of the century and old Indian flavor of the Seattle Center, and what more fond memory than the the distant music playing from the lighted Christmas ships as they sailed Lake Washington under the cold December stars as a friend and myself watched them from the rooftop of a waterfront house (on property now, as I understand, owned by Bill Gates or some other Microsoft magnate.) And to be frank with you, I think the girls in those days (that is those on average you might run into) were generally more charming and prettier.

Then this witchcraft (or call it what you will) plague hit town in what in retrospect seemed like calculated stages -- first rearing its horns in the way of the Green River Killer. And without enumerating here the countless ills and maladies which sprung up in its wake and how people, lifestyles, or the landscape became more and more deformed and mutilated as time went on, suffice to say one thing after another ended up being destroyed or ruined by this wholesale invasion of crime and the occult; that to this day holds such sway over our region.

These spirit people have some pretty girls and a funny elf or two, and while of course we would not want to cast aspersions on the slaves and victims in their ranks, the world of these people which we have come to know, (whether in the guise of Heaven, Hell, or something in between), and which seems to have largely displaced Nature as the reigning power is, we come to learn, for all its dreadful and awesome shinings and thunderings, is at best trite and superficial; at worst disgusting and loathsome. And no doubt this is how other parts of the country also became messed up and debilitated - though at a much earlier time. People like Steven Spielberg evidently admire or take to these spirit people; but by and large (and given the exceptions I gave), I'll tell you quite bluntly that they make me sick.

Religion, at least as far as I believe, is (as much as anything) the adoration of truth, goodness and innocence. Where then do we get he idea that spirit people, such as angels, necessarily embody or reflect such? There are those who seem to think that with the presence of great evil there follows a greater opportunity for good. I, for my part, fail to see the obvious truth of this. In sum, it seems that when it comes right down to it either one listens to his or her heart or else listens to a ghost; and I don't see how you otherwise escape the fact.


Held together by bonds of fear, lust, money and a ghost to lead and guide them, they speak of other things but what do they really care about art, justice, truth, science, their country, religion, or children? As far as they are concerned all of these matters can be satisfied by watching a movie or putting on a television show.


The reason my opponents usually if not always have nothing to say, and avoid debate and intellectual confrontation certainly, is that someone else does most of their thinking for them. I came across this quote on a forum message board and which is typical of the fascist mentality that so tragically grips and takes hold of the minds of many today.

"The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is imbecility" -British Sea Lord John Fisher

While there is some truth to this, taken at face value it is the most reckless and lunatic kind of sentiment. For what do you wage war for in the first place? Violence? And yet the unstated implication of this statement is that the violent are winners -- well, yes and no. The true key to victory lies rather in heart, steadfastness and intelligence -- and yet what kind of heart and intelligence is that which insists, not on the expediency of, but on the supremacy of violence?


The greatest threat evil poses is not the allurements or temptations of evil as such (only the very stupidest fall for this) but rather in evil's impersonation of higher good.


Imagine someone who could cover you in deepest, deepest darkness; so that you are shut off from friends, relatives, new opportunities. It ought not to kill you so if there is true reason, heart and light left within you. And remember, if this did happen and no matter how many others were involved it would still be only one person, namely their leader, who was really or most responsible for doing this to you -- for who else would bother? Now then will you fear or will you defy him? It's up to you.


Oh ye gods, goons, and hooligans! Who and where after all these years is your great man and when will you get him to come out in public to face me?

(Where does it end?)


I came across this picture at

"'Gott strafe England!' - God Punishes England

"Prayer on a wall in France. Germans used this slogan in the Second World War as well. Autochrome color picture made in 1917."


One of the major difficulties I have had when raising the spirit people issue (particularly thinking here of when addressing professional people) is that some will think (though without directly saying so, of course) that I am being uppity or a smart ass by not answering to or going along with these spirit persons. But you see from my view, it is these spirit people who are the smart asses. The problem is the only ones who can understand what I am talking about are honest, rational people; made all the more difficult when some, who are honest and rational otherwise, lose these qualities when they find themselves dealing with real life spirit people (or ther henchmen.)


I think that is very true. Indeed, were it not for the fact that he gets to use torture and violence, no, why would we care what he says in his movies, news shows, and propaganda? And even then we only take notice so as to bring to others attention what a fool he is (and why, in turn and in support of the fact, he should be sent to prison.)


Quote of the Day

"If you're so great, what do you need me for?"
-- William Thomas Sherman.


It can truly get and become horrible beyond your wildest thoughts; and then they will say that is how life is. But this isn't really how life is, or if it is how life is this is only because society indulges some millionaire or billionaire who in turn harbors some ghost sorcerer; which in turn is like granting asylum and a domicile to a plague or a disease.


Spirit people angels or heaven that you can see with your vegetable eyes are for the most part and invariably (given their otherwise and usually secretive or furtive nature) like Hollywood backdrop sets -- all or mostly a front; with little or nothing behind but the beams and supports holding them up. And they are and can be as Hell as any devil; as, for instance, when being used by someone more powerful and clever than themselves.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

I came across this link the other day while looking up information on a pulp author, and thought I'd share:

The funny thing is how mild this stuff looks now, and, moreover, that you can't even do things like this anymore. If you look further into this site's archives and reviews you will find there was and has at one time been a very involved and at length peeping tom series -- which is very appropriate seeing that spying on people is something a Hell person like the lunatic magician spends as much time doing as anything else.


The best way to fight Hell is to attack their assumptions -- and I mean attack their assumptions and at their root.


What is the "Prince and the Pauper" Strategy or Method?

Replicate the good, and substitute the phony version in people's minds for real good; thereby cutting out the real good. As result, many people will either abandon real good or else will adopt the false idea of real good being evil or else partly evil. Since a counter strategy against this approach involves honest reason and basic morals, they of course are persistent in endeavoring to undermine these along the way. Yet while it is easy for them to concoct phony morals, reasoning that is both false and convincing is much, much harder to produce or pull off at large; hence the more usual tactic of attempting to get people to dispense with reason altogether.


Aside from occasionally picking up a game by happenstance on television every now and then, it has been a long time since I followed sports and sporting events (thanks in no small part to my "situation.") Yet I must say how heartening and an inspiration it is to see fellow Yankees demonstrating their support for Joe Torre; not least of which because the gangsters they are standing up against are the same (or at least the same kind of) gangsters who have been ruining this country now for over the past decade.


There are a series of questions that over time I have learned and come to ask myself; and which accord me a certain peace and acceptance in making my way through this life. For those who might also benefit, the following are those questions.

* If the good of the world goes to someone other than you, why grudge it? If they are unjust, they won't be able to properly appreciate and enjoy it; if just, why not be happy for them and be glad that there are just people?

* If the world seems no good, then why should you worry about your place in it? If good, then what reason is there to complain (at least as far as yourself is concerned?)

* What good is having good, if a person doesn't know what good is (except in a trivial sense) or else doesn't know how to choose what is good? And if they don't really know what good is, then why should you care all that much what they think?

* Do what you can. But why fuss too much otherwise about what you can't help?


I wasn't aware of this myself; so for you who perhaps weren't either -- did you know that the first known use of fire on the North American continent dates back to at least 16,000 years ago; while it's known original use stretches back to 1 to 1.5 million years ago to South Africa? (Shows you what you don't know; unless of course you did.)

Check for some more details (though this .pdf article itself is primarily focused on a topic narrower in scope and only incidentally digresses on the more general history of fire's use.)


Many see the departed as past and gone and done with. Yet that is how many of the departed (thinking of demonistic spirit people -- whether they be angel, ghost, devil or what have you) see us. And right they are, in a sense, to think of us this way inasmuch as we permit Hell to do its work in our midst; if not finding ourselves actually in league or collaborating with them.


That children and their health, welfare and future should have importance and priority above and before eroticism and our own desires makes sense to any thinking person. But of course, not everyone thinks -- not least of which if they are irrational and under the influence of spirit people.


The idea is Hell's general can send someone out to do whatever it is for him. But no, of course, he wouldn't dream of doing anything like that himself (nor does he need to.)


"Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen" is a band; but "Commander Cody" or "Commando Cody" is also a character from the 1952 film "Radar Men from the Moon." I mention this because if you didn't know the difference you might, like myself just now, have easily gotten confused as to what "Commander Cody" meant.


He might, after all, be no more answerable or better than a dog with a sprite in him; all the more reason to be cautious and (to some degree) empathetic in our judging and condemning him -- and despite his high position and despite his continually harsh, indeed violent, conduct.


The one who wins in this game is not so much the one left standing but the one who is most wise and intelligent. Now it goes pretty much without saying that, aside from certain kinds of (or occasional) technical cleverness, the vast majority, if not all, of our opponents are and for the most part losers and defacto slaves in this department. This leaves us then with their supreme mastermind to contend with.

It is an essential aspect of his awesome strength to reject real happiness. It's enough for him to be a slimy monster of great destructive power (i.e. "congratulations champ, you've made the grade" or "rejoice, for now your heart is full," etc.) We, on the other hand, are not so easily satisfied; so that it is necessary for us to hold to basic morals and honest reason; since these are the basis of true happiness. This can cause us to be weak in ways in which he is strong -- but not at all times and not necessarily.

In order then for us to win we merely need otherwise to be able ultimately to either get away from or get rid of him. In this respect the victory conditions we have to achieve are very simple and straightforward and not so challenging after all to attain -- as long as we remain lasting in our faith and conviction. Yet if you still think this difficult, try subscribing to a cosmological view which assumes the world revolves around evil and see if you can or will do any better.


Someone else first brought this up, but I thought I would at least make mention of it here also. Anyone know whatever happened to Julie Sommers of the "Governor and J.J." with Dan Dailey? I myself just did a search on the internet; her entry for the imdb is notably sparse while the above was the only photograph I could find of her.


I spent the greater part of last night researching via websites, including reading material and watching interviews and documentary videos about the Manson and his alleged "followers" and the Tate-La Bianca killings, in effort to find a connection between spirit people and the extremely sad and shocking events that took place back in 1969. The following then are some (though not all) of the conclusions I arrived at; tempered with the caveat that I may (I realize) well be mistaken on a given point; or else if correct my inference might require a certain amount of qualification. Finally, I offer this then in part as something that might help in the way of healing for some.

* The situation with Beausoleil, Hinman and the bikers strikes me as something that may well have been set up in advance by a witchcraft spirit person, say a ghost sorcerer. He may have orchestrated things such as the drugs Hinman sold being "bad;" while at the same time setting in place the scenario where Beausoleil found himself faced with the biker's retaliation. Manson's arriving on the scene of Hinman's home, which caused events to escalate, was also probably brought about by the same spirit person. All of which things were done with a design in mind of getting Beausoleil into trouble while at the same time setting things up with the Manson group for what would take place later.

* It is interesting to note that both Beausoleil and Polanski were artistically involved in the occult: the first engaged with a project called "Lucifer Rising" and the second had made the film "Rosemary's Baby." Why then would witchcraft people have attacked them? To put it simply, because they refused to be as bad as these witchcraft people wanted them to be. This sort of reason also may be in part why Manson himself was later targeted.

* In the midst of my analyzing the various facts, I was told by a spirit person (who have an impolite way of intruding themselves) that, in effect, Polanski and his wife were already targeted by witchcraft people, and would in some way of have had some way of knowing about or fearing an assault or attack of some kind before they knew or had any contact with the Spahn ranch people. So that the spirit person who set up the Hinman death had intentions at that time to use the Manson people to attack Sharon Tate and the others at the Polanski home that night in August 1969. It would seem further from this that this spirit person incited and gave ideas to such as Susan Atkins, Tex Watson and the others to go and do what they did. The spirit person, previously mentioned, also informed me that the purpose of the La Bianca killings was to reassure the killers that what they did to Tate and the rest was no big deal; psychological protection for themselves if you will.

* It seems very clear to me that whatever his faults otherwise, Manson was set up to be the scapegoat and whipping boy. Not merely to distract the investigation but for the purpose of sadistically tormenting him. So that when he spoke of being Christ they intended to make him "Christ;" in the sense that he would be dealt out a great deal of punishment; purely or almost purely for sadistic reasons (those who know these spirit people will understand what I mean.) Bugliosi, although well intentioned, it would seem was in some way used to further this end though how exactly or in what manner I would not presume to say. Manson, meanwhile, foolishly allowed himself to be led into going along and playing this role.

* The courthouse carrying on by his followers, such as Good, Fromme, and Manson himself, was intended to bring the focus on Manson -- again both to distract from what really happened and to set up Manson's own relentless punishment and vilification.

And there is more I could say but will leave it at these few points for now.

These matters will understandably be disturbing and frightening just to think about, but I would reiterate these spirit people are not invincible, and if one takes a military-like approach to analyzing and understanding them you will come to realize that, while they have great strengths and can be extremely powerful, in other ways they are very weak and the way to get at them is to get at their weakness -- just as they themselves know to get at us through our own weaknesses.

Last worth mentioning, one should be careful not to be too quick to judge the exact purpose of these spirit people in given circumstances; the motives might vary, say from something very elaborately planned out to merely an extemporaneous desire to provide themselves a thrill, put on a show and garner attention or some combination of these.


If he literally or effectively wears a crown on his head, isn't the obvious question "who put it there?" (And if he says he isn't really sure or isn't sure exactly who this person really is then you can see how it speaks for itself.)


In all my many years combating and resisting arrogant and almighty spirit people one of the most important things I have found to keep in mind in dealing with them is to reject the good they presume to proffer or have as treasure as their excuse and justification. Although torture, violence, fear and harassment are the means they used to acquire their unmatched physical wealth and material status, they don't, even in the least, have the value in themselves (and how they do things) to back up or morally sustain such possession (i.e. they are merely rich criminals.) It is easy for me to say this because I have much and long experience detecting what is the real thing and what is most phony when it comes to these spirit people (remember they came and come to me; I never come or came to them.) The problem is, nevertheless, others are not so sharp.

So, for instance, these spirit people and their henchmen could murder my little children and carry out the most sadistic kinds of cruelties and acts of depravity; yet if I go ask someone else for assistance and redress, these spirit people could tell them I was being called by "God" or some higher power and, in the mind and eyes of these others, substantiate their claim by revealing Heaven or angels or something else seemingly divine to them. Moreover, they will ever be insistent in doing so; such that even if the cheat is spotted these con-artist spirit people will (almost) never let down their guard and admit the detection is correct and will ever go on foisting their pretense. The hoped-for helper then, being so persuaded, refuses me help; indeed may even blame me for what is going on; simply because, in addition to not being sticklers for truth and honesty, they lack the rational intelligence, caution and discernment to see that this "Heaven" and these "angels" are bogus in actual value (though these, by no means, are the only benign guises such spirit person might adopt to effect their persuasion.)

Having said this, one need not assume that all spirit people among a group of spirit people are all or equally bad. Many of them are merely dupes or people who in their own mind might mean well but simply do not really know what is going on or what they are doing -- and to that extent may be deserving of pity and sympathy. Even so, stand your ground against their leaders and the big shots because these and their "heaven" (or "heavens") are truly worthless, and it is absolutely essential to reject the suggestion that they are in any position to justify their evil on the basis of what seems to be their seemingly mind boggling riches; which in reality (given their presence amidst such riches) are (and taken all in all) nothing more than so much filth, sickness, disease, etc. At the same time, if others are being unfairly cheated by these people (such as these other duped spirit persons I mentioned), you are not responsible or to blame for that -- as numerous as they are or as regrettable or even tragic as is their situation.


The Real War on Terrorism

Picture if you will, someone who more or less and on the spur of the moment possessed the power to give you a hideous malignant disease, administer an agonizing poison, or have a bodily part of yours removed and or transplanted (without your consent), and the police and everyone else would not only refuse to help you but might also end up aiding and abetting them (the criminals or terrorists)? If you can picture this then you have something like a more realistic idea of what true terrorism is all about. When a society permits, as it were, a certain person (or persons) to have such power that person can become almighty powerful, indeed, perhaps as or far more powerful than anyone else in that society.

Well, this of course is the sort of power that has been behind or responsible for so much of the taking over and overturning of so many major business and institutions within the last 20 years or more.

And, who do you suppose is left to meet this threat? Well, so far any number of poor and uneducated women, children, and animals as well, are thrown in as sacrifices to the monster; as well as a few dissidents and conscientious persons who go to meet the threat but who don't quite realize what they are actually dealing with -- until it's too late. Of course, in order to combat such terrorists, it is necessary to be able to speak about them openly. "But if I speak about the real terrorists openly, then I risk having those things (referred to above) done to me." So, as a predictable matter of course, the terrorism then is not discussed; and being not discussed cannot be addressed, and being not addressed allows the criminals to thrive and prosper and run, or at least directly benefit from, major businesses and other profit making endeavors while wearing a mask of respectability, and in many instances not even all that convincing a mask or disguise (witness "" for example, or the "Harry Potter" and its ilk franchises, or who is actually in control of Microsoft.)

Now why would anyone act so viciously and for money and worldly influence? The vast majority of people, if not all, would not dream of doing such things for money, worldly influence, or anything; not of or by themselves certainly. But you see rather, it is certain spirit people who would be willing, prepared, and then order others to facilitate and or carry out such. And what do you suppose people will listen to when they find their back to the wall? Common sense, humanity, and right reason? Or a spirit person commanding and with a mob of "respectable" (and not so respectable) people, and perhaps even angels also, to justify and back them up?


For those of you who don't already know, there is a real Dr. Ruehl, and he is not merely a fictional character I invented for "Ghost of the Traitor." Here's proof.


Guess which Democratic candidate for County Prosecutor (for King County, Washington State, and in which Seattle is located) would most likely be soft on, if not a push-over for, organized crime, and then guess which ended up winning the primary. Click on the given thumbnail to see the larger image.

It is not that I question my namesake's sincerity necessarily (no relation, by the way), but the way these things are done they can say they are against crime but only go against small time crooks while finding all kinds of excuses to let the big ones go or get off the hook (which is typically, as you probably already know, how it is done all over.) Now admittedly I could be wrong and unfair in candidate Sherman's case; nonetheless I don't think I would want to take any chances by voting for him.


"It's Show Time!" -- Beetlejuice.

The times when I find myself most upset, including say feeling hopeless, frightened, or isolated, is when and right after I wake up from sleep or a nap. This is partly due to the fact that upon waking I am understandably a bit disoriented and only semi-conscious while typically and at the same time (given my "situation") am being harassed or tormented by these people in one way of another. And though devils may do the harassing and tormenting, it is a great king surround by angels in the sky who ultimately commands them (i.e. the devils.) Well, this sort of thing happened to me earlier today, and it was so bad that the one thing on the occasion that picked me up and pulled me through it all was my remembering my bitter and deep seated hatred of these people (allowing for the fact that many of their followers are poor slaves and zombies whom of course I have no actual bitterness toward.)

Hell is so successful as they are in no small part because they hate others thinking and as a result themselves use mind control -- recall Boethius having a rope tied around his head or various forms of brainwashing and various forms thought manipulating involving violence that have taken place in just the past century (alone.) When such tactics of persuasion are successful, it puts these spirit people in a position from which they can hold out or offer to others "protection." Then a certain number of regular people will come to agree. "Yes, we need protection," they end up saying. So they come to submit and acquiesce to the terms of protection Hell offers. If the invasion by these people is successful in a given society, at some point afterward those regular people who cooperate will be informed that there is a certain person or person in their midst who still will not cooperate, and as a result is or are jeopardizing everyone else's security and safety. "Heaven for bid!" the sell-outs and collaborators will cry in response. "We must get that person (or persons) before they ruin things for everyone!" And thus they make a virtue of their own weakness while maligning and perhaps persecuting those who are "jeopardizing" everyone's safety (by not submitting and taking protection.)

"I must rule with a iron hand and a cold heart in order to maintain my reign," says their god. "Yet for those who will cooperate, they will surely receive great kindness, mercy, and generosity."

Well, we well know what his brutality is like, but what shall we say about this goodness and munificence? It is, of course, little better than trash, rubbish, phony, etc. Though they effectively or often (or effectively or often would seem to) control music, science, religion, history, film, sports, news, government -- yet they can't really do any of these things (not very well certainly.) Nor do we ever really see it working for their people; who are invariably doped up on angel dust, sorcery, or false holiness.

In sum, if you allow yourself to be ruled by fear, you can never win and you never will be free.


Cool. Hot. Sexy. Awesome. There -- now that wasn't so very hard now was it?


Certainly they must be among the most hated and accursed maniacs the world has ever seen or known. But what can you do? The one sells his soul to the devil for riches, women, money and honors, and as a result brings all Hell into our midst. No, I think it is just one of those things. I told him myself I thought he was one of the craziest, most out of his mind people I ever knew or heard of in all my life. But he doesn't listen, rest assured.


They seek to disprove Natural law by not aiding justice. But far from proving the invalidity of Natural law, their conduct merely argues how excessively unnatural they at bottom are or must be.


When all is said and done, the worst or worser criminals in the city are the worst polluters and spoilers of the land. And environmentalists who will not make the effort to clean up injustice in the city cannot hope to save the land by merely running off to the country (and seeing to it.)


Though I speak to you of monsters you should think of angels also; for some angels, in various roles and capacities, are in on these things to; yet not necessarily because they intend or mean harm. It's just like with many regular people; they simply don't, or don't necessarily, know what they are doing. How then does one tell the good from the bad? As always, by being courageous, honest, rational, and just -- as best one can.


God is not the magic that makes or sets things right. God, rather, is what is right but whom or which we do or can or will not see. This doesn't mean we can afford to be indifferent to or passive in the face of evil. Instead, it means we need and ought to deal with evil rationally and intelligently.

But bearing or taking up the cross -- is this being rational? Under certain circumstances it is not all that very difficult to see how it could be. For example, taking up the cross (again, in certain circumstances) might prove beneficial in many and various ways; say, by offering a courageous example to others; or else, say, by demonstrating or expressing one's disdain for how utterly impossible it is to be truly happy and contented under the ruling regime.


While granted I do not want to be beat up, notwithstanding, I still do not believe in the divine right of kings.


It is a true wonder that the great (spirit person) power or powers "that be" permit and continue to permit El Jerk and the Inhuman Magician to get away with murder and what else crimes they do. Let us then respond by saying to he, or them, who is the would-be justification for the two aforesaid monsters, "If it is your way to indulge and sanction, and to continue to indulge and sanction these criminals, then you get them -- but you don't, nor ever will, get us. We utterly condemn and reject any kind of association with you. They (the two monsters) are your people, and we are not nor ever were your people."

In other words, El Jerk and the Magician look to this greater power or greater person (who is a spirit person) as their excuse and justification (he might, for example, be telling the that he is "Jesus" or else some other figure of real or imagined cosmic importance)-- we then flat out and unequivocally reject that person and, at the same time, the attempt by the monster men to use him as their would-be excuse and basis of legitimacy.



A modern house o’er looks a modern bay;
Yet new enough to bring back bygone days;
Strolling down sidewalked streets; past fenced backyards;
Yet the lost past seems not so far away.

Imagination takes me back to then.
I dream; and soon it seems like long ago.
I join free air and wind in swift adventure
And athwart the tall, waving grass we go.

Or from branch to branch we skip, leap and run;
From leaf to leaf memories to beseech;
Toward the black smoke of fires drifting
Where wood is burning on the distant beach.

Come packed canoes in the dawn’s dim, red light;
Though the thunder threatens with hints of rain;
They yet bring gifts overflowing to you.
For once more Potshatl has come again.

"Come, come then to the Potshatl my friends;
Where he who most wins is he who most gives.
And as the earth and sea give so shall we.
For he who most loves is he who most lives.

"Though they come fine, rich and filled with bounty;
Yet they will be put to shame my daughters.
For because you are the joy of my heart
Your spirit will be wide as the waters;

"And your pride rise high up as the great sky.
For myself I don't need so much, that’s true.
My riches are great and already mine,
I need no more since, you see, I have you.

"And if somehow I could I gladly would
Give and give to all those who sadly died;
Finding laughter in their being happy.
Far from forgetting, I weep that they cried.

"But for that very reason let us sing;
As birds do.
And like insects let us dance;
And like flowers let us adorn.
For this is how to greet the morn.
For with just a few or even one good friend
One can go on making songs ever without end.
May they then soon be our friends!
May they all soon shine;
Even if too we perish;
Even if too we’re left behind."