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This sinking of the aircraft carrier Oriskany in order to create an artificial reef which will attract fish and tourists strikes me as being rather yet another piece of madness which if you don't look more closely at, you may have missed. Reminds me somewhat of Spielberg's previously hoped for underwater restaurant which never quite got going.

And this is a more honorable end supposedly than saving that enormous amount of metal to be used again. Oh well, I guess if we need more, we can always just dig it up.


They will not teach or encourage morals and virtue because morals and virtue mean little if a person is not purely righteous. Then they say believing in Jesus will of itself make you righteous. While I have no objection to the latter when it comes to the final question of salvation, I fail to see how a person is improved by invoking Jesus while thinking morals to be mostly relative or of little consequence. Yet, for many, this is what they think Christianity to be, that is taking an oath to God while carelessly adopting the morals of the world, including turning a blind eye to injustice, thoughtless greed, honesty of convenience, and casual irrationality. No wonder then that Christianity is often thought so badly of. The plain fact is is that such warped interpretations of Christianity originates with spirit people, and who deluded people (directly or indirectly) listen to as authority rather than the truth, facts and reason.

If then the church is not properly teaching and attempting to develop morals, who will? Political activists? Lawyers? The media? The university?


Let me then get straight to the point. These sorts of spirit people who do or attempt to run the lives of others through secret violence and manipulation; wield great power over the lives of many, and without, of course, clearly established democratic consent to do so -- if such then will not be gone from our midst, they need to be completely wiped out and destroyed militarily as if they were a highly malignant disease. It's that simple. The alternative is we can submit ourselves to permanent slavery while turning into mutants (like themselves.)


Nietzsche was mistaken. The gods are dead (and they are, that is dead people.) Yet these are who Oafmore listens to and gets his arrogance from.


In a free country one can do many and different things, as long as you are not violating other basic rights, and that includes not lying or keeping secrets about important matters, and all of which implies that the country's citizens are by and large mature and reasonably intelligent people.


Something may seem old, and maybe for the present time it is, and seemingly irrelevant or passe. But in eternity nothing of worth is old. Some ancient book, for example, may to us may appear out of date, and for the present circumstance it may well be, and even very much so. But in eternity, if the book, is a good book, it is never old but always has its place. And even if you are imprisoned in present time, still it may be possible (though perhaps not easy) to escape from present time by attempting to view things (of worth) from the perspective of eternity. This no doubt is something of what William Blake has in mind in his writings.


It's quite a thought (I think you will agree) to look up on a sunny day and see a tiny craft sailing through the sky which turns out to be some lunatic billionaire (who commands contemporary mass media) being flown in his private jet -- going where?


If a person has little or no heart worth speaking of, and or little or no mind worth speaking of, but has everything else, what is he?


I saw the above on Ebay. The artist describes his painting, "Clown Justice 2," this way:

"My little clown just does not play well with others. He cant seem to keep from killing everything he gets close to."

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

If you are interested here's the link for obtaining a copy.


Waiting To Be Everywhere

You were born to love.
Why were you born
if you could not love?
But the world was betrayed
and love went away.

You need love to live.
Why were you born
if you could not live?
But what can you do
if others prevent you?

We couldn't love everyday.
We couldn't love always.
But the day we did
wasn't that a day?
Hold on to what's gone,
when forever longed.
Though no one cares,
it's still there
waiting to be

Love lives in the truth,
a wind rising up cliffs
to lift you higher.
Yet if lies and fear reign
can it come again?


I saw the following story on the evening news, and which I am here taking from the news site:

"Charges possible after dog fatally dragged behind trailer

"05:25 PM PDT on Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. Three people may face charges after a dog dragged for miles behind their boat trailer had to be euthanized last weekend.

"The Lab-Shepherd mix was found nine hours after the people apparently realized what they had done, cut his leash and left him on the side of the road.

"They were aware that the dog was still alive. They did nothing. They went off to a tavern, said Susanne Beauregard, the director of Animal Services for the City of Lacey.

"They did leave it there without making any provision for its suffering. And clearly, the dog was suffering she said.

"The incident began after at Millersylvania State Park, about 10 miles south of Olympia on Saturday. Three people left the park during the early morning hours after a party where there had been alcohol.

"The dog had been tied to a boat trailer and was never untied.

"A dog was euthanized Saturday after it was dragged for three miles along Maytown Road in Thurston County.

"A passerby found the dog alive and suffering from a series of gruesome injuries and the animal was euthanized at a nearby veterinary clinic.

"Thurston County Sheriff's officers were able to identify the owner of the dog and say it was not the driver of the vehicle or the owner of the boat trailer.

"Police have characterized the incident as 'an act of cruelty by stupidity,' and don't believe that the dog was intentionally dragged.

"The Thurston County Prosecutor's Office will decide if charges should be filed.

"The case is the second time in less than a year that a dog was seriously injured after being dragged behind a vehicle in Washington state.

"The dog in the first incident is still alive."

For more see

It was said on the news by officials that the above incident occured as a result of an accident. Perhaps. Yet less than a year ago we have this story:

"Dog dragged behind ATV Lacy, WA (US)

"Date: Aug 24, 2005
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: William E. Murphy

"A black Labrador had his paws scraped to the bones after his owner allegedly dragged the dog behind an all-terrain vehicle on Aug 24. Aged between one and two, sweet-natured Bear is nursing some pretty painful injuries.

"Officers were able to telephone the house, where Murphy's mother answered. Murphy's mother came outside to ask what was going on, said she wasn't feeling well and walked back inside the house, Watkins said.

"Officers were preparing to make a warrant request when Murphy walked out and gave himself up. He was arrested at about 6:50 p.m., according to the police report.

"The dog was taken to Mountain View Veterinary Hospital in Olympia for injuries to its paws and legs. The dog will be turned over to Animal Services, Watkins said.

"There was a moderate amount of blood on the road" where the dog had been dragged, Watkins said.

"We were appalled by it."

"The bone is exposed on the nails, that's just on the grinding, said veterinarian Dr. Rhonda. Snyder.

"The dog's owner is accused of purposefully dragging the dog along a Thurston County road. Police said Bear was pulled so hard that he left a blood trail. The alleged dragging didn't stop until a neighbor flagged the man down. Witnesses said he threatened to shoot the woman for interfering."

For more see

Now you should know that there are some Hell people who will pay money or grant special favors to those who would do such a thing. Why? Well for one reason, because they themselves have done many things like those described here, that by encouraging others to do the same it makes them that much more normal as everybody else -- and everybody else that much more like them. Some will say that such occurrences are a result merely of some isolated crazy. Perhaps in a given instance this is so. But please don't be fooled or allow yourself to take such at face value. These kind of crimes go on at large because of people with big money involved with spirit people and typically witchcraft. Certainly a story like this were mostly unheard of before sorcery and big money took over Seattle within the last 20 odd years.

Just for the record, and as always, though I have been put through the wringer in many ways myself, I don't count all my suffering put together as but a drop in the bucket compared to that of a single case of this kind, including of course that of helpless and innocent people and children similarly abused.


"10 Percent Real Fruit Juice." (meaning 90 percent what?)

What I have been hearing from these people all these years is I can't have money, can't have a career, can't have a lawyer, can't have friends, can't see girls, -- all these sorts of things.

The true story is I can take missing out on all that in stride (having suffered other far worse at their hands), so that I think that their deriding me (as per the above) is so much rubbish. What actually annoys, indeed infuriates, me is that though I miss out on so much (due to my failure to not "do the wrong thing a certain way" or not to "know about these things a certain way"), they are still subjecting me up to brain torture radios and assorted demonistic (kinds of) assaults. I say then to them, if all those things you been mocking with all those years really mean anything, why do you still need to use cheap jack violence (as well as occasional robbery and other hoodlumism) on an ongoing basis? Put up or shut up as they say. How decrepit, after all, do they require you to be (i.e. to qualify for their blessings)?

One must assume that the reason they indulge themselves in such supreme arrogance is in no small due to the fact that they have been allowed to get away with actual murders, and so many no less.


Something somewhat curious happened yesterday. As you might know from reading my "Narrative" or "New Treatise," spirit people like "Simon the Magician" can be notorious gossips. In addition these and their (regular) people henchmen have and do run the also previously mentioned brain torture radios which are routinely used for gossiping. Anyway, on a number of occasions, and for a long time now, they have spoken about a film called "The Devil's Advocate," including some of the people who made that film. I never knew or heard of there being such a movie outside this ghost and the "radio group" mentioning it, until just yesterday I looked it up and sure enough there actually is such a film (made in 1997 with Al Pacino.)

Well, since I took the trouble the other day to write about the Tate-La Bianca case, I was told some other things, though as usual I do not welcome such intrusions and vehemently tell these people so. According to this ghost, and based on what I could read between the lines of what he communicated, it seems Sharon Tate was being followed or molested by one of these ghost-sorcerers (or someone like one) I frequently write about. Possibly, out of her evident natural exuberance, she was perhaps friendly at first, but then over time told him to get lost. This rejection then may have been what triggered her murder. Basically this ghost was hitting on her, wanted her, and in a sense (at least partly) had her murdered out of jealous rejection.

What first prompted me to think about the case recently was seeing her in the Dean Martin "Matt Helm" film "The Wrecking Crew." I noticed there that in some scenes she seemed to me to have a "demon" in her both in that there at times seemed something physically "dirty" about her, and that she was allowed to be more sexually loose with her character than any of the other "Slay Girls" I have seen in this and the other Matt Helm films, and who are portrayed as fairly loose generally, though of course in an intended humorous way. This more promiscuous than usual attitude I am inclined to think was encouraged somehow by the ghost (somehow influencing production) as if for his own sexual gratification. That is he was somehow sadistically molesting her at the time the film was made. You must also understand, if you don't already, that these kinds of spirit people are extremely violent, aggressive and manipulative, and it is very difficult, if not impossible for most people to combat them when they really want and are after someone or something.

Despite this, and allowing it to be so, she still comes across as personable and funny in her part in this film, and there is a very nice little sequence where she says to Dean Martin as they are about to take off in the secret-agent mini-helicopter "Isn't this fun? [pause, then shouts] Well, isn't it?" Dean remains silent but glances into the camera with an ironic expression.

Now assuming some ghost was to blame, how then he arranged and got the "Manson" people to go after her, I am at a loss to state (beyond what I wrote earlier.)

Others certainly are in a better position to speak on these people and events than myself, so I merely contribute all this as a possible lead and or supplement to what such might be able to offer which is of more substance.


Brought up as I was, very early on, on the writings of Thomas Jefferson, I have most always had a philosophical aversion to the idea of monarchy. Yet with all due respect to the views of that great statesman, upon reflection, I've now come to this conclusion.

A monarchy (with royal family) is a very good thing for a society, in fact among the best of things, if the people actually want it because a family is potentially the most harmonious of social institutions. Yet, by the same token, monarchy is a very bad thing if the people don't want it or it is somehow harshly forced on them, because as a form government it too arbitrary. Of course such questions could not be properly decided permanently in the moment, but understandably need time to be arrived at judiciously.



Is there a conspiracy by a devil hiding out in the media, and specifically targeted at me, to drive me bonkers? It sounds strange to say I know, but how else do you explain seeing this (yet once again) nutty Netscape News Service article below? Surely it is not possible that this item is being published as normal news (on May 8, 2006.) That it should be intended and taken as a serious story by an intelligent person seems more ridiculous than seeing it as product of an above-described conspiracy.

How can it be, for most people, that even if they get fired from their job that this is committing career suicide? And blacklisted no less. After all, couldn't one just attempt resuming their career elsewhere? What is it, do you suppose these people are really saying?


In the cosmologies of contemporary paganism I have come across there is this idea that the rule of the cosmos is divided between two great powers, one great good and one great evil. So in other words, one god gets to be the one who is good and great, and the other gets to be the one who is great and terrible. How this is all arranged between the two, however, is not to my knowledge quite explained.


Which makes me ask the question: what are these people doing and what on earth do they think they are doing?


Much of course remains to be understood regarding the connection between sexuality and the abusiveness (including murder) manifested by demonistic sorts of spirit people. Does the fault somehow lie in sexuality itself? Is it inherently cruel and destructive? Personally I don't think so, but rather the sexuality that flourishes into demonistic aggression and unbridled sadism is something that has been instilled and purposely developed in such people in order to further certain policy motives (of those who can control them as servants), which motives for all we know, originate entirely separate from sexuality in and of itself. Of course a given person, depending on their moral constitution and external circumstances, can to a greater and lesser extent give into or resist such manipulation. Yet I think the vast majority of people (if not all) do not possess the demonistic brand of sadism that accompanies sexuality. Where we do see it manifested in regular (as opposed to spirit) people, it is because of the demonistic sort being present (via a spirit person) in some way. Nor is it too conjectural one would think to conclude that the more a person is too casually given into sexuality, the more likely it would seem for such a "demon(s)" to be attracted to their presence and then exert his influence.


If there is one message I do and have wanted to get across to people with respect to the matter of spirit people, and the various forms of terror (in a given circumstance) they create, is that these things can be dealt with and understood scientifically and rationally.

To give you a good example, take the Tate-La Bianca killings. To this day, just looking into what happened in and surrounding that very tragic event can be extremely frightening to people. Now conventional wisdom is that crazed "cult leader" Charles Manson led these well educated young people to commit those incomprehensible crimes. However, crazy Charles Manson was or is, I believe him when he says he had very little or nothing to do with what took place. What I suspect actually occurred is that he was set up to be the fall guy, and those who committed the murders were taking directions from spirit people, while at the same time the young people were directed to act toward Manson himself in the bizarre way they did by these same spirit people. Since the topic of spirit people for most people is simply too difficult to handle seriously, Manson became the easy scapegoat -- and indeed was set up to be so, by the spirit people actually behind the crime. Presumably the reason Manson doesn't charge or react negatively toward his "followers" is that he sees them as victims like himself, or at least doesn't want to be their judge.

It is not easy for me to say what was used as an incentive to get those young people to commit the deed. However, I suspect two factors were involved. The first of these (I believe) was sheer fear of the spirit people (and thus following their orders), and second it is possible for the spirit people in question to create an atmosphere of euphoria that is sensually pleasing when such crimes are committed. I believe the same thing took place in the case of Jack the Ripper. A combination of a feeling of forced submission and a pleasing euphoria filled the perpetrators, and at the time they committed the crimes they could not even imagine a greater power in all the world than that which had seized and was manipulating them.

Although I often blame ghost sorcerers like "Simon the Magician," when I was undergoing the greatest intensity of the attacks my cats and myself were made subject to (and recounted in both my "Narrative" and "New Treatise"), there were times when it seemed "Simon," who normally appeared to direct all that was going on, was himself under the influence the same (kind of) way these same young people I speak of were, and that there was someone else manipulating him who he himself could not even handle, even though again, for the rest and most of the time he was ostensibly the one in charge of setting things up and inciting others to cause trouble.

In such cases then what would seem to transpire where real Evil such as I describe is going on is that the perpetrator is both paralyzed by fear (consciously or unconsciously), while somehow being made to feel or experience a highly charged and soothing euphoria. Not untypically, to these might also be added excessive and unnatural rage/resentment.* The force of these together, due to deception and accompanying irrationality, is made to seem more powerful than anything else conceivable or possible (at the time the subject is undergoing them.)

More of course can be said on these things, and perhaps in future I will pursue this line of thought further. Meanwhile I hope these sketchy (3 am written) remarks will help in some little way to facilitate a better understanding of the origin and kind of problem in question.

* Compare the seemingly political attitude of David Rice toward his victims (the Goldmark family), with that of those who carried out the Tate-La Bianca murders.


Freedom is pursued different ways in different countries, so that understandably, and perhaps despite their lacking freedom in other respects, some peoples are more free in one way than are others. For the desire for liberty is perpetual and perfectly natural. Yet who is more free than those who are most rational?


If, in view of the Marcionite position, and for the sake of argument the god of (much or at least some of) the Old Testament were not really "God," would that mean the Jews were not God's chosen people? Absolutely not, for the very fact that they were so relentlessly targeted and abused by a devil, bespeaks their importance, similar to the way many well known, beautiful people, historically, such as Jean d' Arc, have been so targeted.


The greatest obstacle to ending real terrorism are the habitual liars and shameless dissemblers, for without them how could terror hide or instill most fear?

With Hell people, one of the primary purposes of mass media communication is to create the (mere) show of communication (thinking in particular here, but not exclusively, of the mass news media.)

These people in the media should made to take fair warning. Either they should get out entirely or else start doing their job honestly, intelligently and courageously. Otherwise all of the nation should wage war on the media monopolists the same way we go bombing some foreign dictator, because these are the ones, as much as anyone else, who are and have been killing this country.

Some might think I am over reacting or being extreme. But honestly who is more vile and debased these days than those who are running the film and television industry? They promote such crass sensuality that perhaps for the first time in history Hell is actually promoting chastity. Why just the other day they were touting some new "hottie" that is going to play in those morgue crime shows. And of other examples I am sure many of you yourself could as easily inform me.

As we've observed previously, the internet and internet communications could be a invaluable remedy for all of this. But many of you also can see for yourself what they have done to censor and control that.


The All Within

We worry so much,
what he thinks,
what she thinks.
But if they are fearful,
if they're all liars,
why be on fire?
It's truth alone
will take us higher.

Sometimes we're frantic,
over this,
over that.
But if time does its job,
we'll be bored before long
of all of those cares.
Hope alone
will get us there.

What good is the globe,
deaf and blind,
lost in mind?
Why travel at all,
if we can't be at peace?
Love alone
gives us release.

We can choose what we see.
We can choose how we see.
The reason we choose
is so we'll be free.
Look deep inside
to see where we've been,
'cause inside
is all places and scenes.


"He Wears a Mask to do His Task."

"There was a boy...
A very strange enchanted boy.
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea,
A little shy and sad of eye,
But very wise was he.

"And then one day,
A magic day, he passed my way.
And while we spoke of many things,
Fools and kings,
This he said to me,
'The greatest thing you'll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return.'"

They tried to tempt me, religiously, with the glory of Megalomania XIII, Lord Ghost on High, and his luminous angelic throng, whose followers remain faithful to him as long as the money holds out.
They tried to fool me with Dr. Insane trying to put one over as "Jesus."
They tried to frighten me with Miserable the Magician and the League of Horror.

And I can state quite categorically, I do not care about any of these people.

Moreover, I must say it is exceedingly galling to me, after all these many years no less, that I am still not permitted to know who this Elmer Fudd of Demonism really is: that is this person sometimes spoken of to me as "Spielberg."

That after all I have been through he's still permitted to conceal his identity is pretty cheap, don't you think?


They will be holding a mass rally here in Seattle tomorrow to protest the genocide in the Sudan. Yet how many will even talk about or consider the role spirit and witchcraft people play in being the actual and original cause of such problems? As far as I can see (and aside from myself of course), so far none.


"He always runs while others walk
He acts while other men just talk.
He looks at this world, and wants it all,
So he strikes, like thunderball.
He knows the meaning of success.
His needs are more, so he gives less.
They call him the winner who takes all.
And he strikes, like thunderball.

"Any woman he wants, he'll get.
He will break any heart without regret.
His days of asking are all gone.
His fight goes on and on and on.
But he thinks that the fight is worth it all.
So he strikes like thunderball..."


Let's review, briefly, some of what we have gone over elsewhere --

For the past three or four decades there has been a major change and shift in who controls the most wealth and power. This has been brought about largely through certain individuals invoking and allying themselves with certain spirit people, which latter come either by way of (what is known as) witchcraft and or pretended religion; acting (very skillfully) as though they are benevolent in intention when in reality quite the opposite is true.

In the process of this take over by what (for convenience sake) we can here denote the "witchcraft" people, countless businesses, professions, and institutions have been ousted, devoured, absorbed, displaced, or replaced. In addition many, many more lives and families have been lost and ruined, in order to make this all possible.

Most people in general are evidently oblivious to what is and has been transpiring, so that you have this lurid spectacle of (what amounts to) a major massacre going on (accompanying this take over in wealth and power) with few or no one saying a word about it. Sheer trauma, both from the surprise violence of the attack and the overt presence of spirit people, has dispersed resistance and made persuasion that much more successful.

Many who are a party or accomplice (witting or no) to what has gone on, listening as they do to spirit people, do not think anything so terrible has taken place, and indeed, have been lead to believe the shifts occurring on the social, moral, cultural and economic landscapes are simply a result of a natural transition, when, again, the exact opposite is (mostly) the case.

One thing to notice about these nouveau riche of the past three or four decades, is that, deceived by (unreflected on) images and magic, they (like the spirit people they listen to) are at bottom very superficial people, typically show very poor taste, and are usually far, far astray in knowing the true value of anything.

Centralization, attended by censorship, have understandably been on the increase during this period, because Evil and its dupes do not believe in real sharing and fairness. Moreover, the major adversary they face is the facts and rationally based truth, which, along with free and fair competition, they predictably combat and discourage.

I am being purposely very general here, yet hopefully this permits my being more easily understood by some.


* advance, retreat
attack, defense
caution, risk

* intended and unintended sacrifice

The sum combination of the above constitute defeat or victory.


If someone is being unduly rude or obnoxious to you, stop and ask yourself if they are an intelligent person. If not then you have that much less reason to feel either threatened or offended by them.


If Christianity fails people it is because they insist on seeing it as magic, and neither understand nor properly appreciate the value of compassion, sincerity, courage, and truthfulness.


Any pleasure may be said to take of spirit, even the most carnal. The physical is moved or catalyzed in such a way and this in turns affects our spirit or an aspect of our spirit.

Of course, intellectual pleasure may be said to be of spirit. So regardless of whether that pleasure is carnal, hedonistic or aesthetic, refined, intellectual, it is known to us (most) as a spirit, or a feeling which moves our spirit, depending on how our spirit or soul is disposed.

From Heraclitus we know without opposites there is no life. Contraries therefore are a positive good. Because of this perhaps we can say Evil may have its place in the far grander scheme of things, if not in our own earthly realm necessarily.

Yet observe: they are bringing Evil to us. Given the disposition of most any given person you know, and as bad as they might be, Evil does not really belong on our level, anymore than street fighting with guns can be considered a normal form of living for most people. And I think this is liberal in saying so.

God in a sense does handle Evil. But you see they can't handle God. So like big bullies they come after us.

Again, contraries that are properly balanced are a positive good. Evil versus us, most of the time, is unfair and the dirtiest kind of cheating. Most, if not any of us, don't deserve it (that is real Evil.) Yet we are part of the same universe, God's, where it exists. Let us at least not welcome it, or for that matter be fooled into doing so.

Heraclitus also says harmony (and perhaps we can add to this "strength") are brought about through opposites (or contraries) and tension. When a note rings clear it can be said to have a certain harmony with the audible atmosphere which, if not clear (as a result of harmony), might be otherwise cacophony or mere noise.

When a string is pulled tight, a higher note sounds. Lessen the tension, we get a lower pitch. If the string is loose, it is intact, but there is no sound. If too tight it breaks. Thickness of the string also makes a note sound higher or lower.

Music itself interestingly is a time based record and arrangement of various higher and lower notes selected according to balance of tension, that is contraries, if not mathematical opposites. Rest and motion are another layer of opposites we find in music.

Life is like this in that we sometimes are selecting and finding ourselves between various tensions and combination of opposites which are or can be good -- or bad. Hot-cold, wet-dry are familiar examples, and we seek a right medium. Yet the right medium might change due to other circumstances and factors, which factors themselves may have gone through an alteration of tension. In life activity and rest are things which can be brought upon us by others or ourselves freely choosing and making a certain effort (to be active or to rest.)


Oh yes it is easy, even harmless, to discount the voice or vote of reason in the immediate or short run. But do so in the long haul, and it's like driving without a fully answering break and steering wheel.


Thorns are in nature and nature's way of cutting or fighting back violently. Yet Christ teaches not to do so. The conclusion is then that love is more powerful than nature. But naturally of course we find this hard to believe. Yet if we can't do it categorically, perhaps we can peacefully resist at least by degrees, and through growth, self-discipline and accompanying maturation.


People hurt by jealousy too much make a fatal mistake of not being happy of themselves, God, nature and reason, before falling in love with another, and then presuming they can make that other happy (which is what an actual and truly estimable lover does.) How can they make another happy if they are not already happy themselves?

Now a good Christian (as also a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian, etc.) is already happy so that their first wish (after seeing to their own basic needs, which may understandably vary for individuals) is to make others happy generally, and then the one they most especially fall in love with. By the time they fall in love, and that love is disappointed, they feel happy for the one who reject them and wish them well and better or else at least it is not too great a grief to give them up.


A footnote to this week's recommendation -- Off hand the "Evening Star" sequence in "The Great Dictator," (the one which has him dancing with a balloon like globe) would seem to presumably show how ludicrous and absurd Hynkel's ambitions are. Yet, ironically, and probably unknown to Chaplin, is that the real-life Hynkel may (on special occasions) have been hearing such music (that is without orchestra or phonograph), or else had some kind of "ethereal" experience with real "angels" or "divine-like" personages present -- while forming his grand plans. Such, at least, does not seem to me the least implausible.


Obviously granting a few things else, would it be impious to have (hitherto unknown) high technology military weapons aimed at a glorious thrown in the sky surrounded by golden angels? Assuming there were ongoing and unjust provocation on the part of the latter, I don't see why not, since if he really were God any weapons would be powerless against him. Understand too, that there is no reason to assume bad people, indeed some of the very worst, cannot take on such a guise, or use others adopting such.


The great Evil One first obtained attention and notoriety by tricking and fooling people before becoming that violent and sadistic monster he is more famously known for.


What must be one of my very favorite film titles of all time:

"Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed"

(For emphasis, shortly pause before each word when you read or speak it.)

Now another thing I like to say is:

"Look, if it is their ambition to be the most damnable, hated, stinking, hellish and accursed people that ever lived, that's their own free choice. Who are we to judge? Even so, they have no right whatsoever forcing themselves on us or anyone."


These people are their own worst enemy. So perhaps there is, after all, something good to be said about them.


Yet another case of mistaken identity. They really do do this kind of thing -- a lot, though here of course it isn't them.


How could eternity never be able to surprise you? If it didn't, it wouldn't be eternity, would it?

Now repeat after me:

A ridiculous, as well as an inhuman and deranged group.



Don't feel that you can't certain things do.
It's just that now we are too wracked, distracted to.

Though now they gloat and now they jeer,
how will things look in future years?

They beat us so far in law and money.
But we beat them in being happy and being funny.

And think of those who died at their hands:
adorable, precious. Are they not our friends?

We prefer to be free and live in peace.
For them violence and tortures never cease.

Because ghosts have their ear they do not give.
But who then can tell them how to live?

We may be downtrodden when all is done and said,
Yet at least we know the living from the dead.


It is one of Evil's fundamental strategies to make itself accepted as a normal part of the landscape along with good. A bad, or even a good, person can be used to accomplish Evil, even though they themselves are not actually such themselves. Reckless irrationality and brazen stupidity as much as anything else are what make this possible.


Why does God allow Evil which seems to benefit neither perpetrator or victim? This is a very hard question to answer especially if you've been there (as no doubt any given person has.) However, observe, there is at least one good present in the event and that is free choice.


Life as we know it is wonderful but for unnecessary pain, extreme cruelty, tragedy, dire want, and excessive dirtiness? Wouldn't you say? (Some might think I'm being sarcastic, but I am not.)

If the world is an unhappy place it is because no one is happy. Yet ah is there no one who is rightly happy? Is it possible for people to be happy? Yes of course. But what you must understand is there are spirit people who do not want people to be really or rightly happy. They have the power to frighten and fool people, and unless they are properly thwarted and resisted the world, for many, becomes an unhappy place. They believe Evil (as I will get on to elaborate) is necessary for good, even to the extent of allowing others a heaven of a sort, if those latter will agree with them. And they have the money, servants, and technological expertise to create such heaven.

Get rid of or else find a rational, practical, humane, and if necessary military way of managing such otherwise unregulated influx of people, and the happiness of all can be increased, not least of which that of the spirit people themselves.

Evil is not only as actual a disease as cancer, but I sincerely believe it is the original source of all diseases. And one certainly doesn't vanquish Evil by ignoring or pretending it doesn't exist. Yet this is probably the most commonly accepted mode of dealing with it, both by educated and uneducated people.

Demonism has after all, and in certain respects, been highly successful and has been involved in if not at the center of worldly wealth and power. Exactly how much so, may be hard to say. But that it is and has been so is undeniable. In a sense, the demonists have become a victim of their own success. By destroying and robbing others they gain. Yet by acting thus they lose their real purpose for living and must (as they see it) adopt an alien purpose which tells them that Evil is a positive good, to be balanced out against other kinds of good. At the same time this belief is merely an excuse to justify their continuing to obtain good through evil (as they have done for years.)They do this because they have accustomed themselves to doing things that way, and again so successfully, they do not understand how to obtain good without Evil, similar to how an addict feels toward their drug. It gets so bad that they come to think that the more Evil they do, the greater good they can gain. Even if they don't necessarily believe this themselves, they are forced to consort with, perhaps even (regularly) have to answer to, someone who does: all the more so as over time they have become habituated to wrong doing, and thus are forced to see some utterly incorrigible wrong doer as authority. Thus the madness is perpetuated.


Calling All Cars

If they haven't done so already, would someone mind please telling the Federal government we have (and for some time now) a billionaire running his own private little Soviet Union right here in Seattle, carrying on torture, manipulating the legal and court system, controlling communications, strong arming businesses, etc.

Yes, I know he loves us. But he loves us as a farm animal is cared for and fattened for slaughter.


When they do get around to canonizing me please be sure to have them make me the patron saint of janitors. (Some of you who are acquainted what these people are really like will readily understand my meaning.)


The message of Easter? Life is, after all, more powerful than death. (I like putting this here because it so simple and straightforward.)


Now if you'd rather join the goon group, know they are taking applications even as I speak.


If the person prefers the powers of magic, violence, and fear, over those of honesty, courage, and reason, do we say he shows good or poor judgment? Yet which kind of judgment do they display who are making the most important decisions in our collective lives?


Some object to the word "Easter" because it derives from the pagan Babylonian deity "Ishtar." It seems to me as likely as not that that there was an actual Ishtar, a historical person and who for some reason was popular with people, and perhaps was even notably good and admirable. Further it seems to me also possible that after her death, worship of her (or her memory) was taken over by some spirit people who (for their own selfish purposes) impersonated and took on her importance, while at the time grossly distorting, if not recreating, who she was in people's minds. This at least seems to me a not all that far fetched a hypothesis worth considering, and possibly the same for other reported "gods" we hear about in history, such as Tammuz, Marduk, etc.


God must be like one since one is like everything, and yet there is no pure and literal one except God (everyone and everything else being composites.)


"All Powerful" (and his gang)

You don't blame a broom for not doing a shovel's job. Do not therefore blame the church for not doing what the military, police, and others should be doing.


This Good Friday take time to remember those who had to die cruelly and needlessly at the hands of out and out Evil and its accomplices.


Dance of the "Blessed" Spirits

Say someone can give you a certain medicine, medicine which might be even good for you. Even so, would you want someone giving you medicine without your consent? Who is this person doing this? Does the fact that they give you, say, medicine prove that their motives toward you are altogether selfless and benign? It should be very obvious to anyone who has an even remotely intelligent understanding of spirit people that such tactics can be used to gain a person's trust and confidence, even obedience.

Seek the person, thing or experience itself, not its image. In the vast majority of cases, images are a means, not an end.


Ask yourself this simple question. Would you rather be ruled by the living or the dead? And do the living need to hide and lie, or is it the dead who pretend to be living?

Incidentally, it seems to me that if the media and culture are as wretched and debased as they are today, it is because those who predominantly run it listen to the dead -- not the living, in fact some of the most hellish and damnable there ever was.


"Enter the narrow [for] broad is the gate to destruction."

Does this mean that there is only one path to God? Not necessarily. It at least can be interpreted as meaning even if there are many paths to him all of those paths would be narrow, or in their way somehow or other demanding of steadiness and self-discipline.


Same Heaven, Same Heart

Though we
go through life
as if we never met;
though the world
keeps us apart;
we are like each other,
let's never forget,
of the same heaven,
the same heart.

these days and times
no one is adored.
Yet in tomorrow
there's a new start.
For there it's something else.
There we're so much more,
the same heaven,
the same heart.

Where we come from
is greater than all the weather.
And though the whole world
forever ends,
one day for sure,
one thing's for sure,
we'll be together,
we'll be together friend.


To give you a further quick illustration of the kind of problem I frequently address --

Yesterday (in the near vicinity of my home) the emotional and "spirit" atmosphere was omnipresent and charged with "heavenly" ecstasy and rapture. Yet the next day, the note was rather tense, sour and depressed, as if the same angelic host previously reveling in delight was now having a hang over.

This then is one example of what some witchcraft and deluded religious are lead to believe is the "higher" power at work when in fact it is no such thing, but instead just spirit people on (what amounts to) drugs putting on a show for themselves (and perhaps others also.)

Again, unless a person is consciously rational and deliberating, they too can be taken in or mislead by such false ethereal feelings and impressions. Following this they might then end up listening to some con artist spirit person as authority thinking the latter is divine or else someone somehow as great as divine.

The remedy for this problem, as always, is truth, honesty and just reasoning. Yet, as has been the case down through the ages, how many really care about such, even if it means delivering us from the kinds of very lethal sort of dangers these irresponsible and or criminal sort of spirit people can and do pose? Indeed, on the contrary, typically many will scorn truth and reason in order to accommodate such angelic visions and attractive feelings, while thinking themselves wise and enlightened to do so.


Given all else I have said elsewhere on the subject, it is worth remarking that there are some films, horror films in particular, where the presence of evil is made to seem so startling that it would lead me to at least suspect that those who made the film were being affected by the occult, if not themselves actually involved in it, when the film was made. One that comes to mind is "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" (1973) with Kim Darby, (not on DVD but at one time was on VHS), which has goon sprites in it as central characters in the story. Though the ones I have seen myself were different in appearance, the film, in certain respects, recreates their both horrifying and comical character very well. Also interestingly, Spielberg's "Young Sherlock Holmes" (like "Bride of Frankenstein") has the more tiny sort of sprites in it, and these look to me like the real thing based on what I've dealt with.

Two other films which struck me as having a vivid occult presence in the films are "Phantasm" (1979) and its sequels (already out on DVD), and "Equinox" (1970) the latter to be released on DVD for the first time this June.

Naturally, some will brush aside all this as just my subjective impressions, and perhaps they are right. Either way, if you get the chance, check these out for yourself and see what you think.

Note. A slight correction to the above. As it turns out, "Phantasm" (1979) was not actually what I had in mind in making the above remark (unless the "occult" film in question was one of the sequels.) It was one of the those cases where I was thinking of a film, but couldn't (and still can't) remember its name. Even so, "Phantasm" itself is still an instructive for a number of reasons, and certain aspects of its story can be likened to the "real thing." "Return to Salem's Lot" and "Evil Dead 2" are some other weirder than usual films which might, in passing, also be mentioned in this regard.


Imagine you faced someone with a seemingly unbeatable chess strategy. Yet rather than the game being chess, consider life as being the game. "But I don't even have a chess strategy, let alone an unbeatable one." If nothing else, take hope in the fact at least that there is one, else there would be no game.


Of course there are instances we exaggerate our suffering, just as there are times others unfairly minimize them.

Which makes me wonder -- are there times when our body or its needs are not actually our own or our body's?


In what sense then does Evil rely on God's good, such that he (whoever he might be) could appear to thwart God's intention?


Being with or living in accord with (the good) "One" necessarily implies rejecting and getting away from the Evil one -- otherwise you risk confusing the one One with the other one.

I have been a victim of rank and exceptionally violent evil, and on an ongoing basis, for over a decade now. Yet because others think Evil does not exist, or don't say so much but are yet too frightened and timid to really combat it (unless with rhetoric), I have been unable to get others to listen, let alone help me.

Who's judgment matters? He who possesses good judgment. Who possesses good judgment? He who loves rightly.

Now can someone who loves rightly despise or think little of honesty and rationality?

Evil uses a stratagem to have its way attacking good. Why then don't good people use strategy to attack Evil? Well, some do. But others who mean to be good allow themselves to be fooled by Evil.

Despite all good intentions, a society not governed by reason is a society governed by demons. Though many will scoff at or detest the word (demons), their dishonesty and irrationality show that, unwittingly or no, and more likely than not, they befriend and serve the actual thing.


It is common Hell belief that history is lies, and for yet others that it can and should be modified to suit those in power (this being of course the Hell people themselves.) For a very brief time (and while under the influence of these people) I believed this also, that is I thought that any or all history was or was more than likely unreliable.

But upon more calm reflection, this obviously is less of a difficulty in a culture or society if the people here are predominantly honest. By the same token, if people are not honest then the Hell people are correct.

In sum then, we can say truth in history, if not a fait accompli, is at least a potentially recurring problem.


When the more "sophisticated" powers of evil, whether a regular or spirit person, act within our society they usually do so with a certain mentality and manner of calculation. For many of them, it is not simply a matter of doing the wrong thing, but coming up with ways in which doing the wrong thing, including the very worst crimes, can be made to seem justified or excusable.

According to some, if a person is "righteous" they should be persecuted or crucified, as this world (according to their belief) technically belongs to Evil. Furthermore, those who aspire to higher good can be treated in such a manner because to not do so would seem to be giving them a free ride in a world where they don't belong, and moreover leaves them as a possible threat to the system these evil sorts represent.

On the other hand, if a person is not righteous then (again according to these same evil-disposed people) it is understood they ultimately owe their allegiance or subservience to the evil doers.

Is the order these evil types represent the actual state of things? Does Evil, in a sense, own this world?

Yes -- if you believe it does.

(In passing, it might be noted in regard to this latter point that though Christ in the gospels says "my kingdom is not of this world," logically speaking, this does not necessarily imply that this world therefore belongs to Evil. Even so, of course, the persons referred to above will prefer, if not insist upon, this interpretation.)


For the benefit of those who don't believe there actually are damned and accursed people in this world, I would like to describe two such who (in the course of my ordeal) I have encountered or had to contend with. I mention these purely for scientific reasons, and not for amusement, because I think it is something few, if any, ever described before.

With one of the "Simon the Magician's" I dealt with (or perhaps one emanation or manifestation of him) he appears as half man half snake (like), with the top as a person and the lower half as the reptile. This person is so loathed and hated that when he is not up here causing trouble, he lives in an isolated, trashy hole down below, the filth of which is exceeded only by himself.

He can fly through the air, and at one time (years ago) was harassing an unusually pretty, yet devout, nun. He would sometimes float around the rooms where she lived and follow her around, much to her natural and obvious displeasure. (At times when he's bothered me I have called him the "Flying Dust-bin.")

You will be happy to know, by the way, this same ghost is up here today in our midst working for some billionaire.

There is another character who is like a great satyr (without horse body except perhaps for hoofs) who comes (or lands) out of the sky and whose apparent purpose is to scare people to death (who are not already.)

Whether such types as the two above are dressed up to seem as they are is open to question. Yet, either way, there can be no question as to their veritable horribleness.

Note. To avoid any misunderstanding, in the case of the first ghost I have seen him both before my very eyes (so to speak), and also in both waking and sleeping dream-like visions (in my head), while making note that such types can interact and communicate with you in this manner. In the case of the latter apparition, it was a waking vision shown (and to shock) me, though, unlike the first, I have not literally seen him with my eyes. p>


One normally improves and progresses by increasing desirable positives which we lack, while at the same time eliminating unwanted or unnecessary excess.

In a particular circumstance, however, this might not be the better course. In one situation, for example, we may want to increase what would ordinarily be (for us at least) excess of, say fervid zeal for example. Yet in almost all other circumstance that same emotional attitude would at a noticeably (and preferably) less level of desirability and intensity.


Yet another utilitarian Public Service Message from the William Thomas Sherman Info Page. In my amateur (acoustic) guitar playing, for the past few months I've been learning some guitar chords, or else tried to figure them out. Here are my renderings of "Skye Boat Song" and "Over the Hills and Far Away" (since I couldn't find them else on the internet -- not even Guitar Tab Universe!)

Over the Hills and Far Away

Were I laid on

Greenland's coast,

And in my arms

embrac'd my lass;

Warm amidst

eternal frost,

Too soon the half year's

night would pass.

And I would love you

every day.

Ev'ry night

we'd kiss and play,

If with me you'd

fondly stray

Over the hills and far away.


Skye Boat Song

Speed, bonnie boat, like a

bird on the wing,

Onward! the


Carry the lad that's

born to be King

Over the

sea to


Loud the winds howl,

loud the waves roar,

Thunderclouds rend the


Baffled, our foes

stand by the shore,

Follow they will not dare




Ever rising waves
in the blasting gale we brave;
rains beating down,
as we roll along,
fleeing a watery grave.

Our ship sore leaks,
timbers pained creak,
tossed to and fro,
as along we go
and shredded sails shriek.

When others too soon
have lost their life,
can I hold my own so dear?
If I do drown,
Lord with pity look down!
May we not forget their tears!


Remember when cheaply made movies, even cheaply made television, could be beautiful? These days they can put out money by the truckload, and yet of genuinely touching beauty their's hardly (if rarely ever) a trace.


The purpose of the news is what? To deny the accused a fair hearing, while without pause reminding us of how normal it is for people to do atrocious things.


Are computers superior to people? Yes, inasmuch as they are logical, for logic is superior to all people.


To describe or express significant feelings and or thoughts about something or someone, and to do so in harmony with the potentially wide variety of other things which might also be made reference to in the process, is what true poetry and music aspire to do.


One possible reason it would seem God does not help us in times of trouble as much as we would like or expect is because, from his perspective, and strange as this might seem to us, it is not worth it (to us.) This might be put further by saying God could save us in circumstance X. The problem is circumstance X is not worth surviving in.

True, in a given instance it may not be so cut and dried simple as this. It would after all be worth it to us to get a clean glass of water otherwise denied us in a prison camp. Nonetheless this (provided some other qualification or consideration of circumstantial contingency) is perhaps how it is.

What is the expense to God to save us? It's not so much expense, but rather he in a sense has to avoid rewarding evil. In consequence, this sometimes means depriving us. As then evil is deprived, we might be deprived as well.

Yet this said, if we as a community rid ourselves of real evil, he can then help us because he doesn't have to avoid inadvertently rewarding evil. One implication of this is that we or others suffer evil because either us or someone(s) else we are (intentionally or unintentionally) with does not sufficiently reject it.

Maybe God would otherwise let me retire to a quiet pastoral cottage. But this might not be viable then because of the level of evil in our time or region. At the same time the question can be asked what is our time and region? WHERE are we supposed to be in terms of the greater scheme of things? For ourselves, the answer is easy, we would like to be where we are comfortable and pleased. Yet what we fail to realize is that what seems comfortable and pleasing to us, is not at one with the One, so that it is in a sense a false comfort or somehow specious idea of being pleased.

Of course one reason for this state of things is that we don't always know what is good or bad for us. You would think eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would feed us in this regard. Perhaps, accompanied by proper instruction and guidance, it does. Yet it does only at the price of our having to need it to start with.


A "Nazi" who knows what's going on (in terms of secret murders, crimes etc.) versus one who doesn't (really.) What, do you suppose, is the difference between the two?

Now take the case of a repentant Nazi who knew, etc. versus a repentant one yet who didn't?

In answering these consider how you would feel if it was a question of yourself being associated with the given person. Would you want to associate with them or have yourself seen as being associated with them?


Devil's Tower

"Casper, the friendly ghost
The friendliest ghost you know!
Though grownups might look at him with fright,
children all love him so.

"He always says hello
And he's really glad to meet ya'
Wherever he may go,
He's kind to every living creature.

"Grownups don't understand,
Why children love him the most,
But kids all know that he loves them so,
Casper the friendly ghost!"

Here's another. According to Forbes magazine, J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series is a billionaire. (See here. ) Is this actually true? I remember when it was news of historical significance for Howard Hughes to have reached a billion. Yet here we have Ms. Rowling achieving the same thing by means of her Harry Potter books, movies, and tie-in products. Is the explanation to this that a billion dollars is not really a billion dollars? Or is it that she is like (as well as being one of the prot�g�s of) Steven Spielberg, and in that sense one of the biggest frauds and closet monsters of all time? Or is it both of these?

Once again, let the truth be known. People like this, in my opinion, if not themselves, are a front for mass murderers and perpetrators of the sickest kinds of evil. The very idea of promoting witchcraft, so exorbitantly, and to children no less, by itself speaks to that to anybody who knows what real witchcraft and sorcery are all about. (Just incidentally, go have a look at what Spielberg was saying all those years in those sadistic fantasy movies of his, and you will easily see a definite pattern supporting at least in part what I am saying.)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind indeed!


"This" isn't really that hard to understand. So let's try this approach:

There is a certain class of person who makes a living, not by hard work, industry or worthwhile creativity, but by murder, lying and stealing. There is a further class which makes their living by working for the first sort. Though in a give instance one of these latter might be deliberately in the dark about what (as such) is actually going on, it is understood they owe their livelihood, and to that extent their fealty, to the former.

The fact that this criminal cooperative succeeds so incredibly as they do is because they act in cahoots with certain spirit people. Indeed some of these same spirit people are in fact the true leaders and organizers of the whole.

So now guess what?

It is not permitted to talk about spirit people seriously or scientifically.


Expose and smash the spirit people in question, and you will (conceivably) smash rule by the thieves and murderers.