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Imagine if you had the power to be a "super giver," in which you adopted an attitude that you couldn't make others rich enough, and most all with respect to what they most need, though without forcing yourself on anyone of course. Say it was among your highest priorities to make others supremely happy, alleviate needless pain, and in the case of those not especially close or dear to you, seek to protect their basic rights and freedoms. Imagine being able to become rich by giving. We all to some degree have the power to be this way just as we might have the power to do any number of other things. And naturally the more prosperous we are and free to live as we like the more this is (or can be) true.

One fundamental reason this kind of attitude remains latent and untapped to the extent it has is due to a mentality inculcated by certain influential spirit people namely that we are not supposed to be really happy in this life, either as a giver or receiver. Why are they like this? Because guilty as they are they can't be truly happy themselves, so that they find self-satisfaction and meaning instead in controlling and manipulating us.

That's not how it would be for us however if we were really free, so that real freedom means being rid of them and their presumptuous interloping, and which others foolishly invite into our midst, calling it piety to do so.



Freedom spills gradually
in drops along the way,
not from some turbaned Arabs,
but from a suit and tie mafia
mired in the occult;
murdering children and families,
stabbing at the nation's heart
in secret and silent screams.
Illusions and fear
are used to control and hold power.
Ours is a new Great Depression
yet with rather than without money.
While the President is ordered away
to see to the needs of a foreign land,
our own country needs leadership
like never before.
But the media won't let us have it --
or choice.
And as years pass
the land of the free and home of the brave
becomes for many a circus prison camp
glutting the lust of magic's god
who is else forbidden happiness.
That is not a human mind or heart
that speaks on TV.
It is the counterfeit conscience
of the bribed manikin or hypocrite hireling.
Appease or fight evil,
you can't have it both ways.
Yet what enemy of evil is that
who won't allow the truth?


Although I have written on the topic before, I want to try to describe something that is not so easy to describe, yet which is very important for people to understand (who do not already.)

For the past years now there has been a deliberate effort on the part of the Hell spirit people and their henchmen (whom I elsewhere write about) to isolate and torment me. Indeed, there is something obsessively peculiar to the psychology of those they take orders from to do such a thing (to such as myself, among other victims of theirs.) As part of this program, I have had my pets murdered, been given diseases and poisoned numerous times, have had (and still do have) brain torture radios being run on me, and other sort of violent assaults and attempts (evidently successful) to attack my character with others.

Having been subject to this and more, guess what has followed in the wake of these attacks? I have had angels (on one occasion one of them glowed with a sort of blue another red light) follow (as if watching) me as I strolled in my front yard. I have been made to think and feel as if I had a halo. I have felt a seeming, yet vividly pronounced, "divine" spirit in the wind from the garden. I have had visions projected in my head which, at least on the surface, suggest some manner of divine glory and greatness.

My point is this. I consider such manifestations as so much hoaxery and rubbish created by certain spirit people for purposes of deceiving (or else mocking.) I am a Christian, and while some of these kinds of things might even be good (or not so bad) in and of themselves, still they are actually very superficial -- compared certainly to say truth, justice, real wisdom, real character -- and are after all only so much drugs or movie special effects.

Yet it is exactly these sort of things which many people these days (and for some time now) are believing, i.e. (what are essentially) drugs and movie special effects -- not truth, facts, and reason. Of course, for my part I reject such spirit people displays and machinations utterly (as being of any real significance), and consider those using such devices as either worthless criminals or else dupes themselves of such powers.


We don't go in for much cooking at the William Thomas Sherman Info page. However I recently learned two recipes that are both very good food and eminently suited to those like myself on a (deliberately) fixed income and low budget.

Sticky White Rice.

1. Put white rice in water and let soak for at least four hours. Certain Asian white rice is especially suited for this dish. Check labels at the grocery store.
2. Have one of those double-decker steam pots which includes a top tray with holes (in addition to a regular pot lid also.) You can usually find these wherever they sell cooking ware.
3. Put water in the steaming pot, get it boiling, then put rice (after draining out the water it was soaking in) in the steam tray, put tray back in steaming pot, cover with lid and let steam-cook this way for half an hour to forty minutes.

Voila! Sticky white rice! You can't beat it!

(For more on rice generally and its preparation see here.)

Mashed Potatoes.

1. Peel the potatoes, then place them in boiling water.
2. After they have cooked long enough to have softened them, drain the water.
3. Place back on the stove and proceed to mash them. Little by little add some fluid, like water or soy milk, to give them consistency.

It might sound trivial or risible to mention this, and of course countless know these recipes already. But I do so nonetheless thinking those less accustomed to house keeping will find it that kind of very practical and useful information which many people are simply never told.



A jewel of heaven is what to hell?
Something to plunder,
yet claim as nothing,
or worse
declare the public enemy.

A jewel of hell is what to heaven?
Something of value,
but which hell stole,
or worse
holds an unwilling hostage.

Then someone shouts:
"Heaven and hell
henceforth are abolished.
There are no distinctions!"


Yeah, right.


Jerusalem Restored

Earth, scene of an unending crime.
In the wars of conflicting desire
who will win and for how long?

How different it would be
if things were different!
Yet as they are,
a friend is a stranger.

Is a temple built by Herod God's temple?
Certainly, it is Herod's temple to God.

"Cut the phone lines, block the mail,
Morpheus our king is here!"

In the corridors of mind
he took the wrong door.
Realizing his mistake,
he stepped back.

"In that room things are bad,"
he said. "But that is not
all rooms."


"Aurora" by Guercino (Giovanni Franceso Barbieri, 1591-1666)

This is a red chalk sketch of the goddess of dawn. Although I take the position one should normally view any spirit person with skepticism, it would of course be unfair (and absurd) on the other hand to assume all are bad or not good. If the individual here, Aurora, (and taken as a literal spirit person) is (for the sake of argument) seen as divine, what is it that makes her so?


What would you think about someone who had an angry "demon" or sprite (that is a demon or sprite who usually possessed an angry disposition) put into him, and who had artificially created external circumstances (say, for instance, extreme bad "fortune") created by another (say a criminal magician or charade artist) to further provoke and aggravate him? The stress and duress all this brings about in him is too much to bear. So he misbehaves in some way. Whether he can be considered guilty of the misbehavior and to what extent, we would say would seem to depend on:

a) Time length he was under the hostile stress and duress
b) Amount of physical power of the demon or sprite
c) Degree of elaborateness of trick or charade played on him
d) His age and education level
e) Nature of the misbehavior
f) Number of times the misbehavior was repeated (if at all)

This, at least off hand, seems a feasible preliminary approach in the formulation of a sensible jurisprudence capable of intelligently addressing such questions.


How would you like to have a reputation for promoting (literal and unfeigned) ghost-face demonism? Any of us would shirk and recoil at the idea. Well, him, he's someone who doesn't seem to mind. And what does that tell you?


Ordinarily, it's unrealistic and less profitable, I think, for us to see Buddhism on Asian terms, just as it is normally unrealistic and less profitable for Asians to see Christianity on ours. What of course is wonderful is that it is possible to see and experience either faith independently in the experience of its global counterpart (Occidental or Oriental.)

With both religions, they cannot really (or necessarily) rely on doctrine or dogmas. They are in their essence a spirit and faith, for from that spirit and faith any worthwhile doctrine or dogma can ultimately arise anyway. Spirit and faith, on the other hand, while guided by doctrine and dogmas get their essence and strength from our own or others experience. Doctrines and dogmas are much like notes which are merely sounds, which fit into something much more significant and valuable, namely music. But without spirit and faith, doctrines and dogmas by themselves are merely sounds. So while doctrine and dogmas exist for the end of spirit and faith, spirit and faith do not strictly need them (but that certain, otherwise avoidable, life circumstances bring about their necessity or desirability.)

Perhaps needless to add (though I will anyway) is that anyone who thinks the two beliefs are somehow antagonist or a threat to the other is an obviously ignorant person, since a true Buddhist or Christian knows the good ultimately available to a sincere believer is infinite, there therefore being no rational cause for jealousy (was such otherwise somehow present.) And, of course, we could say the same of some other religions.


Affectatious, redundant, trite, hollow, cutesy, ponderous, hackneyed, untimely, deficient, excessive.


Words! Words! What good are words? And yet they are absolutely necessary for bringing about peace.


You think I'm hard up? You better believe I am hard up. But in what shape would you or anyone else be in if, almost single handedly, and for over 13 years now, they had to contend with a real life life Dracula (in the way of this Magician), and a real life Dr. Frankenstein (in the way of the also previously mentioned brain torture radios?) And I am not, nor ever was, very financially very well to do you know. For a long time now, I have asked only respite from them, yet as you can see to no avail. Why then should I harbor or need to use this predicament for some ulterior motive? Ongoing imperilment is more than enough grounds for mind boggling exasperation (leave aside any resentment and expense for past violent injuries I have suffered at their hands.)


Yes, of course, many are good and do mean well despite others. But taken all in all, honestly, so much seemed like "Jiminy Glick," only "Jiminy Glick" in real life rather than a movie. On the flip side, did not the insurgents (if I may call them that) do your heart good? So you see there is hope after all.


I was never usually very good at chess, and recently I was trying to study and figure out what the key general strategies of that game are. The best I was able to learn and figure out is 1) try to control the center of the board as much as possible, because your pieces are normally more powerful if they can move from there, rather than in and from the sides of the board, 2) endeavor to keep your pieces mutually protected and covered, and 3) seek to both obtain and maintain momentum against your opponent.


The nearer you are to the fire the more likely you will get burned and more quickly. The same is true of certain behaviors. Sometimes a certain behavior suits us, just as a fire can warm us. But if the sun is shining we don't need a warming fire. Sometimes the behavior is perfectly suited to the occasion and circumstance. At another time that very same otherwise beneficial or harmless act, thought, attitude, or disposition when we get too close or mixed up in it can be lethal both to you or someone else.


As a practical matter (and aside from the Holy Spirit), never acquire your most important dreams, hopes, and aspirations from spirit people. You will only end up cheating -- perhaps even killing -- yourself if you do.


Hygiene of humanity with respect to spirit people. There are, it is otherwise well known, some spirit persons which make you feel dirty, like rotting corpses groping onto humanity. Now some like yours truly would like to promote public hygiene in this respect, by raising awareness, considering ways to prevent unwanted invasions, and ultimately medical cures for some of these same sick spirit people. But others either don't think it matters or else apparently are paralyzed by fear from really doing anything about this problem.


General Motors went under
due to incompetence
and poor management.
Tune in tonight to the Oscars.


If you think abstinence is bad, try false happiness.


If they are a god (or as great or greater than) assume they are morally better than you, and that they would not be a god, etc. unless they were somehow morally better than you to begin with.

Some people do not believe there are brain torture radios or that such are possible. This is a common tactic, for instance, with some lawyers as an alibi for not listening to your story and legal claims.

Yet if there actually were such radios, what we need to know is, would these same skeptics care?


A Modern Tedworth Drummer?

If they won't allow him much in the way of tools or equipment, why then doesn't he study and practice logic and mathematics? These don't necessarily require much as far as tools or equipment go. Yet evidently he needs to be able to do something that will allow him to violently get out his aggressions. So how about drumming, I said? Despite this brilliant suggestion, he still prefers a yo-yo. The problem is however that they won't let him have one. As a result of which, unfortunately of course, he comes to plague us instead.


Max Payne

A demonist, he believes these spirit people know better than facts and reason.

It is further worth remarking that for all the claims to and airs of cleverness, celebrity, sex appeal, secret knowledge, holy and religious powers, it is by far and away cheap-jack violence, carried out with impunity and the indifference of others, that does and has made them most all powerful.


As a horse is to a man, a horse is also to an angel (or "god"), i.e. the horse runs faster and is physically stronger than both. What then makes someone think an angel or "god" (let alone a ghost or devil) is necessarily greater than a man?

And if you knew how often these kind of people have to deceive and cheat to have their way, you would be even that much less impressed by their supposed superiority.


To whom it may concern -- Please get one thing straight. While I have not such a hard opinion generally of their underlings and poorer servants, you need to understand that I utterly and completely denounce, reject, and condemn these authoritarian and manipulative spirit people as good for nothing, whether they claim to be Jesus or whoever. If I see Jesus it will be in the flesh or in my heart (including the eucharist), and in no wise else. You, or anyone else, therefore, have no right whatsoever acting as a personal agent or representative on my behalf with any such persons without my explicit knowledge and consent -- regardless of whether you or someone else thinks them God or otherwise divinely sanctioned.


Is this arrogance, need to control, and pushing others around divinely ordained? No, rather it is because others have ever childishly and foolishly acquiesced, given in, and let them have their way. Such appeasement, rather than fostering mercy, only went to their head, further convincing them of their right to act so peremptorily and presumptuously as they have (over the ages) accustomed themselves to do. Now give them some deterrence, some incentive, say in the form of a ghost gun, and what before seemed like divine injunction, will be finally seen as the choice of behaving a certain way (or not), as it always actually was.


Most people as individuals are naturally good, and for most it takes some training to really make them bad to the extent of bad hearted. People as a group, on the other hand (though as individuals not really bad hearted), and because of the way social groups have developed over time, can be much more easily manipulated into acting on behalf of great evil. Put another way, social organizations are easier to manipulate in the short term than the psychological and moral constitution of a single individual. In this way groups can be used, indeed need to be used, as a screen for those who are truly evil, since the latter are much harder to find and come by.


A penumbra is space which commingles full light and pitch darkness. When we seek a concept or intellectual image (of someone or something) we not unusually assume we see it in the light. Yet in assuming we have the concept completely in the light, so to speak, blinds us to our possible ignorance, and only makes the image or concept harder to grasp. To say we know it, is saying more than we properly should. If, however, we see it as in a penumbra, both illumined and in darkness, as known and not known, we grasp it better because while we permit the knowledge or belief we do not too casually presume it.


Nature is all carnivorous and predatory it is sometimes observed. But what isn't asked is -- under whose rule?


A quick reminder which some may find of help ---

How does one tell false heaven from real heaven? In false heaven, truth (including honesty), real virtue (such as, for example, courage and selfless compassion) and real freedom are superficial, or else non-existent. No matter what else a heaven has, if it has not these -- truth, real virtue, and real freedom -- it is not real heaven. If you don't already know or understand why this is so, then how can you expect to ever recognize real heaven to begin with?

If Evil is needed to achieve good, then what went wrong for Frankenstein and Dracula? (And if he responds that he is more righteous than Frankenstein or Dracula, be sure to tell the last two about this.)


People searching for God, search no longer! Inasmuch as there is good anywhere, he is already here. What our problem is (if we have one) is that there is too much bad keeping us from him. Granted, for a given now we could wish more of good. Yet if we know the truth, there is not only plenty of it, but infinitely so. Again, it is not the lack of good as such that really is the problem. Rather there's too much bad, and the bad keeping us from our realizing more good. Now we would think God would remove from us the bad, and for some religions he does. But whether we say he does or not, when we are in dire straits it is usually not as soon or so quickly as we would like. All of which leaves us in the meanwhile to have faith and combat evil ourselves.


For every and all feeling and emotion there is a rational thought which expresses or potentially expresses its grounds, origin, purpose and justification (or lack of.) Put differently, regardless of whether or not we are actually aware of it, there is a thought or explanation we adopt which accompanies any feeling, emotion, or disposition we have -- no matter how heated or how crazy the feeling, etc. The question then becomes what is that thought (or thoughts), and does it really make sense? What such thoughts are (if we are not already more or less clearly aware of them) we can realize by means of rational introspection. The clarity of this realization is a result of the quality of our reasoned analysis of it, and the criteria we apply (or use) in establishing the thought's truthfulness or validity.


The Owner of Sorrow

From him and his ilk sprang all tragedy.
He carries with him the memories
of unfathomable weeping,
and it is sadness yet still
which keeps him aglow in royal state!
In the piercing light
of his blinding brilliance,
he doesn't think tears matter
(or so at least he says.)
And for this reason
he's the world's king.
Some (falsely) say he's God.
Some say he's the Devil.
Who and whatever he is,
where is there any
man enough to fight him?
Some are rich
because they are his friend.
But what happiness is that
which has its bottom
in all sorrow?


If you are game, here's the conundrum of the ages. Solve this and you'll save the planet.

There exist certain spirit people (coming in the guises of "God," god, angels, avatar, devils or ghost depending on which approach will best persuade a given person) who are the main, if not sole, cause of all our worst problems. One sample proof of their guilt is their insistence on being able to act as authority with others while at the same time maintaining, for public purposes, a secret existence. If people in society could openly acknowledge the existence of these people, thereby making it possible to talk about them, then they could be rationally and scientifically addressed and dealt with. But such, of course, is not the case because the influence and governing power of these ruling spirit people is backed up and enforced in our own midst by dupes and out right betrayers, whom it has been possible to arm, enrich and empower. The ruling spirit people and servants as result can and do operate a network and program of surveillance, assassination, scandal, blackmail, violence, torture, bribery, deception, magic, censorship, interference and obstruction of communications and trade -- all of which cannot be seriously combated because those responsible cannot even be intelligently discussed!


To ---

You very evidently think that this someone or something is God or the higher, divine power. Now take a good look at the things you have been doing these past many years, the violent crimes, skullduggery, and what not. The question then is this. How do you reconcile the divine nature of these you listen to as authority with such undeniably base and ugly actions?

There is no good in Evil. Even so, Evil can use good, and seem as good, as when a hunter puts out bait and conceals himself in camouflage. It is getting late, so what then is so hard to understand about this?


My point is simply this. There is no Life in poisoning people or animals. Yet this group has done this many, many times, and naturally without reason or provocation. In one instance they poisoned this poor runt of a few months old stray cat I had Peanut Berry, and who suffered so very painfully as a result that he had to be put to sleep. Now how do they who are responsible for that connect or associate themselves with the higher power, while at the same time justify living so richly and uselessly, versus us whom they attempt to imprison and impoverish, and who tried to help that kid? Such are the blessings demonism bestows, no doubt.


On Friday, 13 August 2004, I had in-person delivered copies of my Narrative (plus all my writings on disk), with explanatory cover letter, to the Seattle offices of the Mayor, City Councilman in charge of Public Safety, Chief of Police, local head of the FBI, the two U.S. Senators, my U.S. Congressional representative, my State representative, and the Catholic Archbishop of Seattle. I did not and have not receive back a single response or reply. I complained about this to the police, and at one point Sgt. Liz Eddy, of the Seattle Crisis Intervention unit came to see me, and heard my story.

I didn't hear anything back from her and some months later on I contacted her office (by phone) again. On Oct 6, 2005, a woman came to see me pretending to be Sgt. Eddy. I know this woman to be an imposter and not the Sgt. Eddy I previously had met with. Now who do I contact to report this to? Another imposter?

It is not a little beyond extraordinary to me, indeed utterly preposterous knowing what I do, that I should be so alone after all these many years, when I have the facts, law, and argument vastly, if not completely and entirely, on my side. Really, these people are so guilty it is beyond hideous and unbelievable.

You have people such as lawyers, priests, professors who will not talk to me. Their behavior is not untypically shifty, evasive, gratuitously hostile. While some have been nice enough to receive me politely and decently -- and for this who have been that way I am genuinely thankful -- even so no one will call or visit.

And where they don't have an obvious legitimate excuse for indifference otherwise, what are they protecting? Evidently they are being blackmailed and or else are under the influence. Bribed is a possibility but to give them the benefit of the doubt I will assume it is one of the others. I cannot think they are intimidated by someone, rather they are somehow got to think I am someone to be avoided, and treated rudely. Yet it is those they are, knowingly or unknowingly, acting in behalf of that are the truly guilty ones. It is routine of Hell people to accuse and blame when they are the most guilty, in fact the most inhuman of monsters. For this reason, such as these professors, lawyers, or priests then would be led to think ill of me. But how and for what reason exactly, I can’t understand. They do have a certain consensus. But to speak to them individually some come across as mad -- honestly, without exaggeration or any desire on my part to impute them.


Now to save the Republic from a demonistic oligarchy (and this latter of the most rank kind)....

If you view God as a powerful corporation (whom if you don't acquiesce to you can't do business), then someone will set themselves up as a powerful corporation and pretend they are, or are more or less, God. "But God is supposed to stop them!" And why do you assume this?

Those who will not be governed by honesty and reason will fall prey to the rule of demons, regardless of how much social consensus, money, respectability, and position accompany their policy preferences.

Why does demonism go on? Bear in mind certain spirit people can be used to illicitly obtain wealth and power. In turn yet other spirit persons, will seek out regular flesh and blood people as slaves and servants to achieve these same things. Thus illusion, lying, and clandestine violence are used to subvert rightful government and otherwise control us. From having power and money either and both types will have a big head thinking they know everything. If not combated, checked and exposed, those not rational will come under their sway. The more people they can get people to do the wrong thing, the more they can make slaves of them.

This is why censorship and human rights abuse thrive. Because often those attacked by these methods speak the truth, and demonism relies on deceit, fear and subterfuge to succeed.

If we can't govern ourselves wisely and honestly, others will govern us, and they need not do so in our best interest.


If there is a Satan (or someone like this) you can assume he can be seen with the eyes. As disagreeable as some might find the idea, the would-be scientifically minded must learn to deal with it. Whether he then is actually ugly, beautiful, or indifferent in appearance, who knows?

And what better proof of his existence, or again the existence of someone very like him, than in the cruelties of Oaf, and the horror of the Magician....


Is the image of good good? Not if it's a false image. But what then makes an image false and what makes it true?

Religion is not always a help in adversity, indeed in prosperity good hearted people come to religion gladly and willingly, without it being a duty. Yet in adversity we often tend to doubt it. This is perfectly natural.


Magnificent in his gold, angels, jewels, and lights in the sky enthroned. Yet, even so, merely Baby Jane Hudson* in the sky. Why else would such behavior among us be condoned? As for "his" friend, envision "My Favorite Martian," but with an Uncle Martin who secretly tortures and molests people. It is such as these which deceive and bully who, as much as anyone, rule the world.

* For those who might not already be familiar with the film, "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" tells the story of a established celebrity who secretly imprisons and torments someone, while maintaining a public facade of glamour and allurement.


"Oh gods almighty!
If gods indeed you are,
Take pity on me;
For even the gods were once
Such men as we."

~ from Ryojin Hisho (c. 12th century)


To Van Gogh, Emily Dickinson, et al.

Lament not me
if I alone,
and neglected expire
since the best freedom
ever meant
escaping him
and that miserable liar.

And why worry
what others think,
who can or will not
what is false
and what true?
Yet, ahem, worrying
about what I think,
he thinks I do.


Though granted there have been masked vigilantes who saw themselves so ordained, who ever heard of God using one (even if the latter is a billionaire) to carry out his holy purpose? My goodness even Christ was permitted to confront Caiaphas and Pilate! Yet I, whom am infinitely less, am denied the opportunity --- all these past these past 13 years --- to even know exactly who it is that has been violently persecuting me (including who is paying the money for all this), let alone have the opportunity to face him. They mention a person who they call "Spielberg," but even if our masked hoodlum is somehow connected with the well known film director, this isn't telling me very much now is it?


Perhaps Athena was not actually a spirit person but an invention, because while I have dealt with spirit people who could said to resemble the other well known gods (proud, amorous, belligerent, violent, devious), not a sighting yet of one like her (or one really like her.) Yet by inventing a god more virtuous than any others the Athenians were raising themselves as high or even above the gods (that is those gods less prominent than Zeus.)

A very crucial question we must ask is: are spirit people the departed? And if so how does that affect their relationship to us? Does the fact that they are (or might be) departed give them superior authority and wisdom? Or does it, on the contrary, suggest that they are not deserving of authority and cannot be relied upon for wisdom?


"You had to do the wrong thing?" You were brainwashed into thinking you had to do the wrong thing. That's not at all necessarily the same thing, now is it? That's all they have to do, and you will go on into perpetuity making a fool of yourself. You don't want to hear it, but yes that is how it actually is. Wasting peoples time and lives all these years on demonism! How long are you going to go on being an attack ventriloquist doll? It's about time you finally pulled yourself together and face the facts -- and grow up! The world is a dangerous place and you can't go on forever being such a child.

You are unhappy because they don't love you anymore? Well then who do they love? In fact no one.



Gusts gathered,
then so strongly blew
that all the branches tossed wildly,
and the leaves
all shuddered and shook!
But Lord love them,
they tightly clung on,
and sang yet again,
chirping in unison!
From where such hope?
From where such faith?
All the world
begins with these little ones,
because for my life it does!
Love give them a kiss on each cheek.
They know only of one thing to sing.
But one thing that’s true, true!


What the world is dealing is in terms of an adversary is someone who is proposing that Good and Evil are complementary opposites, and that Evil is a necessary adjunct to Good. According to this viewpoint, there must be both Good and Evil in the world. This attitude (we can assume for practical purposes) originally arose from someone who thought by using Evil they could obtain good, and who subsequently concocted an arch philosophy to justify his actions. But as some of you will have long ago figured out for yourself, real Evil (as opposed to mere bad) is no friend of Good. Yet this is exactly the problem. Certain people will, by means of Evil, be empowered with great money and influence, and then attempt to live what they see as a justified if not benevolent life, in which in private they uphold the belief that Good and Evil go together, though publicly they will pretend that they mostly are for what's Good. Our worst enemies are not therefore all malicious in intention. Some are merely dupes. Yet the role such well meaning dupes play can be the most monstrous imaginable. Yet others will, by various methods and means, be made to go along with this approach, and thus insidiously and secretly anarchy, cruelty, depravity, and unnatural destruction are welcomed into our midst as if they were the necessary and desirable order of things. Evil then is present in the world because it is being accepted by someone who, while they think they are doing something good and wise, of course in reality have been brainwashed (usually by spirit people, including "angels") and consequently do not know what they are talking about. The antidote for all of this, as much as anything, is honesty and rationality. Yet so debased has society become that not only are genuine honesty and rationality frowned upon, but indeed are, defacto, outlawed.


I couldn't help but observe...

Not only is Public Television in many ways now much more like commercial television in attitude and content than ever before, but the wizards of media evidently have even gone so far as hire sitting public officials to promote their movies.

See this and this.

While we all love "Curious George" certainly, isn't this a bit much?

Note. In the original ad for “Curious George the Movie” the film is stated as opening Feb. 11 (2006.)


"good ole days" (in Rockville Centre, N.Y. That's me on the left.)

"We cure any disease."

Small wonder you should have that power when you are the one from whom they all stem.

Good versus raw power. You can have the latter by doing the wrong thing, but the more you do so, you then disqualify yourself with respect to the former. Great power, as a result, becomes no good.

So and so the professor
So and so the priest
So and so the attorney

They will combat what's bad, yet will never (or never really) combat Evil.

Is life bad with good in it, or good with bad in it? Why not then deal a heavy blow to demonism?


What do you think you've been doing all these years? Those things just don't go away so easy as you think, and tomorrow is forever. And you see when it comes down it, it has been folly and madness -- just as we knew and said it was all along. But you would never listen to or believe us. To promote demonism is to promote unhappiness. Yet, intentionally or not, these are what you promote above all things.


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Why is it the least interesting and intelligent people have the money and power to control virtually all of the media? If this is not incontrovertible proof of the existence and influence of Hell I don't know what is.

Who then would've thought our great and good nation, after all the many terrible trials and tribulations it has undergone down through the years, would at last be undone by people from the planet Loser?

(Note to Bill Griffith) Life isn't so hard, rather Hell is. Problem is some of us get the two mixed up and drag others in with them, while yet others permit the former to do this without realizing what's going on.
The magic dust will finally settle
the spell broken
and three decades of movie empire
brought to a timely close.
Who else but the devil would beat up a poor man, all alone?
Just in case you've lost track already, there are not really any bobble head dolls, only bobbin head dolls.
There is nothing physical that is invincible.
"Strength lies not in defense but attack." -- Hitler
“To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.” -- Sun Tzu
To be able command supreme, all encompassing peace is the mark of greatest power.

It's all right to be angry. Just be careful you're angry over the right things.

"For many days we traveled from a distant place and time,
To reach a place they call the planet Earth,
There was to be a celebration,
On the mission of the sacred heart.

"The planet Earth from way up there is beautiful and blue
And floating softly through a rainbow,
But when you touch down things look different here,
At the mission of the sacred heart.

"Watching all the days roll by
Who are you and who am I?
How's life on Earth?

"On a dirty worn-out sidewalk, sits a mother with a baby,
In her vale of tears she sees no rainbow
And someone's singing from a window
In the mission of the sacred heart.

"Watching all the days go by
Who are you and who am I?
How's life on earth?

"There's a building on a corner,
in a city, in a land,
On a place they call the planet Earth,
My orders are to sit here and watch the world go by,
From the mission of the sacred heart.

"Watching all the days go by
Who are you and who am I?
How's life on earth?
What is it worth?"

~~ “Mission (A World Record),” from "A New World Record," E.L.O./Jeff Lynne


I don't normally ask favors at this website, but would someone please explain to him that those people he listens to are the ones who ruined life in the first place, and this is why they spend so much time relentlessly accusing and attacking everyone else (and no, by them or they, I don't mean those girls, little folk, or angels who are mostly just puppets and victims like himself.)


Just the other day, perusing a paperback rack, I came across Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire (on which the touted Broadway musical is based.) I must say I found it somewhat fascinating because on a many points it independently corroborates a number of things I've learned about witchcraft directly from spirit people, as well as providing additional insight about the psychology of some witchcraft folk. Though I haven't actually made the effort yet to obtain a copy and go through the thing proper, I think it will be worthwhile doing so one of these days. Meantime, here are some capsule reviews from off Amazon. Note the role religion plays in bringing about Elphaba's special outlook, and how we might interpret the tyrannical Wizard as perhaps to be identified with "God" though some of you will already know that Hell itself can and will pretend to be "God," with these same witchcraft people among those being taken in by the masquerade, and with predictably absurd results.

"Editorial Reviews
"From Publishers Weekly:
"With a husky voice and a gentle, dramatic manner that will call to mind the image of a patient grandfather reading to an excited gaggle of children, McDonough leisurely narrates this fantastical tale of good and evil, of choice and responsibility. In Maguire's Oz, Elphaba, better known as the Wicked Witch of the West, is not wicked; nor is she a formally schooled witch. Instead, she's an insecure, unfortunately green Munchkinlander who's willing to take radical steps to unseat the tyrannical Wizard of Oz. Using an appropriately brusque voice for the always blunt Elphaba, McDonough relates her tumultuous childhood (spent with an alcoholic mother and a minister father) and eye-opening school years (when she befriends her roommate, Glinda). McDonough's pacing remains frustratingly slow even after the plot picks up, and Elphaba's protracted ruminations on the nature of evil will have some listeners longing for an abridgement. Still, McDonough's excellent portrayals of Elphaba's outspoken, gravel-voiced nanny, Glinda's snobbish friends and the wide-eyed, soft-spoken Dorothy make this excursion to Oz worthwhile.
"Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.--This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

"From School Library Journal:
"Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West, has gotten a bum rap. Her mother is embarrassed and repulsed by her bright-green baby with shark's teeth and an aversion to water. At college, the coed experiences disapproval and rejection by her roommate, Glinda, a silly girl interested only in clothes, money, and popularity. Elphaba is a serious and inquisitive student. When she learns that the Wizard of Oz is politically corrupt and causing economic ruin, Elphaba finds a sense of purpose to her life to stop him and to restore harmony and prosperity to the land. A Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and an unknown species called a 'Dorothy' appear in very small roles... The story presents Elphaba in a sympathetic and empathetic manner-readers will want her to triumph! The conclusion, however, is the same as L. Frank Baum's. The book has both idealism and cynicism in its discussion of social, religious, educational, and political issues present in Oz, and, more pointedly, present in our day and time. The idealism is whimsical and engaging; the cynicism is biting. Sometimes the earthy language seems appropriate and adds to the sense of place; sometimes the four-letter words and sexual explicitness distract from the charm of the tale. The multiple threads to the plot proceed unevenly, so that the pace of the story jumps rather than moves steadily forward. Wicked is not an easy rereading of The Wizard of Oz. It is for good readers who like satire, and love exceedingly imaginative and clever fantasy. ~ Judy Sokoll, Fairfax County Public Library, VA Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title."

In recent news we hear that multi-talented wit and luminary Howard Stern is slated to earn some 100 plus million dollars. God bless free trade, fair competition, and free speech! Yours truly and all the rest of us hacks, never wases, and or has beens, meanwhile, will just have to hoof it.


To help you with this idea of infinite, imagine an infinite number of new kinds of paintings, say an infinite number of painitings of high distincion and quality, say, as the Mona Lisa. Or take one of your favorite songs. Do you realize that there are an infinite number of songs like it and could be written? That we assume there are only a handful of such songs is simply and unfortunately a sobering indication of our fallen natures. Now we get reach the infinite by faith and endurance.

Dear Mr. S---

How do you explain the fact that

-- I have survived all these years of your interminable assaults and abuse, indeed fought off your gang single-handedly, alone, mostly broke, and with a handicap (i.e. your brain torture radios)?

-- You have spent all this time and money chasing after me, when (except inasmuch as Christian charity requires) I do not even care AT ALL about you or these spirit people you listen to.

I know very clearly who is brainwashing you. Who then is supposed to be brainwashing me?

If it pleases you that I am in pain, rejoice! Yet know that while I have made an enemy of this greatest of all pains, he just also happens to be your best friend!

"Dorky, the Robot-sorcerer": sort of an R2D2 cyberborg who carries a flashing sign that says "I want attention!" Alternatively, an E.T. like being who continually interlopes and forces himself on people.

The good you know instinctively inside you is better than the good anyone could elaborately tell you by way of thought, sight or sound. Words, sights and sounds* rather are tools to bring out, or bring attention to, that higher good (as seen in the light of Highest Good.)

*A word is both a sight and a sound, but also has the peculiarity of not being merely a sight or a sound.


Fort Casey U.S.A.

What battles were fought
the globe around,
terror shaking the earth in war!
But Casey your mighty guns
ne’er saw the foe.
Why did they build,
such a stalwart fort well armed?
Indeed such peace is yours
that having never fought
is victory without peer!


"If he is the Emperor of the gods, I suppose you had better do what he says. But if he isn't, I do hope you know you've been making a complete jackass and fool of yourself all these years."


Good is infinite and does not require Evil. Evil is finite, and does require Good. Although Evil is finite, finite does not necessarily imply Evil. What would otherwise be bad can, under certain circumstances, be good. Yet never can Evil be good.

Even granting the assumption, does it really warrant your getting upset as you are about it? Allow the assumption, grant it's being true, adopt it for yourself even, and you will realize there's no reason you can't get a grip and hold of yourself.
If a person lusts too much after the flesh in this life, it may cause problems for them in the next, where there is no flesh really to indulge in unless you are a demon. Yet I think even most prudent, healthy and temperate sorts of people would not advocate complete abstinence here in this life.

If reason is actually a substance -- as per our old friend Chrysippus, then is it more fine a substance than that which angels are made of? Or are there certain angels comparable in fineness to, indeed possibly sometimes a part of reason, as per some theologians?

Through Right Reasoning we can be one with God's Reasoning, while making God's Reasoning one with our own.


Can we prove that any death, for one reason or another, is not a murder?

If the good and conscientious people could unite, what couldn't they do? But they cannot because they are being separated from each other. Although it is true inconvenience and lack of time can be factors, the real reason communications are prevented are usually because someone doesn't want the truth to be known, and they don't want the truth to be known because they are living in a fantasy world.

"Well look how the mighty have fallen, though I can't say I am surprised!" Who of prominence doesn't at some time have this thought about them? Anyone or anything seen a certain way can be viewed as pointless and futile, and it would seem just about anyone and everything has been seen this way by someone.

"After all and what you've done that makes you one of the damnest people that ever lived. I hope you're happy."

How can one be rewarded with riches for being a martyr, when they would have been happy with so relatively little to begin with?

We seek freedom. Know then that unjust captivity is invariably the result of betrayal.

What do they mostly do? Seek Happiness? Or hurt others? By hurting others they can obtain wealth and power. Then they will use these to pretend they are doing the greatest good. If you throw in your lot with them you can have happiness, or at least pleasure, of a kind, But ultimately what kind of happiness is it if they mostly hurt others?

Judgment rules all, for there is no all without it.

People are irrational. How does one deal with Evil without being rational?

Things we do and don't like about life (as we know it.)

Pray for victims, as if it were your greatest wish other than being sorry for your sins

Is a concept an image, or else a kind of image?

Satan, the Evil One, or who have you, in the final analysis is simply someone who can hold you prisoner and or beat you up. If he were not this, why would anyone fear him?

Does doing Evil make one more beautiful or more ugly?

Who's the greatest threat to this nation? Why yon devil who leers out yon television spout.

"Am I stupid? What do I want to have to do with unhappiness?"


Imagine if you will a ruler whose commands are obtained willingly by his subjects, and who uses no physical force to compel obedience, except if physical force is used against his subjects or their voluntary and self-imposed realm.

Imagine now another ruler who uses physical force (and similar untoward duress) to attack various and sundry in and without his supposed realm who simply disagree with him, or who perhaps he feels sadistic toward. Those who do not obey him, are not free to say, "I want no part of this," and walk away from prestige and wealthy participation as the price they pay for doing such. Instead this ruler can attack that person and say, "Not so fast. If you do not go along with how we do things, you cannot live your life. We will use our power to assault you at every corner."

If any one is causing the most problems on an ongoing basis, it is a ruler of the latter, not the first kind. Now why these days then do we often see Christians and Christianity attacked?

A subject or citizen, could cause problems, yet it would seem if we talk about terrible problems, on a massive scale, these would come from someone who is powerful as a ruler, but not a subject or citizen, these being (by definition) agents or lesser personages subsumed to some ruler or ruling body.


"You can be the most romantic man in the world. That's not a problem. Just stop torturing and forcing yourself on people. That's all."


Just a brief note to explain. The reason I have not been posting any new "oracles" here for a while is that , aside from some superficial exchanges with some relatives, my communications (phone, e-mail, regular mail) continue to be obstructed -- such I that I don't know if anyone sees my site. I will, nonetheless, continue to post the recommendation of the week to serve as a notice that I am still around.

This said, I will remark (as I have previously) that most, if not all, of society's very worst problems arise from (certain) spirit people and those who listen to them -- whether the former comes in the shape of "God," angel, devil or what have you. It is these people who are most the source and cause of real unhappiness. If then you chance to have contact with such, while having (one assumes) overcome their lures, deceptions, and pretenses of benevolence and higher knowledge, I recommend that this (i.e. "unhappiness" or "unhappiness itself") is what you call them. Blame and curse them for (most) everything wrong, for it is it is they who have been and are the ruin of everyone and everything (that is, if anyone or anything is or could be said to be so.)


"If I am upset enough, and grounds, for being so, are well considered, reasonable and just no less, then I can insist things will go my way."

Go your way? All those things will not even necessarily guarantee you that people will give you the time of day, let alone help you and not betray you, let alone permit you to change the world as you would like. However armed with faith, patience, courage, organization, a credible vision of what is truly for the best, and an honest and fair disposition toward all --- then you can insist on having things your way forever, even though not today or tomorrow perhaps.

"If patience, goodness, humility, long suffering, cheerfulness were rewarded then that would make many animals among the richest and wealthiest of all creation!"

For all you know perhaps they one day will be, and it is then you who will be at their kind mercy and behest.


Is God a voice in the sky using Dolby Surround Sound, or is he the voice of right reason, justice, and truth? I fail to see why this even needs to be asked.


You have all the money, all these wonderful people, amazing powers. Therefore --- on your mark, get set ---- BE INTERESTING ALREADY (you should not need to censor or force yourself on anyone anymore, now should you?)


Every thought being contingent, there is then no thought without something it assumes. If then you reject the whatever other it is that is assumed, you can reject the thing. This is of value to know, because any assertion can be rejected if we reject the assumption, and sometimes emotionally we reach a wrong conclusion, and this happens invariably because we are unthinking or else thinking in a sloppy way. Reject then the assumption (or more specifically, reject that the assumption implies the conclusion) and you are then logically free to reject the conclusion. This doesn't mean you will necessarily be right in your doing so. But as a practical matter and in most instances, odds are you will be, especially if the thought in question lacks rational specificity, and is sudden and unwelcome. Images, feelings and sounds can almost always be faked, but not correct reasoning, at least for those who know what they are about.

To give you one example, let's say we like A, but then come to the false conclusion that its value is based on X. (Note. We of ourselves cannot unilaterally place value on something. Instead we look to someone or something else as a standard for what is good.) We can then (applying the above principle) reject the idea that X is the standard of the value for A, and else posit or assert that it's real standard of value is W or Z, etc. rather than X. Therefore we reject the idea that the value of A is in X (i.e. if we care to.)


Not that I should boast, of course, but just look at the photograph I won on EBay yesterday (10/9/05).

It was about two years past, about this same time in November, that I wrote the first suite of “Suites and Songs.” Now I will take this opportunity to note that although I went through multiple avenues of reaching her (trying my best to be very polite about it of course), and I still to this day don’t know if she ever actually received the poems -- all this (as far as I am concerned) thanks to the Inhuman Lunatic and his gang at the (defacto) National Board of Censorship. Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything (these days certainly.)

I was going through some old writings, and came across this poem of mine which, with a bit of re-editing and alteration, I thought I'd reproduce here. It was, of course, composed before I knew about spirit people, so that it is somewhat strange to imagine myself penning such a thing now.

Desire Eternal

It seems there’s no way to speak,
so that words, like a bright sun,
would once and forever
drive away the murk
beclouding consciousness.

Defining seems often too confining.
For when we try to say
what we really mean,
words fall short,
are misinterpreted,
till even wisdom itself
is anonymous and forgot.

How long will you fix
to that burning star?
How long will you pine, broken heart,
resolved on regret till all ends?
For how long can you stay
dreams of life that pass away?

In the different folds of awakening,
we try to keep track of many things.
Yet like towers on a summer shore
a sea steadily draws them in.

Volant gold glides and slides
amidst cloud crevices in the sky,
as the earth swings its weight spinning,
so that the sun to us comes round again beaming
dynamic, celestial!

How goes this spiraling song
that we cannot come along?

Gods wake
from sleep ambrosial,
while we in their bodies
must carry on
that they might
be alive to slumber in bliss.
Like cells flowing alive,
now suddenly dead,
we make up their
somnolent being.

Oh powers,
whose seconds are our centuries,
let us feel your real,
that ecstasy which time
has not yet to us revealed.
We who are mortals
will care for each molecule and cell
that works or goes
to keep this life together.
May fortune and truth bless us,
we cursed ignorant.
May reclining Justice
awake now forever!
May stars above us
hear our cries and laments!

Open up the welkin, rend the sky!
Exhibit that peace eternal
for which eager spirits long,
without which vision
we’d be people of mud only.
Give us then reasons for hope,
free of illusions,
identifying with the Ideal!