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I just got through re-watching a film I saw many years ago on television, "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" (1971). This has got to be one of the corniest movies you ever saw in all your life, to be recommended more as comedy than as a horror film, though with the caution that it is at points fairly lurid and explicit (not something I especially care for.) J. Carrol Naish, who played in a number of monster movies in the forties, including "The Monster Maker," gives a suave and engaging performance as Dr. Dooray. As well there's Lon Chaney Jr. as his retarded assistant who secures victims for him. For all it's bizarreness (bikers, hippies, vampires, mad scientists), there is something profound about this film I can't quite put my finger on. Undoubtedly, it is at least entertaining, but it also has a certain feel and perspective which strangely enough could pass as some kind of late twentieth century wisdom. One other thing. Zandor Vorkov's performance as Count Dracula serves as helpful reminder that some real life Hell people, such as Simon the Magician, as well as being violent, hair-raising maniacs, can be a real dork like this character, and in this respect the film possesses a certain realism, which unless you already knew these (real life) Hell people, would probably be lost on you.

(follow-up note. Despite what I say above I don't mean to suggest that these real life Hell people are simply funny people or that what they do isn't to be taken seriously. I merely want to take the opportunity now and then to illustrate that it is not unusual for these people to have an absurd quality of one kind or another, which may, in a certain context, be seen as amusing because these types of individuals, as well as being sadistic criminals, are also being used by others and making fools of themselves in the process. But this doesn't mean that when they commit real crimes, such as murders or tortures, that those things themselves are somehow funny. My purpose merely is to put these monsters in a certain light so that it will be more easy for people to understand what some of them can be like, and to that extent, deprive them of their sometimes frightening mystique. I would imagine similar observatiosn could be made about people like Himmler, etc.

Also on a more serious note -- Now grant you the movie's story and characters seem mostly rather ludicrous. Yet in some respects it does correctly show what things can be like when "Hell" prompted and orchestrated happenings occur in real life. For instance, take the woman protagonist's predicament by the film's end. Having lost everyone else to the monsters, she's left most painfully alone to pick up the pieces. If we took the story as something mostly having taken place in real life, what could she do next? Who could she go to tell her story? Who would believe her? Who would help her? The answer is she probably couldn't do much of anything, and there would probably be no one who could or would help her. If she turned to religion, they might further use angels to torment her while making it seem such came from "Heaven" to help her. In fact, the Hell people, assuming there were others, that is aside from "Dracula" and "Dooray," would as likely as not do things to prevent others from listening to or assisting her. Indeed, they might incite others to ridicule or blame her. That will give you some little idea of how gratuitously and unappeasably sadistic these Hell people can be. Without going further into this -- and we could -- the film, again as silly and kooky as it is elsewise, does then (at least in certain ways, and were we to see some of what was taking place as happening in real life) correctly recreate what a real life circumstance brought about by Hell people could be like, while at the same, again and taken a certain way, it also could be seen as accurately depicting the truly incomprehensible and relentless viciousness some of these Hell people [thinking particularly of spirit people] are capable of. If you think what I am speaking of is laughable, then, do know and understand, that is exactly how these more extreme kinds of Hell people would have you see such events if they had actually taken place, and not merely in some movie.)

Again given my premise, some would respond by saying if it can really be like that then God and religion must be to blame, since why didn't they help this woman? This sort of reaction is only further falling right into Hell's trap.* If anyone were to blame for not helping it would be the liars, cowards and hypocrites in society, including those who listen to spirit people, who do not deal realistically with what is going on when such takes place, but who otherwise pretend to be concerned about solving problems and helping people. Yes, these might church people, but there is no reason whatsoever to pick on them exclusively for such failings. Nor forget else that Hell people typically will have the money and social influence [including mind control and scare tactics] to dissuade others from assisting such victims. As to God, that point is and has been addressed more than adequately by philosophy and theology, and for more on which, and for one exploration of the topic, you can see my book, "Christ and Truth.")*

* Naturally, I mean true God and true religion are not to blame. Someone who believes false God and false religion, may rightly blame God and religion for not helping, but then by definition these are not true God or true religion. Even so this is or can be another one of those occasions where the distinction is lost on the person and they despair completely and entirely of God and religion. For example, they might insist that God both directly and apparently control the behavior of angels, or perform extraordinary "miracles." If only the devil can or will do these things, then they stupidly assume that God must be powerless, or else that God is a devil, etc.

"The great poets are also to be known by the absence in them of tricks and by the justification of perfect personal candor. Then folks echo a new cheap joy and a divine voice leaping from their brains: How beautiful is candor! All faults may be forgiven of him who has perfect candor. Henceforth let no man of us lie, for we have seen that openness wins the inner and outer world and that there is no single exception, and that never since our earth gathered itself in a mass have deceit or subterfuge or prevarication attracted its smallest particle or the faintest tinge of a shade—and that through the enveloping wealth and rank of a state or the whole republic of states a sneak or sly person shall be discovered and despised … and that the soul has never once been fooled and never can be fooled … and thrift without the loving nod of the soul is only a fœtid puff … and there never grew up in any of the continents of the globe nor upon any planet or satellite or star, nor upon the asteroids, nor in any part of ethereal space, nor in the midst of density, nor under the fluid wet of the sea, nor in that condition which precedes the birth of babes, nor at any time during the changes of life, nor in that condition that follows what we term death, nor in any stretch of abeyance or action afterward of vitality, nor in any process of formation or reformation anywhere, a being whose instinct hated the truth."

~ from "Preface to "Leaves of Grass" (1855), Walt Whitman


"Come out, come out, whoever you are!" (And sure enough he won't do it.)

I noticed in a mini-box ad on one of my web pages that someone is arguing that Hell does not exist. Indeed, he is, in a manner of speaking, correct, since existence being something good, that's what makes it (or him) Hell. I mean no slight however to certain Buddhist and Daoist notions of emptiness, since these I interpret as infinite potentiality, which is to say something beyond existence and non-existence.



He gladly threw in his lot
with the lying dead,
because as far as money goes,
they were never in the red.
But little did he realize,
when all was done and said,
in order to pay them back
they would have his bloody head.

It's easy to see the connection between big money and evil. No one really needs to be a billionaire or millionaire to be happy, especially in our time where ordinary citizens can have luxuries not known, let alone had, by emperors and kings in the past. Sure anyone would like to be a billionaire of millionaire, but at the price of doing great evil? Or even doing evil that is not that great? Yes, I know some still would.

This admitted, it is Hell which wants the evil to take place far more than any one needs or wants to be a millionaire or billionaire. It seems only sensible to conclude therefore that limits on the material wealth anyone could possess privately would as much as any governmental measure rid us of Hell in our midst. What prevents such limits from being instituted is not greed really, but rather Hell's need for evil, and the unnatural fears it breeds. (I personally could care less about someone being a billionaire or millionaire, it is the evil that is or may be attached to such wealth that is the problem.)

What to say to a Laughing Devil: "I don't know what you think is so funny. Having no brain or heart makes for a very insubstantial person, and if you don't think so, then it's obviously long past time that you go back to Dr. Frankenstein and see if you can't get your money back."
More in the news...

"Supreme Court Rules Against the Medical Use of Marijuana."

Once again this is another of those non-issues heated into controversy by "you know who" (those people we regularly write about) to distract people from what really matters. That the issue is couched respecting "medical" use, rather than consenting adult use generally, only makes it all the more absurd. At the same time criminalization of marijuana, spoken out against by many people in law enforcement throughout the country, takes away police resources and invests them in what is really a non-issue, while simultaneously criminalizing otherwise honest and productive citizens, many of whom make it a point to fight real crime and real injustice in our society.

As I have mentioned here previously, Eddie Rickenbacker in his autobiography wrote how prohibition did these very same things, and as a result was as much responsible for the moral downturn of this country as anything else.

Chock another one off for (once again) "you know who."


I have been tortured and attacked in ways too numerous to name here now for something over 12 years. Many people will laugh at such a claim, since on the surface I don't show scars or bruises. Nonetheless, it is true and the violence and abuse continues to this very hour I write this, including KGB radios which are run on me all the time. This is why I sound perhaps inordinately irascible at times. Yet if you knew the actual facts, and all I have and do have to endure, you would think I was a being model of restraint, even stoical in my comportment. Having said this, I want to tell you something.

These people do these things because they believe they have real value to back up or justify what they are doing. Most assuredly some of my tormentors think they have authority from God and or Heaven to do what they do. They believe this because they are in contact with spirit people, and the kind of spirit people they know give them to think that Heaven and Hell are actually a team -- which they are, only the Heaven in question is not real heaven but false Heaven, and such nice distinction is lost on them completely. Further, of course, they are dazzled by imposing spirit figures, including (in their way) delectable nymphs, and the seemingly miraculous wonders some of these spirit people can perform. I myself have seen and encountered some stupendous things and extraordinary (again in their way) spirit people . But I must tell you all that means nothing to me and the persons they see as authority, whether they take on the guise of a bearded king in the sky, a glorious angel, “Jesus,” or some other religious, or for some demonic, notable is to me the most hateful fraud and villain, and I do want such people to know that those characters they listen to are to me not only without real value, but are nothing but the most worthless gang of hoodlums, louts, cheats, and murderers. (Though let me do say I do not necessarily hold such rancor toward their slaves and subordinates, most of whom have little or no say in what goes on, and in some instances are actually deserving of pity and sympathy.)

They came to me. I never sought them. The value claimed for them by their followers is to me one great hallucination. I for my part do not now nor ever want anything of theirs except their absence, and, if possible, their good behavior toward others who can't get away from them. If they have real value, why have these people been clinging on to me for dear life all these years when in my eyes they (referring to those holding the reins of power) are as loathed and condemned as anyone could be? At times, they will say "God" loves me. Well, their "God" is not mine, and the love, if you can call it that, of the person they refer to is to me no better than a disease. I want these people to know this, and not kid themselves that I somehow just don't understand. I do understand. They are the ones who don't. If you believe these people, that's your business. But you have absolutely no right forcing or bargaining on the basis of what is to other people false religion, magical holdings, pirated riches, chimerical authority, and bum credit, and then attempt to foist these as your excuse, as if all along you were somehow doing such as myself a big favor.

Why don't we rarely if ever see the blue ribbon-keep speech free on the internet campaign anymore? I've even had posts of mine taken down at "Independent" media sites. Spam for many runs riot, and legitimate e-mail addresses, sometimes used in disguise by spammers are, as result, trashed and made defunct. Not much effort on the part of the FBI evidently to combat these kinds of problems -- to say the least. Presumably all this is because Hell has to a large extent (certainly it would seem to me) taken charge of the internet. For clearly enhanced and more ready communications between peoples could only unite us, when of course it has always been Hell's policy (at least as far back as the Tower of Babel) to divide and conquer
The news is the Chinese are increasing their military? Good. If so then maybe they'll take over and make us civilized again.
That old story of a prince or princess kidnapped and raised by peasants or robbers, as in Greek myths, sundry fairy tales, Dickens, Mark Twain, the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, and other authors, has been told many times, and for good reason. Life is like this. We, as well as the animals for that matter, came from God and heaven. Yet somehow along the way the devil abducted us. Now why anyone would make friends with him, that I could never figure. Well, in any case, here we are.
Oh how I was groaning this morning when I woke up! (These people pretty much bother me around the clock you understand.) I'm sorry, but these spirit people and those who listen to them are so unbelievably stupid! Sure, we're all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Yes, we need to do better. But you don't know how horrifyingly stupid these people really are! They think they can engage in the most rank evil, and then will reward and privilege themselves with glamour, elite honors, and grand luxuries: act like they are "cool dude" who is funny, who is sophisticated, clever. What a joke! More foul and disgusting you simply cannot imagine! You can't even begin to have it good living like that or doing things their way. Yet they still go on in this manner, full of themselves, and routinely abusing and taking advantage of others with their lies, robberies and violence.
He is neither an open, honest, rational or compassionate person. Not very, certainly. But trust him with your own and your family's life. Why? Because "He knows about these things a certain way" (i.e. because he listens to spirit people.)
They want to act like they're funny and everybody's having a good time, but actually they are depressed and despondent, and rightly so after doing so many horrible things. That's why also they always have an eye out for a next victim.
"Would you like a little sewage in your bowl of soup? Or bits of filth with your flowers?"

If you won't fight Hell this is what you are saying you are willing to put up with. Unless you are willing to be crucified, simply preaching love and peace won't rid you of Hell. (Where's the KISS Army when you need them?)

Some will say "that's life." Baloney. That is the life you are choosing or the life you are letting someone else choose for you.
What to say: "Any stooge or liar could scorn, mock, or plead lack of time. Now a rational person, on the other hand, could reason. You are not reasoning, nor are you being honest."
They want to act like they're funny and everybody's having a good time, but actually they are depressed and despondent, and rightly so after doing so many those horrible things, that's why also they always have an eye out for a next victim.
"Would like a little seweage in your bowl of soup? Or bits of filth with your flowers?"

If you won't fight Hell this is what you are saying you are willing to put up with. Unlesss you are willing to be crucified, simply preaching love and peace won't rid you of Hell. (Where's the KISS army when you need them?)

Some will say "that's life." Baloney. That is the life you are choosing or the life you are letting someone else choose for you.
What to say: "Any stooge or liar could scorn, mock, or plead lack of time. Now a rational person, on the other hand, could reason. You are not reasoning, nor are you being honest."
"The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice"*

(*I saw this again recently and liked how it sounded, so I'm posting it here for fun. The devil who makes it his business to bother me regularly evidently saw irrefutable and cautionary wisdom to it, which only made me like it all the more.)

The apologists of evil are attempting to defend Hell by quoting General Sherman "War is Hell" and "War is cruelty." I do believe that the general was referring to combating men who are armed versus unarmed or already captured. But of course the Hell people would have you believe that no distinction needs to be made here.*

The reality is the torture spoken of in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo is simply "Jerry Springer," "Celebrity Fear Factor," "The Nanny," ad nauseum, brought over seas. We see people being degraded and abused all the time, and these our own citizens.

Now I ask you in all seriousness, who do these people think they are fooling?

The shameful fact is many or most of the big shots with money, that reported 1% that controls most of the material wealth in this country, are people who have betrayed their country and made a pact with literal Hell. As a result, it is part of their and their employee's duties to defend their "other worldly" benefactors and partners with such propaganda and dissembling.

* And as well, as many of you know, the Geneva Convention puts restraints even on what armed combatants can do. So what then is the grounds of saying in that in any given war there are no ethical rules to be respected? As far back as the Revolutionary War in this country, "dumb dumb" bullets, or bullets with say a nail driven through them, which actually shred the target's flesh, were proclaimed as outlaw by both Gen. Washington and the British high command. What then now in these times should we expect, that mustard and nerve gas be used to facilitate the victory of freedom and democracy?


"I'm gonna climb up,
gonna climb up,
climb up the beanstalk.
I never have seen,
never have seen,
seen such a mean stalk.
I'm gonna find out,
gonna find out,
find out what lives there,
find out what gives there
and then..."

That's as much as I can remember, and if memory serves this was by Rodgers and Hammerstein. But if so, I can't for the life of me find a trace of it on the internet. I would be glad if someone would write and inform me on this, but as you might already know, and for a number of years now, I rarely get non-business or personal e-mail anymore. Oh well.

As a very general and basic rule of thumb, and without presuming to judge a specific given person (of course), I believe the following is true, while also being of the very highest and utmost importance to our lives:

1) More "dazzling white or golden light" than "devoted love, and honest and rational truth" this will lead you to Hell and or Purgatory.

2) More "devoted love, and honest and rational truth" than "dazzling white or golden light" will get you heaven and or peace on earth.

Torture and the Pursuit of Happiness

When asked whether he thought the charges leveled against the reported Guantanomo tortures should be seen as "absurd" (as described by President Bush) or reflective of the new Gulag Archipelago (as claimed by human rights watch groups), former Pres. Clinton replied (to the effect) "somewhere in between." Clearly he was implying that some roughing up of prisoners was necessary to get information from them. Where does this mentality come from? And where in our nation's history have our political leaders ever condoned the roughing up of anyone who was unarmed and in custody?

This is sheer madness and symptomatic of the Hell dominated times we've been living in. I beg all of you then who have any humanity and decency left in you, do not buy or allow yourself to be taken in by the viciousness the establishment has displayed for the past 15 plus years, whether in the government or the media. Do keep the faith that we can overcome such evil ways of thinking, because such (aside from Hell himself) is the true enemy and danger to this nation, and not these purported foreign terrorists. Freedom and respect for human rights should not be restricted to those with "club membership" but should be extended to all, regardless of nationality. Cruelty and physical abuse of others (and who are unarmed no less), even the guilty, is no way to promote freedom and democracy. Such only undermine our greatest strength which is a love and respect of justice and fairness, and which accompany a desire for freedom and happiness for all -- an ideal I would think our Declaration of Independence makes more than plain.

The world looks on heaven with deliberate contempt, while to heaven the world doesn't truly exist.
When you aren't rational, you don't attack another's argument or idea you attack their person. Hence whenever there's serious disagreement, and reason is absent, war and violence are inevitable.
When you are fighting real tyranny you are fighting not one, but two enemies: the tyranny and Hell. This is why until Hell is fully defeated we will always be outnumbered.
If they come to crucify you just when your waking up, that's the worst. But be up long enough to see how rotten things are these days and you won't mind nearly so much.

With respect to President Bush's recent comments on the reported torture and abuse of prisoners being held at the Guantanamo naval base, off hand (and based on my own experience of being literally tortured for over 12 years, right here in this country no less. See my "Narrative.") I rather suspect what he means or may mean is this:

Americans are not responsible for human rights abuse in Guantanamo -- and they aren't. No rather it is Hell who did and or does carry out the human rights abuse.

Why then does he allow Hell to do these things?

Because "Heaven" told him it was o.k. (for them to do this.)

And this friends is how these things do and have gone on for ages.

Yet if this is true, don't be so especially hard on President Bush since some well meaning left wing activists, as well as some well meaning church people react the exact same way in similar circumstances.

"Instant karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead
What in the world you thinking of
Laughing in the face of love
What on earth you tryin’ to do
It’s up to you, yeah you

"Instant karma’s gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
Better get yourself together darlin’
Join the human race
How in the world you gonna see
Laughin’ at fools like me
Who on earth d’you think you are
A super star
Well, right you are

"Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well we all shine on
Ev’ryone come on

"Instant karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Ev’ryone you meet
Why in the world are we here
Surely not to live in pain and fear
Why on earth are you there
When you’re ev’rywhere
Gonna get your share

"Well we all shine on" (etc.)


SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Magick dope and Heavenly feel-good as used by demons and false (or fool) angels, respectively, can be injurious to your health. Side effects include delusions of helping people, dishonesty, memory loss, and irrationality.

I was watching "The Premature Burial" (1962) with Ray Milland last night (an interesting film by the way.) Whoa boy, talk about hitting the nail on the head! Woe unto you who scheme and do such things -- or who allow such things to happen!

Look, the rest of you, and if you don't know already, if you don't do the right thing as best you can, if you won't be truthful, and try to be rational as much as you can, the simple fact is, for all your laughing and grinning, your mind will much more likely become susceptible to control, and of your person, by devilment and demonism (and yes there are such things.) Moreover, your complicity in or indifference to what might seem on the surface harmless enough, may turn out to be part of something being done on someone else's part which is genuinely sinister and diabolical, and being realized thanks to your unwitting assistance, and for all the good works you are doing elsewhere.

"You believe these people only because you are thoroughly frightened of them. If you weren't you would not be so subservient to their interests and dictates. Why then do you act as though you go along with them willingly or that it is a good idea to do so? Do you mean to say that if we could regularly scare you to death enough as much you would be fond of and obey us also?"
If we, as a given community, are not promoting people on the basis of real talent and merit, what are we promoting them on the basis of? And when we do this what happens to the integrity of businesses and public institutions? Now someone will say that is not a problem because those without real talent or merit will be out competed. But that assumes there is free trade and fair competition. And what if such, in more everyday life, if not in point of law, are frowned upon or prohibited? What you will get, obviously, is a mismanaged society, which opens its self up to attack and plundering by others who could care less about the public's best interests.
"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."
~ 2nd Corinthians, 3:17

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves; we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body. For we who live are constantly being delivered over to death for Jesus' sake, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. So death works in us, but life in you."
~ 2nd Corinthians, 4:7-12

"Now He who prepared us for this very purpose is God, who gave to us the Spirit as a first installment."
~ 2nd Corinthians, 5:5

"What the cloud doeth
The Lord knoweth,
The cloud knoweth not.
What the artist doeth,
The Lord knoweth;
Knoweth the artist not?

"Well-answered! - O dear artists, ye
- Whether in forms of curve or hue
Or tone your gospels be -
Say wrong This work is not of me,
But God:
it is not true, it is not true.

"Awful is Art because 'tis free.
The artist trembles o'er his plan
Where men his Self must see.
Who made a song or picture, he
Did it, and not another, God nor man.

"My Lord is large, my Lord is strong:
Giving, He gave: my me is mine.
How poor, how strange, how wrong,
To dream He wrote the little song
I made to Him with love's unforced design!

"Oh, not as clouds dim laws have plann'd
To strike down Good and fight for Ill, -
Oh, not as harps that stand
In the wind and sound the wind's command:
Each artist - gift of terror! - owns his will.

"For thee, Cloud, - if thou spend thine all
Upon the South's o'er-brimming sea
That needs thee not; or crawl
To the dry provinces, and fall
Till every convert clod shall give to thee

"Green worship; if thou grow or fade,
Bring on delight or misery,
Fly east or west, be made
Snow, hail, rain, wind, grass, rose, light, shade;
What matters it to thee? There is no thee.

"Pass, kinsman Cloud, now fair and mild:
Discharge the will that's not thine own.
I work in freedom wild,
But work, as plays a little child,
Sure of the Father, Self, and Love, alone.

-- from "The Cloud," by Sidney Lanier (1842-1881)

"Gently they stir, gently rise.
The dead are newborn awakening
With ravaged limbs and wet souls,
Gently they sigh in rapt funeral amazement.
Who called these dead to dance?
Was it the young woman learning to play the ghost song on her baby grand?
Was it the wilderness children?
Was it the ghost god himself, stuttering, cheering, chatting blindly?
I called you up to anoint the earth.
I called you to announce sadness falling like burned skin.
I called to wish you well,
To glory in self like a new monster.
And now I call on you to pray."

~ from "American Prayer," by Jim Morrison

To Oafmore, Boika, etc.

If you are going to act like you know everything then --

1. stop lying and 2.


(What is it with people that they are against the truth -- especially those who act like they know everything?)
Some Logic Relating to the Concept of (Real) Heaven or heavens

Because it's bad, say, “here” (where we are) this doesn't mean it is better or it must, logically or ethically, be the case that it be bad somewhere, or “all-where,” else. Second because it is not bad somewhere else (say in a real heaven), it doesn't necessarily mean that people there don't care about where it is bad, nor further are they necessarily responsible that it is bad somewhere else (say like here), though certainly Hell would like you to think otherwise. But then it’s Hell after all whose to blame. To say, in other words, that because it’s bad here, or, say, in Hell, it must be bad everywhere, is not fair to those who do behave themselves decently and those people who want to rid the world of Hell, but who simply can’t get others to agree with them on this point. There is no shame therefore that there is or might be a heaven or heavens, though there might be if people there were completely indifferent, and actually were in a position to really do anything.

Now true, many people who could do so, ought to help fight and rid the world of Hell. Yet, as you can see they won't do it because they are frightened, too stupid, or because the money is too good. While some of the frightened or ignorant, say in the way of children or very simple people, you could expect to be in heaven or a heaven, you could hardly expect these to be responsible for Hell. Others in Heaven would fight Hell, some do, but if people elsewhere vote against them on this, what then are they supposed to do? Make themselves continually unhappy for false consistency's sake? At best all they could do is attempt to rescue those from Hell who don't deserve it, and this could not possibly include those who take Hell's part and regularly vote for Hell (and, say, irresponsibly give into big, corrupt money, for instance.)

Don't forget either that there also are those, like me, Gun Jones of the U.S. 22nd Aero Squadron, who would blow the Hell, spirit people, leadership up if we could. But that's another story.

If In These Times

And if in these times,
we missed out
on the world,
what did we
end up missing,
but insincerity,
phony baloney?

All you ever did
that was really worthy,
All you ever made,
You did it for someone else.
It could not have been
for yourself.

You may not believe it,
but somewhere,
apart from your problems,
there actually is a place
where there are no problems,
and with (believe it or not)
a place that is yours...

Only they way it is,
we're under attack
for some reason,
we'll just have to deal with it.

I dunno -- maybe it's the Ben Turpin in me -- but Snuffy Smith is one of my favorite comic strips, and Griffy has his work cut out for himself catching up with, in my opinion. Anyway, there was this wonderful frame it had not long ago which I thought I'd share if you hadn't already seen it (note the boy placed in the middle of the group of kids.)


The Epic of this Age: A Billionaire's Story

I cracked up when I saw the cover of "The Aviator." They make De Carprio look like a little demon or sprite. No doubt a perfect mirror of our masked billionaire Oafmore (though the gall of that Oaf comparing himself to Howard Hughes, who could at least be said to have had real talent and intelligence.)

When you can face me, and honestly, then I'll consider taking you seriously.
"A Frankenstein Life for Me" -- not for me! (or some off-the-cuff briefly)

Two main reasons we frequently have such truly atrocious and horrifying problems as we see, hear or read about is:
a. These spirit people are not really supposed to be alive, at least not in our own midst, and even if they are (or it's somehow o.k.) they are not supposed to be mixing surreptitiously or scheming with regular people.
b. You have certain regular people listening to these spirit people as if they were higher life, when, as stated, and at least as far as this or our world is concerned, these spirit people, whether angel, ghost or demon, or what have you, are not really of life or of this life to begin with, but brain washed interlopers dispatched or let loose as invaders. As a result, and under the guidance of the "evil one," or someone as much as like this, the two groups band together and, in many instances, just end up taking over the place.

Straight Talk

(Some of you might find this useful and of practical value. For others who don't quite understand its meaning and purpose, you will just have to bear with me.)

"Admit it.
You live your life
for the evil one.
He owns you.
You work for him.
You are his property.
It is the evil one
who is your lord and savior,
and not whom you claim.
You can't deny the fact
even if you wanted to!
The facts speak
louder than anything.
For who else has to do
so much wrong as you do?
Seeing how you live your life
-- really doing nothing --
is it any wonder then,
you have nothing to live for?

"In sum,
if we really want
to know what you think,
we'll ask your master.
Because there's
no point
asking you,
now is there?"


To an Angel

When you took that bribe
In fear,
And sold that child
In tears,
Did you realize you
Were selling also
Your heart and soul?
Smog that glows,
Slave high in the sky,
Golden ghost,
Your life is a lie.
Time is on our side,
Because truth forever abides.
If then we are true,
And before we do,
You, coward, will die.


Here's a next question then. Is what is unnatural evil? The answer to this is (again it seems to me) not necessarily. Something unnatural, say like plastic, galvanized rubber, or websites(!), are probably not natural, but can be something good (and therefore not evil) as along as they don't actually override or had at the cruel or unjust expense of nature. In other words, we who are or wish to be natural, can afford a certain amount of what is "unnatural" as long as we are not inhuman, or excessively unjust and irrational.

Justice and reason then guard the border between acceptable or tolerable unnaturalness versus evil, which we don't want. Now getting at specifically what is warranted and excusable unnaturalness versus unwarranted and inexcusable unnaturalness, in the case of evil, obviously is or could be subject to some debate. Yet I believe, nevertheless, the basic and preliminary distinction (as I present it here) is a feasible and a sound one.