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I was passing Arlo Guthrie's website, and a quote of his was put up there citing (to the effect) that ancient wisdom that there is no light without darkness. Which made me think. Light needs dark, but preferably, and most of the time, not too much. And love or liking needs a little disliking, but again, in most instances you would think, not too much. This said, evil is not the same thing as darkness, nor is willful hatred mere disliking. Light, dark, like, dislike, these are natural. But evil and hatred, though they be garbed in darkness or disliking (respectively), it seems to me, are not. An exception to this might be a circumstance where revulsion toward someone or something could take on the form of hatred. But in the case of a forced reaction of this kind, say where someone fulsome is forcing themselves on you, I would not consider this premeditated hatred, thus not willful (at least according to my way of thinking.)
Who is It?

While I don't hesitate to criticize spirit people (such as I sometimes write about), it is hard on the other hand, to know what regular people should be specifically criticized or our concerns brought to because we don't know who, really, we are supposed to take seriously. Take Bill Gates for instance. Is he really the one with all those billions, or is he in truth window dressing for someone else? Window dressing or not (no pun intended), people are still afraid to criticize him because of all that money he has. But if he’s the real man of power, then what if he actually is a bad person? Could anything be done about him even if we, as the American people, wanted to? I don't say that he is a bad person, but merely put forth the question as a hypothetical, because, again, as I first stated, I don't really know who it is we, as American citizens, are supposed to be taking seriously. President Bush seems like a fundamentally good person, but who these days believes him to know what really going on in this country? No doubt, all this is deliberately set up this way by Hell in order that the buck can be passed on indefinitely, or ignored flat out. Certainly it wouldn’t hurt, I don’t think, if we had something like a return to free speech and free trade, and a respect for basic human rights (with respect to the latter, and for one example, see my "Narrative" below if you don't know already what I am talking about.)

Any one -- if it's One -- you can't possibly beat it.
Traditional aversion to or ridicule of discussing spirit people seriously is well brought out in Washington Irving's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow." There the main character, who reads Cotton Mather, is portrayed as a buffoon, and who by tale's end doesn't get the girl. Yet as literature the story is a good one, and despite it's satirical nature, has actually been helpful in demystifying the supernatural by putting it in perspective and making it less frightening to ordinary people. At the same time, despite the ridiculousness of Ichabod Crane, trying to use "Legend" to champion deviltry has been far from successful. In retrospect, like Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel, or Swift's Gulliver, the work can be fairly seen as representing part of the process and evolution of our coming to grips with the spirit people problem. (William Blake, interestingly enough, once referred to Irving as a "sent" man.)

* Or for that matter well educated and otherwise highly intelligent people, including such as Spinoza who was so sheepish as to brush aside the reality of spirit people in a very thoughtless and uncharacteristically dogmatic manner. Yet if the reported senility of Kant's later years was actually and in point of fact an effort to discredit possible attempts on his part to deal with and address the subject, we may perhaps better understand Spinoza's seeming carelessness

There is this sense, and one very strong with some people, that as a society we somehow owe the devil or hell something. But this is only true if we can't fight him, and we can't fight him if we aren't rational, honest, courageous: with a mind capable of real fairness and charity toward the weak and unfortunate. Yet if we are these things and do have these qualities, not only don't we owe him anything, but he owes us. This isn't so hard to understand except that some people think God is a devil and or vice versa, and this is what most messes up people's thinking. Part of the reason for this latter is that these spirit people, who when they are encountered are not held to the same standard as regular people, and are simply allowed to do their thing without being held publicly accountable. To compound this, and at the same time, though they appear like an awe inspiring angel or well known religious figure, they are or can be far, far more duplicitous, ruthless, unjust and criminal than any regular person could even conceive of being. It is imperative therefore that it become more possible for people to discuss spirit people openly, objectively, and scientifically, without partiality for or prejudice against, regardless of their phenomenal power or religious appearance they have or take on. It is the height of folly and madness to just defer to these people's judgments, which if you don't already know, some unthinkingly do, and for a long time now. And if we as humanity can't keep powerful spirit people in line or in check by a common and collective effort, we may just as well give up entirely, and resign ourselves to chance and destruction. It's really that simple.
Yes, it's true he is in league with ----, and yes they are the very worst. But it is important to bear in mind, his complicity arises out of fear and stupidity, and not really out of badness of heart or intention. Either then have the patience to deal with him as you would an unruly child or someone with mental problems, or else ignore him altogether. If you go to rashly accusing and blaming, this will neither persuade him to the truth, nor will it make yourself more credible to others.
One of the earliest incidents from my childhood I can recall involved the family getting ready to sit down to dinner. I must have been about 4 or 5. I heard my mother or father asking, with respect to my older brother, who must have been 6 or 7, "what was wrong?" The explanation given (by the other parent) was that he was crying because we were having duck. He was then (apparently) told it was all right and that settled the matter. In later remembering and thinking about this occurrence, I then and ever since admired and was impressed by his natural pity and unreflective sensitivity, which he of course, and like most everybody else, effectively lost after training and acculturation.
Our Real-Life Horror Movie

It is and has been characteristic of some of my opponents to stumble over the most rudimentary logic. Take my "Ode to Hell" below. Now reading that they are such simpletons as to conclude "well, I see from what you wrote that you don't want to be a Christian anymore." They cannot grasp that such a person as I describe is not really Jesus or has anything to do with. But according to their (lack of reasoning) if such a one has great power, glows in dazzling white, is accompanied by angels, and says "I am the resurrection and the life" (for example), then this must be the real Jesus.

Similarly, I am treated as if I don't know what I am talking about. But if I don't then why the need to have hounded me all these many years, and to have gone to such trouble to discredit and censor me? They have even yanked things I posted at Indy (Independent Media) websites. For my part, I could care less about these childish people or the spirit persons they take guidance from. Yet both, for over a decade now, have been leeching onto me for dear life as if I were their security blanket: frightening, bribing, blackmailing, bluffing, and brainwashing others so that they (these others) will keep away from assisting me.

It is these same people, or at least people like them, who have brought us the many domestic horror stories of the past few decades: serial killers, McMartin pre-school case, Jonestown, Waco, Heaven's Gate cult, sleazoid-sex-pornography (in prime time, or else check out the necrophilia available in one of the more comprehensive DVD catalogs), Harry Potter and the promotion of witchcraft and ninjas (masked assassins) in children's programs, spy-cams, and much more sorts of unabashed hideousness or else depravity we might mention.

Yet society (police, lawyers, academics, church, etc. such as I have dealt with) protects and rewards them, and abandoned me to their clutches. But I should not be so surprised on the other hand either because the police, lawyers, etc. have abandoned even helpless children and young people to satiate the blood and flesh lust of these monsters, acting as though nothing (outside of alleged middle east terrorists) seriously wrong is going on to begin with. Even so, (and without, of course, presuming to take precedence over the latter), I never cease to be baffled by people's crassness, stupidity, and indifference.

We do require that God be good. How else would we know it was God? Because he could rent the Empire State Building? Because he could do more impressive magic tricks than David Copperfield? But if you think this is too presumptuous of us, we do at least assume that he is as or more interesting than any of his creation. I find it hard to believe that anyone would assign deity to any person or persons who was less interesting than an episode of some popular television series. And if this one you say is Him, then why does he need to force himself on people, when even His creatures do not even need to do this to get from us what they need or want? And why further should he be regularly employing wealthy liars, cowards, hypocrites and bullies as his messengers or representatives? Was Herod the Great then a man of God? Yet see what power that king possessed.
To --

The "human mind can't touch it?" Well, whose then can and, how did you figure this out? Did you not conclude this from your own, that is "human," thinking?

Or did you actually mean the "human mind under the threat of violence can't touch it?"

"Ode to Hell," or the Anti-Aircraft Battery Hymn

He glows a dazzling white
from the blue on high
surrounded by angels
and smiling
with a picture
of a real lamb
on his golden crest ---
yet without
the least shred
or pulse
of real heart,
or humanity
to be found in either himself
or his angelic followers.
Seen afar from deep space,
they must look on the globe
like an Emperor's
imperial entourage
proceeding majestically,
and across
the cloud adorned sky,
Los Angeles to Seattle;
and on their way
to spread the gospel of blind fear,
in thunderous
Dolby(c) Surround-Sound.
May his be the stink,
the rot,
the confinement,
the torture,
the poison,
the human rights abuse,
now and forever.

Things I've Heard Said

"That fellow is a most funny fellow."

"That fellow is a poor fellow."

"He needs a fair bite to eat."

If you are so situated, say your waiting for someone or something, and you have the leisure to watch people and animals, even plants, passing by, so to speak, your heart sometimes goes out to them. You want to help them. You would like them to be contented or happy somehow, and don't see why they can't be. But then here's this group -- a very financially profitable one at that -- which makes it their business to gratuitously attack and degrade, just in case anyone is being or else having it too good. Not only that, but sometimes they are the same ones ruling over us. Talk about frustration!

A Sad Case

That one should weep over lack of worldly fame is usually not something that should be taken all that seriously. Yet we are some times even so dismayed if so and so is not better known or recognized for their merit (perhaps, in a given instance, we hope their feelings are not hurt.)

But real woe comes from having no friends, no real family, and even fame cannot guarantee you these even if you have it. And who laments you when you have no family or friends (say because you lost them or some other reason?) Yet if you went unrecognized for your merit or achievement there might well be someone who would pity or sympathize with you for that (or perhaps not.)

Further, real woe comes from madness, and not being able to deal with reality, or to have someone else do your thinking for you who does not really know what he is talking about. Now if you are famous you still have to go by someone else’s standard of excellence (i.e. you cannot just unilaterally declare yourself famous and expect people to agree with you.) In making such a choice as to whose judgment to go to by and confirm your own, you must show good sense, otherwise your fame itself could be madness. This shows that good judgment precedes in importance any real or purported fame and honors.

A Study in Contrasts

Two more songs managed to slip past my "Rhapsody" crucible ("best of the best which I don't already have"), which being such perfect (or near perfect) songs, I thought I must in fairness also mention:

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" -- Elton John (I never quite understood Elton John, but at least this one song of his is a kind of masterpiece. And though I am not entirely sure what the song is about, it evokes a very, and wonderful, moody kind of feeling. Really superb.)
"Morning Has Broken" -- Cat Stevens

To a Comfortable Fiend

I am not one of the innocent who is crucified, but consider myself their friend and servant. If I permit my own being crucified, it could only be for their protection and well being, for you or your master have absolutely nothing you could possibly reward or recompense them or me with, except your absence.

(This is big wrangling point with me and these people. The simple fact is they have no real value. If you did trust them what you will get for your trouble is the Arabian Nights, only after which you would wake up on a prison farm somewhere, or worse, find yourself one of their disgusting nobility, constantly needing to do things to hurt people [as part of your duties.])

(Regarding "Dapnis and Chloe" of Longus [c. 2nd century A.D.] and "Aethiopica" of Heliodorus of Emesa [c. 3rd century A.D.]) Two of the earliest extent romances in western literature outside of traditional myths and epic poetry. A key difference between romantic stories, and such heroic tales and adventures as can be found in early Greek myths, Homer, Virgil, and Ovid, is that romances are usually and by comparison about more ordinary people, as opposed to gods and legendary/historical figures. Pastoral, i.e shepherd, poetry comes close, only the aspect of narrative there is very limited. What redeems characters in a romance, thus raising them to a level of interest, is their loyalty and devotion (to each other), thus giving them a certain nobility and significance (at least as literary characters) they otherwise do not possess.
One thing to be observed about these kinds of hoaxes or charades is that they are sometimes, and premeditatedly, carried out with people in real life situations, including in courts and legal cases. And sometimes if the charade or hoax is not believed by the person it is being put upon, then out and out violence might be resorted to. So you see, such are not always of the less harmful and mere prankster kind, such as in the films discussed.

I have spoken derisively and somewhat facetiously of the "League of Horror" and the "Organization Against Freedom," but these people are real. What's more my justification in cataloging certain spirit people and their henchmen this way, is (I think) also borne out and supported by an examination of how totalitarian regimes typically have their two main orders, namely 1. The "everybody" group (O.A.F.), i.e. the Nazi's, the Soviets, Ceausescu-ites, or such social/political party, and 2. the elite of the party (L.O.H.), yet who are independent and free to live as they like, as long as they show fidelity to the party. This may also mean that the elite can or are instructed to carry out the most ruthless cruelty and violence, and this on the grounds of maintaining the needs and interests of the social order, and or that of certain of its more important leaders. So that what goes in the spirit realm, we find matched among more ordinary human beings, that is, if the social climate is otherwise secretive, (excessively) punitive, and repressive of human rights.

Now this all said, I do not mean to imply that a basic two tiered political hierarchy is at all necessarily a bad thing, only that this is the typical structure Hell people will ordinarily resort to in large scale social systems.

In modern times religion in such (regular-human) societies can be neutralized simply by bringing in some (phony) angels or perhaps also religious figure who will tell them how to conduct themselves. On the other hand, other religionists, and not "under the secret influence," can actually be spearheading the resistance against the politically overreaching. In this way religion occupies an odd, but nevertheless important role. Religion in the age of kings, by interesting comparison, could be a lot more complicated to arrange.*

What kind of set up and how extensive a one does Hell have in our own country today? This I absolutely will not say, but prefer you to put the two and two together of this question lest you think, or others accuse me, of my giving you ideas.

* The designer(s) of Microsoft's "Rise of Nations" game, and by means of that game, puts forth the interesting thesis that churches are built in order to increase tax revenue.

"Catch Me If You Can"

I again came across another alleged cult movie classic which I very strongly believe is another hoax film, called "Robot Monster," and which I also suspect was done by the same person who did "Maniac" (which I wrote about earlier.) There is nothing special about the film, except I wanted to remark on what these films suggest to me about the person who made them.

* He apparently prefers or as a necessity needs to assume a very overt secret identity. In this case, in "Robot Monster," he wants you to think he is a funny person. The problem is is that he isn't. In doing a satire, one usually tries to mimic people who take themselves or what they believe perhaps too seriously. This hoax film maker doesn't know what real sincerity is so that he fails in recreating it, such that his attempts at satire ring false and, as a result, are not funny. The secret identity, incidentally, I take to be necessary as making it possible for him to be a career criminal.
* This person has a rather strange obsession with children, as if he saw himself as just a kid again or wished to be. This may be a semi-conscious and natural defensive-reaction for him, in that being in denial about his serious guilt, he doesn't want himself or others to think of himself as really such a bad person. The simple fact of that matter being that he is in with spirit people but has yet to adequately grasp how bad they really are, this despite the fact that he himself has probably already been involved in some very grisly crimes.
* Scenes of reptiles fighting, and rather gratuitous at that, are reflective of the sort of mental and emotional turmoil I personally know individuals involved with heavy duty sorcery to struggle with. (Compare also with the cat and dog fighting in "Maniac.")
* In one scene the space commander/alien from beyond is shown with bubbles floating around him. This is another strong suggestion to me that this hoax film maker is in with witchcraft people, because there are these sort of dirty bubbles, which can be made to float around a person, befouling them, and it is very likely that the sorcerer this film maker is dealing with or himself sometimes has that problem. (If you watch the film itself, you will better know what I mean.)
* A certain, and, for their purported time, it seems to me, unlikely ethnicity is injected into both "Maniac" and "Robot Monster." This interest may be something feigned entirely or else is something his sorcerer encourages in the film maker, for the purpose of discrediting an ethnic group(s) or else the ethnic group the film maker actually belongs to (that is by associating that group with this "troubled" and not very likable or credible person.)
(* I would otherwise consider it going without saying, but obviously he is oblivious to the fact that, while he attempts to use and fool others in their trust, he himself is being used and made a fool of by someone else; who in this case is this spirit person he regularly listens to.)

"Those people are the most merciless, unjust, duplicitous, and hypocritical people there ever were, and yet you justify your actions on the basis of them?"

Before I ever knew or met these spirit people directly, I do have and always have had the sense that, come what may, and when all was said and done, love conquers all. For this reason, I never needed some ghost or spirit person to prove the fact that there is life after this life, though I admit I think I was usually somewhat curious about seeing or knowing about a ghost or ghost if there were any. Then after actually seeing real spirit people, including ghosts, this did nothing to add to my belief in immortality, because of this prior assumption of: “Amor Vincit Omnia." For what was or is greater than love? Yet rather risibly, some of the regular, i.e. flesh-and blood, people who have harassed or continue to harass me, have acted at times as if they had done me a favor by bring these spirit people into my life -- as if I could not possibly know about life after death, except by knowing about these literal spirit people! This pose is all the more ludicrous because these spirit people, whether angel, ghost, demon or otherwise, whether in the sky or elsewhere, and who these regular people know of and consort with, are mostly (if not all) dead people of a kind, and in no way can compare to the idea of immortality, based, in life, that (as a Christian) I already knew to begin with. At the same time, these “spiritists” by trying to condescend or mock me with what they deemed my great ignorance, in the process, only revealed their own (relatively speaking) to be infinitely greater.

"What a Joke!," or the Silence of the "Lambs"

In the old days, say going back to Tammany Hall, one would not be surprised that there would be persons seated in high places taking bribes, and turning a blind eye to public interest. What then is more extraordinary about our own time is that such social potentates today might actually be themselves or in cahoots with serial killers and literal cannibals. How is such a thing possible? The big time criminals today have, in effect, entrenched themselves in "respectability" by working in cooperation with spirit people (as in famous religious figures, saints, angels, ghosts, demons, devils, gods, etc. -- I have seen them all and more) who can pose as representatives of either Heaven, Hell, or whatever you like. At the same time, such "powers that be" are armed with vast wealth, means of sophisticated mind control, and the most vicious violence conceivable, all of which cannot be combated, because their existence is publicly denied!

I was contemplating making a comparative list of the my arguments of my enemies versus my own. But, unless you would include the above factors mentioned, such as cheap jack violence, brain washing, bribery, and dirty tricks, they honestly and truly have no argument whatsoever -- Hence their regular need, then and now, to censor and deprive others the most rudimentary kind of fair hearing and means of open discussion.

The gross stupidity of all this, and taking place over such an extended period of many years now, is frankly and simply beyond belief. Though I have encountered many who have rejected my complaints and arguments, I have met none who disagreed with me yet, whether police, lawyer, priest, professor, doctor, media person, or activist who could refute me honestly and rationally. On the contrary what I have typically encountered is the most rude, childish, dissembling and evasive manners and deportment imaginable.

(For fun)

Last night I was having fun exploring one of the download music services (in this case "Rhapsody") looking for songs which I used to have on LP, tape, or 45, but which I don't have anymore (pretty much all my music being converted to CDs.) The idea was to find songs which given the restraints of my current budget I probably wasn't going to buy the CD for, but were otherwise the best of the best of post-fifties pop songs (with vocals, and non-show/theatrical) that I most preferred and which I didn't already have on CD for. The results were interesting because there were some songs I looked up which I was very enthusiastic about years ago, but which after I heard them again did not do all that much for me, i.e. had their day, or else just didn't have that "extra" to push them over the finish line now. There was also, for instance, the case of some E.L.O. songs I liked but I can't for the life of me recall the titles, as well as songs of others which I'd simply (and sadly) forgotten altogether. Here then are what turned out to be my keepers:

"Rope Ladder to the Moon" -- Jack Bruce (and aside from the Cream albums most of which I already have)*
"Can't Find My Way Home" -- Blind Faith/Steve Winwood
"If You Leave Me Now" -- Chicago/Pete Cetera
"Castles in the Air"(Mediarts version only) -- Don McLean
"Dust in the Wind" -- Kansas (great song to mock Mr."Nothing to live for" with if he comes around; calling him by the song's title)
"Space Oddity" -- David Bowie (though I, of course, have his Ziggy Stardust album)
"Run And Run" -- Psychedelic Furs*
"Straight Up" -- Paula Abdul
"Drop Dead Gorgeous" -- Republica
"Better Things" -- The Kinks (I plan to do a special Kinks recommendation one week. But I thought I would throw this song in with this list since, looking it over after the fact, it makes for quite a little rock opera, don't you think?) ;)

An odd mix yes, but that's how it turned out. Naturally, one might ask what are those songs/albums I do already have prior to this recent net-download music search? Well, unless they are already fairly widely known, you will probably (though, on the other hand, maybe not) see them or their artist's albums come up one day on the list of weekly recommendations. Finally, and as always, to each his own.

*The original albums these particular songs came off are themselves (all and all) top notch, and expect to be getting them sometime soon.
In musing and reflecting on turning the above list into a prospective "Beggar's Opera" (or make-your-own "Moulin Rouge") I would want to make the following, and sketchy I grant you, character assignments, some of which, if by chance you tried this yourself, you would probably have guessed.

"Rope Ladder to the Moon" (Overture, of some sort)
"Can't Find My Way Home" (old hippie whom protagonist is indifferent to)
"If You Leave Me Now" (protagonist)
"Castles in the Air"(protagonist)
"Dust in the Wind" ("strangers" protagonist meets)
"Space Oddity" (stranger #1 and protagonist)
"Run And Run" (party host)
"Straight Up" (girl #2)
"Drop Dead Gorgeous" (girl #1)
"Better Things" (protagonist)

On Making the Proper Adjustments

I've been betrayed and abandoned for a long time now, in fact many years. Really, it's appalling I admit. Who would not be baffled?

They will mock me to tell me how much I am missing out on things and people. But I wouldn't mind all of that, or even isolation, nearly so much were I not being regularly beat up, typically with demons, angels, or their brain torture radios. No, all this suffering comes from them, and belongs to them. And why? Because they are so abominably guilty, or else have thrown in their lot with someone who is. Look how they will play and pretend as if it didn't matter. Yet guilt is where real and lasting pain comes from. And just stop and think how guilty these people are.

So, strictly speaking, I don't necessarily need help. I only need to get away from these people,which is not necessarily the same thing. Yet I have someone to take care of, so that getting away is not so easy for me. And but for my plight, I don't care really so much about what others think. Let others think as they please. I have no complaints otherwise. I'm a happy person and have very much to be grateful for.

Yet however so bad -- or so good -- things are, may I always conduct myself rightly. May I only not worry about things I shouldn't really worry about. Come what may, God's will be done!

But if it be possible, Lord deliver us soon from the monsters, whether they come to punish or reward, and whether they come as angels, ghosts, or rich men.

To a Devil

You're so guilty, so shameless, so messed up, so out of your mind, I wouldn't listen to advice from you even if you were right.

To Sham Authority

There is a level of negativity, viciousnesss and cruelty you will so not recognize, let alone arrest, and can't even you find your own indifference Hell-like?

To avoid something think of its negation, as in NOT this bowl, or NOT this chair, etc.
What wouldn't you give to tell somebody feeling abandoned and rejected that you love them, and very much so? Yet thanks to the regime, you can't do this.

A: Why isn't God there at times when I am unhappy?

B: Because if he was there you wouldn't be.

A: What should I do?

B: Bear your cross, have faith, and think of those who had to do the same, and who, let's face it, less deserved it (did we but remember them.)

"Judge Not by Appearances, but by the Truth"

A few remarks briefly on the question of religious voices, apparitions, and spirit people and the Catholic Church.

If Jean d'Arc heard voices, and who guided her onto success, were not these from real heaven?

My reaction is that no they were not from real heaven. Yet we may rightly consider Joan a saint nevertheless. You see how such a thing could happen is this. These spirit people could know full in advance that Joan was someone very special, and took advantage of her piety and spirit, and thus used her to gain credibility for themselves. All the while and in truth she never needed any of them to have achieved the greatness she did. Further, she would not have needed to suffer so cruelly in death had she known to reject them. They may have offered to her useful insight or help in certain ways, but only insofar as doing such would ultimately be of help to themselves, say by being able to fool more people into their confidence. St. Paul's vision on the road to Damascus I suspect may have been the very same kind of thing -- seemingly (in his case) bringing about a change of heart that would nonetheless have taken place, regardless of the seemingly miraculous manifestation. Change of heart from within, by the working of the Holy Spirit would have made much more sense as an otherwise normal course of events, and to posterity been much less confusing.

The same I believe can be usually be said of where apparitions of the Virgin are encountered. Compare the words of “Jesus” of the Wounded Knee Ghost Dance (whom I made reference to earlier here) to the "Virgin" at Fatima for example. Once again you have some gifted and in their way devout people being taken advantage of by these spirit people who are, as part of their pitch, offering something with truth and wisdom to it, yet which given the circumstances, is misleading. The witnesses are legitimate, it is the spirit person who is not. I myself say the rosary daily (at least one of the mysteries), am a member of the Confraternity of the Rosary (for a number of years now), and personally would find such appearances or vocal messaging if they came my way to be something horrifying, for the simple reason that that is not how good people (whether spirit or otherwise) act --- appearing mysteriously, in secret, and ghost-like; making grave, if kindly seeming, proclamations; and are somehow above open, direct, and honest questioning.

All of which is to say, for heaven’s sake, use common sense! Understand also, and as I have said before, such spirit people may very well believe themselves to be who they say they are or appear to be, but even so are not, of course, the real "Jesus," "Mary," "the angel of the Lord," or whomever.

Uncle Renegade's Cabin**

The bottom line is this. If you want to be a free people you're going to have to stop lying and start being more rational. If you won't do this, consider it a guaranteed fact that you will be a slave to these spirit people who are up in the sky and behind the woodwork, and who are all minions of that same tyrant of old (which some have tragically mistaken for God.*)

* Note. Whom these days, and for all his "glorious" angels and other IMAX "religious" special effects, I find myself referring to as Myron Stackpool, and who telepathically controls his servants. And once you come to realize that this is what he is really like do you more properly understand why the world has so many of the horrifying and bizarre problems as it often has had down through the ages.
** And if he's not a renegade, then why is he running those radios?


By Thom Pace

There's a world
Where we don't have to run,
And maybe,
There's a time
We'll call our own,
Living free
In harmony and majesty,
Take me home,
Take me home.

Deep inside the forest
Is a door into
Another land.
Here is our life and home.
We are staying
here forever
In the beauty of this place
All alone,
We keep on hoping.

Maybe (etc.)

Walking through a land
where every living thing
is beautiful,
Why does it have to end?
We are calling,
Oh so sadly,
On the whispers of the wind
As we send
The dying message.

Maybe (etc.)


(I don't know I have ever heard a song more beautiful. It says something for the animals as well as people, and in this way could be said to speak for them also. "Maybe" is of course, as some will recognize, the old Grizzly Adams theme song -- though the second stanza was not, as best as I recall, included there. It's included on Thom's CD album "Not in Compliance," which is for the having on Ebay, Tower Records, and also Rhapsody online music/downloads. )

"Witchfinder General"

In the way of summing up much of what I have been saying for some time now ---

1. The vast majority, if not all, of the world's most serious problems stem from spirit people who have bullied and or inveigled themselves into our midst, and continue to act regularly as power brokers of a kind among individuals and peoples.

2. This is made possible because such people, whether as kinds of "angels" or "ghosts" assume a religious guise of one kind or another, or if not a religious guise some pretense to higher knowledge and authority.

3. These spirit people -- were it possible to do so -- should be purged and washed from our midst like filth since it is they, more than anyone or anything else, which carry the disease of extreme sorrow and suffering. Yet because many people are fooled or in awe of them (say if they appeared as an angel or as God's representative), it is unthinkable to even question such spirits, let alone combat them, and as a result we are made to endure their presence as if we had to, when, and if we knew better, we actually don't. In truth then we should endeavor to expel them from amongst ourselves as if they were a plague, regardless of what religious mantel they put on. As a corollary to this, and so I would further maintain, no one should need secret and conversant spirit people to practice their religion, unless it be the Holy Spirit, the Great Spirit, and or else single universal spirit which does not take on a particular worldly form, such as an individual (human) person. Some of course would or might vehemently dispute this, but either way, this question it would seem is what the survival and well being of humanity and the planet above all hinges on. If people need to have conversant spirit people participate or engage with them as part of their religion then such spirits should be licensed or otherwise publicly identified and registered.

4. If it is possible to expel such spirits (as described above) peaceably, fine. But experience has shown that this is not always, if ever, possible. As a result, such people should be viewed as criminally violent illegal aliens, such that using police or military force, if otherwise practicable, is justified in being used against them – just as it would be against any other criminally violent, or such as can’t be subdued or expelled peaceably.

While I do not go into the question of how such conversant, bullying, and or otherwise malfeasant spirit persons could be identified and tracked down, I nonetheless I do, of course, believe such is very possible, and in a manner consistent with due observance of civil liberties and human dignity. But such question I will have to leave here to take up on some other occasion.

The "Masters" of Illusion

So much of what is involved and required of fighting terrorism and fear is exposing and unmasking lies and hoaxes. Fear usually is not nearly so powerful were it not also accompanied by deception.

In the course of the last decade or so I have comes across movies and documentaries which were out and out hoaxes and of which I will mention a few.

There is a movie out on DVD titled "Maniac" starring "Bill Woods" and purportedly made in 1934, which is point of fact is a hoax film pretending to be some unknown underground classic, and was most certainly made within the last 20 years. What gives the film away is that the people in the film do not look like people from the thirties -- the attitudes of a time typically show in peoples faces and demeanor. What also shows up in old films and photographs are the values of the day when the given picture (of whatever kind it is) was made. This films contains scenes of a morgue and dead bodies which is very uncharacteristic of thirties films (including horror films), while at the same times is very characteristic of many films and television shows of the last ten years (see the many "CSI" programs for instance.)

Granted these reason may not by themselves persuade or convince you of the truth of what I am saying. Yet I defy someone to do research on purported actor, and make up effects artist "Bill Woods," as presented in this film, and see if such a person ever existed (i.e. outside this imposter supposed to be him.) There is a list of Bill Woods credits at a New York Times website, but I believe this list of credits is also a hoax.

Another instance of a hoax film I saw not long ago is a “documentary” about two purported black comedians of the fifties, which included an interview with real life actor Larry Storch, who was supposed to have been a friend of theirs. This program appeared on PBS, and so smacked of fraud that I spotted it as counterfeit after watching it for only a few minutes.

Now why would Hell people do such a things as put out these hoax films? They (meaning here the humanoid henchman as opposed the spirit people they listen to, though the same could be said of the latter as well), love to see themselves as adept tricksters and deceivers. At the same time it is certainly not unknown among them to pollute the truth and tamper with the public record. “What do such things really matter(?)” they would argue.

If you don't believe me look up and at these two films up and prove me wrong. There are as well other alleged B-movie films and documentaries out there, and which you yourself might come across which are also hoax films made within the past 15 plus years. But for the present these two examples will suffice to make my point.

Very regrettably, St. Paul in 1st Corinthians speaks of the “natural” in a negative way, but carnal would be a more suitable word for what he means. This is somewhat corrected later in the text for he uses the word fleshly. William Blake, also unfortunately, takes the word natural the wrong way, as in his decrying the natural man, versus the spiritual, as if natural necessarily means something bad (and 'spiritual' necessarily something good.) What, in my opinion, he failed to appreciate is that both natural and spiritual have their negative aspects, as well their divine. Natural, may be used to mean in fleshly or carnal, but also it may mean natural as in God creatad or else the goodness we see in nature. Common sense would seem to indicate that if we lived more in harmony with Nature (as well as of course each other), we would be that much less fallen.

With respect to spiritual, we may have good spirit as in holy spirit or that which is rational and just. The word Paul uses for spirit is based on the Greek word pneuma, which is the same word Chryssipus associates with reason, and from which logos can be correctly associated, if not etymologically derived. As well and conversely, we may have bad spirit as in lying and hypocritical spirit, or demon.

* Note. And Satan or the Devil, as St. Augustine points out in City of God, Book XIV, ch.3, is understood to not have a physical or natural body.

Some people in order to avoid the dullness of false heaven make what they consider to be the smart move and choose hell. Others, by contrast, will prefer something which, at least on the surface, seems like goodness or holiness and choose false heaven. Yet both, by their foolishness and or by their being deceived, are led to think there is not (or they are not aware of) a real heaven, the main reason for this being that the individual served and paid homage to in false heaven and real hell is ultimately one and the same person. In the blindness and fear of both types, it is he they are in awe of more than anyone else.
"Global warming -- more caused by human activity Posted on : Sat, 30 Apr 2005 04:32:00 GMT | Author : Brian Holmes News Category : Environment

"NEW YORK: A study by a team of scientists led by NASA climatologist James Hansen has found that the unusual magnitude of the global warming trend experienced could not be explained by natural [phenomena] is responsible.

"Hansen and his team of 14, all from NASA, Columbia and the Department of Energy, had co-authored the study reported in the journal Science.

"Hansen's team said global temperatures will rise 1 degree Fahrenheit this century even if greenhouse gases are capped tomorrow.

"However, if carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping emissions instead continue to grow, as expected, things could spin 'out of our control,' especially as ocean levels rise from melting Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets."

I have been previously reluctant to bring this up, yet the obvious gravity of the problem compels me to do so now however, and that is this. Spirit people, particularly when they are brought forth in large groups, whether as (false) angels or "demons" generate or bring with them an exceptional amount of heat. I could not help notice that in the Seattle area alone overall temperatures in the last 10 plus years have seemed to gone up noticeably, while rainfall has significantly decreased. This and other circumstantial evidence has made me surmise that this climate change may have been brought about by the increased influx of spirit people in the area during this period.

If making the connection is correct, there may be a similar corollary to be found with the global warming problem and miscreant spirit people. Of course, there will be some who would not hesitate to scoff at and mock such a claim, hence my aforesaid reluctance to mention this possible explanation to begin with. Yet if there is even a small amount of truth to it, can we afford to ignore the fact? Keep in mind that the doings of what I refer to as "Hell" are very unnatural and anti-life as we know it, the life of these people is more of an artificial Frankenstein or science fiction sort (including the financing of a false heaven for people who do not know what real heaven is), Nature not being something very much valued by these people, living as they doing in a unnatural fantasy world paid for by means of gross evil and the cruel suffering of others.

Again, perhaps I am wrong in relating these spirit people factors to climate change. However, by mentioning this at least others who are specialists and more informed on the subject can consider the possibility. And after all, what issue could be more serious and of greater concern to us?

Sort of like Godzilla or King Kong, only a giant angel instead of a giant lizard or giant monkey? What a deal ! And all it cost us was...???
RE: The Amazing Powers of Being Interesting

I hope by now everyone will have figured out and realized that whether you do or don't go along with these people you can't win, no one wins. But at least those who didn't give in or go along have a clean (or more or less clean) conscience.

And for myself, I am so beat up by this time I could not help these characters even if I wanted to.


Yes, of course
it's possible!
My goodness!
How dreadful
and ungodly
to think otherwise!
Only you'll have to
take out those two angels.
And to do that,
you must arm yourself with
justice, truth and reason,
as swords,
as you know,
really do cut.

What But?

If God manifested himself to sight,
it must be as a blooming flower,
for what is more beautiful?
And if he was sound,
what but the most heart
soaring harmony?
If an animal then innocence and good nature.
If as a man then a hero and honest friend.
If as a number what number could he not be?
And if as strength
what but peace everlasting?

Below is something I posted not long ago at a news group dedicated to the Nichomachean Ethics, with title here added.

On the Salvation of Aristotle

The world of the philosopher is not the world as most people know it, but the world of truth. The philosopher lives, or attempts to live in truth, which is what the most of the world rejects. In this way the philosopher, in principle, is like a Christian, in that he seeks his permanence in unity with the truth. Whether or not this is seen as bringing rewards in the after life or not is not the real issue, rather God's will be done, and we know things are and will be all right for those in his care or who live according to his wisdom and the rule of reason. This view itself can be easily modified or adapted to be fit and be consistent with core Christian theology, if not popular understanding of what is stated in the gospels, which gospels were written, after all, for persons of practically all levels of education, and not exclusively educated people.

The gospels as they are consistent or not inconsistent is not necessarily the same thing as the gospels taken dogmatically. While some adopt Christian on a basis that is consistent with rationality others do not feel this is so important. Yet observe the key difference -- those who insist on being rational would have no great problem with Aristotle's salvation, only the irrational or dogmatic, who then might go on to judge him to be unsaved. The question then is one of whether one sees Christianity as ultimately rational, or else arbitrary and dogmatic according, presumably, to God's whims. But then who and what is God, if God is or is seen as irrational? Only irrational Christians would have a problem with this question, not rational Christians or Aristotelians. This is not to say that Aristotle is or would necessarily have been a Christian. Yet if true Christianity is rational, then there is no reason to think he or it would have flat out rejected and contemned Aristotle, who in a sense it may be said lived his life for reason or, more appropriately here, logos (which of course in John's gospel refers to "the Word") -- though granted that was not his catch all term, but rather that of the Stoics who came after him.

I am not one who merely knows or writes about literal hell in the abstract, but in actual point of fact have had to regularly live with it, and done so for many years. The kind of living circumstance I endure and have endured for a long time now may not be unique of itself, but it is at least rare (if not unheard of) for it to be spoken of publicly, and I have no doubt many died or ended their lives going through what I go through (or something very similar) because no would listen to them and therefore help.

24 hours a day I am being made subject to "KGB" or brain radios,* as well as being hit of with various forms of demonistic assault. The latter may involve witchcraft dirt or some sort of palpable germs being dowsed on my body (in my hair or on my clothes.) As well (and separate from the radio), when I go to sleep or rest, I am attacked with "dream productions" which is a kind of mind transmitted propaganda movie, which medium might be used to transmit some obscenity, things violent and cruel, things about my personal life, things light and trivial, all of which is being done to me by some Simon the Magician or someone standing in for him. Angels or demons might be present or made to seem to be present to augment my suffering. As well, Simon or a Simon is always present in some form -- typically through some mental projection -- as if he were my keeper.

I am constantly abused and, in effect, raped in this fashion around the clock, and about the only real respite I get from all this is sometimes (though far from always) when I am asleep. In addition, the house I live in is a very small one and has the tendency to get hot like an oven when the weather is very warm, and extra freezing when the weather is cold (though the heat is a bigger problem compared to the cold.) I was also told by these people harassing me that another one of their (human) victims was murdered in this same house (prior some time to my moving in about nine years ago), and there is some physical evidence that would, indirectly, seem to support that fact -- if not that the person was actually murdered, at least victimized by them here.**

All the while this is going on, I have no car (as of the past 5 years), and usually no one to see or talk to except sometimes from family members, who are not only indifferent to my suffering, but who I know to act as accomplices to my harassers, their reason for doing so (to make a long story short) being due to brain washing, psychological manipulation over time (many years now), and, of course, fear. At the same time, neither the police or the church will hardly even speak to me, let alone help, indeed they also will typically insult me. Except for my one surviving cat then, and an odd and rare occasional correspondence on say my Mabel Normand website, I haven't a friend in the world. The attitude of the police, church, most academics, and lawyers has been (mostly) extremely dishonest, irrational, and irresponsible.

It is not as if I cannot prove my case. There is plenty of evidence. They are simply too childish, fearful or themselves brainwashed to deal with what I am talking about. As you will often find in the cases of religious persecution, such is often carried on or cooperated with by people who think they are doing something justified and excusable, if not otherwise good.

(...more possibly on this subject as I get myself up to writing about it. I say "possibly" as doing so is not very pleasant or easy, and it sometimes happens that one tries to avoid pains by trying to ignore them as best one can, particularly the kind I am describing.)

It occurs to me in reflecting on what is written above that were these kinds of things known publicly, the demonists and pseudo-religious who are so sure of themselves in carrying out such violence and harassment (whether spirit or regular person) would be exposed (both to themselves and others -- whether devil, angel, or regular person) for the frauds and hypocrites they are. It seems like a literary truism, yet it is I know empirically very true that evil thrives and flourishes in darkness, and where there is willful ignorance and obfuscation, people who perpetrate crimes are emboldened and can be got to think themselves justified and excusable. Yet, and I say again, let these things be available to be known to all and such will be refuted for the imposters and hypocrites they actually are -- not only those carrying on such cruelties up here, but perhaps also those who do such and similar acts (and worse) "down below."

* Note. The volume or intensity of these radios can be increased or decreased, and this depending, ostensibly, on the temperament or mood of whoever is running them at a given time. ** There is an impression of a padlock sheath on the outside of my front door, as if a previous occupant did not trust the regular door lock for security, but added a separate padlock (with sheath), which a key could not be easily got for or otherwise tampered with. For reasons I won�t get into here, I did not have much choice of living in the house I am presently residing in.


(The same continued)

In recounting some of what I myself have underwent or continue to go through, I hope it goes without saying I am not oblivious to that fact that others suffer grievously also, and in some respects even worse than myself. Really, who is not afflicted in this day by the scourge of the demonists and the dictator spirit people? One way or other, and whether or not they are even aware of the fact, people are being taxed and made to pay by the demonists. Often this takes place because people are simply too stupid or frightened to know they are being abused or taken advantage of. The degradation and debasement one can so easily come across on television for example as in "reality" TV shows of the various kinds there are, are appalling and horrifying examples of this. And there are other areas of the culture in which people are being asked to feed their hearts and minds from an emotional and intellectual trough or cesspool -- and which is no exaggeration. Yet alternatives to such are are absent or must go underground.

One of the main reasons I believe this has all taken place, has been people's too easy readiness to both casually lie and be casually irrational. Those people who are and continue to be dishonest and flagrantly irrational have as much as anything else brought this veritable pestilence into our midst. Faustus, who has acted like a host to the spirit people, (and whose specific identity is to me frankly a mystery), could not be so powerful were not anti-trust laws so recklessly abused and disregarded so that he can more easily find the money and power to promote the dictator spirit people's regime which uses him, and which then uses us - hiding in our midst like a cancer.

One other thing. These spirit people whether representing false heaven or overt hell are not nearly so clever all in all as many, in throwing down their arms of justice, truth and reason, and in their panic and flight, have taken them to be. In fact in my own circumstances they have tried in so many ways to dazzle, bamboozle and awe me, but after many years -- and I often mockingly remind them of this fact -- their great power over men consists not so much in cleverness and ingenuity, but infinitely more so in brutal violence, underpinned by a dogged persistence. Other than these their great powers and intelligence are mostly and actually quite contemptible, except perhaps technologically speaking.

As for their ever having any real good to offer, this is an even greater joke, as they could not compete in offering real value in an actual) fair and free market economy if their lives depended on it -- let alone attempt to substitute for and replace literal heaven. One obvious proof of this, if you need it, is in their doing everything they can to deny fair and free market competition, as well as, and subsequently, free speech and human rights.

Who does he listen to and go on listening to?

The same person that ruined him.

And who does he spend his time attacking, hounding and mocking?

People who had nothing to do with his being ruined, and, in some instances, are fighting his ruiner.

For a long, long time now, he cannot really love, he cannot really think. He can only desire, and those that are the objects of his desire he leeches to and destroys. If you point this out to him, he will not listen because he will not listen to what is a shame or else what is a right thing to do. Such things typically have no meaning to him -- that is unless perhaps he could be isolated and quarantined from his ruiner. He carries sickness to others and is himself sick. He doesn't care who he hurts just as long as he can feed his base desire, which ostensibly is all that he has left to go on.

Will it do any good to punish him? In ordinary terms, probably not, he is so miserable wretched and stinking as it is. How then will punishment effectively act as a deterrent? Backed up threats of serious punishment, may, in some circumstances, ward him off, but otherwise are simply not sufficient to fully dissuade him from wrong doing. What is needed is to separate him from the one he listens to. But how or whether this is possible is hard to say.

Now others will listen to him and go along with him as if he is their benefactor. And because of this power over others he possesses (and prides himself on), he makes it impossible for himself or anyone he might victimize to get help.

Mental Patients from Beyond the Spirit Realm

I much suspect that the spirit world, as it is most commonly known and encountered, is a reflection of this world, or vice versa, and the way I would sketch it is this.

You have a leadership that in his own mind means well, but is in reality a puppet to someone behind the throne, whom, for practical purposes, we might denote the Evil One. If there is not one single "Lord Oaf," there might be posited a variety of these reigning over separate parts of the world, but all ultimately operating under the same order. At least this seems to me a plausible possibility.

Below "God" you have all kinds of angels or aristocrats, who in also in their own mind mean well, and will attempt some good, but in reality are slaves and good for nothings who live a life of false riches and false holiness, imagining that they are serving "God." God in this case being Lord Oaf and or else pseudo-Jesus who sits on the throne, the "ruler of this world." They have robes of dazzling white, and powers to make you feel "heavenly" feelings, which in my experience is mostly so much dope, and very little or no substitute for real heart and mind. In addition, there is a slave like mentality prevailing invariably among these people. What good angels there are or were have perhaps been chased from power or participation just as sometimes happens among regular human societies. In all my dealings with spirit people, I have yet to encounter one who was markedly honest, courageous, wise, or truly noble. They have virtue the way rich people in our own world often have virtue, that is to say, based on status and position, and less than on actual merit or character.

Now the ordinary devils or sorcerers are seen by these angels as people who are either doing God's work in their own special way, or who perhaps, it is reasoned, are being tolerated out of religious charity, and that it would be being self-righteous somehow to go against or combat them (i.e the devils.) Of course, all parties are being orchestrated by the �ruler of this world,� whose evident purpose is to control and enslave everyone and everything.

This outline is rather speculative and tentative I admit. However, if you are an intelligent person who has had actual dealings with these people, I believe you know well what I mean, and that there is a legitimate basis for what I am stating. At the same time I don't mean to suggest that all spirit people are fools or bad people, only that there is a similar trend there as there is or might be found in our own world -- which is to say a world gripped in an elaborate series of lies and deceptions, and brought into line with bribery and fear.

Make No Peace with Hell

What do you think
doing the right was ever for?
To please some dictator?
Doing the right and morals
are what make real happiness possible.
Though he glow with powers,
and look and sound like Jesus,
believe no angel or ghost.
And if he forces himself on you,
and will not leave,
once and for ever
when told to,
pray for his damnation.
Forgive all and everyone else,
bear your cross,
but, with sobriety and grace,
curse all lording spirits
that give the least hint
of threatening or bullying.
But you fear him you say.
Fear more giving in to him.
For he was never happy.
And how will you be so
if you live your life
according to him?