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The price the misguided liberal was willing pay to purchase peace with Hell was to let children and families be defiled and mo
The price the misguided liberal was willing pay to purchase peace with Hell was to let children and families be defiled and molested, while at the same time turning a blind eye to witchcraft.

The price the misguided conservative was willing to pay to purchase that same peace was to let the forests and oceans be contaminated and polluted, while embracing grossly distorted religion.

What then does left or right have to do with it, since Hell is happy either way?

Who Then Shall Have Final Say, the Living or the Dead?

You know I write and am prepared to speak about these spirit people, "gods," "angels," "devils," "ghosts," or just about whatever you can name of this sort. Yet as I state in my New Treatise on Hell, there was a time when for me the idea of doing so (and that these were actual and knowable persons) was unthinkable. I already was (and still am) hit up with brain radios (a fine crime to have going on in the United States by the way), how could I imagine that anyone would take me seriously? Moreover, I did not want to even think about, let alone organize my thoughts and set to writing about such generally hateful and loathsome characters. Yet upon considering the matter, I realized there was no choice. Either these people were to be fought and contested or else they will just end up taking over your life. Well sure enough, many others did not think to address the subject of these people, and now they are or are gradually being turned into slaves of these same spirit people. This includes some highly educated people, university professors, church priests, you name it.

Look what I see this as all coming down to is this. Does mankind rule this planet as God's caretaker or does some spirit person, god, or angel or devil in the sky? If you think the latter then you have surrendered humanity to slavery for these spirit people, with the great power and who interact with regular people, and who are nothing but tyrants and dictators. In fact the very phenomena of tyrant and dictator comes from them, not God or ourselves. Notice in this respect how Samuel was reluctant to allow Israel to have even a king.

Observe also, if you are a Christian at least, that God came as a flesh and blood man, and not as a spirit person. No angel, devil, or ghost is spoken of as being persecuted in antiquity but rather flesh and blood prophets and philosophers. Why then should you think authority should be derived from people who were at best comfortable rulers or else messengers, with not a hero or free man or woman known to be among them: rather than from those who serve love, truth, and moral character, that is those who are genuinely Christ-like, or prophets or philosophers. For aside from people deeply in love (and these we know "gods' to have been often jealous of), and perhaps oftentimes the poor as well, no one ever really bothered persecuting anyone else on a regular basis.

And why were they persecuted? Because they were the ones who knew most how to protect and defend against these more powerful spirit people, which spirit people, I'll tell you quite honestly, I don't have enough curses for. Yet behold. Not a few there are in positions of great wealth and power who answer to these monsters, while then lording it over the rest of us with their violence, ongoing harassment, and dirty tricks.


Though I myself didn't catch the televised sermon, I understand the Reverend Billy Graham is preaching that the crisis of our time is choosing between the acceptance of Biblical teachings versus rank secularism. This, I believe, with all due respect to the reverenced, and I don't think anyone would question his sincerity, is essentially false. For one thing, Hell has such a setup in our midst that they can effectively pass for religious (including Bible based) or secular, such is their skill at mind control, deception and manipulation. No, rather I would say the crisis in our time, if framed as a dichotomy, is between moral rationalism versus immoral irrationalism, and that if we accept, adopt or reaffirm the former, it should be done with a healthy respect (if not for some people devotion) to the Bible and its teachings, with the understanding that the more we stray from reason and honesty the less good the Bible's teachings are to us or anyone. Indeed, Hell can pick up a Bible, as if they were its advocates, and if you aren't thoughtful and rational, be deceiving you with it all night, just as much as they can do with secular doctrines. In fact, I know this from personal experience having literally met and spoken with both (false) angels and devils who are capable of doing this.

Now if we say the choice is between religious irrationalism versus secular irrationalism, then you'll see Hell, by taking over both sides of the equation, run riot over our lives, families, and public institutions. And so all too often it does and has.

"He always knew about being interesting, Mr. Sherman. It's just they have to do these things a certain way."

I'm sorry, I don't really think he is this very interesting person he imagines himself to be. Now don't misunderstand. Anyone can or could be interesting. It's just that in his case, he's going about it entirely the wrong way. As it is he lives a life of lies, cruelty, and horror. Like Almighty Bruce he is drunk out of his mind with all that money, worldly power, sorcery and false religion, while heading for a hangover which (fortunately) few could even dream of.


Somewhat amusingly Tom Cruise is being lambasted for criticizing some of the myths surrounding much of psychiatry, and from what I have heard, I think him right in what he says. But even more amusing is how the establishment, which has no soul, is so sensitive to criticism of soul-ology, which in a sense is what psychiatry is supposed to be. In my opinion, to say psychiatry, as mostly practiced, is a real science is tantamount to saying the general media has or gives a full picture of what is actually going on in society, which is to say something hardly true at all.

When people gain the courage once again, as evidently Mr. Cruise has, then we'll be able to hear the truth or at least something like it. Meanwhile, you are just as well to put on your pointed hat, go along with these people, and keep quiet.


The Fallacy of Logical and Legal Positivism

As I am not disposed at the moment to write a full bore essay or tract on the subject, I'd like at least, in the midst of what else I am doing, to take the opportunity to refute both logical and legal positivism with this simple argument:

There are no entirely value free conclusions. Admittedly some judgments could be said to be more value laden than others. Even so, a value free conclusion, or a conclusion which is not logically contingent on some value judgment, does not exist. Hence the premise of logical and legal positivism, i.e. that atomic facts or the specific laws can be interpreted as value neutral entities, is inherently false, hence the failure of these doctrines as either primary epistemological and primary legal philosophies respectively -- though granted they may be reasonably invoked as secondary (or less than secondary) principles.

On Voluntary and Involuntary Suffering

Why should someone want to suffer? So that they or someone else may in future be enriched? Work and exercise make sense in this regard. We can easily see how certain types of effort involve a certain amount of discomfort and pain, and some efforts excessively so. But beyond purposes of work and exercise, is it necessary or does it make any sense to suffer?

We might suffer to save others from suffering, say when a person risks or lays down their life to save another.

There is also the case of say working up an appetite by fasting, and thus suffering in a way.

Yet aside from all these, does there remain any persuasive reason why we should see suffering as a good thing or necessary?

In my opinion, absolutely not.

There have been many who believed that suffering, by itself, can make a person more pure and holy. Yet this view I frankly find preposterous, and not at all corroborated in actual experience. Suffering (unaccompanied, by motives of work, exercise, or rescuing another, and all of these in turn rationally founded) does not by itself make a person holy or more pure. Seeking righteousness is fine, as long as a person is or strives to be at least half decent first and something in their right mind. Suffering to make oneself holy, let alone expecting the same of others, seems to me to be neither decent, nor wise. Even if such is good for you, would you encourage the same for others for whom it as likely as not would do no good except perhaps merely to inure them to more suffering? But if in principal suffering could be reasonably avoided, or effort instead be made to prevent it (in accordance with proper ethics and morals of course), why the need to inure ourselves to it?

I see no reason to think God ever wants us to suffer beyond work, exercise, and self-sacrifice, and probably not even these. And if this is not entirely true, I would at least assert that He would not want us to suffer involuntarily if that could be avoided (which admittedly in the case of certain violent offenders it might not be.) Why should He? What benefit is it to Him or us?

On the contrary it is Hell which insists that we suffer, and that suffering of itself is good for us. Why? Because hurting others is what he spends the larger part of his time doing, indeed has made it his policy and religion. For those who think inflicting pain will help people to endure and to last longer, this seems a false notion, especially where such pain is forced on another, and other less high minded motives can be found for the inflicting of involuntary pain. We might say this person needs to touch the stove to know that it is hot. Yet clearly, even granting this were so, it hardly could be said to be true for the vast majority of people, for whom there are other more civilized ways of communicating the point.

And if after all this you still don’t believe me, go ask a rational and intelligent person who has suffered involuntarily and to great excess, and for a long time, if they thought it really did them much good, or was strictly necessary, say to serve some higher purpose.


Why are so many of "these" people so insistent and persistent in their sadism and cruelty?

The main answer , as far as I can see, is that, and quite simply, they were fooled into acting that way, and typically -- as part of being fooled -- frightened to death as well.

Have such a practice of fooling and frightening like this take place with a large group of people, isolated from free discussion and open debate -- and this for many, many years -- and they will come to think the Hell point of view (say for example that people or animals need to be hurt) is an unavoidable given, indeed a kind of wisdom of the ages. At the same time, in order to perhaps achieve or secure a certain kind of "peace" and "prosperity," they will be told to attack and persecute those who think otherwise.

One of the main problems with many trouble making spirit people is that they are typically idle, and oftentimes this idleness is deliberately forced on them. It then becomes a matter of course that "the devil finds work for idle hands." True for many they lack equipment to do things which many take for granted. But that isn't our fault, and I for one would contribute money to their obtaining tools that would permit them to work or study if such were possible.

What I often recommend to these sorts who are denied equipment and tools is to take up logic and mathematics, or poetry, which do not necessarily require much or any equipment, outside from say perhaps a stick and some dirt to draw or write on, to engage and participate in them. Some do have equipment, such as tools which make possible painting or instrumental music. Unfortunately to have such advantages as this they have to do the wrong thing all the more. As a result, and not surprisingly, their efforts in painting and music suffer accordingly, so that they just can't win: a circumstance not much different from what we often see happening with some "regular" people who find themselves having to do the "wrong thing" a "certain way" in order to work or find employment.


The Flag That's True

What did it matter,
whether whole or in tatters,
as long as you waved
against lying and false fears?

What difference was it
exactly how you appeared,
if in the breeze you fluttered
someone's hope of being free?

How many stars,
how many stripes,
whether white, red or blue,
what are these exactly,
if those with you
stand for truth and being true?

You are there
where there's compassion,
where people are fair,
where people for love
are willing to die.
Only there
can it be said
that our standard flies.

From injustice and crime
you protect
both the high and low.
Though beautiful it is,
this cloth
is but your shadow.

May you never again
be brought to bear
against the friends
of nature and the land,
but only those who betray them,
spurn law and reason;
refuse to understand.

Enough Already!," or Some Impromptu Fuming

"Oh how absolutely furious it makes me to see how these people get away with as much as they do! See how the great ghost and his protégé Oafmore always get to have it their way, getting away with murder, being able to keep others from seeing each other, controlling the media and internet, preventing fair competition, forcing themselves on people, all the while claiming or pretending they are these fascinating and sophisticated 'celebrities' who really know about being 'interesting!'

"'What," I say, 'do you need to force ourselves on people and all the rest, seeing that you have all these amazing powers and money you always have boasted of?

"'I get to be an interesting celebrity too,' he says.

"Yeah, right. The great Renegade the Magician and Oafmore get away with all this and more, all because they did the wrong thing a certain way, and not because they are actually interesting or celebrities as they like to put over on others! The rest of us meanwhile have to humor, baby sit, or else, in one way or another, drag or carry them around for years on end like a ponderous, dead weight!

"If it's like this, then why don't the rest of us just go ahead and kill ourselves and let big baby have the whole place to himself, seeing again, that since he did the wrong thing a certain way he always gets to have it his way??!

"You know, them getting away with all those crimes -- because they know about these things a certain way -- is one thing. But under no circumstances should we have to put up with them acting like they also get to be celebrities! That is just not reality!"


On the Advantage of Being Alive

I am one who has always thought it to be of great advantage to be alive, and I pride myself to be one of the few people on the internet in the way of new writing and new ideas (outside of specialized or technical websites say on cooking or a specific historical subject) to fit that description. I would include also in this Bob Dylan (who quotes his songs, yet the choice is usually very good of his -- or whomever picks them.) Jonathan Frid has the best celebrity site in my opinion but of late has fallen silent.* There's Bill Griffith's Zippy, and Rose's Snuffy Smith. But mostly everyone seems to be dead. John Cleese has a worthwhile and promising site, but he's charging money and I frankly find it too convoluted to navigate. Terry was last updated Feb. 3, 2004 and that seems to have been about the last they have heard of him. Christopher Lee's, like a fighter pilot, similarly (and though it's still up formally) went down a while back. Eric Idle's site mostly seems like a large meticulously furnished house with no one at home. Justin Hayward says something every three or four months that's interesting, yet otherwise not much going on there. There are other people I like. But to be candid their websites don't even really say anything, so I'll spare them the embarrassment by not naming them. In the way of something unusual, the Catholic New Agency Zenit (from the Vatican) usually has some instructive or inspiring pieces on a fairly regular basis as an exception to all this.

From David Bowie's site I found out about this link: which has some wonderful new art pieces including a number by David himself, and which is definitely worth recommending. Poetry America at is good also.

There are some poet or poetry sites by some others and unsung like myself, and I like the effort I am seeing, but to be honest am not and for the most part exactly swept off my feet by the results. Robert Victor Illa's, however, at, is certainly one of the better such.

As far as activists sites or journals, again I would give them credit for trying to do something, but the fact is there is relatively little of fresh thought or new feeling going on there. Pretty lame really.

As far as television goes, about the best thing I last could see or hear was something like Charlie Rose, but that would be about it. So, except maybe for Jeopardy or a PBS musical special, I don't watch television anymore. (Also "they" did something to my tv so I can't tune into TBN like I used to, and which I previously know to have had a few good preaching and music programs.)

As far as there being commentators, writers, poets, artists, thinkers, who are saying something new and relevant, yet whom I simply don’t know about, please accept my being unaware of their existence as my excuse for not mentioning them here.

So though we may be poor (and we are), and not getting any e-mail (and we aren’t), here's at least to being alive! (Here! Here!)

If by chance you do find out about someone saying much of anything, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Thanks!

* Note. I just, a short while after writing the above, discovered actress Ingrid Pitt's site, and it looks like she gives all of these men a run for their money, except that perhaps understandably she sort of specializes in gothic sensibilities and the supernatural, as themes complimentary to her movie career. While I must say there is something to me not a little strange about admiring a female who played monsters (as opposed to a male, and am I being chauvinistic?), it is at least all easier to accept if she is seen as a spirited tomboy, and from this vantage I could then recommend her (otherwise I would consider her site too specialized, as I used the term here earlier.)

Goomer game or goomer group, and I get to pick which! Wow, what a deal! Look, I’ll be honest with you. You know what the problem with your religion is don't you? I know possums that are more interesting than your greatest angel -- or if you really like it the other way, your greatest devil. Take your pick!
The Man of the Age

Give me that man
who will not criticize
a ghost, angel, or rich man,
because he's afraid of them;
Give me a man
who will look to lights in the sky
before reasoning;
Give me a man who cannot think for himself;
but always turns to others
to find out what he thinks;
Give me that man who is so interesting
he is always forcing himself on people;
Give me a man who will join
in the persecution of attractive people;
Give me the man who has so much wealth
you know he has been up to no good;
Give me a man who will wear
a baseball cap with a death's head emblem,
and I'll give you a man of the Age.

Why is it this story (6/23/05) about the Utah boy who was lost and then found reminds me of a Steven Spielberg religious experience (a la 'Close Encounters?') Certainly, it is getting an inordinate amount of airplay it seems to me. In fact in my opinion I would say the boy was actually set up for a "close encounter" of some sort with "someone." While I don't presume to know, and am willing to be made to stand corrected, off hand, I frankly would bet 100.00 such was indeed the case, and that his father was involved in all this in some way. Call it a hunch, speculation, imagination, or what you like, but I wouldn't say all this if the impression on my end was not so strong as it is. Hopefully, at any rate, and for the boy's own sake, great religious or movie things (at least more than usual for a person) will not be expected of him in future.
Even if it were somehow possible for God and greatest Hell to be friends, the latter would never allow it, and this is a point those who casually consort with Hell are most dangerously deceived upon (i.e. by being led to believe otherwise.)

In the Final Analysis

1st Devil: Friends of Hell, let us stick true and loyally by one another so that that we will in this way best see to protecting our own interests.

2nd Devil: But what if I don't want to be loyal and true?

1st Devil: What? You will not remain loyal and true will you? Then you shall feel my wrath!

Pluck and Luck

Interpreting the flag as merely a piece of fabric is one kind of contemporary idolatry. Another in our midst is a certain brand of economic and currency valuation assiduously practiced and promoted by certain wastrels, criminals, and drone like monetary magnates, which sees idolatry as means of increasing wealth. The idea is to raise the value of money by increasing its exclusivity, regardless of the moral or legal lawfulness of the measures taken to create that exclusivity. So, for example, if people are deprived of money by denying them participation in economic competition (an act of overt unfairness), this will cause money to be less in the hands of those who are honest, hard working, creative, innovative, and productive, while (to some extent, and usually through artificially contrived scarcity) raising the value of those who do have it, including those who steal or embezzle it. It is not hard to see that the more such a policy is condoned or accepted, the more persons of character and diligence will be denied money. At the same time the more good for nothings and worse sorts will be rewarded with it, that is as long as they are subservient to the greatest possessors of it, and who may, as a down to earth, practical matter, be people literally from or in league with Hell. And what choice will anyone have if being honest, rational, inventive, and industrious, (thus, being by definition enemies of Hell, and persons whom Hell would want to disenfranchise), they will more likely be denied money?

In this system, you are not rewarded for character, effort, results, but how much merely of a physical object you possess, which physical object, as interpreted by these people, has little or nothing to do with character, honesty, reason, inventiveness, and industriousness. -- these being all emphatically made secondary to the physical object. Yet what creates real wealth, individually and collectively? Mere physical objects, or the character, rational intelligence, and hard work of people acting together, and doing so under he assumption that the more rich wealth will go to those who most help create it, and less so to those who obtain it by cheating or stealing?

While in theory what I am describing might seem farfetched (to give you the benefit of the doubt), ironically, the reality of such a characteristically malicious, procreativity sterile and poverty inducing doctrine being adopted and practiced is, unfortunately, something, and for a long time now, all too palpable and easy to see in ordinary, everyday economic life.

"House approves amendment to protect U.S. flag" Such was a leading headline today for June 22, 2005, and I must say is living proof that the national legislature is being used to waste its time on what is at best so much empty posturing. Fire has been around since at least as long as the founding of this republic. Yet it never occurred to Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Roosevelt, etc, to have spoken out for such a measure, which not only trivializes the constitution but promotes the most philistine kind of idolatry. The true flag of this nation is first and foremost in people's hearts and minds. Passing laws to protect the safety of certain textile fabrics, which merely represent it, is as mindless and superficial as it gets. Promoting character and morals would go infinitely further in protecting our true flag, than the government fiddling away its time on something, which, in the form of a constitutional amendment, is utter and irresponsible nonsense, and a far sadder and worse offense against the flag than the burning of cloth which simply portrays that symbol.

by William Butler Yeats

Nor dread nor hope attend
A dying animal;
A man awaits his end
Dreading and hoping all;
Many times he died,
Many times rose again.
A great man in his pride
Confronting murderous men
Casts derision upon
Supersession of breath;
He knows death to the bone
Man has created death.


In the past many decades people in the media brazenly seeking to justify and legitimize the most preposterous evil and crass immorality. Whence, for instance, this glut of films and shows on psycho-thrillers, cannibalism, necrophilia, witchcraft and sorcery, and which often go so far as to portray these subjects in a sympathetic and understanding light? Some of the more "artiste" sorts who have participating in such do so as their way of paying tribute or taxes to Hell. To have also been around in this same period and regularly hearing in the news of the most sordid and lurid crimes: serial murderers, parents murdering their children, new wave diseases, sleazoidism, and other things too disgusting to name. And we are to believe there is no connection between the two. Ah but there is! There is! Go now and see then the notable or celebrity participating in some fund raiser to fight a horrible problem deliberately brought about by the very same people he pays these tributes or taxes to! Now wake up people!

In his letter to Sophie Volland of October 20, 1760, Diderot wrote:

"That set me dreaming, and it seemed to me that as long as I am in good health, I would agree with Father Hoop [i.e. that annihilation is best]; but perhaps a the last moment, I would buy the happiness of living again for a thousand years, a thousand years of hell. Ah! my dear [Sophie Volland], we would be reunited, and I would love you still! I persuaded myself of what a daughter succeeded in persuading her dying father. He was an old usurer; a priest had sworn he would be damned if he did not make amends. He made up his mind to it, called his daughter, and said: 'My child, you thought I was going to leave you rich, and so indeed you would have been; but here is a man who is going to make you destitute, he claims that I will burn forever in hell if I die without making restitution.' -- 'Don't be ridiculous, father, with our ideas of restitution and damnation; I know you well enough to know that you won't be damned for ten years before you will be quite used to it.' He was convinced tha that was true and he died without restitution. A daughter will make up her mind to damn her father, a father to be damned in order to enrich his daughter; and an ardent lover or a man of honor may be afraid to do so. Isn't it a very nice idea to exist, and to meet again one's father, mother, loved one, friend, wife and children, all those whom we have cherished even in hell?'"

Leaving aside the legitimacy the priest's demand (itself open to question, but then this Diderot glosses over), one of the problems with such philosophy is that it assumes that once in hell you will not be asked to commit outrages on the innocent to support you or your loved ones; or that your loved ones will have sufficient scruple to avoid betraying you under pressure (or you them); or that the rulers of hell won't ask you and or our loved ones to thoroughly degrade yourself for their amusement. Yet the views Diderot expresses here are actually quite common, especially among certain kinds of (typically supercilious, hypocritical, and cowardly) intellectuals, many of whom will speak out for high ideas of peace, love and freedom, but who follow a certain kind of absurd irrationalism (such as the above) which as a practical matter actually ends up promoting or condoning strife, injustice and slavery (as purchase price of being with one's loved ones.) Of course, such "hellions" have their peers in the false religious, such as the priest making the monetary demand of the usurer, but that is simply another kind of madness, itself promulgated by the same Hell.

Da Vinci Code Fever

I just about can't find a person anywhere who will discuss spirit people seriously or scientifically. Yet look what just showed up on the Netscape News page:

"Spooky 12th Century Prophecy on Pope

"The first thing we want to say upfront is that what you are about to read has been widely dismissed as a hoax by religious scholars. That said, the world may soon end. Judgment day approaches. The clue? Pope Benedict XVI's rise to the papacy.

"According to a 12th century Catholic prophecy by the Irish archbishop St. Malachy, who was recognized for his ability to see into the future, Pope Benedict XVI fits his description of the second-to-the-last pope before the Last Judgment, report Reuters and WorldNetDaily. The Bible says the Last Judgment is when God will separate the wicked from the righteous. Legend has it that St. Malachy was traveling to Rome in the year 1139 when he had a vision concerning the next 112 popes. Benedict XVI is No. 111 on that list. St. Malachy described pope No. 111 as the 'Glory of the Olive.'

"Here's where you may have to stretch your imagination a bit to connect Benedict to an olive, although the Internet doomsayers seem to have had an easy enough time of doing this. The-world-is-ending crowd points to this: 1. The choice of the name 'Benedict' is a reference to the Order of Saint Benedict. A branch of this order is known as...are you ready? The Olivetans. 2. Benedict XVI chose his name in part to honor Pope Benedict XV, whom the new pope described as a ‘courageous prophet of peace.’ Get it? Olive branches have long been associated with peace. 3. During Palm Sunday celebrations this past March, then Cardinal Ratzinger was photographed holding olive branches and not palms.

"Reuters notes that scholars have long dismissed St. Malachy's prophecy as nothing more than a propaganda attempt to influence a 16th century conclave. But those who believe are not swayed by this. They insist that Pope John Paul II fits Malachy's description of pope No. 110, who was supposed to be 'of the labor of the Sun.' Turns out that Pope John Paul II was born on the day of a full solar eclipse and died on the same day as a partial eclipse.

"And that brings us to the last pope in Malachy's vision, pope No. 112. He is supposed to be Peter the Roman, who will lead the Catholic church before 'the formidable judge will judge his people.' Since Pope Benedict XVI is 78 years old, it is presumed his reign will not be long. And then we will welcome the last pope and the Last Judgment. Did that give you goose bumps?" (The original article can be found here.)

Now who do suppose among the Fortune 500 is keeping an eye to 12th century prophecy? Note as well that if the end of the world is near, then perhaps Oafmore (our masked billionaire) won't have to torture or kill anymore sometime soon, which certainly one could interpret as being a comfort to him.


As I have said earlier, I don't watch much television. Yet I did just now happen to get through catching some of the local evening news (6/20/05.) A story was reported of the search for a child's body which so far had proven unsuccessful. The mother, it was stated, told police she had drowned her very young daughter, decapitated her, then threw the body in a river (where the search was taking place.)

Tragic and weird stories like his have increased dramatically in recent decades in the general Seattle area. There is no question in my mind that this young woman was led to do what she did under the influence of some spirit person, such as Simon the Magician, or else someone else who was under his control, who then (in some manner) influenced the girl (a very poor person she is of course.)

I have tried contacting the Seattle Police about these spirit people, but officers like Sgt. Liz Eddy in effect give me the brush off. The simple fact is law enforcement, whether on the local or Federal level, cannot deal with what is and has been going on, and these horror stories are the result. The fault isn't entirely with the police, however, because even such as the church and university people (in most of my experience) won't discuss spirit people.

These are very dark and vile times we are living in. Consequently, I ask the rest of you who do have even a little sense, to, once again, keep faith, and not be completely lost to hope or frightened by the horrifying joint spectacle of these Hell spirit people, tied to big money, on the loose, and the officials in power who don't know what they are doing (some of whom no doubt are friends of the same big money.) It's a lot to ask I know, but what other choice at present is there?

Love Over Gold, or "Vincent Price is his Lord and Savior"

How will he feel when he finds out that that effulgent palace of angels in the sky is in actuality just an old, beat up haunted house, plagued with ghosts, in disguise? But then he never really recognized love or truth here, so perhaps it won't make a difference to him in any case.

On Protecting Yourself

If you are at all familiar with warfare involving vehicles, such as ships, airplanes, or tanks, you will have learned that one tries to fight or defend against an enemy "vehicle" by knowing where it is weakest. In the case of a sea-going vessel, for instance, it's great bulk may give it powerful offensive and defensive strength. But then this same strength becomes a weakness because it causes the ship to move more slowly. The Spanish Armada the English fought in 1588 is a very famous example of this.

Well, devils are or can be seen as being like such vehicles as a large ship. In a certain sense, we might say that in some instances they are fueled by a hefty gas tank, which may be either enormous sorrow or great rage. What often an attacking devil might do, using various approaches and tactics, is try to get you to feel their inexpressible sorrow and or anger. If then you feel you are being attacked by them, and such feelings suddenly and strongly come upon you, try your best to realize and project those same feelings onto and back to your attacker(s.) As I have mentioned elsewhere, sometimes I will wake up from sleep or a nap, feeling extraordinarily lonely and sad. Not unusually this does get to me at first, just as I am collecting my consciousness. Yet when I stop and reflect, I realize, that this sadness is not really me but from my attacker. I then tactfully and thoughtfully remind them of the fact, so that they feel what is really there’s. In fact it is so absurd sometimes, that though at first I feel weighed down by this heavy sorrow, it takes me only a minute or a few minutes reflection to see that I myself actually feel quite good, that I have much to feel good about, and that these feelings of sadness are such as are being projected onto me by a sorcerer and or demon etc., and often in a craftily devised way. I then turn tables on them by making them realize this sadness is their own and ultimately a result of their failure and refusal to do the right thing, and as well as their failure and refusal to stop living the life of hell and horror. In this way, you can use what are their own strengths against them.

This doesn't mean we won't ourselves feel sad about something, I will sometimes say feel sad thinking about lost love ones. But it is not at all difficult -- if you are thinking rationally -- to see the enormous difference between feeling natural sadness like this versus the utterly selfish, unnatural and boundless sadness attached to a long time demon or demonist, and for all his (perhaps) frequent grins and smiles. This tactic works all the more effectively if you keep yourself disciplined enough to use it over time (assuming such attacks are taking place periodically and over relatively long stretches.)

I am aware that to others not familiar with what I am talking about this all may sound somewhat silly. Yet if you are such a person, do understand that being acquainted with such devices can save a person's life, perhaps one day even your own.

Be advised also, that being friendly or allying with such devils can cause these same strengths and weaknesses of theirs to become your own, hence the very deadly game a person plays when one joins forces with such people.

A similar quality can be found in certain kinds of angels where a certain indifference, which gives them a certain longevity or steadfastness, also makes them emotionally cold and dead. What, naturally, a healthy person by comparison seeks is a proper balance of tendencies, regularly gauged and overseen by just reason, and to not be answering unthinkingly or blindly to some authoritarian and unchallengeable "master."*

* John 15:15: "I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you."


[A mini-review of the film "Airport" (1970] I've seen “Airport” twice: the time it first came out in the movie theatres in 1970 (I was nine years old) and recently again on DVD. Talk about reality check! One interesting thing about this film for me (and unlike or almost unlike any other film I have ever seen), before even seeing it this second time around I could already vividly remember scenes and characters from this film. There is such a crystal clarity to it, in many respects, and it does succeed as a sort of modern epic as much as it obviously qualifies as a paperback melodrama (though you who are used to more recent male-female role models, be prepared for total culture shock!) When as a child I had my first biggest crush it was Jacqueline Bisset in this movie. How utterly infatuated-crazy I was, and went thinking about her for some weeks or so afterward. Oh how they set me up having her (character) become the victim of the bomb blast! It made me feel so sorry for her! Amusing to me seeing this film the second time is how very young George Kennedy looks, when at the time I first saw “Airport” he seemed so old and such an authority figure. Who can forget his getting that jumbo 707 miraculously off that snow covered runway! As well there's Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Jean Seberg (look her up on the internet by the way, a both interesting and sad story -- though what all that was about exactly you'll have to find out from someone other than myself), Maureen Stapleon, Van Heflin, Dana Wynter, and Helen Hayes. As I said, if you do go watch this film, and you haven't seen it before or not in a real long time, be prepared for culture shock!

Up From Slavery
What we are in part warring against is a way of thinking (if you can call it thinking) which believes that if you can shamelessly and regularly frighten, bully, and deceive people, you will be successful in business. Bribery and assassination (of various kinds), as well as having representatives on both the left and right working for them, also have their special roles in entrenching these most obscene of power mongers. Now all civil societies are supposed to have long decided that these sorts of tactics are criminal, and far from being rewarded, should be punished. Yet as it is we have certain extremely wealthy people living their lives from day to day as if these practices were the honored and accepted norm, and many others going along with them. The reason for this I would seem is that the present state of our government and law enforcement have completely given up combating organized crime, instead makes deals with it, and as a result no longer focuses on protecting persons and their property against those with big money, involved with witchcraft and false religion (both), and who conduct themselves violently and maliciously. Why, when all's said and done, don’t they fulfill law and government's essential role? Because, evidently the argument goes, these (criminal) people are more powerful than the law and the government. So go figure.

Spirit people play a big part in all this. Indeed, you don't possibly imagine these criminals are smart enough by themselves to pull this all off, do you? This of course is one of the main reasons that serious discussion of spirit people is forbidden, since unmasking the presence of these people and those who directly collaborate with them is nothing less than the necessary prerequisite of both the elimination of tyranny and the restoration of honest law and government.

The Derelict from the Past of Future Days

Oliver: How long has Oafmore been like that?

Dr. Ruehl: Pretty much all his life.

Julie: Will they ever punish him?

Ruehl: Probably not actually because when he finally does comes to and realizes what he's been doing all these years, he'll feel like such a pile of garbage no one will feel the need to.

Oliver: I just can't figure it with these people. If they dedicated themselves heart mind and soul to demonism and doing things to hurt others, what's in it for them?

Ruehl: They get jealous that's why. So..

Oliver: So?

Ruehl: So they don't want people having to good, and run these brain radios, torment, harass, and in general force themselves on those who won't do things their way -- and then those who do do things their way.

Oliver: Him and Goomerton should be with people like themselves, and not be bothering the rest of us.

Julie: Yes now what's wrong with that?

Ruehl: They can't stand those people.

[Goomerton suddenly appears]

Goomerton: Don't laugh. I have nothing to live for!

Julie: You have yourself don’t you?

Ruehl: I am sure that's what he means.

Goomerton: Very funny all of you! Even as I speak great terrors are being prepared for the three of you. You will live your lives a certain way, adhere to the code of silence, or suffer the consequences!

Oliver: At one time you and Oafmore complained that if you didn't have great wealth and power, how were you ever going to be popular, successful celebrities? Well, you have all the money and power in the world, and for a very long time now. So what's the problem? Why are still having to force yourselves on people?

Goomerton: [pointing to the sky] These things have to be done a certain way. [He then vanishes.]

Ruehl: Whoa!

Julie: Doesn't he give you the creeps?

Oliver: He does me all right.


On Enduring Time

They were so glorious
yet now have fallen silent
in the valley left behind.
Will they come again?
Will this dry spell never end?
I knew him.
He had heaven to give,
but they would not let him live.
How much in the way of tears
did it cost to get you here?
Yet what was all this,
to any weeping of his,
that we could not be happy
without drowning in the sea?
Yet he was cast aside
as if he never was.
If you are like him,
God will survive in you
and you in Him.
We can't always help in our time.
In our time we cannot always see.
In our time, we sometimes die.
In God's time, God sees.
In God's time we are and will be free.

They look to these spirit people as authorities on justice. And pray who typically, if not always, are these spirit people? I'll tell you. Bullies, cheats, stalkers, molesters, rapists, assassins, torturers, brainwashers: ever accusing, ever passing judgment, and ever laying on sentences arrived at in their own secret councils -- all on the grounds of their impassioned concern for "righteousness."
Catching Small Flies While Letting Wasps And Hornets Break Through

It seems to me that justice cannot be built on half truths of less than half truths. Given human frailty, less than full truths may to some extent be indulged, but that would be about it, and then only in more rare and exceptional circumstances. But then who most rules our court system today? Those given to habitual lying and secrecy, or those who fudge in the odd rare circumstance?

Accusing and convicting others are secondary, and not primary principles of law. The priorities of law are fairness, peace, public welfare (thinking of the upholding of the basic and fundamental rights and liberties of individuals, as well as the long and short term health and safety of the community), and truth, including better and more clear mutual understanding. Now guess who has their priorities backwards and, again, guess whose running much of the law and court system today? As far as I can see it's mostly the same people who produce "Celebrity Justice" and "Celebrity Fear Factor."


"According to Antisthenes in his Successions of the Philosophers, after informing against the tyrant’s friends, he [Zeno of Elea, c. mid 5th century B.C.] was asked by the tyrant whether there was anyone else in the plot; whereupon he replied, 'Yes, you, the curse of the city!'; and to the bystanders he said, 'I marvel at your cowardice, that, for fear of any of those things which I am now enduring, you should be the tyrant's slaves.' And at last he bit off his tongue and spat it at him; and his fellow-citizens were so worked upon that they forthwith stoned the tyrant to death."

~ Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Philosophers, Book IX, 27-28.

"The sun will not overstep his measures; if he were to do so, the Erinyes, handmaids of justice, would seek him out."

~ Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 544 B.C. – c. 483 B.C.)

"He knows about these things a certain way."

This ghost has been showing me things for years in the way of religious, and magical, and beautiful, and poetical visions, as if to prove that he knows about all these magnificent and various things. I, in response, have seen what these sort of people look to as their hope and find it pretty much all sham or very superficial. I then keep trying to explain to him that from all I have seen he is just some Steven Spielberg from beyond the spirit realm, that is someone (in his case a spirit person) making a fool of himself, acting like he knows what he is talking about, when in fact, he doesn't, and is just being used by someone else to cause others problems.

"Well if that is true," he would say, "then why after all these years [that is of being such a miserable wretch and phony] doesn't someone [presumably meaning God] feel sorry for him?"

And what I say is:

"When did you ever feel sorry for anyone except yourself, you hypocrite?!"

Try getting these people, to do the right thing you see, and they are just like many regular people, full of irrational excuses and sophistry, while continually trying to justify being a coward and a liar.

Someone might say, well who are you that you would know better?

Believe me or not as you please, that's your prerogative. I am not forcing myself on anyone. These people by comparison have been forcing themselves on me! And except inasmuch as Christian charity would require, I could care less about these spirit people (that is those who make it their business to invade my life on a regular basis, including angels.) I don't nor did I ever need them. They on the other hand have been leeching onto me for many years now like you wouldn't believe!

"What's that? Speak up, I can't understand your mumbling. Or could it be possibly that you yourself don't know what you are saying?"
What a Logical Absolutist Believes, or "What is Logical Absolutism?"

1. Truth is to be preferred over falsehood and or fraud, and all higher truth that we are capable of knowing is consistent with honest, logical formulation.

2. Between people in which different conclusions might be chosen or decided on, objective judgments, where possible, are to be preferred or believed over subjective ones.

3. Objective judgments (or conclusions) by their nature are consistent with logic. Judgments that lack logical consistency and thoroughness of logical analysis are less credible and less to be believed as objective judgments than judgments which (in their formulation) do possess these properties.

4. Both truthful objective judgments and truthful logical judgments require honesty on the part of whomever is making the judgment, and honesty is a fundamental and necessary component of consistency and thoroughness in both objective and logical judgments.

5. Incorrect and or fraudulent judgments tend to be dishonest and or illogical, whether the judgment is objective or subjective in character. The more that honesty and logical consistency are lacking therefore, the more likely the formulated judgment in question is false or fraudulent.

6. Free speech and open discussion are necessary to the better and more proper formulation of judgments which are true or correct. The forbidding or discouraging of free speech and open discussion are strong indications of a false or fraudulent judgment on the part of those promoting or attempting to enforce such policies of silence, secrecy, or censorship.


“See the chameleon,
lying there in the sun,
all things to everyone
run, runaway."

One percent chance, although only one or a one, is still a chance. But what is chance that it should be one as much as it could be many (as in say more probable?)
Once more, you can't expect to just wish Hell away. For most, either you will fight it or end up making a deal with it. Those who purchase peace with Hell think that pity comes along with it. Yet in this they are much mistaken, nor do they realize such peace comes with an expiration date, after which they can come back to you without thinking they owe you anything. Some of these same sorts also think God will save them. But how can God save them if they continue to be indifferent to extreme falsehood and injustice, while also continuing to make deals with these people, such as which require them, for instance, to directly betray the innocent (or, yes, even the not so innocent?)
Hell does teach fairness and good morals to some extent. But of course it's simply not at all the same thing as learning fairness and good morals from honest and decent people.

On Making Crime Legal

Our good friends among the powers that be have come up with a quite adroit and clever way of making crime legal, and here's some of how they do it.

a. Get citizens and public officials to avoid looking into facts or listening to complaints. For what isn't known can't be prosecuted.
b. If you have more money, and it is a sufficiently large amount, then it is not necessary for the law to recognize the person you seek to victimize.
c. If you as a perpetrator of crime are acting with angels and or witchcraft people, this ipso facto demonstrates that the person you are victimizing deserves it, and is not entitled to governmental assistance or protection.
d. A crime successfully concealed, using one or more of the above approaches, makes it legal.


Eating fruit and vegetables is not the same thing as eating people or even animals.


The great royal hobo camp in the sky where madness is enthroned, paid for with the same lives and money which funds the tyrant here below.


Witchcraft is children being thrown into the fire, and it goes onto to this very day, even before your very eyes.


Whether you are a Jewish, Christian, Parsee, Buddhist, Muslim, Stoic, Atomist, Brahmin, or what ever else -- be honest, be rational. (I am a logical absolutist or fundamentalist by the way.) If you won't, what excuse will you have if someone lies to you and uses you for their own selfish purpose? What, will you then blame God?


He's either such a prisoner of someone else and or such a phony guy, I wouldn't bother criticizing him. Now you all well know that if he were the one who was guilty of doing those terrible and illicit things, neither you nor I would ever hear about it, let alone brought up on charges for it.


You who think those who criticize Harry Potter and the trivialization of witchcraft are just some ignorant, narrow minded bigots, do think again. A good deal could be said on this subject, but let me relate to you briefly some things I learned from my own personal experience of the past few years.

During the time I have had "demons," or certain kinds of one time ordinary humans now spirit people, sent to harass me those who were involved in witchcraft in this life are no some of the most lost, helpless, and messed up of spirit people. Let me describe some of them to you. Inasmuch as it is typical for a "demon" to go into you or at least move themselves very close to you, I could vividly feel what they felt.

One was a person so filled with the most incomprehensible hopelessness and despair that it caused me to feel as if his sorrow was my own -- that is before I stopped to think and realized the problem was this other person.

Another was someone, evidently a younger man, who was so emotionally dried up, that he was utterly lost in his mind and had only the vaguest sense (if that much) of what was going on. At the same time his presence was so filthy (like radioactivity) you detested him for just having contact with him.

In both cases, it was clear the individual was dreadfully alone, such that his respective grief and utter emptiness of feeling were all he had to endure his situation. Now with other “demons,” their reaction is one of great rage, this typically being incited or furthered by other demons, all of whom are being led about by the nose by some warlock, sorcerer or other devil, for purposes of persecuting the latter’s enemies or otherwise intended victims.

Up here, however, all this of course is one big joke. New victims such as these once were are found, and employed to serve the interests of those seeking money and power, only to one day become such people as I describe.


"Blessed are you who mourn, for you shall be comforted."

If you laugh along with the Devil, be prepared to sorrow with him also. Something worse and more painful you cannot possibly imagine or conceive.


Their Flag


Our Flag

"...Many poets follow false paths,
but if the poet is with the people to the bitter end,
like a conscience-
then nothing
can possibly overthrow poetry."

~ from "Epistle to Neruda," Yevgeny Yevtushenko, (Translated by Arthur Boyars and Simon Franklin)


"Get off me already, you big, fat tub of lard!"

Except in isolated pockets of culture or in remembrance of what is now long past, I don't know that there are famous people anymore. Instead it seems like, and with respect to the media at large, we are all being sat on by a two-ton glutton and his witchcraft-pseudo-religious based propaganda machine. To whom I address these words. "Yes, you have achieved power and riches beyond anyone's dreams. But was it really worth completely losing your heart and mind, while making yourself a slave to someone, whom you well know, is 'not someone you want to know?'"

(Note. No offense to those who are physically overweight of course, the girth and tonnage of the person[s] in question being measured in lies, money, dirty tricks, violence, and arrogance.)


Staying at Peace n Wartime

As I have posted elsewhere at this site, I continue to gather material for the second edition of my Calendar and Record of the Revolutionary War in the South: 1780-81. One very interesting work I am gleaning from is Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, Vol. IV: 1780-1783, edited by Adelaide L. Fries, Edwards & Broughton Company, Raleigh: 1930. The Moravians, a Protestant sect which practices and preaches pacifism, possessed three prosperous towns in mid-western North Carolina, namely Salem, Bethabara, and Bethania, which often acted as both supply and wayfaring focal points for both American and British forces during the Revolutionary War. The records of the congregations' minutes then provides an unusual and instructive picture of these Christian (and predominantly German) settlements trying to stay above the partisanship of the conflict, while attempting to feed and care for soldiers of the opposing sides. The following are some selected extracts from those records.

from minutes of the Salem Congregation

"Aug. 22. [1780] Toward noon Colonel [John] Armstrong and his brother the Major arrived. They had been in the battle [i.e. the Battle of Camden, Aug. 16, 1780], and through them we heard that Brigadier [Griffith] Rutherford was taken prisoner. An attempt will be made to gather the scattered troops, and half the militia are to be called out. The people are in extreme fright because of the English…

Aug. 26. This morning Col. Armstrong and Mr. Sheppard and Mr. Commans [Cummings] arrived, on their way to Hillsborough. The first-named told Br. [Brother] Bagge confidentially that men were speaking angrily against us as Tories, from whom an uprising might be expected from Virginia, who were known to deal sharply with such people. He promised to give the necessary orders for our protection, for he did not consider us Tories...

Aug. 28. …We hear that a company of light-horse, under Captain Caldwell, are on a Tory hunt in the neighborhood. They have beaten several men, and threatened Br. Steiner, claiming that he had spoken against Liberty. May the Lord mercifully turn this aside from us...

Sept. 5. …There is much distress in Bethabara, for 300 soldiers from Virginia are there, who have camped in the orchard, where they do as they please...

Oct. 9. …Andreas Volk’s son came for the doctor for his brother-in-law Johann Krause, who was shot in the leg yesterday while standing guard at Richmond, which was again visited by a strong party of Tories under Gideon Wright. The bullet had remained in his limbs; Joseph Dixon was sent to bind up the wound. The Tories had expressed sympathy for the injured man, saying the ball had not been meant for him but for some one else, and so on. What consequences this may have remains to be seen...

Oct. 19. …A Proclamation of [American] General [William] Smallwood had been published, in which he stated that any soldier caught robbing would be brought to the camp and hanged. This order will have a good effect, for barbarous and unjust treatment has driven many to the Tories who would gladly have remained peaceful.


from minutes of the Bethabara Congregation

Feb. 6. [1781] During last night [American] General [Andrew] Pickens arrived with his men and something over twenty wagons. Corn, hay, bread, and brandy were given to him at his request. He kept good order among his men. His manner was fatherly and mild, and he voted his belief that we would take no part in anything that was partisan or low. In the afternoon Colonel [Elijah] Clark arrived with more than fifty horse-men, and another company passed by the mill, all hurrying after General Pickens. So it went all day, partly with the passing of militia, partly with people fleeing from the war.

Feb. 9. We expected the return of our guests of yesterday, but instead about eleven o’clock, a company of English dragoons arrived, bringing an order from Lord Cornwallis, for brandy, meat, meal and bread, and instructions that our mill should grind all it could, and that in the afternoon our wagon should take it to Bethania, where there were more than seven thousand men. In the afternoon the Commissary came for 100 gallons of brandy, more than 300 lbs. of bread, and all the meal that was ready…Then came a company of German Tories, with an order for cattle for the army, -- just now the question is not who are friends of the land but who are friends of the king. The last named company seized several travelers here, and took them to Bethania, to the main camp.

Feb. 16. The company in the tavern was called out at three o’clock this morning. The guard hailed some one, who replied: Good Friend. To the question: Whose friend? Came the answer: King George’s.
Then it was quiet until nearly four o’clock when the advance guard of General Pickens company arrived with orders for meat, corn and meal…The General and his officers were polite and courteous, and assured us that no damage should be done; and as it would be necessary for our wagon to take the meat and meal to the camp late in the evening they promised that it should not be pressed. Our supply of bread was all taken, largely without pay. The company that was here last night returned, and it was in all respects a much disturbed time.

March 10. The above-mentioned guests remained until noon. Last night they broke into the spring-house; and they took all the eggs, even from geese that were setting. We were glad that no more damage was done by these people, who have been robbing and plundering wherever they go. Several Brethren went from here to the election of new members of the Assembly. Colonel [William] Preston and Colonel [Walter] Crocket[t] arrived and spent the night. The fire from General Pickens’ camp, between Rank’s and the lower meadow, broke out, and before it could be extinguished a hundred rails were burned. The fence was probably set on fire, for it was discovered after they left."


To a Fool

Waters of nectar,
flowers from Heaven,
what good is it all,
if truth's outlawed,
and the justice uneven?
And with skulls in the ground
of the people you killed,
how can you think
it was God whom this willed?



If you are unknown to fame
make with Love your name,
for any star needs a fan.
That's how the thing began.

have been very good,
and some people too.
You can't save all of them,
but you can save a few.
Make them a queen
or crown them a king;
wanting their happiness,
more than any other thing;
wishing them safety to no end,
all their cares to mend.
For what is more worthwhile
than to forever be a friend?

Or think how someone is forgot;
that someone sore needs caring.
How unbecoming! How ridiculous!
Now give up this self-staring!
Be you a heart than shines,
the very star of devotion:
no hero is more fine
who seeks in this promotion.