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Those Serial Killers: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em, You Just Can't Live Without 'Em

* from Movies Unlimited DVD catalog:

"Aileen Wuornos: The Selling Of A Serial Killer (1992)
"Both chilling and darkly funny, Nick Broomfield's documentary takes a satiric look at the trial and accompanying media frenzy surrounding Wuornos, a 35-year old prostitute charged in the killing of seven men along Florida highways in 1989 and 1990. It's a real-life "Natural Born Killers" with plot twists involving a lesbian love, a defense attorney who plays guitar and advertises on TV, police corruption and movie rights bidding wars."

Mr. Broomfield is perhaps an associate of Phil Tucker of "Robot Monster" fame?* Well, either way you must pardon me, while I take off to rejoin the manhunt for Ben Ladin, probably the greatest threat our country faces.

* For more on Phil Tucker, download my "Oracles" zip file, then do a search of his name, after which look up what you can find on the internet.

That Test Which We Pray to Be Kept From

Sensual ecstasy (or heaven) at the expense of basic fairness, justice and moral heaven?

Now replace "sensual heaven" with "religious ecstasy," (including, for example, waters, lights, or winds from "heaven.")


Police Exam, or "on the Trail of Faustus & Co."

1. Who is most behind the spy cam industry?

2. Who is most behind the witchcraft and sorcery movie "craze"?

3. Who is most behind the serial killer film "craze" of the last decades?

4. Who is creating viruses and sending out massive spam, such that they can contend with, indeed back to the wall, multi-million dollar corporations who produce anti-virus and firewall software?

5. Who is attempting to control the internet?

6. Who is most behind "Reality TV," like "Big Brother"?

7. Who is most promoting monopolies, and ousting free and fair competition?

8. Who is most behind salacious and or foul mouthed television programming?

9. Who most makes it their business to regularly target celebrities for scandal?

10. Who is the one who tells everyone to use words like blog? carb? gitmo?

11. Who tells the media what are the important stories such that various news services (electronic, print and otherwise) are so miraculously uniform in their reporting?

12. Who rose to great power and wealth in the past thirty odd years, and which same period has seen the unprecedented escalation of serial killers and like horrifying crime stories?


"Is Life so Dear, or Peace so Sweet...?"

They have often blamed us for not being righteous, or for having it too good, or making them jealous.

Yet who hogs up everything? Who forces themselves on people, and has been living the unchecked and unreprimanded life of crime and horror for all these many years?

Man, I have come to the conclusion that the purpose of life is to:

1. Do the right thing, including our duty, according to justice, wisdom, and reason as best we can discern them. ("God's will be done.")
2. Save and protect the weak, helpless and innocent as best we may.
3. Get away from these people.

Really, I am so sick of all this, that it makes me think (and I said this here earlier), why don't we all just die and leave the place to them, since but for protecting the helpless (such as children and animals), life is not worth living if they are around running things?

It's not that at heart we aren't happy. We are, indeed, very much so. But what's the point with these monsters running around loose, getting away with as much as they do, and people acting like nothing is going on?


"Is Life so Dear, or Peace so Sweet...?"

They have often blamed us for not being righteous, or for having it too god, or making them jealous.

Yet who hogs up everything? Who forces themselves on people, and has been living the unchecked and unreprimanded life of crime and horror for all these many years?

Man, I have come to the conclusion that the purpose of life is to:

1 Do the right thing, including our duty, according to justice, wisdom ,and reason as best we can discern them. ("God's will be done.") 2. Save and protect the weak and helpless as best we may. 3. Get away from these people.

Really I am so sick of all this, that it makes me think (and I said this here earlier), why don't we all just die and leave the place to them, since but for protecting the helpless (such as children and animals), life is not worth living if they are around running things?

It's not that at heart we aren't happy. We are, indeeed, very much so. But what's the point with these monsters running around loose, getting away with as much as they do, and people acting like nothing is going on?


St. Michael the Archangel

He need not answer to reason, honesty or morals. Why? Because "God" spoke to him.

"Well, it wasn't God exactly," he says.

Not God exactly? Then who in heaven's name was it?

"He's like God, only he doesn't want me talking about him."


The Hollywood States Navy?

Hell taking over the country? Absurd you say? Well, what I am going to show you is too weird for words, so I will direct you to this link which is owned and operation by the "Navy" (owned and operated as opposed to say Harpoon, which you think would make more sense.) Any way, without further ado then, check out this.


Some Going Over What's Behind "Harry Potter" (Briefly)

Glaucon: "That those who practice it [justice], practice it constrained by want of power to act unjustly, we might better perceive if we do the following in thought : granting each one of them both, the just and the unjust, license to do as he wishes, let us then follow them closely to observe whither his desire (� epithumia) will lead each. We should then catch the just man in the act of following the same path as the unjust man on account of the advantage that every nature is led by its very nature to pursue as good, being diverted only by force of law toward the esteem of the equal. The license I am talking about would be supremely such if they were given the very same power as is said to have been given in the past to the ancestor of Gyges the Lydian.

"For he was a shepherd laboring for the then ruler of Lydia and some part of the earth was shattered by a violent thunderstorm developing along with an earthquake and a chasm appeared at the place where he was pasturing. Seeing this and wondering, he went down and the fable says that he saw, among other wonders, a hollow bronze horse having openings, through which, peeping in, he saw that there was a corpse inside, as it seemed, greater than is usual for men, and wearing nothing else but a golden ring at his hand, that he took off before leaving. When time came for the shepherds to hold their customary assembly in order to prepare their monthly report to the king about the state of the flocks, he came too, wearing this ring. While he was sitting with the others, it chanced that he moved the collet of the ring around toward himself into the inside of his hand ; having done this, he disappeared from the sight of those who were sitting beside him, and they discussed of him as of someone who had left. And he wondered and once again feeling for the ring, he turned the collet outwards and, by turning it, reappeared. Reflecting upon this, he put the ring to the test to see if it indeed had such power, and he came to this conclusion that, by turning the collet inwards, he became invisible, outwards, visible. Having perceived this, he at once managed for himself to become one of the envoys to the king ; upon arrival, having seduced his wife, with her help, he laid a hand on the king, murdered him and took hold of the leadership." (from Plato's Republic, II, 359b-360b)

"Fans Wait for Midnight and Potter Book

"LONDON (AP) - From a medieval castle to suburban shopping malls to rural summer camps, fans were getting ready Friday to dress up, line up and stay up to nab the first copies of ``Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...
"Even the pope is part of Pottermania. Writer Gabriele Kuby (author of ``Harry Potter - Good or Evil?'') said that Pope Benedict XVI told her in letters written in 2003, when he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, that the books 'deeply distort Christianity in the soul.' The Vatican had no comment."

For the remainder of this article see here.

In response then to "Pottermaina," and assuming it is not a phenomena completely fabricated and paid for, let's ask a few simple questions:

What is witchcraft and sorcery?

FACT: The fundamental nature of witchcraft and sorcery is to get spirit people to do things for you. There is no magic, such as is involved in witchcraft and sorcery without them being employed. Further, the most common kind of spirit person used is what is known as a "demon."

Where do these spirit people come from and whose authority do they listen to?

FACT: Although demons (and similar kinds of witchcraft/sorcery involved spirit people) will oftentimes be paid, they are as much, if not more of the times, coerced by someone more powerful than themselves, and to that extent they are slaves, such that witchcraft and sorcery in practice necessarily involve slavery.

Are demons, and those who employ them, moral and reasonable people?

FACT: By tradition and definition, no. To be driven or influenced by a literal demon is universally understood to be something bad, immoral, and irrational. Socrates is said to have spoken of a "daemon" but it is not clear if he wasn't using this as a device to mock his accusers (who did listen to such a person.) Demons hide because either they are not supposed to be in our midst or because concealment gives them power, as did the ring of Gyges spoken of by Plato (see above.) Such behavior hardly reflects a moral and rational person.

What do people who invoke demons and spirits employ them to do?

FACT: To attack their enemies, and to obtain things, and in the case of things not already owned by the person who dispatches them, this invariably involves stealing. Certain kinds of witchcraft and sorcery can also be used to deceive others so as to gain favor or support (say by making a friend look �beautiful� and an enemy �ugly.�) Further in order to appease certain more powerful spirit people, such as those who themselves are sorcerers or warlocks, people and animals must be victimized, including being murdered, tortured, and or raped. This is borne out both by historical tradition and those who actually know about these people. Go ask someone, for example, who does.

Now if fear of punishment is the only force of law, as Glaucon argues, and someone with "invisible" people working for him then has no need to fear being punished by that law, what is it that is being encouraged by encouraging Harry Potter? And who and why would someone, evidently with a great deal of money, be promoting such a thing, and among children no less? And even if you argue that witchcraft and sorcery have no basis in reality, what kind of imagination is being fostered by centrally celebrating it in fiction, and without any evident moral or philosophical teaching to justify it? And finally, wherefore such widespread "interest" in such a thing?


"Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me"

If you want your life or work to be appreciated when you are gone, hope that there are people left who love and love honestly. Otherwise no one will really care about you or what you did.

Yet what does he do to encourage love? "Ideals and principles?" he says. "You mean seriously? That's for saps, the naive, and wishful thinkers. Bully, deceive and devour, then you'll rule!"

Rule what? If you don't love and respect those who stood up for what's right who went before you, and care deeply in your heart about the young people who will follow, who tomorrow will love and respect you who were a coward and hypocrite who lied all the time to have your way? If anything does last that's worthwhile, it's love, and what have you to do with love?

"Well, I'll be dead and gone so I won't care," he says.

To each his own. But if I am going to bet on something it is love and truth. And if you are not gone as in completely vanished or permanently asleep, and you turned your back on love and truth in this life, then how will things be then?

"Well, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior," he says.


Having previously read Jean Stein's Edie, (on Edie Sedgwick), and now had the opportunity to peruse numerous and sundry passages of David Richards' Played Out: The Jean Seberg Story, as well has having myself written a book on Mabel Normand, it seems very obvious to me that the lives of all three were consumed by spirit people who plagued them in one way or another, and that it was this, more than anything else, that led to their early deaths. It is interesting how they were all very different from each other, and yet in certain respects similar. All three have been described or characterized at various times as reckless, in some way mad, and themselves mostly responsible for what happened to them. Yet I think this assessment is both excessively harsh and unfair, and at best a gross distortion. They were all self-willed, beauties and free spirits in their ways, and I think this is why they either attracted or were targeted by certain spirit people (such as possibly a "Simon the Magician," though it is not necessary to accuse him specifically.) If you look at before and after pictures of them (though I am only giving the "before" here, and these very early photos of them), you'll more easily see what I mean, and the kind of toll such spirit persons can take on a person. The amount of tragedy, suffering, and "accidents" that befell them is often very bizarre, and not infrequently too much to believe, and which I personally take as clear and palpable signs of the problem in question. As to more close evidence that would support my claim, I don't want to get into that here, other than, for starters, to refer you these and other books. In the case of Mabel Normand, Betty Fussell's biography is more similar to Stein's and Richards' works than my own (which, aside from my addressing the William Desmond Taylor case, examines more her work and career than the details of her life as such), and would direct you to that as well. Now they are far from being rare examples of victims of spirit person attacks. Nonetheless, they stand out as very vivid ones.


On Those on Whom Power and Money are "Bestowed"

The real evil in the world, as I have maintained time and again, comes from certain spirit people (without going here into exactly which ones and why.) Yet it is a curious fact that it is very often, if not always, those they "bestow" great titles, power, wealth, and position in life are really the most incredibly, inept, childish, and ne'er do well kind of people, and I say this here out of genuine pity and sympathy for such rather than contempt, and though I don't want to name names of some of the more well known in society.

Just the other day I observed two men, at least in their sixties, one with plenty of money, and the other a store clerk, who were both in their way under achievers, and probably without knowing the fact, and although very different in their social station. Life, in certain respects seem to have passed both of them by. They seemed like such children that, upon reflection, one's heart really went out to them. The same could be said for some very famous names among society's touted elite. Though again, I will refrain from naming them, and though they are treated as great leaders and or celebrities, and allowing for certain slight differences and variations and qualifications, they also seem very much people like these two I describe. Such represent and are a picture of what our society and culture has been like these past 20 to 30 years. Behind the scenes certain spirit people are wielding the real power, while on the thrones sit these rather developmentally arrested, perhaps well meaning, ne'er do well sorts, who in their way, and upon closer reflection, seem like lost souls, oblivious to life.

For once in my own time, rather than have contempt for them, I honestly, and without wanting to sound supercilious or condescending, pitied and felt sorry for them for being like this, knowing also as I do also how utterly ruthless these powerful spirit people are in (directly or indirectly) using them. True, in a given instances, you could well, and rightly say of a given one of them, �what a rascal! What an incompetent idiot!� Yet when all was said and done, look how, they were all along, children just being used � or at least there is more to be said in this way than previously we might have, in fairness to them, observed or appreciated.

Now spirit people who hold position and power, I view quite differently, though they too are also quite immature people in similar ways as to these I describe, only I have less sympathy for them -- and granted maybe I am being unfair in this -- because in my view I am inclined to think that really they should (by now) know better. But that's all another story (or is it?)


Carrot and Stick, and the Victory of Reason Over Them.

Last night, instead of the more usual painful and overtly degrading "dream production," "they" put me through one, that in many respects was very pleasurable -- that is if you weren't thinking, and had about as much heart as is required of some superficial Hollywood movie, or else a heart that was taking the day off. The "dream" was innovative, dazzling, pulse pounding, thrilling, alluring. It really was. Only all this, given who was putting on the show, upon reflection, was at bottom hollow and phony.

Yet it made me think how certain unthinking and loosely moral people would be so swept away by such a thing, indeed and are and have been, and who have fantastical kinds of money, while getting away with murder all these years (assisted by the kind of adept spirit person magician who puts on these and similar kinds of shows.) From such thngs it made me also think how some would believe innovation and creativity comes from such people, when I am sure if one were to look more closely into the matter that 90% of what is used or shown are ideas and material pilfered and swiped from someone else, and then successfully passed off as their own. But oh with what results! No doubt, if the same were shown to thoughtless and insensitive people, how arrogant, how above the law and reason, would they be made to feel by experiencing such a thing!

I knew their game by the time it was over, and I was just waking up. And I also knew that whatever good they had shown me or made me experience could be had 10,000 times better if it were known, brought about or experienced with good people. So I cursed them as I commonly do, only I tried to be more polite and more civil about it and avoided more belligerent language.

And in this respect, by the way, I have a new way of mocking these people. I say "how did you manage to get all this money, and power? How did you manage to get away with murder all these years?"

The answer? By means of selling their soul! And so it is they have no soul, not to mention heart!

"Yet oh how nice of them, wasn't it, to let you keep your shell!"


Sympathy for the Devil, or "Baby Boomer Confusion"

"Sure I'm against the Holocaust, Stalinist purges, the Gulag, Black lynchings, the My Lai massacre, the Killing Fields, Death Squads, Jonestown, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, Waco, Rwanda, genocide, human rights abuse, all that stuff. In fact, I know people who make movies and documentaries denouncing those things. But you know what they say. 'A friend of the devil is friend of mine.' As long as the check is in the mail, I have no complaints against him. If you want to blame someone, blame God."

Now if only we can convince these others that God is not the Devil (a tall order I know.)


He spends his entire life trying to justify being a coward, and for this he expects to be rewarded with worldly power, holiness (or divine favor), or both. And he succeeds, only the worldly power is tainted with filth and gore, while the holiness is spurious (though of course he doesn't notice this.)


When Will Being a Coward Ever REALLY Pay?

I'll tell you the honest for goodness truth. I am hit up with brain torture radios round the clock, and am assaulted by "dream productions" and demons when I am asleep -- all the time. Well you know me. Though I try to endure these things as best I can, and which there isn't much I can do to help, I do take the time to remind these people that:

1. I, all alone, physically handicapped by them, broke, fought off their whole army these past 12 years, and even still they need to get me.
2. I not now nor ever want anything from them -- because for all their lights and jewels from "Heaven" and other such rich man shows, they don't really have anything worth getting mixed up with people like shallow and conscienceless like themselves. Which brings up my third point.
3. I have seen all these angels (some giant), ghosts, and devils, and I'll tell you the God's honest truth, I have never seen one whom I envy or, whose place I would want to be in, or who can actually be said to �have it good� (to use one of their own phrases.) And what wouldn�t I give � short of doing the wrong thing in some serious way -- just be able to get away from them! I then say to them, "What is it with you people? For all the years you have been working for the evil one or the 'George Lucas in the sky' (or whatever you want to call him) you are always coming up short. When is it EVER going to work for you doing things your way? When will it ever really pay to be coward?" As far as I can see the answer to this question is never.

Just by the way, in their being upset over constantly losing (in the most meaningful sense of that last word), they knocked out my two laptops. I was able last night to get my old lap to work after my regular one started to malfunction. Yet after successfully (and somewhat miraculously following some hours tinkering) getting it to work, at the last minute they did something to cause it to break down in a way that never happened before, i.e. it automatically turns off (seconds after) every time I try to boot it (though the power light is still on and the power running.) As result, I am writing this on my even older PC which I very rarely use, and it looks like in future I will have to do my writing here. Very annoying yes. But they wouldn't have done it if they weren't really getting the worst of it. But then for people like them, what else is new?


Ephesians 4: 25: "Therefore, laying aside falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor, for we are members of one another."

That Blest Mood

I can take,
I can leave you.
You are by chance,
yet not by chance,
like every other,
yet like none other,
here, yet faraway.

But when I get home,
on grassy cliffs
above the bay
and all is finally still,
I'll finally dream
my best dreams,
and my best dreams
are dreams of you.


To Someone Else

Always remember this one thing. You are one of the most hated and accursed people that ever lived, and come the day they are going to have your hide for getting away with murder all these years.

"So you think we have a lazy time, well you should know better
And I don't know why
I just don't know why."


More Good Common Sense

Value typically shows in that people want you or what you have; or in that you are happy of yourself, and have no need to make unreasonable and abnormal demands or requests of others.*

Now no thoughtful and well-considering person really likes these incessantly busy-body type spirit people, indeed, many quite understandably loathe and detest them. Yet these spirit people have great money and control, and will incessantly try to use this to force themselves on or else inveigle themselves into peoples' lives. Often, using various kinds of manipulation, including mind control, they will try to get people to like them, and sometimes (sadly for the rest of us) succeed. If succeeding in this requires them to act as though they are represent almighty God (fraudulently of course), what have they got to lose? They are so hard up and desperate and (being so very guilty) why not treat life as just a joke, what difference does it make? And because of their great power, some people are taken in by this, become dazzled by them, as if they cannot be refused. Yet it is these kinds of spirit people who are the source of more woe and misery than anyone and any thing else. Many problems the Jewish people have suffered over the centuries, to use an example of one people, are due to these kinds of spirit people having frequently leeched onto them, and they leech onto them because the Jewish people have special value -- not because they are bad or because these spirit people have any right to assume the Jews are one of themselves, or any right, of course, to suggest that they, i.e. these spirit people, somehow represent God.

This is the same idea I spoke about earlier with respect to Jean d'Arc. She didn't need those spirit people who bothered her, and whom she to some extent listened to. They used her for their own selfish purposes, yet the poor girl was evidently deceived into thinking they were helping her. It's like someone who inherited a great fortune, but whom others then attempt to exploit while pretending to be their friends. Needless to say, Jean, in allowing herself to being taken in as she did, wasn't doing herself any favors.

You feel bad? You have problems? For most, if not all people necessarily, I'll tell you again: you get rid of these financially wealthy and powerful spirit people,** whether they are the Goon Squad or someone like them. That will solve all yours, mine, and everybody's worst problems. These force themselves on others not because they are so funny or attractive. But because they aren't. And they aren't because they are so unrepentant and so very guilty -- both.

Remember also that these very arrogant and criminal types of spirit people ruin things for spirit people who are well behaved, or at least not anywhere near so bad, as well as they mooch off and take unfair advantage of regular (i.e. flesh and blood) people.

* This is all in vivid contrast to the main principle of hoodlumnomics, prevalent in our time and built into the system like a pestilence, which says that if party "A" does not hurt or inflict harm on you they are conferring value. So much of Hell and what we think of as Hell, including false Heaven, are shock tactics used to break down peoples rational thinking and resolve so that they can then be enslaved or taken advantage of, and to this extent are simply criminal devices whose aim is in reality someone's personal aggrandizement and profit -- not religious purity.
** Though whose wealth is kept in the hands of certain regular people who are their henchmen or dupes.


I Honestly Can't Believe How Unbelievably Stupid All This Is, or a "Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness"

What can you say about someone who complains about problems, or who acts as though they seek to solve problems, but who very casually ignores relevant facts, and or avoids reasoning through plausible possibilities?

What can you say about a rich man who knows many people, yet not one who is genuinely honest and sincere toward him (or but he will pay them money for being so?)

What can you say about someone who thinks they possess lofty knowledge and understanding, yet who then takes measures to censor others, monopolize the media, and obstruct communications?

What can you say about someone who will murder or do others great injustice, just so they can cut (or, more realistically, hope to cut) a magnificent figure for themselves on this small planet?

What can you say about someone who believes spirit people, when in all of history no one can point to a spirit person whom an intelligent person, knowing or having a fair idea of their life situation, would ever trade places with (not to mention the fact that history is replete with instances of spirit people envying or coveting of regular people?)


"If He had been Antichrist, Creeping Jesus,
He'd have done anything to please us;
Gone sneaking into synagogues,
And not us'd the Elders and Priests like dogs;
But humble as a lamb or ass
Obey'd Himself to Caiaphas.
God wants not man to humble himself:
That is the trick of the Ancient Elf.
This is the race that Jesus ran:
Humble to God, haughty to man..."

Two things. At this website I often see among the mini-box ads someone claiming that "Jesus" has returned and will soon reveal himself. At the same time, and for some time now, I will be shown visions by these spirit people (I often write about) of this very plaintive spirit person's face, as if of Jesus, in great throes of pity (sort of like a religious Emmett Kelly.) Though I feel I have sufficiently addressed this point in my New Treatise on Hell, these things, as well as the "Mel Gibson" film "Passion" (based on a nun's visions), prompt me to address it again. Such visions, though to an unthinking person can be very awesome or awe inspiring DO NOT PROVE anything. It is nothing for certain sorcerers, using an actor, to concoct these kinds of things. As well they smack of secret knowledge, or gnosticism, in which the person shown them is being made to feel they are party to such knowledge.

Jesus is the truth -- not secret knowledge. It is a most obvious thing that many of these same people who are somehow granted this secret higher knowledge cannot get their facts straight on the more simple plane of reality, and indeed are given to secrecy, irrationality, and, for some of them, lying. Christ left us with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love and Truth. He is and has always been with us in this form. The people who make such fuss out of these kinds of visions clearly ignore, if not actually reject the Holy Spirit, by raising such secret knowledge to the level of higher truth. How then can such people be qualified to know whether the person they see or are shown is actually Jesus? If you have some idea of what the more con-artist spirit people are like, you will have no problem in seeing what is actually going on here. Yet who will instruct the credulous and irrational when discussing spirit people seriously is frowned upon or prohibited almost universally?


Why is it when I see the word "Gitmo" it sounds like "blogging" or "carb?"

This may seem on the surface rather trite to say, but I think it would do many people a world of good to be reminded: be logical, rational, and philosophically minded. I've known even philosophy professors and classical scholars to lose it, and forget what they are all about, because of distractions brought about directly or indirectly by Hell or Hell people, and which they don't know how to deal with. Stop and check your conclusions, know that your making them, and insist that who or whatever it is be seen as consistent with and accountable to well considered, humble, yet honest, reasoning. And never let anyone, let alone any thing, supercede its authority, no matter how great or how powerful.


I don't see what the deal is. We've suffered long enough. People should be able to see and talk to each other, joke, have a good time. But thanks to this combination of Star Wars and bad religious programs, we can't do anything anymore: movies, music, theater, you name it. That�s the Goon Squad. They�re the ones who killed all those people and animals, yet we have persons among us in high places taking orders from them. So again people can�t do anything anymore, though plenty and plenty of money (as you can see around you all the time) is being spent doing a lot of nothing.

There's something else I want to say. Some of you people fuss over ridiculous and obscure things, yet you over look the most obvious. If the Goon Squad is put in a penitentiary or a maximum-security insane asylum, where they most obviously belong, that of itself will just about take care of everything. And when was the last time someone suggested this to you? Eh? The Bible's fine. But there's a good thing to be said for common sense too.

If you're afraid after just waking up don't feel too bad. But if you're already up and awoke you shouldn't be frightened, at least not for yourself. You have no reason to be.


Wake up!


"Genghis Khan
He could not keep
All his kings
Supplied with sleep
We'll climb that hill
no matter how steep
When we get up to it
Whoo-ee! Ride me high
Tomorrow's the day
My bride's gonna come
Oh, oh, are we gonna fly
Down in the easy chair!"


All right class. So let's briefly review some of what we have gone over before.

Why does someone like Oafmore believe the Goon Squad?

* They can create circumstances where he will feel miraculous, enchanting, or religious feelings. This is not to say such feelings themselves are necessarily bad things, any more than we might say money of itself is bad because it can be used to bribe people. The problem arises when such feelings are offered as a bait or lure so that he will place his trust in these people.

* The incorrigible persistence of the hellions, which in point of fact is based in the most extreme kind of desperation, is itself a weighty factor in persuading Oafmore that they can't be wrong.

* He doesn't understand why God or Jesus or whoever doesn't step in and combat these people if they are wrong. He assumes that if God or whomever does not do so they must be weak, and that the Goon Squad because they can act as they do, must be God or superior to God. Now why Oafmore is mistaken I will leave you to figure out for yourself or take this point up later. Suffice to say here, however, Oafmore's is a childish kind of argument.

* These people can simply scare him to death, and the idea of standing up to them manfully or courageously just never even occurs to him. Those who would think of doing so he then sees as foolish. "Insane" or "Goomerton" will then take additional steps to encourage this belief say such as having the defiant person fall under heavy misfortune or rejection by others, all of which only goes to confirm Oafmore in the wisdom of his position.

* These people can often predict events, know very personal information about you, say, going back decades, or have things like deja vu take place. Again the point comes up, why doesn't God thwart their powers, or use such powers himself? And once again the argument when scrutinized closely is a childish one. It is worth remarking that these kinds of spirit people like a "Dr. Insane" or "Goomerton" are so obsessed with manipulating others, that even if they didn't seek to fool them as a matter of religious or political policy, they still could not help showing off with such tricks for purposes of getting attention.

* The Goon Squad can appear as Heaven or Hell, and if they are both Heaven and Hell, well there's obviously no choice but to give in. Once more, what are some of the things that can be said are wrong with this argument of Oafmore's?

* Some or all of the above methods can be used on groups of people, such that an individual like Oafmore can be driven about like one in a herd, with him assuming that what "everybody" thinks is the ultimate litmus test of truth.


�It�s About Like That,� or Radiohead Revisited

"This simply won't do Mr. Sherman. These people have to follow the teachings of demonism, or lunatic belief as you prefer to call it, as handed down by the followers of the Green Goblin. So the brain torture radios stay on."

Look. Why doesn't this fellow rise to the occasion and once and for all tell these people no? Why by doing so it would be (certainly for someone like himself) something heroic, like signing the Declaration of Independence or making the Gettysburg address.

"Because he's not American in that way. That's the long and short answer to that. Besides isn't he saving those people by giving into them? What? Would you have these people thinking they were fools all this while acting as they have?"

That's precisely what I am saying those people actually are, and madmen too, so adept is you-know-who at deception. Do give him more credit than you do please.

"Oh, ho ho! I see. And you would be so un-Christian as to hurt these people's feelings!"

I don't want to hurt their feelings. What do I care about hurting their feelings? My goodness, if he turns off those radios I venture to say he'll feel like a million bucks. Not only that but many of those people will like it and would respect him for it too!

"And oh yes, that would give you just the opportunity to make them jealous. Very like us after all in that way, Mr. Sherman, wanting to do things to people."

Their pain comes from listening to that maniac Dr. Insane and or Goomerton! Yet they think he's helping them! What utter absurdity! They and all of us have it bad not because me or anyone else has it too good, but because of them! You people are so lost and out of your minds, it's unbelievable! The more you give into the Goon Squad the more you are that much further from having it good, than before you did -- not closer! And what you also don't understand is that you or anyone can have all that you or anyone could goodly want if you let others be free who could and would help you. You don't believe it I know, but you don't understand the eternal at all. You seek happiness in the public square, when you should look to home first! That's what the Apotheosis of Washington is all about! You don't even know what having it good is! I know, because I have had to listen to you and people like you all these years. You think love is someone loving you. It's not someone loving you first. That's second. It is you loving someone else first, and without assuming that it will be returned necessarily. But then you don't have even the slightest clue about how that works because you get your ridiculous ideas of happiness from the religion of the ancient murderers. How can you expect people like that to know what happiness is?

"They have the Hutchison girls after all."

And you don't think those Hutchison girls wouldn't high tail out and away from them at the first chance they got? Your crazy! No one can ever have it good with those girls because those people will always insist on doing something to ruin it. That's the way they are. You should know that more than anyone. "Hmph!"

Now will you get him to turn off those brain torture radios or not? If I am wrong what are you bothering me for in the first place!? You're the ones who are supposed to have and know everything? What could you possibly need me for, deluded and mistaken as I am?

"We just can't do it. We know about these things a certain way."

Yes, and I see, your knowing about these things a certain way must of necessity be half rational, incommunicable, and entirely incomprehensible! Some truth!


Note. I may continue this (or not) but we'll see. Possibly it will end up in "The Ghost of the Traitor" some day, since most of that comes from sketches like this. How else could one just imagine or make these things up? Similarly see Spielberg piece below.

Here's another way of making it simpler for you. Under no circumstances take it as a kindness if Hell decides to desist from assaulting or giving you trouble. They had no right doing so in the first place. And if Heaven blows you breezes as if from the garden of Eden, know you are far better off receiving that kind of thing from God, since you can't, and to your fatal peril otherwise, always be sure which Heaven it is.

I know I have been out of the loop and all in many ways. But would someone mind telling me exactly who it is in Iraq we are fighting?

Very shortly before the war started (and this is a true story by the way), Steven Spielberg came out and made a public statement that it was time for Hussein to go. Then I understand they got Hussein, and after that the move was to establish democracy in that country. Yet for some time now this effort has been under attack. O.K., so who's attacking it?

Also, since we're on the subject, be sure to catch the 10th Mountain Division in Spielberg's latest hit blockbuster "War of the Worlds."

Note. Despite how it might appear, I don't want you to think Spielberg is all to blame (or in case you thought so, certainly not Pres. Bush either.) Rather I am inclined to see Spielberg as a sort of misguided Rudolf Hess. Who we really want (or if you like "Oafmore") is someone else.

In a piece he wrote not long before he died, writer Hunter S. Thompson lamented the fact that his was the first generation to leave the country in worse shape than it had found it.

Is it fair to say so many of the academics, the lawyers, government officials, journalists, clergy, cultural magnates are slowly but surely turning up on our meters as the good for nothings they really were all along, and who we now learn never could deal with reality to begin with?

What an age of unmitigated depravity and horror this last 30 years has been. Such jumping up and down over 9/11 (and how do we really know whose responsible for that?), when all the while, daily in the news, we have crime stories reported to us even Dracula would blush at. Rapine and massacre are rewarded like never before, while talent and industry are punished.

We won the Cold War? We lost it, both east and west, and Hell won. Nazis are defeated in the movies, yet then are handed great fortunes and honors in real life. What now is required? The re-founding of government, the law and the court system?

I may not live to see much of anything change. But I'll tell you one thing. I am not going through all this shameless and stupid like some people.


"How is it you think you can face Jesus Christ when you can't even face Sherman."


Banking on the Big Bubble

Do people who have to force themselves, who have to cheat, who have to use underhanded methods (or worse) to keep out competition, who regularly lie and keep secrets (about non-personal matters) have value? Why such tactics when if the had value they could just sell or make available their services or what they have to offer (or not do so if they didn't care to?) And if they don't have really value, then what are they bothering themselves about in living their lives as tycoons and would be success stories? Are they not after all living a complete lie and a fantasy, pretending to be people who have great value, yet who in actuality have not that great value the pretend to? May they perchance have been tricked by a magician, and who assists them in doing all this, so that, when all is said and done they will be his slaves? Yet many people are less concerned about establishing real value, say on the basis of honesty and fair competition, than they are concerned about appearances and how much money they have. True, appearances and money have their value. But how deep does such value go, and how long can it last? Yet again, these aforementioned people like anybody else expect that others will love and esteem them based on their great value. But what is their real value? What is it based on? And what kind of love and esteem can such persons really expect?

I have had these characters I often write about, both the spirit people and their henchmen, (in one way or another) following and harassing me for years, telling others I don't really matter or I don't know what I am talking about. Others believe them and I am often very shabbily treated as a result. I don't want anything of these people, could care less, and simply want them to get lost. Yet they can't seem to even live without me, or else in some way make themselves a part of my life. Who then has real value?

On top of all this, and here's the main point of my gripe on the personal level, the government believes these people and not me. So much so that, after twelve years no less, I can't even get protection from crime and violence!

Below are the stats from my firewall after being reinstalled just early this last June -- which is to say from scratch. (Note. When Zone Alarm updates it erases your past records, at least in the main read out, so that my real numbers for being hacked are astronomically higher than given here if we go back and include a year or two when I first was able to start tracking these totals.)

Here also is a snap of a very tiny sample of some of the malicious spam I have been receiving in recent years.* And along with this here is one example, though be advised in advanced that this e-mail is very grotesque and explicit to say the least, but even so, illustrative of the kind of people certain law enforcement officials think nothing of turning a blind eye to presumably. Observe also in this is that the victim is described as a "fortune teller," so you see the reasoning. By getting more people involved in witchcraft and the occult, say a la Harry Potter (regularly being touted at, these people can create targets of their violence whom no one will help. malicious e-mail example

* I showed this to Sgt. Liz Eddy of the Seattle Police Dept., by the way, when she visited.


If anyone has or is going to win, it is a philosopher and who (by definition) is uncompromisingly rational. Moreover, now based on what I believe personally, the person who wins is someone who is moral (including of course honest) as well. Naturally, it goes without saying that if you just give in to these people the contest is already over to begin with, though this, nonetheless, some do, including some who think themselves philosophers.

Being Christian, for me, further enters the equation because Christ Our Lord gave us the supreme example of morals, for he, by his example, and those also who followed him, strengthens us as models of moral conduct and belief. This space alien from beyond, who some think is or listen to as if he were Christ, is, to say the least, no moral example, and therefore no Christ.


Happy Fourth of July!

"Oh that's all very well Mr. Sherman, but we're the ones who represent the United States of America -- not you."


Blessed Longing

By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tell no one but the wise,
For philistines are quick to scoff:
What is alive I want to praise,
What longs for death by fire.

In love-nights' acquiescence,
That begot you, where you begot,
An alien touch is seizing you,
When the calm candlelight shines forth.

No longer are you caught
Obscured by darkness,
And new desire sweeps you
Up toward higher union.

No distance holds you back,
You come flying and spell-bound,
And lastly, craving for the light,
You, butterfly, are burnt.

And so long as you have not got that,
This: Die and be anew!
You are a dim guest only
On the dark earth.

(translation by Alexander Corvey)

Now if a person repented, that is made some formal gesture that they were sorry for what they had done, and then made a good, and not necessarily perfect, effort to behave themselves, then yes, I would have no problem in saying they have hope. Yet do you know what game these very guilty people with all the money are playing? What they are doing is acting like what they did wrong did not really matter, and lights from Heaven which are shown to them are taken as a sign that they will be spared condemnation or punishment. This is all the more absurd when, if you know these people, they are such jealous, and hypocrites, and so full of themselves, that it is clear this sort of salvation is further based on a certain reasoning which says, "so-and-so had it so good, so why would it be fair for me to suffer or be penalized for what I did, when it wasn't fair to me [i.e. that so-and-so had it so good] in the first place." And so they will go on committing crimes, though perhaps with some amount more restraint than before, and as if all those murders, rapes and tortures didn't matter.

A not unrelated kind of nonsense I think is expressed in the above famous poem of Goethe's where it is made to seem as if passion -- by itself -- is somehow a redeeming virtue, which is as mad and lunatic a view as there ever was.

But then some well-meaning person else will say, how can such a famous name as Goethe's not be authority?*

* I don�t want to sound too harsh toward Goethe generally, however, who I certainly still admire (though admittedly disagreeing with him on some points), and who was very much an inspiration and role model I desired to emulate during my late teens, as also, just incidentally, was Thomas Jefferson when I was in elementary school. As well, it should be mentioned, Goethe could be said to have reneged on the above view when in later years he said (to this effect) �Romanticism is sickness, Classicism is health,� and if he meant -- as he seems to -- the kind of romanticism expressed in �Blessed Longing,� I obviously concur.


The Reason

If we met,
it was truly in love.
But that love truly
is now to love them,
so they can be happy
as we are,
even more and by far
than we are;
giving them wonderful gifts
such as were our lot,
from people who loved us:
who will never be forgot.


Hmmm. Oh yes, this is very nice. But look what it costs, and worse look who comes along with it.


Riot in Cell Block #9

By the Coasters (Leiber/Stoller)

On July the 2nd 1953
I was servin' time for armed robbery
At four o'clock in the morning, I was sleeping in my cell
I heard a whistle blow, then I heard somebody yell

There�s a riot going on
There�s a riot going on
There�s a riot going on
Up in cell block number nine

The trouble started in cell block number four
It spread like fire across the prison floor
I said "O.K. boys, gettin' ready to run -
Here comes the warden with a tommy gun"

There�s a riot going on, etc.

The warden said come out with your hands up in the air
If you don�t stop this riot you�re all gonna get the chair
Scarface Jones said it�s too late to quit
Pass the dynamite, cause the fuse is lit

There�s a riot going on,, etc.

On the 47th hour the nerve gas got our men
We�re all back in our cells but every now and then

There�s a riot going on, etc.


Charlie Brown

By the Coasters (Leiber/Stoller)

Fe-fe, fi-fi, fo-fo, fum
I smell smoke in the auditorium

Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown
He's a clown, that Charlie Brown
He's gonna get caught
Just you wait and see
(Why's everybody always pickin' on me)

That's him on his knees
I know that's him
Yeah, from 7 come 11
Down in the boys' gym

Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown
He's a clown, that Charlie Brown
He's gonna get caught
Just you wait and see
(Why's everybody always pickin' on me)

Who's always writing on the wall
Who's always goofing in the hall
Who's always throwing spit balls
Guess who (who, me) yeah, you

Who walks in the classroom, cool and slow
Who calls the English teacher, Daddy-O

Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown
He's a clown, that Charlie Brown
He's gonna get caught
Just you wait and see
(Why's everybody always pickin' on me)

[Note. As far as my posting this, it's supposed to remind you of an actual contemporary person, and guess who?]

Get This Straight

A: [Speaking to a third person] "Oh don't help him. We've prepared a great prize and and honor for him. So great, so magnificent, you will spoil it if you help him."

You can keep your prize and honor, along with all the swearing and curses from me possible. I want no reward or honor from you not now nor ever except your damnation.

(Some people just don't get what I am talking about.)

Here's a tip: If you want to be cured of a cancer fight and seek to really get rid of it.

I know this is in stark contrast to and flies in the face of some other people's idea which is to give in, feed, and reward the cancer, while both helping people and doing the wrong thing (so as to satisfy everyone that needs to be satisfied.) "If I don't do it that way," such say, "the cancer won't be friendly and let me live my life."

Sorry, I reply, but you're just kidding yourself. If you do it that way you haven't really got rid of the cancer, but merely succeeded in concealing (to yourself) it's moving in fully and permanantly.

Though I imagine there must be some who are truly relieved and happy somewhere.

"Oh yes," he is saying. "It was not so long ago that I was there myself. But no longer. Now I am in place where the names of Simon the Magician and Steven Spielberg are never mentioned or heard of."

Would that the rest of us could fare as well. Though in fairness to Spielberg, I suppose in retrospect he regrets being so put out on a limb (of "greatness"), and that he himself would have preferred something more humble and subdued -- even leaving aside the resulting cost of this great career to others. But then that was not what the almighty spirit people wished, megalomania being after all a pronounced weakness of theirs.


Wishful Thinking

I was so glad when he turned into the wolfman,
and ran running fast as his legs could take him,
far and away and over the hills,
never to be seen or heard from
ever again.


(The second here, by the way, is a reasonably fair likeness of Simon the Magician -- even though a ghost, probably the most powerful man in America today. But then I take it you thought he was someone else.)


Hint, Hint. (to those geniuses giving the orders)

O Please. If his name is Simon the Magician, doesn't that tell you anything?* And here's another. Why is openly discussing the truth prohibited under this regime you listen to? Further, if I am wrong, and alone no less, what are you bothering me for?

Not Life, but Hell's to blame.
But you blame Life as if it were Hell!
Stop listening to Hell,
and start listening to Life!
Forswear the reign of finitude,
that spawn of evil, and prison of our hours.
Stop your cowardly secrets and lying,
and see and speak the eternal!
Paul was like you,
a fallen, murdering man.
Yet look, through courage,
what became of him!

And as for
waters of nectar,
and flowers from Heaven,
what good is all this,
if truth's outlawed,
and the justice uneven?
And with skulls in the ground
of the people you killed,
how can you think
it was God whom this willed?

* And Simon the Magician armed with a Microsoft-like expense account, we might add.


Aside from some birds and other local animals whom I sometimes feed, and having had my life persecuted and manipulated for many years, all I really now have left in the world is the one remaining cat. After she's gone I'm outta here. Except for caring for others, life's not worth living if you have to share the same universe with these characters. And if I do go down, like Samson, I'll go down giving them a good rock in the head if I can.