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Always bear in mind one thing. For all their accusing, blaming, scandal, and persecuting, this is THEIR problem. So when all is said and done, we're merely along for the ride -- and at gun point no less.

One proof of this is this. All we want to do is get away from them. How is it then they don't seek to get away from us? On the contrary for the life of us we can't get rid of them.

Do we turn to Good, in the higher religious sense, because of Evil? In a way it would seem so, because otherwise we mostly see life as being just good or wonderful with some bad, or maybe some horrible occasionally arising. But when we encounter Evil, then we find ourselves seeking or needing Good in the religious sense. One problem is that Good then is or put on the same level as Evil, for who would then need Good if there were no Evil?

The exception to this is seeing Good for reasons of joy and gratitude, for certainly we could see Good in this light without Evil. But would this mean we needed bad or what is inferior to see Good in this light. The answer would seem to be yes. So while it could be said that we need bad or what is inferior to see Good, we do not necessarily need Evil. Yet somehow it is and has been the plan of Evil to use what is bad or inferior as a vehicle for its un-Goodly purposes.


Evil, or else people heavily under Evil's influence, has a way of seeing Good that is false or else greatly distorted. Yet for some people that is all they really know of Good, especially as many or purposely starved from real good. So they find themselves willing to do Evil in order to obtain spurious or truncated Good.


"I'm isolated, so what I will do is isolate others and have them humiliated." I've seen them do this to poor helpless people and animals both. What did these innocent victims do to deserve such willful and methodical cruelty? Whence such a mentality?

Should the universe have been created given all the extreme suffering, viciousness, and horror that has taken place? It's after all a not unappealing thought to imagine a world without mankind, and which ever existed in harmony and peace.

If you don't in some way already have what I would give you, what then could I give you?


In retrospect, and though I am aware there are many sincere and respectable religious people who think differently, I think it is a big mistake to expect out and out miracles of God before the fact. We should praise Him for them after they have taken place. But we should never seek to solve problems by expecting miracles in advance. To do so promotes a mentality that tends to place its hope in magic, instead of morals, truth, and reason.


If he's so "big," why doesn't he stand up for who and what's "little?" Because evidently he's not so "big" as he and others imagine him to be.


"But what if I say he [the spirit person] isn't God, and yet he really is?"

If it's as bad as that, how come you are not equally concerned about saying he is God when in point of fact, for as much as you actually know, he isn't?


If the world is both bad and good to a person, what do they see good as being if bad (as in blatantly immoral) is just as good as good? They think they can have both good and evil (or more precisely have the benefits good and which evil produces of good). The problem is Evil does not really produce any good, and, of course, is its enemy.

"Yet Evil will be kind and be my friend if I am not too good," he says. In this way he comes to think Evil is good.


"The Torture Question" -- such is the title of a recent PBS Frontline documentary. Observe how torture is now a question rather than a moot point (i.e. as something obviously inexcusable) as it once was.


What would think of a person who caused someone such disgust that the latter killed themselves just to get away from them? Yet that's what a truly Evil person is like.


Where is greatest evil more evident and apparent in this day and age but in the mass media?

And where can you find someone who speaks truth regularly and about what is really going on and what really matters? These days, I honestly don't know of anywhere. So here we'll try.


When all is said and done, people are not happy because there is not enough love. But how can there be enough love if they assist or turn a blind eye to or brush aside real Evil?


Evil cannot destroy good itself, but it can in a sense destroy good in a person who is given over to it.


In principle, a person who lives in a given society should feel as though they would willingly do any job in that society if ever necessary and if they themselves were also so situated, or so capable (as the other who does the particular job.) In this way no one should look down their nose at any useful or necessary employment. Moreover, those who do are among a society's very worst enemies.


One of the amusing thing about Hell people is that they do teach devotion to one another, yet devotion based on a vitriolic hatred of others.


I will say once more what I have said before. We are, and for the past couple decades, at a very momentous and important time in all history. While the past always had very serious problems, I think we now encounter a form of baseness that is truly incredible.


A materially wealthy society not ruled by reason and truth is invariably ruled by demons, and this quite frankly is how it really is.

"Let us look at this civil theology of his [Marcus Varro]. 'The third kind,' says he, 'is that which citizens in cities, and especially the priests, ought to know and to administer. From it is to be known what god each one may suitably worship, what sacred rites and sacrifices each one may suitably perform.' Let us still attend to what follows. 'The first theology,' he says, 'is especially adapted to the theatre, the second to the world, the third to the city.' Who does not see to which he gives the palm? Certainly to the second, which he said above is that of the philosophers. For he testifies that this pertains to the world, than which they think there is nothing better. But those two theologies, the first and the third -- to wit, those of the theatre and of the city -- has he distinguished them or united them? For although we see that the city is in the world, we do not see that it follows that any things belonging to the city pertain to the world. For it is possible that such things may be worshipped and believed in the city, according to false opinions, as have no existence either in the world or out of it. But where is the theatre but in the city?[my italics] Who instituted the theatre but the state? For what purpose did it constitute it but for scenic plays? And to what class of things do scenic plays belong but to those divine things concerning which these books of Varro's are written with so much ability?

[Chapter 6]

"...Thou desirest to worship the natural gods; thou art compelled to worship the civil. Thou hast found some of the gods to be fabulous, on whom thou vomitest forth very freely what thou thinkest, and, whether thou wiliest or not, thou wettest therewith even the civil gods. Thou sayest, forsooth, that the fabulous are adapted to the theatre, the natural to the world, and the civil to the city; though the world is a divine work, but cities and theatres are the works of men, and though the gods who are laughed at in the theatre are not other than those who are adored in the temples; and ye do not exhibit games in honor of other gods than those to whom ye immolate victims. How much more freely and more subtly wouldst thou have decided these hadst thou said that some gods are natural, others established by men; and concerning those who have been so established, the literature of the poets gives one account, and that of the priests another -- both of which are, nevertheless, so friendly the one to the other, through fellowship in falsehood, that they are both pleasing to the demons, to whom the doctrine of the truth is hostile."

~~ St. Augustine, City of God, Book VI, ch. 5-6.

"So let's all swing together, my oh my
We can all swing together, my oh my
You've got troubles of your own
No need to face them all alone
We can all swing together, my oh my

"So let's all pull together, my oh my
Yeah let's all pull together, my oh my
We can ride the stormy weather
If we all get out and try
So let's all pull together, my oh my"


For The Glory of the Lunatic Race

Some live to make others happy. Others die so that others may live.

The life of Dork? He always has to do the wrong thing a certain way.



Today's news (10/30/05):

The JUSTICE Department approves the merger of SBC communications, and Verizon, with ATT and MCI.

The idea here is that such mergers better promte the public interest. The brazen shamelessness of these people is utterly incredible, is it not?

In Anticipation of Halloween -- Truth in the Horror Movies.

That Dracula is made a historical personage (Vlad Tepes) is to remind us that certain very bad people of the very distant past can still be real and active in our midst. The idea that a cross would ward off a vampire, however, while perhaps true or feasible at some earlier time (and with some ghosts) is unlikely to have such an effect now or since then. One has to assume then that the idea is an allegorical, and not a practical, one. By contrast garlic may indeed have a certain chemical power to ward off demons.

Silver is used to kill the Wolfman, and it does seem to be the case that there are certain unique metallic properties to silver which act as an electrical conductor, and which can pick up and drain off certain radio like powers which a professional ghost-sorcerer can use.

Some ghost-sorcerers (with the aid of regular people as usual) have tried to "create" an actual Frankenstein monster by putting demons in a corpse, and then have the corpse act or move about. However, understandably few demons or sprites are willing to undertake the task of going inside the dead body, makes doing it very expensive, and so the thing is very unusual.


While I have and will further try to do so further myself, it is worth emphasizing that if scientists and applied academics can begin formulating and then proposing a more formal and objective science for studying, cataloging, and deductively understanding Evil, i.e. "Evilology," we will have a more ready handle to justify and bring about more solid grounds for discussing the otherwise taboo topic of spirit people.


Movie Director: I see these innuendos, and sort of resentments you are expressing in these television shows, and the rest. But what I don't understand is, who is your audience supposed to be for all this?

Oafmore: Someone will listen.

Movie Director: Who will listen?

Oafmore: Well, of course the public by and large is made up of ignorant people. They'll listen, and they're the ones that count!


Fellas, those people have been sorrowful, hated and accursed for all time, and rightly so. And it is they these others (our "brethern") have been (in secret) listening to for guidance all the while. That is and always was the problem, that is to say the problem of all problems.

"Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow"


Aside from Hell itself, the very worst enemies of this nation hide out among our most financially wealthy. Yet while the highest government officials are subject to indictment and possible conviction, this is not true of rich corporate figures involved in witchcraft and or who act in cooperation with criminal spirit people.

The past thirty plus years has seen the most disruptive and destructive social upheaval and displacement of lives, careers, businesses, and institutions in perhaps all of this country's history. It makes the Cultural Revolution seem trivial. Yet not a word is even spoken about it. This of course is not as surprising as it might seem otherwise, because those who most control the media are the very culprits in question.

One sufficiently murders, steals, and lies, and you can effectively take over the United States from within - just like that.

All of which reminds us how history asks the questions: did you realize what was going on all that time, and how many people, and who themselves lived through it, didn't?


I never said that angels, halos, a palace in the "clouds," dazzling white lights, "celestial" euphoria, etc. are, in and of themselves, somehow bad or not good things necessarily. Yet how can someone in a given instance assume that these are a sign of higher authority, or that they reflect Truth, Justice, Fairness, Freedom and real Purity? Remember as well how easily some people are fooled, and how desperate and clever other sorts are at deceiving and ensnaring people.


"Those Were The Days"

By ginger baker and mike taylor

"When the city of atlantis stood serene above the sea,
Long time before our time when the world was free,
Those were the days.

"Golden cymbals flying on ocarina sounds,
Before wild medusa's serpents gave birth to hell
Disguised as heaven.

"Those were the days, yes they were, those were the days.
Those were their ways, miracles everywhere where are they now?
They're gone.
Those were their ways, yes they were, those were their ways.
Those were the days, yes they were, those were the days.

"Tie your painted shoes and dance, blue daylight in your hair,
Overhead a noiseless eagle fans a flame.
Wonder everywhere."


To speak of the suffering of the innocent, children and the most helpless in the abstract may not move busy, even well meaning people. But what could we think or feel about that is more sad and worthy of sympathy?

Nature, even in our own bodies, is sometimes such a helpless child that suffers at the hands of senseless, greedy, and irrational forces. What is more deserving our attention and concern than its cry of dire pain or wanton abandonment?

When you die or are in great pain try , and if you can, stop think of these innocent who suffer or who suffered. It may be that the very same person who is killing you, killed them.

On the othe hand if that person also happens to be your former close friend or associate, then friend who can help you?


Equifax Revisited

"They put up literal millions, spent thousands upon thousands of hours (over the course of decades), and hired countless numbers of people to effect their end with you.
"Now Sherman, what are you willing to put up for them?"

I will buy a Peter Underwood book and a ticket to the haunted house. But that is about all I would put up for these people.

You see, and don't forget, they came to me. I never wanted to have anything to do with them.


Who is the happiest, most successful person you know or ever heard of, and rest assured there is someone somewhere who will find something wrong with them, and thwart their happiness in some way if they find the opportunity to do so.

Why do these kill joys do this? So that they themselves can become the happiest, most successful person in the world.


What is Devil Christianity?

"Devil Christianity" is a spurious or rip-off version of Christianity which seeks to reinvent the latter as a form of devilment. This is in part accomplished by using a certain spirit person (or persons) to go around masquerading as "Jesus" and revealing himself to certain people as being such. If he can't gain followers, the secondary aim is to discredit true Christianity.


I would like, for scientific purposes, to describe what it is like to be stalked and hounded by a literal "demon."

I had this ghost following me around for most of my life, but only recently knew such was the case. He had been preying on me, manipulating my situation (as well as that of others close to me) for all those years. One time as a child, for instance, I had a very strange dream which took place in church. Only of late did I understand it was a "dream production" nightmare he had deliberately caused me.

Having had the opportunity for some time now to speak to him directly, he thinks of himself as being entitled to be in my life, pretends he has to, or else he simply wants to, regardless of what is right or actually justified. As is typical of his sort, he will oftentimes play games for playing games sake, regardless of any particular motive, other than that he has nothing else to do.

I for my part make a point of reminding him, that I do not now nor ever want to have anything to do with him or any spirit or regular people he regularly associates with, or who would ordinarily associate themselves with him. I might also mention that aside from having bothered me all this while, he's both shameless and hideous in his criminal history.

He points to the sky and says he has to follow what "someone" up there says. Then I say I do not care about that person either, and will just as soon curse them as soon as I do the ghost himself, even though there are "angels" (and who've I've met as well) who also listen to or serve under this same someone.

"I do not care. I am not interested," I say.

Yet perhaps even more strange than all of this, he is in explicitly stated partnership with some very rich regular people, and who own a major portion of the general media. In other words, certain of those among the "respected" establishment are (willing or unwilling) friends of his.


I saw someone on a television program who I previously have liked, though I haven't heard or seen of them in a while. I was surprised to see them, and though they seemed to look well enough, on the other hand something didn't seem right either. One of my first reactions then was to be critical. "I like so and so, but maybe after all there is something wrong with them." I then tried to seek in my mind what it was I thought was wrong about what they were doing, and how they were acting.

It only occurred to me, and did I realize, hours afterward that they were being crucified in public.


Evil requires good, for good is that something which needs harm done to it for Evil to take place. Pure Evil cannot do Evil to pure Evil. Evil, being contingent, therefore is not infinite.

Good does not require Evil, because Evil is a choice, nor do we, in addition, have either evidence for or means of comprehending how Evil is necessary for Good (or, for that matter, more common an ordinary "good.") If then anything is infinite, Good is. If Good is not infinite, then this would seem to imply that Evil is infinite, i.e. in the absence of Good or good being so. But as we have shown, Evil cannot be infinite, because it requires Good.

If then you seek Good, then know it, you have it, it's infinite -- that is if you truthfully seek it, for true Good by definition must be true Good, and cannot therefore be false.


Wherein lies real goodness?

Aside from the sun and the rain, in the sky?
In angels?
In spirit people?
In glowing golden visions as if from heaven afar?

Having dealt with spirit people of various kinds now for some time, I must say it has been a fatal error of mankind (or some of mankind at any rate) to have seen anything like real goodness in any of these things. In fact, all of these I have come to conclusion are props of some great con-artist, and the amount of real good such people or such things have for us or anyone is relatively nil, or at best occasional. The air you breathe keeps you alive. The earth, sun, and rain, accompanied by work, feed you. Justice, wisdom, and courage bring you peace and freedom.

Winged angels? Golden glow from on high? Secret knowledge? Amazing predictions? What real goodness is in any of this? And are these not after all the trumpery, baubles, and window dressing of a tyrannical regime of certain powerful spirit people, which, vampire like, ever persists in making fools of and leeching on the living?

Does not their very secrecy and hiding, while at the same time trying to get their hands on what is going on in this world, cry out their very guilt and shame?

And yet to some, these angels and "miraculous" lights and visions, etc., are supposed to be signs of God and heaven!

The day people start looking to good and where real goodness lies, then we can hope to get somewhere. Yet if, conversely, they look for ultimate goodness from the royal dead, then our path can never be anything but a downward one -- no matter how literally high up in the sky we go, or how bright white and how shining golden the lights and people there are or might be.

One hundred dollars is a wonderful thing -- but not if you have to pay a thousand for it.


"Oh Jack the Ripper and Hippocrates
They're out to get me in the end
I think they'll find me by the ruined trees
Without a candle or a friend
Then they'll bring me to the wizard's cave
Softly mould me into clay
And lock me in with no telephone
And laugh and throw the keys away
On my beleeka doodle day..."

~ from "Beleeka Doodle Day" by Al Stewart

Acquiring by gift, stealing, work.
What percentage of the economy is which?
If stealing (including deceiving) is allowed to be successful then there are people who will continue to develop its power and capacity for reaping more gain.

How much violence, say in our country, is taking place in a given month? What is the worst of it, and who's doing it? Now what if the people who effectively controlled the communications were these last same people you can see what a fix we would be in. And with such cynicism and insincerity as we see, what good reason would we have for thinking this impossible or unlikely?

Now bring Hell into the equation Hell, who financially is preeminently wealthy beyond (just about) everyone else (and this as a result of using violence as an essential means to gain wealth), and yet whose existence is publicly denied, lied about, or deliberately ignored.


There are strange and exotic ghosts who will have nothing to do with these ghosts who pretend to represent ghosts.

I know you go for mind control and hypnotism. But at least respect the fact that there are those who insist on the truth.

What you do is write fiction, pretending it to be the truth. Many people write of or about the truth. They seek and desire to do so. What then pray do you have against the truth?


What sort of anger was I in then that caused you not to grow? What would you be if only I'd been rational, and under control?


Scandal scandal all the time.
But what of the ones that don't ever come out?

Too lurid too obscene to hear about and offend delicate ears with, though infinitely more criminal than all the public scandals combined.

"Let us then have a more isolated, sensational, and distorted scandal," they say in reply. "And if what you say is true then the simple fact is we are all guilty."


Your great and good thing paid for by the devil.

How can you think that living the life of inhuman horror is normal behavior? And no, I can't see how your living a double life really changes the fact.


Christmas Poem

The ocean is so deep and so wide,
its thousand echoes have never known you.
It roars like a lion,
nor all of mankind does it care for.
You in the center of your world
mean nothing to it.
It roars like a lion.
What does the ocean care about the world of man?

Yet is such power greater than my love for you?

Our ship can seize the wind.
Like Pompey, we can even
clean the seas of pirates.
But without a lighthouse,
how would we get home?

A tongue of fire burns
false thoughts and pride in my mind.

I want you to be happy.
But only if you're good.
The more good you are,
the more I want you to be happy.

A song for Christ.
A song for the innocent.
A Christmas song.
We adore you Oh Christ,
for by your holy cross,
you have set us free.
You were the one who suffered most,
let us praise and celebrate you.

You were the one who suffered most.
Let our greatest happiness be rejoicing for you.
May we bring you the best of the gifts you gave us.
You stood the test, who suffered the trial,
who were ever so good,
were abandoned by all
as happens to the innocent and murdered.
We are ashamed to celebrate with the liars,
and will have nothing to do with
the betrayers of good,
who march on to false riches and false laughter.
Because you who they murdered are real happiness:
the real happiness they don't know.

Love beyond the obvious.
This broken pot.

This flower did not shake the universe,
but is a sign of he who does.
My cat is like a fine painting that moves,
yet no money follows her.

A part of the land,
they are like the land
and the land is like them and humble,
making grass baskets to sell to strangers.
How ever did such people
get so far out here in the jungle to live?
Now could we live as simply and as innocent.
They greet with a friendly face,
for nature has a friendly face.
But gods are cruel, man is cruel,
and so nature hides.

Here's a news story I thought you might like, originally posted at Netscape News.

"Tom Cruise Gets Punk'd Big Time

"Tom Cruise got punk'd. The actor, who jumped on Oprah's couch to profess his love for Katie Holmes, publicly dissed Brooke Shields for taking prescription medication to combat postpartum depression and denigrated the entire profession of psychiatry, was the victim of a recent Internet scam.

"E! Online reports that a fake press release was posted on the British Web site indicating that Cruise would be delivering a lecture series on mental health issues. The news release, which was said to be issued by Cruise's attorney, Bertram Fields, claimed the actor would be giving lectures at the Los Angeles Scientology Celebrity Center on the following topics: 'How Psychiatry Invented Schizophrenia and What Scientologists Can Do About It' and 'Handling Sexual Disorientation: Out of the Closet and into the Auditing Room.'

"Now Fields says the entire thing is a hoax. 'It's totally phony. I never issued that release. Tom is not giving any lectures.' Not surprisingly, the suit-happy actor's lawyer will be pursing legal action. 'I'm going to look into it, because, in my view, it's forgery, wire fraud and apparently committed on an interstate basis,' Fields told Radar Online. 'So, if I can find out who did this, I certainly intend to pursue every remedy I can find.'"


In the book of John, 16:11, we find Jesus making the statement "the ruler of this world has been condemned." Does he mean the Evil One? Or is the ruler of the world someone different? If not actually the Evil One, it would seem that he is someone under the former's influence.

My sense of these things, based on my experience of dealing with spirit people, is that the ruler of this world is a spirit person and who is a kind of phenomenally wealthy titan like Bill Gates or Paul Allen, who (in his case) is entrusted with great imperial powers; does both the right thing and the wrong thing, and in his own deluded mind thinks he is helping people. He listens to and is overseen by the Evil One, or at least someone like this, and which latter manages and possesses most (but not all) of the real power behind the throne. This "ruler" is made to seem as if he were "God," and who commands great hosts of angels and ghosts, and can cause seemingly miraculous and magical things to happen. Yet the real power lies with the "Evil One" person aforementioned.

Again based on my own experience, I have to think what Christ said was very true. The "ruler of this world" is condemned, because though he is Lord, he is still really a slave, being used by someone else, and in his pride and self-importance makes a fool of himself. Indeed, all lordly spirit people are like this, and all lordly spirit people are ultimately under the influence of the Evil One, and can't really do anything with their lives because. And for this and other reasons, no intelligent or thinking person is ever really going to like or respect them. Evidently the Evil One can't openly rule himself because he is too accursed and ugly. But even more importantly, he can't formally rule because he is not one of us, i.e. human. Even so the people of preeminent worldly power are typically his slaves and messenger boy go-betweens for him -- this despite the fact they are viewed with tremendous awe by people, even to the point of being seen as "God." Christ did not need to say the Evil One has been condemned, because this could already be understood as a given. Yet the "ruler" needed to be spoken as as condemned, because as long as someone like "Lord Oaf" (my name for the ruler of this world) is able to exert influence on us and our world, he still has a choice not to be Evil. His failure to do so then opens him up to be condemned.

In a very significant sense then Evil prevails in the world because enough people vote for it, only they vote for it thinking that it is Good, or Good enough at any rate. Meanwhile the above spirit people carry on a campaign of mind control, torture, fear, and vicious kinds of skullduggery and manipulation, and by these means keep getting put back into office. If then people at large knew something like the true story abut these people, would these tyrant spirit people hold anywhere near so much sway as they do? Let people know what's really going on. Let them know they have a choice, and yes, I believe very much, that we can democratically rid ourselves of this kingdom of the dead which has such reign and dominion over society and our lives.

People like Simon the Magician are much more prepared to do overt evil than say this Lord Oaf. Yet because he is so vile, Simon could not possibly reign as the latter does. Yet, if he does what he is told, the Evil One sees that power and favors are bestowed on him so that on a more mundane and practical level, he can, nevertheless, possess great ruling power and influence.


I suppose if a person is in THAT much trouble it is understandable that they would want to avoid reality. What would you expect would follow from this kind of imbecile participating in such a feast of Evil?

When we make a mistake we fix on some one thing wrongly, yet the error is in the thing not in the one. No error is in truly one thing. It consists of multiple factors which are inconsistent with the One.

Death then is a prison where we serve time for what? Either what our ancestor did and or because we believe something that is false.


There is this notion proposed by Josiah Royce and some others, that the purpose of Evil is itís defeat, seemingly implying that the purpose of Good is the defeat of Evil. I think is this very much mistaken or else unintentionally misleading. We defeat Evil so that we can get on with Good, for Evil is by no means a necessity but that people make it so. And neither is Good a necessity, for both must be accompanied by choice, and by definition, choice is not a necessity. We can assume that God makes Good a necessity. Yet even if this is true, we have no objective means of determining such a thing. Again to speak of Good without there being a choice is incomprehensible. On the other hand, we could say that Good without a choice is necessity itself, though it is hard for us to understand what purpose then the idea of Good would have for us if this is the case.

If you stop and think about it, it is very absurd how Hell and tyrannical spirit people have been able to run roughshod over humanity down through the ages. Here is one group, the arrogant and powerful spirit people, waging literal war on another, humanity, and not only does the latter not have a proper military army to combat and receive them, but many instances we/they donít know the former even exists! Imagine then how dramatically things could change if spirit people could be recognized as existing; and that among these are such, and for whatever motives, that are extremely belligerent toward us. If nations and peopleís formed a technologically sophisticated police/military/diplomatic force, we could begin to thwart and vanquish or at least resist and keep in check such enemies, when they are in a position to threaten us. At the same time, measures could be taken to assist spirit people who, for simplicityís sake, we can describe as both very ill and poor, and who are used by our enemies to attack us.

And this is just the beginning. So much of Evil has taken place overtime in history because at no time previously was it possible to adopt such proposals. Imagine then now how drastically different things would be if, over time, they were!

God is Rational

One of the grave (and by this I mean deadly) drawbacks to not being rational and honest with oneself is that it ultimately puts the person at the mercy of what other people think, and the higher standard of their own judgment then becomes merely what other people think. Those they look to themselves might not be either rational or even friendly, and yet that's who ends up deciding what the overly dishonest and irrational person is and what they are worth. Of course, anyone, whether duly rational or other not, will have recourse to what others think, and it is mete and profitable for us to do this -- but only if we are capable of being judicious ourselves, most, if not all the time. And we can only be capable of being judicious ourselves if we are honest with ourselves and properly value the importance of logic and reasoning. In sum, if we don't do this, or we do not make a effort to be this way, and for all our zeal to be free and independent minded otherwise, we end up being somebody else's slave or property. And that somebody may themselves not be terribly judicious, or view us at all so very highly.

In my war with the Orkon and Goomer people they will have incessantly played games with me in which they try to get me all bothered or worried about what other people think. Well, yes, I do value what other people think, even and including people who are perhaps not so especially intelligent. But when it comes right down to it, I need no one's verdict but God's to confirm my own judgment, and I know or attempt to know His judgment through just reasoning. Certainly I am far from perfect in this. Yet I have essentially the right idea and disposition in this way I think. And, but for the (over a decade now) ongoing persecution I undergo from these Hell people, I can honestly say that I am, taken all and all, an extremely happy person, with much to be happy about.

Now if only I could rid myself of my relentless and ruthless oppressors!


Earlier I had pointed out that the "Arthur Wortner" Sherlock Holmes films, claimed to have been made in the 1930's (and which are circulating on DVD) are hoax films. Unfortunately I spelled his name incorrectly. It is supposed to be "Arthur Wontner." My apologies. Even so, I continue to stick by my charge that these are hoax films. This said, I am more than willing to politely stand corrected if someone can come up with something like a substantive historical record of these films and the actors who appear in them.


Aside from the desire that "God's will be done," and that I do the right thing as best as God gives me and I am able -- for without that desire what is all else worth? -- if I were to ask myself what, in my personal life, would be my first and supremely important wish, do you know what that would be?

I would wish that all the kids I lost were safe and happy as could be somewhere, and that they somehow know that I always love them. For one thing it is fundamental to my nature that my love and trust be of utmost value possible to those who are very important to me. To be capable of the most sincere and devoted trust and love (including making the other truly and most happy) is, in my heart and mind, the greatest personal wealth there is possible.

My second wish, obviously, would be get these Orkon and Goomer people out of my personal life. I'd even be able to endure them as a public presence -- with all the nuisance, aggravation, and interference they cause -- if I could only get the former to my satisfaction.

What then, I ask any of you -- not least of which you Orkons and Goomerists yourselves -- is or would be your first wish?


Sure they can, on occasion, come up with a half decent show or movie, but what are such things but the mockery of the Evil one? That is to say some half decent or even good movie as compensation for all that crime and horror. Perfume is fine, but after all, it is only good up to a point.


If there is Hell in the country,
then reject the country.
But never reject the country.

If there is Hell in school,
then reject school.
But never reject school.

If there is Hell in the church,
then reject the church.
But never reject the church, etc.

Now let's say the person embraces the country, school, and the church, or whatever else it is, but with Hell present in them, and does this repeatedly. What then do you have? A person who is the ruin of the country, school, the church, or whatever else. Think further how bad this problem can get when you have people who, in addition to being dishonest and half rational, deny that real Hell or Evil even exist, and yet who in addition might have no qualm saying the country, school, and the church, (etc.) are bad.


It seems to me not a little likely that the reason pharmaceuticals and medicines are often so preposterously expensive because many, if not most illneses, are purposely cause by certain pestiferous spirit people, who (through others acting for them) then can manage and profit from the business which sells cures for problems they themselves cause, If true, this is very typical Hell behavior, reflecting hypocrisy, cruelty, greed, as well as the maniacal need to control and manipulate others.


What, from cultural tradition and elsewhere, do we know about gods?

If we are rational, they are not God, and God is not a god, though admittedly some Bible passages could easily lead you to think the contrary.

Cleanthes , in his "Hymn to Zeus," refers to Zeus as God of the universe who reigns by reason. But does he mean to challenge or impugn Zeus by slyly implying that he is not actually God of the whole cosmos? Or else does he mean Zeus is God of the cosmos, but only because he rules in a fashion consistent with right reason? Most gods in myths are shown as frivolous and self seeking, and much more rarely kindly and philanthropic. And if they are kindly and philanthropic it is to favor a devotee, or else someone whom they are a fan of.

People, generally speaking, look bad because things, like troubles, are piled on them. Anyone one of us, if not interfered by others (and if we are not as such already) is or could be quite beautiful. Certain gods, say "Apollo" for instance, may look physically beautiful for the same reason then some very wealthy people can look beautiful. Not because they are inherently so anymore than anyone else, but because they have the money and power that will permit them to be.

What Christ did no god would or could have been capable of doing, and for some, this as much as anything makes him God.

While I have a tendency then to see pagan deities as "a pack of rogues" (to borrow another writer's phrase), in a given instance they may be deserving of more sympathy. Yet even granting this, they would be an odd exception. Otherwise I would think them to be and have been nothing more than very rich people who (in their case) get away with murder.

Ignorant people, such as witchcraft and deluded religious, will have such incredible awe of such, and have no shame in abusing everyone and everything else in their behalf or under their tutelage. Hence the brazen and arrogant attitude they show on television etc. toward everyone and everything else, i.e. because of the blind and thoughtless confidence they place in such "deities."

That the word "devil" comes from god (deva) I have noted repeatedly, and rightly so. Tyranny, and organized crime come from the "gods." And the victory of true democracy will ultimately be the defeat of such powerful spirit people, or at least the chasing of them from regular human society when they seek to enter or thrive here through subterfuge, violence, and deceit.

Note. Someone might ask: "would you be so rash as to say all gods are bad, and yet be then offending one that's good?" My response is that any "good" god would hardly be offended (or else especially offended) by my remarks, anymore than a good regular person would. And if my remarks do not apply to them, then by definition they don't apply. In other words, "if the shoe fits," or doesn't, etc.


What, from cultural tradition and elsewhere, do we know about gods?

If we are rational, they are not God, and God is not a god, though admittedly some Bible passages could easily lead you to think the contrary.

Cleanthes, in his "Hymn to Zeus," refers to Zeus as God of the universe who reigns by reason. But does he mean to challenge or impugn Zeus by slyly implying that he is not actually God of the whole cosmos? Or else does he mean Zeus is God of the cosmos, but only because he rules in a fashion consistent with right reason? Most gods in myths are shown as frivolous and self seeking, and much more rarely kindly and philanthropic. And if they are kindly and philanthropic it is to favor a devotee, or else someone whom they are a fan of.

People, generally speaking, look bad because things, like troubles, are piled on them. Anyone one of us, if not interfered by others (and if we are not as such already) is or could be quite beautiful. Certain gods, say "Apollo" for instance, may look physically beautiful for the same reason then some very wealthy people can look beautiful. Not because they are inherently so anymore than anyone else, but because they have the money and power that will permit them to be.

What Christ did no god would or could have been capable of doing, and for some, this as much as anything makes him God.

While I have a tendency then to see pagan deities as "a pack of rogues" (to borrow another writer's phrase), in a given instance they may be deserving or more sympathy. Yet even granting this, they would be an odd exception. Otherwise I would think them to be and have been nothing more than very rich people who (in their case) get away with murder.

Ignorant people, such as witchcraft and deluded religious, will have such incredible awe of such, and have no shame in abusing everyone and everything else in their behalf or under their tutelage. Hence the brazen and arrogant attitude they show on television etc. toward everyone and everything else, i.e. because of the blind and thoughtless confidence they place in such "deities."

That the word "devil" comes from god (deva) I have noted repeatedly, and rightly so. Tyranny, and organized crime come from the "gods." And the victory of true democracy will ultimately be the defeat of such powerful spirit people, or at least the chasing of them from regular human society when they seek to enter or thrive here through subterfuge, violence, and deceit.


Given the sneaking and surreptitious nature of spirit people generally, a Christian spirit person seems a contradiction in terms. This leads me to think that the type of angels mentioned in the book of Luke and Acts (both written by St. Luke the Evangelist by the way) are either fictitious, metaphorical, or of a most extraordinarily rare kind.


One thing about Hitler and Stalin, as bad as they were, is that they were out there in public for everybody to see. In the case of the present equivalent his identity is entirely secret from the public, except in his attitudes and behaviors, which we see routinely turn up in television (including news stories) and movies, etc.

Back in 2000, this ghost sorcerer who has been assiduously harassing me, in service of this furtive dictator of ours, said he didn't think they could go on "doing this" (i.e. tormenting myself) for more than two years. Well, as it has turned out it is now five years, contrary to what he had said. This I take to possibly be an indication that they are being allowed to continue as they have (both in their remaining in power and continuing to harass people) as a way of getting them into more trouble, and thus making them more vulnerable to punishment. Otherwise, it is a wonder to me why this goes on. Perhaps the dictator and ghost are scared to death that people will have their hide if they don't. And perhaps they are right in thinking this.

Usually when we think of Evil, we picture some great "mastermind," since most people, even bad people, don't have that extreme sort of appetite for it. When more ordinary people act Evilly or as accomplices to Evil it takes on the form of an illness, rather than a behavior they adopt as a result of knowing quite what they are doing. Essentially, they are persuaded by one means or another to think that good can come from Evil. Though whether the aforesaid "mastermind" acts Evilly to obtain good is perhaps less apparent, certainly we can say this is true of his followers, and for them becomes a sickness in which they seek to obtain good through doing or acquiescing to Evil.

Now the way these things are set up, it happens as is intended that the latter are able to obtain a certain amount of good by means of Evil. This acts as bait to their further cooperation. Yet of course such obtaining of good by doing Evil is actually illusory, and the more they attempt to acquire good through Evil the less real good they end up having. At the same time this process works to condition them so that they continue to serve the "mastermind" of Evil.

In order for us to cure these dupes it necessary to get them to see good as coming from Good and that Evil is not good. On the surface it sounds as though this would not be so difficult. Yet deception has so worked upon them over time, and because of being so conditioned, they continue to think that substantial good can only be obtained by means of Evil, and that those who seek good by means of Good are somehow naive or delusional. This, despite the fact, that both logic and experience are overwhelmingly in favor of the opposite point of view. Yet if the "mastermind" can get them to look to appearances rather than reality, such people will ever continued to be fooled, and in the case of some spirit persons of this sort, for ages and ages.


Common among some early Greek philosophers is the idea that bad means the lack of good. If we go by this definition what then is Evil? In practice, It would seem to include an attitude on the person's part to separate themselves from Good, yet paradoxically, preserving or keeping certain goods to achieve its purpose, such as cunning, perseverance, desire for some sort of self-improvement. In my own experience the following are some of the goods which "Evil" values. You will note that in any given instance the "good" in question has it more pure form, versus its more perverted form. For example, there is innocence and there is childishness. Although we must keep in mind individuals are characteristically different, we can otherwise fairly say that an Evilly disposed person will, for instance, prefer childishness to innocence. This may because they resent having lost the latter, so in this sense their original valuation has become warped or inverted. But this will also seem to imply that if not currently, at one time they did value innocence. Despite this even so, off hand I don't see why we need to assume this to necessarily be the case.

Some "Goods" which "Evil," as encountered in some people, could be said to value:

* being the center of great attention
* getting revenge for a slight done to you
* delight at seeing others suffer
* having great power over others regardless of who is hurt (except oneself of course)
* excessive material greed
* fooling and deceiving others, including lying


Do all people who die become spirit people? This is a very interesting question for which the answer does not seem to be obvious. First we might say regular (flesh and blood) people, indeed any person is a spirit person, and their vital essence could in some wise be construed to be of a spirit person nature. Exactly how this is or might be so I would not presume to say at the moment. But assuming this to be the case, and returning to the original question, it does seem fair to say that at all who do die become a spirit person in that sense of one sort. Either then they are in some way awake and to some extent in or capable of motion, or else they are still existent as a spirit person but asleep, and for practical purposes immovable. I have been told by a ghost that some people are frightened and or fooled into remaining in their tombs even though they are awake. Whether this is actually true or not, I do not know.

Alternatively we might posit the idea that after some people die they are somehow annihilated, or else perhaps assimilated into some greater being. We have less proof for either of these latter possibilities if taken literally. On the other hand, we need not dismiss them as implausible for that reason.

How and what determines what will happen to a given individual? This also is not easy to say. Yet it would in some measure seem to be the case (with those other than innocent children and animals) that much of this question is or can relate to what a person sees as reality, and as well what they loved most, though granted all this is only a personal surmise on my part as much as anything else.

Early on, in these "Oracles," I had noted: "According to the ancient Egyptians a person's soul has two aspects, the Ka and the Ba. The 'Ka' seems our heavenly selves, our selves realized as an ideal in God, and in that sense, Platonic views may in some way have stemmed from it as a notion. The 'ka' is an ideal self, but it is also a real self who loves and cares for our earthly self (soul), that is our 'Ba.'Ē

If then there is anything to the dual distinctions of "ba" (which we might call spirit person self) and "ka" (that same self as it resides in God, Heaven or some higher power we belong or end up belonging to) of the ancient Egyptians, then perhaps the fate of a person after death needs to take into account where the person is in terms of time/space, and secondly who or what has domain over their value system. This observation is not a little sketchy as yet, I know, for purposes of formulating a plausible hypothesis. Yet with this qualification, it's at least worth mentioning again here.


She was guilty, in a way, yes. Yet her guilt would have been as nothing but for the very extreme pressure the Hell people placed on her, and believe me when these people pour it on they can really pour it on. Very honestly, they are such shameless and pitiless bullies and cheaters in this respect.

Malevolent spirit people would not be nearly so powerful, even for all their worst terrors, if they could not masquerade successfully as good, including what seems most divine, glorious, and wonderful. Name just about whatever good you like or can think of, in some way, and depending on the person to be taken in, they can act as though they were that good or its representative. And sometimes only close reason will be able to detect the cheat. This obviously is why they don't want people reasoning and why also they obstruct communications.

One problem that can arise because of this kind of deception is that because say the given devil or angel masquerades as a certain good, the person rejects that good because they do not like the angel or devil representing or perhaps possessing it. This rejection may be something that is either foolish or wise.

In the case of foolish rejection, the person who is deceived perhaps mistakes the given devil or angel as representing virtue or right religion (to use two examples.) And since coming to dislike that devil or angel, they then foolishly reject virtue, religion, or what ever truly worthy good the deceiver wanted them to reject.

In the case of wise rejection, this is one possible interpretation of the cross and one reason why certain holy and wise people chose to suffer death or took up a life of poverty. Because to have been wealthy and prospered in that hideously corrupt age would have made them disgusting and filthy. Therefore by suffering death or poverty, the saint was making an emphatic statement: "better this then trying to have it good and glorious with those people." And the same who would have heaped riches upon them if they had been more agreeable, instead killed them, etc.

"Elementary, my dear Watson"

To add further to our list of present-day made hoax films, are those of "Arthur Wontner" as Sherlock Holmes purportedly made in the 1930's. I defy anyone to find any historical record of Mr. Wontner, and on this basis alone can prove my case.

It is not a little disturbing how those who make these hoax films are so vicious in repeatedly attacking the truth with their frauds, though granted those who appear in these films might have little or no inkling of the purpose behind it. Their expensive obsession with passing counterfeits into what is or might become the public record goes well beyond the mere prankster mentality, and certainly is no little proof of their being "under the influence."


Sherman's Ethical Principles of Economics, or "Equifax"

If we were to ask the question, "how does one acquire good" we might come up with the following:

a. By receiving it as a gift (e.g. God and Nature's gift)
b. By working for it (this would possibly include asking others for it, or also freely giving good, i.e. generously and without condition, as a means of obtaining good)
c. By stealing or otherwise obtaining it illicitly

If one were to increase the amount of good they could obtain, b. and c. would seem the only alternatives. Certain religious can get an infinite amount of good out of what God has already given. But leaving this question and this sort of person aside, most will either work or steal what's good in order to increase what they have of it. This is true of societies as well as individuals, and some societies might in fact place a greater importance on stealing good than working for it. Some who work for good will consider stealing to include taking unfair advantage of animals and the environment. Others will not, and will not think taking advantage of animals or the environment stealing.

Now one thing to observe about the stealing sort of person or stealing community is that there are some real monsters in this world when it comes to stealing or obtaining good (or goods) illicitly. And a certain custom or mentality is adopted in some realms where the one who steals the most, gets the most good. One of many draw backs one might mention about such is that this could make the worst, most hateful criminal the most wealthy person. As a result the most stinking and odious person could be the one who ends up possessing the most good in such an order, and possibly as a result, the power of governing itself. Hence some will think that work is the best way to obtain the most good, otherwise, even if we somehow obtain more good doing things the other way, our evils will increase dramatically as well, thus making the possession of more good nugatory, or worse, self-defeating .


In medieval and renaissance pictures or diagrams of the universal or cosmic man, man's body could be said to represent society. Each part of the body its important role. Yet we assume if things are in right order of importance the head and the heart are the crown.

Although a cosmic entelechy of earth, air, fire and water, such as Empedocles proposed, is long considerd as out of date, it actually, if qualified, is still very useful and correct. So much so that some spirit people still go by it in attempting to affect events, and at which some of them are not unproficient.


Our Witchcraft Dictatorship, or the "Horror of the Living Frankenstein"

It is somewhat funny, I noticed, that when you have or come in contact with him, he's even less human-like now than previously.


Yes, the news will often tell you this or that person (usually a celebrity) was brought up on charges, or that scandal came to them. But when will they tell us who among the social elite is really rotten? The latter seem to think that because they are and consort with devils they just get to get away with things.


It is imperfect, yes, so we'll just keep perfecting it. But we are on the right path, and that's the main thing.



Dearest lamb,
did they not see?
Did they not know
the greatest good
is joy and innocence
beside you?
Did they not know
that in murdering Truth
Life's murdered too?

And even to this day,
because of some lie,
we still die:
for only truth
has lasting breath.
And ever was it
and is still now
that falsehood
brings us death.


"If You Can't Stand the Heat then Smell the Coffee."

If you feel bad it is because bad is around. The more bad is around the worse you will feel. If you yourself are not so guilty, or if are but have sincerely repented, you have no reason to feel really or dreadfully bad.

Now it is very, very important to understand that if your community has some vile and miserable ghost-sorcerer being harbored by some corrupt and mentally debilitated billionaire, you and your community are going to suffer much, much more than if that sorcerer were not present. Such as he are so guilty that, when present, it is like having literal Hell living in your midst, though certainly he will take great pains to disguise this fact from all and usually act like a "regular guy" to those he's in direct contact with.

If you don't understand this, it is very possible you will then go unfairly blame someone or something else for what ails you, unnecessarily aggravating them, and inciting more unnecessary problems, while all the while living oblivious to what is or may be the real cause of your (or your community's) grief.

Evil (as in willful maliciousness) requires Good, but not vice versa. Therefore it is false to say Evil is a necessary or complementary opposite to Good. Now some might think this is merely an academic point. But if you don't already, know that there are some people in this world who do think Evil is necessary for Good, and that the latter somehow could not exist without the former. Moreover, others not bothering to reflect on this, are mentally manipulated into adopting such a belief, with some sometimes horrendous or even fatal consequences.


And what are the tongues of flame which are associated with Pentecost? They are a fire which burns to a cinder bad or unwanted thoughts, such as false pride and other erroneous assumptions, which come into your head.


If you don't want to live in a world where brain torture radio are being used, don't support the use of brain torture radios.
If you don't want to live in a world where friends are cut off from each other, don't unfairly cut people off from their friends.
If you don't want to live in a world where basic human rights are denied, don't help to deny people their basic human rights, etc., etc.

But you see these sorts won't do things this way, because they listen to these hypocritical spirit people instead, rather than that common sense truth, "on earth as it is in heaven."

The fanaticism of my adversaries is quite mind boggling to me. In all honesty, I don't see them as having a shred of a serious argument (or else about that much) for how they act. Yet, nonetheless, they will carry in thier ridiculous, often cruel and violent ways, with such incredible conviction: despite the fact that they cannot honestly face me; despite the fact hat I have single handedly fought off their whole army these past 12 years (and I have); despite the fact that if I am wrong, what are they making such trouble over me for (and yes they have made quite a fuss over me)?

What apparently is going on here is that they in effect have surrendered most of their judgment to these spirit people they listen to, saying, "we trust you, you tell us what to do."

"Not a problem," say the spirit people, "we'll tell you what to do."

And so it has and does go on like this.

Value cannot be properly or adequately established in an environment in which free speech is denied and communications are obstructed. You cannot tell someone "look here is value, everyone says this is great," and then deny others the opportunity to sell and make known what they have to offer.

Yet this is exactly what we have seen going on for a very long time now. To me the logical conclusion of all this is that oftentimes the great value ascribed to some person, business, is falsely based on a command economy which does permit real competition, and which then tells everyone "here are your choices." How do such enforce their power? Through crime assisted by certain spirit people, who instruct them in the art of taking over and manipulating everyone.

Look at the unmitigated rubbish that is put on television all the time, as just one example. You mean to tell us that there are not people who could put on better more quality programs than that? Of course there are. Yet because such will not cooperate or acquiesce with "the powers that be," they are not allowed to compete or participate. And what makes many, if not all, of the powers that be what they are is that they cooperate with a spirit people based crime syndicate, which syndicate will pass itself off as representative of either Heaven or Hell, depending on which approach works most effectively with the person in question to be conned.


The Sorrows of Satan, or "He's not my God"

"Oh woe is me. Nobody likes me, I am so isolated I think I will isolate someone else so they can see how they like it."

Hypocrite, hypocrite! That pigeon he's isolating and making a rejected outcast, unlike himself didn't betray or do anything to hurt anyone. He did! Now look at what he's done to the poor, helpless thing, mueling -- all because he feels sorry for himself!

"I can cause thunder and earthquakes you know. I would think that makes someone like me very important. Indeed of religious importance! Oh Sherman, oh Sherman. Don't you want to be like me?"

(Old two-face is right on schedule.) No, I don't want to be like or have anything to do with you. Do not -- never did!

"Everybody thinks I am a great man because I have all these angels and all these great Heavenly powers. I think you would want to be like me, now wouldn't you?"

Then what are you bothering me for? I don't care about you, your angels, your thunders, or your earthquakes. Get out of my life forever and mind your own business. (You see now everyone what for years I have had to put up with?)

I heard this song when I was working a temporary job at a warehouse when it came out back in '92, and liked what I heard. But I didn't know till recently whose song it was. I post this chorus here for my own, if not any body else's, future reference.

"Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip up to heaven tonight
Take a little time leave it all behind
Take a little trip up to heaven tonight..."

Alabama (from their "American Pride" album)