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Ad Nauseum

To the likes of MacPherson, Chatterton, and Phil Tucker, we can add O'Dale Ireland (with "High School Caesar" and "T-Bird Gang"), and Ronald Howard's "Sherlock Holmes" television series.

The combination of both incessant lying and listening to dissembling spirit people brings about a disorder (in those who do these things) which causes them to ultimately lose all sense of real value and worth (with respect to themselves and others), and as a result, and no matter how much material wealth and power they possess, ends up making them a slave of someone else.

Every image has, and could be said to require, its geometrical equivalent, and every geometrical figure has a mathematical equivalent. But not every mathematical equivalent has or needs an image. This (I believe) proves the superiority of logic and mathematics over images, or understanding based on mere images, inasmuch as while images necessarily require logic and mathematics, the opposite does not seem much to be the case.

If ever then I had the money, and friends and staff size support to do so, I would launch a nationwide campaign to make (applied and some formal) logic, along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, a necessary and required part of the curriculum of elementary school students. At present, however, and as you can see, I am far from that.

There is this blind and unthinking insistence on the part of some of seeing certain kinds of spirit people as God or Jesus, or the great authority on high.

While it would be improper (in my opinion) to judge how things were or ought to have been done in far back ancient times, such as Genesis, after all that has happened in pre and post modern history we cannot afford to have a masked leadership, acting as government, judging people, and giving secret orders to secret messengers and operatives, who then infiltrate society and worldly power unannounced.

There is this misunderstanding that Christianity is fundamentally a religion of secret mysteries. I think this is mostly false. Leaving aside personal or private religion of the individual, as say in the case of mysticism, religious truth as known socially is mostly (if not always and at all times and with all people), candid, straight forward, open, and without cunning artifice. Christ spoke in parables, yet he also explained that they were insufficient because people of that time could not be told the straight truth. While truth may use parable and other such rhetorical contrivances on occasion, the end, nevertheless, is something that is open and available for all to see and hear who desire to see and hear it.

These spirit people are notorious manipulators, act in secret, plot and scheme. I have seen angels, felt rapturous religious feelings, had visions, this and more. And to be brief, I am not very impressed with these spirit people who put on religious airs and presumptuously force themselves on others. God is in innocence, what is right, what is truthful, rational, open, fair, beautiful, and courageous. The more of these qualities there are in any one person or thing, the more of God there is.

A spirit person, magical powers, thunder, golden ethereal lights and feelings -- these are very superficial and prove very little if anything. In fact one can know or meet people who are like this or have such powers, yet who are the most arrant cheaters, cowards, and hypocrites. Yet some people are such children that they will never cease to kneel and tremble at the mere display of great and (on the surface) awesome power.


Once more Over

[Scene with Dr. Ruehl, Oafmore, Goomeron, and K-Pax sitting in Oafmore's office.]

Dr. Ruehl. [aghast] You mean to sit there and openly confide to me here that you were the one responsible for all those serial murders?

[Oafmore nods smiling.]

Dr. Ruehl: Then how can you involved with such a thing and at the same time claim to be promoting the Marx Brothers with this documentary you're preparing?

Oafmore: The world is not so simple as you would like to think, Dr. Ruehl.

Dr. Ruehl: Oh, it isn't is it? Well, you tell me.

Oafmore: [After looking knowingly at Goomerton] What would you think, Dr. Ruehl, if I told you the Marx Brothers murdered some people?

K-Pax: And Abbott and Costello too. [Oafmore nods]

Dr. Ruehl: I would say that sounds crazy.

Oafmore: So you and everyone would think. But you don't know how these things really are.

Dr. Ruehl: How do you know this?

Oafmore: [gesturing to Goomerton] These people told me.

Dr. Ruehl: That person is a complete lunatic. How can you trust what he tells you?

Oafmore: You see Dr. Ruehl, we know about these things a certain way.

Dr. Ruehl: Oh yes you had mentioned that.

Goomerton: No, greatness doesn't come cheaply Dr. Ruehl, and there are simply some things it is better the world doesn't know about.

Dr. Ruehl: I'll say.


Genesis, 4:9: "The LORD said, 'What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground.'"


What to Say to Simon the Magician, "Jesus" (i.e. Dr. Insane), or other very Guilty and Powerful Spirit Person

"(But that we have children, animals, or other loved ones or dependents to take care of) -- with you around life is not worth living."

And say this to him repeatedly, or whenever he shows up (if you are so unfortunate.)


You see one thing you must understand (if you don't already) about these kinds of spirit people is that they are brainwashed into thinking that sadistic and premeditated Evil is "natural," and a normal and necessary part of life. The world for these people is, like themselves, two-faced: "good" and "Evil."

For years now, indeed decades, and though it was only recently was I apprised of what exactly was going on, and did I realize I had been systematically stalked by this ghost who (to speak briefly):

  • took measures to get me in trouble
  • systematically isolated me
  • smeared me with people, cut off my communications
  • incited or persuaded others to lie to and betray me
  • raped and molested me with demons, sprites
  • poisoned me
  • gave me diseases
  • tortured me (using various methods aside from these others listed)
  • messed up my family (in sundry ways)
  • murdered or brought about the death of my little kids
  • for the past 12 years up to the present has been having regular people run brain torture radios on me

  • Of course, if I go to seek assistance, whether from police, church, government, lawyers, activists, the university community, just about no one will even talk about all this, let alone help me. (Why not? Go ask Father Michael Sweeney, presently a head of the Dominican School of Philosophy at Berkeley CA.; Seattle attorney Charles Hamilton; Professor of philosophy, Laurence Bonjour of the Univ. of Washington; Seattle Activist and media journalist Jeff Pearson; Sgt. Liz Eddy of the Seattle Police Dept., -- to name just some. And up to the present time, and despite innumerable appeals I have sent out, absolutely no one, aside from Sgt. Eddy, has or would come to my house to see and hear my story. You think someone would at least have just stopped by who was curious about a reported haunted house.)

    Now Simon and his accomplices see what I have listed above (at least for some privileged people) as acceptable behavior! All of which is a result of his and his friends belief that Evil is a normal thing, and that such behavior on his or their part is excusable. It is also often part if this same mentality for the culprit to believe or act as though they are forced to do evil, and therefore you cannot hold them guilty of something they are "forced" to do.

    After I returned to Seattle from Los Angeles in late 1992 (see my "Narrative"), one of the first major local news stories that caught my attention was that Washington state had re-instituted the death penalty. The first slotted to be executed was a young man who reportedly had sadistically tortured and then murdered some young boys. Why did he do such a thing? I have no doubt in my mind that either he was more or less innocent and set up by a Simon the Magician (and his witchcraft henchmen), or else, he acted as he did being under the latter's influence. Yet while the young man received the prescribed lethal injection, "Simon" and his people continued to go on to greater wealth and power in the community and state, and to this very day hold as much or more sway and influence over them than anyone or anything else. Go ask Boeing or any number of other long standing businesses (aside from Microsoft of course) who have either shut down or in large part left the area in the past ten years.


    Knucklehead Smith's America

    He finds his greatest goodness in tricks of ghosts, mere images, and the drugs angels and spirit people use, knowing nothing of life, reason, and real love.

    Now, it's not that you lack good. You have and had tremendous good. No the problem is there's too much bad, and it makes you think you lack what's good (your "Oh woe is me!") But who's to blame for the bad? The good? No, the bad. So why don't you fight the bad?

    "Because if I do he says he won't let me have it good."


    Must a will be logical? While I can picture a will that is logical, I have a difficult time conceiving of one that is illogical. The fact that someone acts is no clear proof that they mostly act out of their own will. Yet if someone is logical I would think they were. So at any rate it seems to me.

    Must the will that prevails, between contesting wills be logical? Yes, says logic because otherwise you are saying that there is something greater than logic. And if there is something greater than logic how, and without logic, could we know what it was and that it was greater than logic?


    In Milton, the figures of Satan and Death tell us what? That the purpose of Evil is to control and or destroy. Yet if so, then in what do these two find common ground? In sin.


    There is a well known painting by Bruegel which shows a legion of skeletons attacking or preparing to attack everyone. Who are these skeletons? They are former people who sought good through evil, and now as slaves to evil they attack everyone else. In the name of what? Good? We have no reason to believe they still don't think so.


    Everyone has their truth. But what we don't want is one group running riot over others with their truth. Those who are most guilty of this, and its consequences, of course, are those who most force themselves on others.


    The fatal flaw in Darwinism is the failure to adequately justify or make explicit where a given environment ends and begins, or for that matter where a given species ends or begins. What are given as environment and species are to some extent arbitrary designations and classifications of convenience, and not hard and fast, nor fully explained, finite entities -- at least not nearly so much as some would have you think. It's the fallacy also of trying to explain the whole by means of the part, as if the latter derived from the former, when you can't properly explain the part unless you already have a reasonably good idea of the whole to begin with.


    To give you some measure of how far fallen we are, I would offer the following.

    In the 19th century, the three who were considered the greatest poets of all time (aside from Homer) were, typically, Dante, Shakespeare, and Goethe.

    The first listened to spirit people (his guide "Virgil," is one) and he puts Socrates in Hell, albeit in a less uncomfortable location than elsewhere there.

    Shakespeare is most religious in his comedies.

    The third has his hero make a pact with the devil, enjoys worldly riches, but in last minute repentance goes to Heaven.

    You will no doubt think me very presumptuous to say this, but while I certainly would not deny each their considerable genius, I nevertheless think each one of them a great fool who prospered because he compromised the truth.

    "Yet," someone will say, "it was well they did compromise else we might not have their great works left to us!"

    But ah, how can we know what greater thing we may have lost by their compromising?

    (And what would they think now of shameless scoundrels and far worse, whether fairly or unfairly, invoking their widespread fame and success to justify their own dabbling with the diabolical and complicity with flagrant crime?)



    Some lands
    are old, beaten and sad;
    beaten and sad for ages,
    because of demons:
    brutal, scolding revenge.
    Love wrecked ---
    abandoned, still,
    now filled with silent sorrow.
    Oh melancholy,
    that sits on time's porch
    looking out:
    a wind blowing through
    portals of years,
    the hollow of souls,
    yet longing, still longing
    clasping, still clasping,
    the still seed of life
    beneath the tyrant reign.


    Having finished the second edition of my book on the Revolutionary War in the South it is very clear to me that Hell makes a effort to be, represent, or pretend to represent both and either sides in a war. Both parties may originally be more or less innocent and well intentioned, but then Hell, in some way, and involving spirit people there from on some level (whether as gods, angels or devils), infiltrates one of the groups, starts a conflict, and before long is operating alongside the other group as well. This is one way in which war can truly be said to be Hell, and I think this can be said to be true of any war. So this leaves one with an odd situation that no matter how more right one side is versus the other, Hell, will nevertheless, have been able, at some point or other, and to some greater or lesser extent, found a place in its ranks. There are or may have been wars where this was not the case, but if so they would certainly have been rare exceptions.


    The following are some remarks I posted at one of the online discussion groups (in this case Hegel & Religion), which I thought were worth reproducing here. They concern the question of whether unrepentant Evil (that is extreme or very serious evil) can or should be forgiven.:

    Again let us make this point easier by focusing on Evil, and for that purpose, let us, if you don't mind, use Evil with a capital "E" to denote very serious, heinous, sinister, abominable evil. To speak of "evil" otherwise (small "e"), I have no serious problem with what you are saying. Now the question is, if we are dealing with Evil that is unrepentant can one be at peace with it and not be agreeing with it? What you seem to be saying, and correct me if I am mistaken, is that one can reject Evil and still live at peace with it. Now to my mind if an invader comes into my land, who fits our description of Evil, would I be wrong to combat them? To my mind the answer is no, it would not be wrong to fight them, as long as part of goal includes not only preventing them from doing Evil, but also respect for their basic rights. That is if we were to fight them in a war we would observe things like the Hague treaty and the Geneva convention, and perhaps other similar doctrines of fundamental morality. Now I ask you Bob, as Hegel, would you fight these people or are we more free not fighting them? Of course, circumstances would be a factor in making such a decision, so let us say yes at times passive resistance would be advisable and more worthy. Yet allowing for such, and again saying this would certainly be true on certain occasions, do we say even so however that there are no other occasions where they could be resisted with brute force? It is my view that there are such circumstances, and as long as necessary to rid us of them if need be.

    [In replying to someone's else's post and their accompanying arguments, I wrote:] Now what reason should I have for thinking that I am or possess Evil -- again it is important here to make the distinction between more ordinary evil versus monstrous or diabolical. And even if I did, I would or can repent. Now the question here then is, if the person is somehow or is given to Evil, should they be forgiven if they do not repent (or something similar in the way of acknowledging their guilt and or providing that they will not so act that way ever again, as much as they can help it.) Why should someone who does not repent of actual Evil (capital E) be forgiven? Of course there's the insanity defense but then that I expect would work just as well as repentance. But that Evil otherwise should be forgiven without repentance makes to sound as if Evil is not bad, or that Evil is not evil, which logically doesn't make sense....

    As for good coming from Evil (as per Augustine which you mention), that of course can be simply interpreted as, or a way of saying, Good can or does override the Evil. But no good actually comes from evil as such. Good only comes from good, and nor will it do, as per the previous messages, to say that evil or Evil is somehow good, otherwise there is no evil.

    [Still Later.]

    I agree with you , but I would differ by saying that as a practical matter we can forgive to the extent of indulging an unrepentant Evil doer -- but only, and NECESSARILY, up to a point. Our forgiveness, at least for many people, cannot extend to inviting him over to stay at our house if we have good reason to believe he might murder one of our friends or family members, or rape and torture our spouse. Now granted some might feel differently. But it seems until we know the culprit will not do us or others willful injury (of a serious nature at least), our forgiveness is more one of HOPE that he will be better in the future at some point. Until he is, we cannot really forgive the person, and treat them like anybody else, let alone as a friend. Consequently, forgiving an Evil doer in principle or with hope that one day they will behave themselves is fine. But such forgiveness is merely one of hopeful sentiment, and really he is not forgiven as in he is now free to go and mix with us like a friend or acquaintance, but is on a kind of probation that grants him the right to change his status (as guilty and or dangerous) by repentance (or something like repentance.)

    Actual forgiveness then, or I would argue, at least, cannot take place unless he repents or something like. The kind of forgiveness you speak of, again in my opinion, is more a holding forth an opportunity to a person that if they do repent (or something like repent)then we can truly forgive them, and treat them normally. On the basis of this reasoning then, one could, for example, forgive Satan. But until he repented we would have no qualm if our police or army shot him on sight if he were on his way to commit some murders, and would not stop when told to. So you see all our well wishing could not grant him real forgiveness, but only potential forgiveness. Only he, through his own repentance, could realize true forgiveness. Hence I would conclude there can be no REAL forgiveness of an Evil doer (capital "E"), unless they repent or something like repent.


    Reality Check, or Why They Don't Like Free Speech and Fair Competition

    The greatest evil in the world is hiding behind conventional good and respectability, and is commonly accepted as being good and respectable (having overwhelming amounts of money certainly doesn't hurt.) I'm so glad therefore that the powers that be have worked out what they see as a satisfactory compromise for themselves, while getting all the rest of us mixed up with a devil you all can trust.

    We have laws and traditions. Yet these spirit people can distort and use these for their own selfish purposes, provide immediate and incalcuable financial gain to people who cooperate with them, and to countless others in the process though less nefariously, and then proceed to take over if not completely overthrow society. And are these spirit people the ones from days gone by who suffered and died for their country? Most certainly not. Rather they were the very ones the heroes of old, who made us a nation, fought, and who would have starved us of liberty or bled us to death but for those forefathers and forebearers.


    "Roger that"

    The worth of something is based on how much it is loved and who loves it.

    The love of a liar is worth less than the love of someone who speaks the truth.

    Holy means someone or something that is most lovable or the most lovable. No one then is holy who is not lovable.

    (Earth-base to space commander, do you read me, over?)


    "Sure you are fat with power. I don't deny it. Sure you are. In fact, you're so fat with power, people think you're the evil one.

    "It's just that (taking all and all) there's absolutely nothing to like about you. Now would you please go mind your own business."


    He Gave His Heart to Demonism, or "He Wears a Mask to do His Task"

    He wears a mask to hide his face.
    "The Phantom of the Opera knew no disgrace!
    "for how could such be
    if his face they cannot see?"

    He listens to an ancient ghost,
    whose gossip is his greatest boast,
    who every time he's shown the door
    says he's nothing to live for.

    He gave his heart to demonism!
    Rumplestiltskin is his name
    Being interesting is his game.
    And if they don't do these things a certain way,
    he's afraid he'll go to Purgatory.
    But Oh can anybody tell
    why he thinks there is no Hell?

    He spies on you, he spies on me
    from foreign terrorists we must be free.
    Religion, and magic are his favorite shows,
    and putting in your head his radio.

    He gives our President just the plan
    to rid us all of terrorism.
    Then an anti-war protest orchestrates
    for the very plan he detonates.

    He gave his heart to demonism! (etc.)


    Are you saying we should believe these spirit people because they represent goodness, or because they are deserving of pity (and that we should feel sorry for them?) Seeing how they lord it over others (among other things we could mention), I fail to see how either could possibly be justified. In point of fact, you don't know what real goodness is. And why should anyone feel sorry for people with so much money and who spend their time deliberately victimizing others? No, you believe these people because they can frighten you and display astounding magical powers. In sum, the whole thing is quite the joke, and you are simply a coward and a fool to be taking them so seriously.


    What's the difference between a devil who comes into your life for a moment or a season, versus some stinky pirate who pitches his hobo camp in your front yard for years on end? Answer? The difference between an excusable rogue and the present cultural regime.


    If you make God the Devil, or the Devil God -- Hell is the Inevitable Result

    (In case you've been following up till now.)

    I want to tell you I blame these spirit people more than the regular people (that is those who we see with the power and money), and who use the latter to persecute and deny us our basic human and civil rights.

    1. These spirit people are the ones giving the orders. That so in so, say some Oafmore, is a fool for listening to them, seems much less a fault by comparison.
    2.Having been around so much longer than us, they should know better than regular people, especially if they are going to behave as if they possess authority, let alone legitimacy.
    3. Certain of these spirit people who can spend day in day out, for years on end, torturing and tormenting others are obviously the most inexcusable characters in the world. Who else needs to act like that? At the same time, while they will get the Oafmores to torture and torment, ask yourself honestly: If the given Oafmore, or whoever, weren’t under the influence, would he really be so bad?
    4. These kind of spirit people are so arrogant as to pretend to divinity and then forcing this belief on others. Again, what regular person would really have that sort of problem if they weren't under the influence?
    5. These certain kinds of "holy" or else "devil" spirit people are often the worst hypocrites. They pretend to possess or be the guardians of or guides to great value and worth. Yet so much of their time they spend presuming and inveigling themselves on the lives of the living. If he (in the given instance) is a god, let alone "God," why does he so regularly need to force himself on people? Or routinely act in deliberate and brutal secrecy? Our God is the truth and needs no hiding, dissembling and tricks.


    If the physical universe disappeared would logic and mathematics disappear?

    If it is possible for mind to be separate from matter, the answer could well be yes. Yet if logic and mathematics required physicality in order to exist, and more than just any physicality (i.e. any given physical object or objects) made them possible, what specific physicality would be required? Off hand the answer seems to be that no particular physical object or objects make logic and mathematics possible. And even if we assume say a physical brain is required to make them possible, what physical object is and or is not required to make a brain possible? One possible answer to both this and our original question might be that you need not only a full bodied person, but an entire universe to make a brain possible. But short of an entire universe no given physical objects or objects otherwise, and by themselves, could make logic or reason possible. For this reason we might say that the universe is the soul of logic, or alternatively that logic is the soul of the universe.

    Plotinus, interestingly, speaks of the universe (or else associates with the universe) the "All Soul," which is the third part of his trinity, and which makes the universe seem as if it were the bodily extension of the First (the "One," the "nameless") and Second Principle (or Intellectual or logical principle). Yet even if the "All Soul" is interpreted this way, it would seem to be a body which the First and Second Principle are ultimately independent of.

    In other words, the First and Second Principle could exist without the All Soul as a body, and that the All Soul or body is only necessary because the First and Second Principle choose to make it so. the same would also seem to be true of the Second Principle with respect to the First Principle, yet only because the First is prior to logic (i.e. the Second or Intellectual Principle), and therefore is a greater mystery to us.


    "Let us consider the reason of the case.
    For nothing is law that is not reason."

    ------Sir John Powell (1645-1713) English Judge, in the case of Coggs v Bernard (1703)


    "Bad boys, Bad boys,
    Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

    ----- "Cops" (reality tv show) theme song.

    "Is it Rumplestiltskin?"

    At the rate things have been going, it looks like the following will be the future choices for President of the United States. Horrified? No need to worry because by then you probably won't be able to vote anyway.


    There is a school of "thinking" (or more actually a form of being brainwashed), originating you can probably guess where, which says evil is a good, and is a needed part of life. One possible symptom of such a sickness, paradoxically, is that the person denies that evil even exists. Further more, says this way of thinking, if you do not pay tribute to evil, you will not be able to live your life. For this reason, many people pay tribute to evil, and see it both as a high authority and the ordinary course of things, perhaps even give up their own child in sacrifice to some monster. This then is why real evil occurs.

    Chryssipus, the Greek philosopher of the 3rd century B.C., as I have brought up a number of times, tells us that nothing is bad per se, only how it is used makes it so. Yet while this is or may be true of just about anyone and anything, logically, this cannot be true of real evil itself. We should add here then that it makes no sense to speak of evil being a good or a potential good just like anything else in the sense Chryssipus means. We have that must less reason therefore to accept the aforementioned way of "thinking" -- at least if we are rational, of course.


    Devils: [addressing Oafmore] "What's this? Forgetting your friends already? What then are we supposed to do while you are off having good times with Jesus Christ?"


    It's surprising (or perhaps it is not surprising) that so many people today, and since time immemorial, are interested in religion, and yet so very few by comparison are interested in the truth or being truthful -- indeed lie like crazy. Hmmm.


    Orkon Services and the Cannibal Economy.

    To help to give you a better sense of what goes on--

    In his film (if memory serves) "Crimes and Misdemeanors," Woody Allen makes a quip about "Murder, Inc."

    Is there really such a thing?

    The answer is an emphatic yes. Here's basically how it works.

    In discussing this topic I will, as usual, be using the term "regular people" (i.e. flesh and blood people), in contrast to "spirit people," (as in angels, devils, ghosts, etc.)

    What happens is certain regular people are set up with certain spirit people for the ostensible purpose of their mutual benefit -- or so it is made to seem. For simplicity's sake we will refer to these spirit people as "devils" -- though this is not necessarily how they are seen by the regular people who deal with them. Are not such arrangements then "pacts with the devil?" In point of fact, yes, but how scandalous and embarrassing to call them such. Rather those who participate in such dealings would, if you could get them to speak on the subject, characterize themselves as being merely practical. At least these days certainly you would have good grounds to expect such a response and attitude.

    Now these devils arrange it so that if these regular people victimize others. Why exactly devils need or desire to victimize others I will not address or get into, but here we will, in the interest of brevity, take it as a given. They will offer these regular people assistance in obtaining money and power in exchange for such victimization. In actual practice, it is considerably more complicated than this, because the given devil or devils can use various kinds of pressure to make the regular person think that they must go along with them. Such pressures might include mind control, fear, peer pressure, blackmail, and or specious arguments, so that appealing to people's greed is only one of a number of approaches a devil might adopt to get a regular person to come on board. Of course in obtaining wealth and power, the devils and their associates use robbery, murder, blackmail, extortion, etc., all the more easy to achieve because typically spirit people can act and operate, more or less, invisibly.

    After the devils have set themselves up directly with such people, a system is established so that more citizens in the society who will help them bring about more victimization. Thus they too can share in the profits to be made, though perhaps their complicity or involvement need not be so direct. Here again people can be so manipulated that they will be led to think if they do not cooperate they will not be able to make money or participate socially, such that going along with "Orkon Services," is seen as not merely an option but a necessity. Now if for example you want to be a Christian or a sincere religious person (as opposed to hypocrite religious), then it will be argued that since you do not want to victimize others then you will not be entitled to the benefits of those who do victimize (again whether directly or indirectly.) Why should you be rewarded if you won't cooperate? Indeed, to encourage others to join in with them, the "devils" will as likely as not make an example of and persecute you in some fashion for not going along. If the devils and their clients really get the ball rolling in this manner, they can expand their enterprise to a point where doing things their way will be seen by many as conventional wisdom. Many people then come to a head where they say "if I don't go along with victimizing others in some way, I won't be able to live my life and have good things!" In this way, assisting the "devil" people can come to be seen as the ordinary way of living and doing things. Many, if not most, of the violent crime stories we hear or read about, I would argue, are directly connected to such business arrangements, and are an inevitable by product of the cannibal economy.

    Combating these kinds of spirit people and their immediate accomplices openly of course, is not as yet much of an option. The reason? Socially we are not yet developed to a level where spirit people can be discussed openly and seriously. As a results, such as these which I describe, and those who go along with them, not only get away with murder, but indeed are rewarded, praised and honored for it. At the same time, if things are bad enough, those who go against them are not infrequently assassinated, blackballed, marginalized, or treated as outcasts.

    Now you might ask, what about those people who are very much in with "Murder, Inc.," yet who occupy careers and positiosn where they are tirelessly "helping" people and working to "improve" and "advance" society?

    Well, you know. You see them all the time.


    "Futuristic Studies"

    If I were to ask my self what I want most out of life one answer would be to live in a world where there is peace, justice, freedom, and compassion, for animals as well as people.

    Now perhaps in an absolute sense these are difficult, if not impossible, goals to achieve, at least by our own efforts. Yet certainly I believe these can be enhanced and increased. What else is wisdom for? The main problem we face, however, is these spirit people (whom I write about), and their old fashioned ways. True, in many respects they are very sophisticated, but not on all. In fact in some ways they are quite primitive, and are like a backward culture which stifles us and keep us down. This in no small part is due to the fact that so many of us unthinkingly give into them, and for ages, consciously or semi-consciously, have deferred to them as authority. What is needed to emancipate ourselves is to, with the grace of God, improve our rational and moral powers, while at the same time develop a kind of military/police to protect ourselves from those certain kinds of spirit people who are incomprehensibly vicious and belligerent toward the human race, indeed toward life in general.

    Speaking of which, one of the most baleful kinds of mind control they exercise on people is to cause a person to lose their conscience. This is done almost, at least for some people, like giving them a pill or drug, which pill or drug then has the effect of causing the person to lose their conscience, in varying degrees depending on the individual. This is in part achieved by making the subject believe that others' suffering doesn't matter because there are greater needs, concerns, persons and objects of value then say the given sufferers in question. One more familiar example of this is the dictator who sees ruling the world as something that really matters, compared to the cruel suffering or agony of, say, some poor people. Similarly, the demagogue, with his cause to better the world, yet who thinks nothing of victimizing opponents with ruthless violence and injustice is another. For such people, it is a short step from having a glorious vision and meaning well euphoria to becoming the very worst and most loathsome of monsters. Or if not this, they might become automaton killers or accomplices. And with certain powerful spirit people to aid them, what then can the poor victims and sufferers do? If then we can combat such powerful spirit people, it will be that much more possible to thwart and defeat the dictator and demagogue.

    But the first step in all this, and granted we are deplorably behind where we ought to be, is openly discussing and scientifically studying spirit people. So it is then that here, we do what we can to remedy this greatest of all problems and challenges to be confronted.


    What to Look for in This Summer's Films (2005)

    I just a few minutes ago, by accident, happened to catch one of the morning chat shows on television. They were discussing and showing clips of the films for the summer. There is dark sci-fi, dark comedy, dark children's films, i.e. so much of the films at present are characterized as dark. I also observed in seeing the clips how remarkably like the "dream productions" they are (which I have written about (see my New Treatise on Hell). If you yourself have seen some of these films or clips from them you will notice how often unstoppable and strange powers "drive" people around (literally and figuratively), typically with lightening speed, and which the characters have little or no control of, but must go along for the ride. This is very much the kind of effect of mental helplessness, a certain sorcerer, like a "Simon the Magician" likes to create.

    All of which leads me to conclude that the movie industry is dominated, if not run by, people with serious mental problems and who are involved with sorcery and witchcraft. Yet these things will come our way, and the TV people will smile and rave about what great product Hollywood is putting out.

    When you hear stories of some inconceivable and heinous murder, almost everyody's reaction is that the culprit was mental and or emotionally disturbed. Such are the diagnoses of conventional wisdom.

    Ok folks, so now what is it? Even if you dispute what I say about spirit people (including witchcraft and sorcery), and if the people making these current films are indeed "mental," is that not by itself cause for concern? And yet who, aside from myself and a small number of others, is saying anything about all this?

    Now you might ask, what about those people who are very much in with "Murder, Inc.," yet who occupy careers and positions where they are tirelessly "helping" people and working to "improve" and "advance" society?

    Well, you know. You see them all the time.


    The devil laughed in stealing
    with such cunning and with such art.
    Yet what kind of riches is it
    which leaves him with no heart?


    A Scientific Challenge

    In my opinion some of the greatest, most persistent, and pernicious myths there ever were are as follows:

    1. "There are no spirit people (i.e. 'gods,' devils, angels, ghosts, etc.) or else they are remote from or irrelevant to our life circumstance."

    2. "Spirit people, especially such as a 'god' or an angel, necessarily represent a higher and superior kind of life form."

    3. "Even if there were spirit people, and especially the powerful kind, science could never detect, track, or identify them."

    4. "Tremendous or magnificent power is necessarily a sign of goodness or benevolence. Similarly, if a spirit person can 'tintillate' or cause in us feelings of religious rapture, these are an indubitable indication of their kind intentions and benevolence."

    5. "Making a point to be honest and rational, even if we are talking about public affairs, is simply one among a number of options or alternatives available to us when we make important decisions and decide matters of policy. Honesty and reason then, and in most instances, are not strictly necessary in protecting public safety or promoting public welfare."

    Now am I right? Or am I wrong? This time I won't attempt to do the explaining but will leave these for you to consider, accept or reject.



    We blossom, ripe, and decay,
    the music begins to stop,
    all is passing away.
    In looking back
    on once resplendent day,
    the memory of you which shined
    is now an image divine.
    Oh, won’t you come again?

    Yet powers are indifferent,
    callous and cruel.
    Fate decrees what will be.
    And sad it is to think that
    though birds sang merrily,
    we’ll never meet again;
    heavens hoped for
    never known;
    adrift on an empty sea.

    So in goodbye then,
    let me wish you the best poetry
    because you are poetry to me.
    For when I think of you --
    grottos, deserts, stars,
    forests, beaches --
    you are so much
    of everything I see!
    And if but in this twilight
    there’s just a hint of melody,
    I will in some wise know
    all which was to be.


    The above is an extremely rare and unusual daguerreotype of an actual Revolutionary War veteran, in this case Capt. George Fishley (1760-1850) of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Among the more famous events or occasions at which he was present were Valley Forge and the battle of Monmouth(1778).

    "It is told of Fishley that when Adams and Jefferson were buried in 1826, and a procession was contemplated in Portsmouth, of which the Revolutionary heroes were to form a part, the committee came to Fishley requesting him to appear. He asked who were to be there. All were named until ----- was mentioned. 'What' cried the old man. 'He a patriot!' Why he was a d--- Hessian, and came over hear to fight us for six pence a day. No s-i-r, I don’t ride with such patriots as he!' And ride he did not on the solemn occasion."

    For more of his story, and additional views of his picture (including a close up) see here.


    1st John 3, 12-16: "Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother's were righteous. Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you. We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death. Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him. This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers."


    The American Holocaust

    There is something you absolutely must understand if you would escape the burden and stigma of being either brain dead and or inhuman, and that is this. These past 30 plus years we in this country have been living in the time of a literal holocaust, and a holocaust brought about by powerful and wealthy people listening to and collaborating with very powerful witchcraft or Hell connected spirit people. Their involvement with Hell spirit people has brought on this holocaust as much or more than anything else. Since these regular people I speak about, and for a long time now, have (at least in the eyes of many) worn the mantle of prestige and respectability they are in effect the Nazis of this aforesaid holocaust. Yet in this case, they are Nazis who are, for the most part, not yet found out. In fact the holocaust is not even recognized for being what it is. And if there is no holocaust, there are no Nazis.

    Now someone will understandably take me to task. Who are these Nazis? How do you know these who you say are Nazis, or Nazi-like, are connected to Hell spirit people?

    Before one can begin to get at those questions, let's give some evidence for this alleged holocaust of (at least) the past 30 plus years. The following are a list of domestic horrors and atrocities which are ordinarily seen as isolated and unrelated occurrences. It is my thesis, however, that this view is very much a mistake and the vast majority, if not all of what is listed here are very much connected and related to certain powerful and wealthy people's complicity with Hell (including false religious) spirit people. As there are so many of these crimes and tragedies to list I give them in no particular order, with some items listed being specific events and others a general title for multiple events. Finally, given how much has been going on these past decades, I think it pretty much goes without saying that this is merely a partial list.

    * The serial killer phenomena
    * The unprecedented proliferation of extremely weird and bizarre crime stories in the news
    * Inhuman experimentation on people and animals
    * The Aids and other bizarre epidemics
    * Instances of parents murdering their children
    * Assassination, literal and through scandal, of worthy, if flawed, prominent people and leaders
    * The curtailing, if not elimination, of free speech and free enterprise by censorship, propaganda, and monopolistic gluttony
    * The debasement of the media and culture with the most truly sick, vile and depraved kind of daytime and prime time programming

    Some of the More Famous Horror Stories:
    * Jonestown
    * McMartin Pre-school case
    * Heaven's Gate Cult
    * Waco
    * Oklahoma City Bombing
    * Columbine school shooting
    * Frontier school, in Moses Lake, WA. shooting (1996)
    * 9/11 (I personally do not believe this event was, in its true origin brought about by Middle Eastern terrorists as claimed, but something concocted by people in this country, who then used some Middle Eastern people as dupes.)

    It is my contention once again then that most, if not all of the above, are or were a direct result of certain wealthy and power (regular) people in our society being involved with Hell spirit people, and which wealthy and powerful (regular) people no one has really yet come forth to blame or accuse.

    Why? Because speaking of spirit people seriously is treated as taboo. And unless we can prove the reality of these Hell spirit people, their henchmen (i.e. these wealthy and powerful persons) can never be brought to justice.

    I am well aware that some uninformed person looking at what I have just written would dismiss it as so much raving. The subject is not so easy to get at or examine in so few words as these brief paragraphs such as those above would allow of. Yet rather than offer them as scientific proof as what I am talking about, for the moment at least, I bring this to some people's attention to save and spare them from going completely brain dead and or heartless before it is too late.


    The Evil One, the Devil, call him what you like, and whether he does come to you as evil or else impersonating Good, does offer great and phenomenal powers to be put at your disposal. Yet the more you use those powers, and go along with him, the more you make yourself one of his own. So that finally, when all is said and done, the more you avail yourself of those powers (and thus give into him), the more you become his slave and minion, with little or no real life left of your own. And though this has been known and understood since time immemorial, yet there are always people being taken in: too frightened to stick to being rational and doing the right thing and or ever lured by all too easy gain.

    This is all the more extraordinary to me, when even though I have been brutalized and made to suffer at the hands of these people, for many years now, and in ways too numerous to mention, I have never once seen it working for any of them (doing things their way.) At the same time, I have no regrets whatsoever endeavoring to do the right as best I can and as God makes me able to me. On the contrary, and as I have said before, I thank God for giving me good sense! These people, on the other hand, can't win for nothing. Though they mock, ridicule, torment, and attempt to degrade the rest of us, and, for all their tricks and illusions, and for all their riches, social prestige, and worldly power, their unending folly can never be concealed from those who think and possess real intelligence.


    Some Latest News

    "Rowling, Dylan Nominated for Quills Awards

    "NEW YORK (AP) - J.K. Rowling, Bob Dylan and Stephen King are among the nominees for the first annual Quills Awards, a glitzy literary affair for which the general public will cast the ballots.
    "Organized by Reed Business Information, which publishes Variety, Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, and NBC television, the Quills Awards consist of 19 categories, from sports to debut fiction, with five finalists for each.
    "Winners will be announced at an Oct. 11 ceremony hosted by NBC anchor Brian Williams, to be aired Oct. 22.
    "'This is the first consumer-driven awards program that acknowledges the power and importance of the written word and celebrates literacy,' Jay Ireland, president of NBC Universal Television Stations, said Thursday in a statement."

    (For the remainder of this article see here. )

    Seeing what a tremendous success she has become, is it too far amiss to ask whether Ms. Rowling has ties to Mr. Steven Spielberg? Just curious, since, personally, and these days especially, I hardly think success like that happens to just anybody. Or is this just my imagination?


    Studying Evil Scientifically

    If science is going to effectively study and examine evil, one of the very important points it is going to have to address is how more ordinary and ostensibly respectable people are got to agree with or go along it. At the outset here, I am going to grant my usual premise that it is certain spirit people who are the ultimate instigators of real evil. Now already I know and am familiar with, and have written about, some of the deceptions and behavioral tricks that are used to get people to do or go along with evil. And though what I know in this respect is essentially sound and well founded, I frankly admit there are still aspects to the occurrence of evil which are still very mysterious to me.

    More needs to explored and understood as to why some people are so brazenly indifferent to evil. One thing I have noticed particularly is that such are led to think that doing certain kinds of evil is actually good. It is not enough therefore for a truly professional "devil" to make certain serious wrong doing seem like it is acceptable, tolerable, or o.k. to do. The real trick is to get people to do or go along with evil while making them think that in doing so they are doing the right thing, and that evil is a positive good.

    In this I believe lies much of the answer to the mystery. The question then should be asked what behavioral techniques and or deceptions can be used on a person to get them to believe that in a given circumstance that not only is evil not so bad, but that it is a positive and emphatic good. When this can be answered and addressed then we will be far advanced in comprehending real evil on the scientific level.

    In reflecting on some people who I have known personally who think certain evil doing is a positive good I have encountered the following sorts of attitudes or beliefs.

    1. The someone being victimized will not really be harmed by the evil done to them.
    This approach might be adopted by applying a certain religious pretext. For example, the "devil" leading the evil going on will explain that God is sufficient in his power to indulge they evil. To deny this is to deny the power of God, or so they would argue.

    2. Doing evil to someone can actually be a way of greatly complementing or honoring the victim.
    After all if you would so debase yourself by doing serious evil to another, it must be because they are (unlike yourself) so very well off, such that doing evil to them in a sense, and seen a certain way, is actually somehow promoting justice.

    3. What is evil can be seen as good if enough people are got to agree that, at least in the given circumstances, that it is so.
    An evil act then can be made a positive good if enough people can simply be persuaded that it is a positive good, and community opinion therefore can be used to override basic justice and morals.

    4. To attempt to entirely avoid serious evil in this world, and in all circumstances, would be falsely presuming to a superior kind of righteousness.
    One idea going on here is that it would be a far greater evil to prevent all evil (that might as a practical matter otherwise be prevented), because it would make it seem that you (who would do so) are superior to God who (again it would seem) allows and therefore evidently condones some amount of evil. While it is not necessary or desirable to say God condones all evil, if he even condones some of it, this is enough of a window of opportunity for certain evilly disposed persons to justify their doing it, while in the process playing mind games with people, so as to get the latter to go along with them.

    Related to this, to use one illustration, would be someone who says being a coward and someone who runs away from evil sometimes is a good thing. Why? Because if you encourage people to be courageous you will only be getting them to endanger their lives. In addition, if you act the hero's part you will not only be acting self-righteously, but you will also be selfishly embarrassing or shaming these others who are not that way. The coward on the other hand will not so endanger, offend, or put anyone on the spot, and thus acts more benevolently than someone who behaves bravely or heroically. Some will go even further and deliberately attack those who are or might act bravely in order to protect others from their self-righteous or selfish example. The same approach could be used with respect to lying, hypocrisy, obstruction of justice, etc.


    A Reply to Some Propaganda I Heard from Hell Recently

    One of the great and agonizing delusions megalomania-minded Hell people suffer from is the belief that living or being on the lower order of things, say a private in the army, is the worst thing, or not being rich and famous is the worst thing.

    This, of course, is entirely false. While it is naturally very nice to have riches and recognition, on the other hand, good friends and family, a good conscience are far more valuable by comparison than position or material wealth, especially if your friends and family are good people, and or if your community's leader is a noble, courageous, fair, and magnanimous person, who recognizes ability over formal status. Also if you live in a society where there's opportunity to better yourself through good or hard work -- which is to say a free, rational, and moral society -- being a person of humble station and means need not at all be the cause for overwhelming sorrow.

    Not so says the tyrant and dictator who says he cannot live unless he is the center of attention, and unless he is seated at the highest places, and has the greatest material wealth. But in his arrogance, cruelty and injustice, of course, he has no real friends or family (in the proper sense of those terms), and so he scorns real friends and family as something trivial. Because of how he lives and thinks, he answers to no authority that is not emphatically or else ultimately evil.

    A humble station, not much wealth, loneliness, true, these can be very hard for a person.

    Yet never in a million years believe the unrepentant Hell person who says the humble station, poverty, or loneliness of a person living in a moral and free society is the same thing as the lowliness, misery, and isolation of the damned such as himself. Certainly he would like you to think so. Yet why be a fool like him?

    Keep in mind also, in a Hell based society, you serve a dictator who brooks few or no real rivals. Free and fair competition are anathema to them. In a free society, by contrast, a person might not be very important in one arena or activity. But in another they might be a prince or leader of some other sort. Such an one might, say, be a mere private in the army (to use our earlier example.) Yet elsewhere, he might be a master at painting or music. Observe in this regard how Socrates himself, while among the greatest philosophers, was a mere foot soldier at one time.

    But you see in a Hell society, which is rigidly hierarchical, this is not possible, because all such people, whether (using our example) army private or great artist, have their specific roles which do not permit of overlapping, and all worth is measured by club (or party) membership and or material wealth -- not real merit and ability. Besides Hell could not accept an order in which importance is based on real merit and ability because they reject the truth. And how can real merit and ability be discerned if people in a given society are forced to live according to the dictates of arrant liars and deceivers?


    A Cool Customer

    "Say 'cheese,' Mr. ---. The public wants to get a good look at the face of the person who murdered all those kids."


    The following appeared at Netscape news today (Aug. 1, 2005):

    "Beware! Why Robins May Be Dangerous

    "When it comes to the West Nile virus, it turns out the culprits may be those cute little robins prancing in your backyard as they hunt for worms and seeds and not those ugly, raucous crows flying overhead.

    "The Associated Press reports that a DNA analysis of blood taken from the abdomens of 300 mosquitoes trapped in Connecticut showed that 40 percent of them fed on the blood of robins and only 1 percent on crows. Crows have long thought to be the source of the infection that can be deadly for humans. 'It was quite surprising,' Theodore Andreadis, chief medical entomologist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, told AP. 'Robins are right up there and are probably playing a pretty good role.' Robins aren't alone. West Nile has been identified in more than 200 species of birds...."

    (For the full article see here. )

    Note how the person who writes this piece speaks of the robins as to blame, when even according to his/her own analysis this is not what's actually going on. This is a very typical hell way of thinking -- blame the victim. Indeed vilify them. We saw the same thing when the cows were denoted "mad" and spreading some diseases of theirs into our food chain.

    The real truth is that these are our diseases, and which society picks up from its contact with Hell, and which diseases spill over into the natural environment as part of the price we pay for such contact. People deal with Hell because they are both too afraid to fight it and or because Hell will pay them money for being subjugated to their rule. As a result, new diseases, including West Nile virus, Sars, Ebola, Lassa, Marburg, Aids, and all the rest, are sprung on everyone in order to keep Hell appeased -- lest we think ourselves too righteous. So at least I believe any objective and disinterested inquirer will finally conclude when they have the opportunity to consider the full and pertinent facts.


    Here's another easy one for you, and if you remember it, it will save your life.

    One of the most important understandings of a concept I ever acquired I picked up from reading Kant. The concept is that of necessity.

    What is necessity? What is truly necessary? The answer: Much, much less than you think. Oftentimes we take someone or something as necessary, say because they or it possess or display overwhelming power. Yet is overwhelming power, strictly speaking, true necessity? Or are they or it only necessary because a person consents (unthinkingly or not) to their being necessary?

    In attempting to answer these questions, it might help you to know that for many philosophers, God is the only necessity. If then you run into someone or something, could yours or someone's else's choice have made it possible for you to have not encountered that someone or something? And if so, would this not show that they were not truly necessary (i.e. you or this other person could have chosen differently before encountering them?) Because if they are not truly necessary in that sense they are not God, that is unless you consciously choose to see them as God (which you are free to do.) Otherwise you are under no constraints to see anyone other than God as necessary, or see anything which is not necessity as important as God. The upshot of all this is that it gives you a lot more room for free play in life, in what you can or can't do, what you must or must not accept. Now you can create things for yourself that are necessary. You can, for example, say it is necessary that I do my best to adhere to the moral law ("do not do unto others as you would not have done unto you" for instance.) Yet aside from such as this which you can choose as necessary, the latitude of what is not necessary, short of God, is infinite.

    The next question one might ask is:

    Is one compelled to act or not act, believe or not believe, as they do, because of necessity? And if one's acts or beliefs are not governed by necessity strictly speaking, is their choice governed by reason? And if not by reason, then what are they governed by which is neither necessity nor reason?


    Cultural Snapshot

    These people have so much money they will hire or dupe others into being criminals for the F.B.I. to go chasing after, while they themselves keep up a front of "respectability," with the F.B.I. obliging them. One proof of this is in how much the internet has been censored and otherwise obviously interfered with, including e-mails. Those currently in power do not like the internet because it competes with regular media, makes possible free speech for potentially all, and thus offers a viable alternative to contemporary media's control over people's thinking and beliefs. Steven Spielberg in my opinion is considered a great director not because he actually is, but because it is simply not been permitted for him to have had real competition.* Serious and profit making independent film makers (remember Sun Classic Pictures?**) have been essentially prohibited these past decades, and while they have existed in some form its been mostly for show. The same is true with many of the media "greats" of the last 20 years. Freedom of the press has been at an all time low, and here is the internet to cure the problem. And where is the F.B.I. on all this? They are literally acting as accessories to criminals. These, as a reward, put them on the tv news in pursuit usually of window-dressing criminals. Meanwhile the real criminals attempt to tell us what we must like and how to live our lives in a way that will suit their over-lordship, and which over-lordship is invariably based in literal Hell (and or false Heaven) who they look to as authority. Don't get me wrong. We need an F.B.I. and we ought to establish one, and which will go after society's true worst enemies, rather than serve as the 6 o'clock evening news version of "Cops."

    * It is rather curious that although Spielberg has been described as possibly the most successful filmmaker of all time, in all my previous web searches I could only find one fan website dedicated to him. And just as of doing a search a few minutes ago I can't even find that anymore (though granted it's possible I somehow just missed it.) Yet also, and as I have in effect said before, it's not that I blame Spielberg as such for what's been going on. Instead I bring him up as a subject who in many ways reflects both the reality and absurdity of the monopolistic, spirit person led order I often write about and make reference to.

    ** Which was most known for their family, wilderness themed films. About the only thing one now can find about them on the internet is with respect to their more atypical products like "In Search of Noah's Ark." Otherwise, the company, which for a while managed to challenge conventional Hollywood and with a respectable amount of success, seems to have been wiped from the face of the earth.


    We don't have quite the idea of harvest as our ancestors in earlier times did. It is therefore I think good to remind younger people, if not ourselves, of this concept, especially since modern "times," or schedules, sometime screw up our more nature based "life-timings." Do good work on something now, and when it's harvest time, you'll have a worthwhile harvest of your own to bring to Thanksgiving and Hanukah/Christmas table. It gives one a more meaningful perspective, as well as incentive to take extra pride in their work. In addition, taking the harvest more personally this way makes celebrating the holidays that much more enjoyable and appreciated.


    These people are so crazy that if they weren't attacking us for having it to too good, they would take it out on themselves. They just can't stop hurting people. Yet the government will listen to them and not to those like myself, and who've been their victims of their violence and dirty tricks now for over a decade.


    "Nothing doing," he says. "No contest to see whose most happy and can make others most happy. No, this has to be settled by whoever can instill fear in, bribe, or fool the most people. That's the only way people are going to be happy."


    Three Verities

    * Just when you thought you've said and wrote everything you can think (or feel) of, do you realize there is someone somewhere who is starting a career as a writer. In a matter of time, he or she will be saying (or singing) something which is both new, and which you or someone else hasn't said or sung yet. That's the way the eternal is.

    * You have your choice. You can listen listen to somebody who knows how to be more happy, courageous, productive, and peaceacble than anyone could, or else listen to someone who knows how to scare better than anyone else. But you can't listen to both.

    * If he was the last person in the world, well, of course, it wouldn't make much difference. Not least with this war going on. Yet now stop and think. If it was (just about) anybody else, and they were the last or among the very last in the world, how precious and full of potential you'd think they were then. With animals it's the same too.


    If you are making (at least) a decent effort to fight these people, and as bad as you are off otherwise, you are still doing pretty good (though I certainly respect and appreciate that the grief and sadness these hell people might have caused you can be very great.) But those who to compromise or continue to give in, either on the witchcraft or false religion level, what on earth are they thinking? The answer to that, obviously, is that they are not thinking. The spectacle of them is that of people slowly sinking into a mire. Heaven help them! (real heaven that is.)

    On a similar note, I just noticed that television is as weird, if not weirder, than ever. Why at one time it was criticized for being merely "the idiot box." Now it often so bad, you have to be careful you don't catch something just leaving it on for a few minutes.


    "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" – (Yeah Right!)

    That most vicious and monopolistic regime which runs almost everything these days is composed of a team of certain spirit people and regular people. Whether these spirit people are seen as representing of Heaven or Hell or whatever, they do not have the grand value that they are made to seem they to have. They are in fact a big fake in that wise, yet a fake which has managed to fool enough people, and sufficiently, so that they (and their regular people followers) have taken over to the great extent they have.

    The question arises. Why is it this combined group (i.e. of spirit and regular people) has so much wealth and power, while at the same time are able to seemingly get away with so many heinous and unspeakable crimes?

    Answer. Because it is implicitly understood that they will later have to pay an agonizingly painful price for having and getting away with so much -- not because they are so especially blessed, or special people. They are no better than you or me, indeed they are (certainly in my opinion) worst than most, if not all, of us. No, they have great wealth power, and do and have gotten away with things like crazy. But, again, only because it is understood, that when all is said and done, they are willing to pay a very painful and horrifying price for all these things.

    "Wait a minute," he says now. "I thought Jesus Christ was going to pull us out of all that. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior."

    Ah, but you see, you unrepentant murderer and hypocrite, that is not Jesus Christ! Couldn’t serve you more right, now could it?

    For the Record

    Whether people like or respect me as such is not so terribly important to me. I don't live my life for that, except as some secondary kind of thing. For I believe very deeply to each his own. Love is a free choice. Be free first. The only thing I would insist with people is that you not ally yourself with people who murder my children or physically torture me.


    Musing on Movies

    I just got through watching a PBS documentary on Samuel Goldwyn, and which, on reflection, was quite revealing to me. Goldwyn himself was a very interesting person, and although I've always liked "Wuthering Heights" (1939), I don't really see him as having made all that great films really. Rather, he himself in his personality was more interesting than his movies. I was also reminded how much of the so called Golden Age of Hollywood history strikes me as having been in actuality so canned and superficial. So many of the great films and great stars were not always nearly so great as they were touted to be. Many films from that time are like certain kinds of modern or avant-garde music: interesting perhaps for a certain cleverness or novelty, but which do not move or stir a person all that deeply, or else deeply but not that much or for very long. My favorite films from that time are often those which others would rank as second or third. And those they rate the best, like "Gone With the Wind" or "Casablanca," overall, I would categorize as merely passing entertaining, and critically way overblown, though admittedly on certain isolated points you might give them high marks (like shot composition, or a particular scene(s), for example.)

    Except then for some comedies and some horror movies from the 1930's through 50's, and a few other odd titles here and there [I have already elsewhere expressed my fondness for "Strawberry Blonde" (1941)], so much of the Hollywood product of that time I find rather tepid, pretentious, and forgettable (except perhaps as casual entertainment.) Goldwyn was a genuinely great man in his way. But like so many of the moguls he was a prince overseeing what was in large part a lot of phony baloney.

    Leaving aside silent films, I would say if there was a Golden Age of Hollywood or of films it was in the 60's. But I say this more as my personal druthers than to presume at the moment anything more than this.


    Goomer Game or Goomer Group

    liars heaven
    irrational holiness
    cowards paradise
    laughing envy
    mindless wisdom
    heartless virtue
    dissembling justice
    a secret hideout for the law

    And now what do we say to all this?

    "What a deal! Sign me up."


    On the Permanency of Facts

    One of the curious things, and perhaps amusing or sad as well (depending on how you look at it) about persons who are deceived by spirit people, is that they are led to think that facts just go away. For some of these a statute of limitations is just as good as having God forgive all your sins! Well, for those who know better, it's not quite like that. Facts do not really go away, especially if they pertain to matters which are of grave or serious importance.

    Take that body he threw in the sea years ago, for instance. What makes him think it won't wash ashore one day? And how embarrassing will it be for him then when it does -- and it will. Yet no matter how much and how long you try to explain this to such people, they seem never to listen or understand.

    As for myself, whatever I have done wrong I am sorry for. I repent, and hope and expect to never do such a thing again. Lord have mercy on me a poor sinner! But what these people do is something quite different. They numb their minds, speciously rationalize, and simply pretend to themselves and others whatever it was never happened. Now in a universe such as we live in, how well in the long run do you think one can really get rid of facts that way?

    As much as people deny or ignore my claims about spirit people, and what has "been going on" these past ten plus years, the truth is I could tell my story or make my case a hundred or ten thousand years from now (assuming I were still around) and make it as relevant as if it was yesterday. And doesn't history, after all, tell us as much that we can or could do this?


    A Start

    If, as I have now long contended, there are spirit people and these are the or a primary cause of real (or extreme evil) in the world, what steps or measures can be taken to combat them? The following are some preliminary ideas.

    1. Admit to or at least allow the possibility of their existence. Know that something can be known by it effects without it being necessarily "seen" as such, as is the case for example with molecules and atoms. This understood, possible Categories of evidence for spirit people might include:

    a. Contemporary personal testimonies
    b. Historical personal testimonies
    If certain phenomena is encountered which is or may be ascribed to "spirit person," say reports of such as with the spirit person who spoke to the Native American tribesmen prior to the massacre at Wounded Knee, or, to use another example, spirit people who are said to have spoken to Jean d'Arc, these can be cataloged and compared.
    c. Second hand accounts, that is spirit people as referred to otherwise in history, world literature (including mythologies.)
    d. Otherwise inexplicable phenomena, as in certain behaviors, such as various instances of incomprehensibly vicious crimes, such as massacres, and comparing these in their similarities and differences to each other.

    On the basis of these and perhaps other means of proof, a more cogent and thorough understanding of spirit people (including who they are; what kinds of them there are; where they are located, what their needs and motives are; what their strengths and weaknesses are; etc.) can be arrived at.

    2. Raising public awareness about the existence of spirit people, and the kinds of threats they can or might pose to an individual and or community, as well as steps one might take to protect oneself against them. As part of such a program seen from a long term view, the study of logic should be encouraged at an early age, and indeed made a standard part of a child's curriculum along with reading, writing and arithmetic.

    3. If the existence of spirit people can be objectively and empirically established, then efforts should be made to explore the possibility of technology and or other evidentiary methods or tools (including medicines) which would allow of their (to some extent) being detected and put under surveillance, and, as need be, combated.

    4. True evil is something unnatural, and for this reason, that which is Natural should be seen as of greater importance and necessity than that which is "unnatural" -- at least as a general rule or principle.

    5. If we look to the long term, we might consider ways of assisting poorer spirit people who are themselves slaves or victims of more powerful spirit people and who use them to commit crimes. If these poorer kinds of spirit people have no alternative to the way they are made to live, then they will always be there to be used by other spirit people more powerful than themselves, and for nefarious purposes. Aiding such people perhaps assumes a bit much at this point, let alone what steps (outside of prayer) might be feasible. Nevertheless, it is goal that will work both to our own protection as well as fairness and compassion toward these typically wretched and miserable people who are forced into a life of crime (say by their being made to participate in "witchcraft" activities.)

    6. Similarly, with respect to the long term, there should be contemplated and considered possible laws and legislation which might be enacted to make explicit what society will and won't permit of spirit people, and what rights they do and don't have as far as society is concerned. For example, a law might be passed in a given state or community that requires that conversant spirit people who are present or guests of one of that community's citizens be publicly identified and licensed, if they are to be granted permission to be present in that state or community. Even if it is assumed enforcing such laws would be somehow impossible with respect to sprit people themselves, nevertheless, such laws could, at minimum, be used as a deterrent or incentive to regular (flesh and blood) persons who, willingly or unwillingly, possibly have potentially dangerous spirit persons in their company.


    Fighting Hell, alone no less, is no picnic, and for me the grind, day in day out can be quite grueling. Honestly, at times suicide seems like it would be the easiest thing in the world, and in a way before I would never have thought possible -- the pain and abuse is often that great.

    Just last night I was awoken by some demon grabbing my chest with his hand! It felt just like a regular person's hand, and is just one of the many ways I am assaulted in a given day, though that particular instance was bit unusual. Normally, what I have to put up with is these brain torture radios, plus "witchcraft," or "sorcery tv" in which unwelcome images are foisted on my thoughts. Add to this demons sent over to my house to defile the surroundings, angels above to mock me with their “holiness,” and then my isolation, and other people’s derision or indifference, and you could in some small wise imagine perhaps what it's like for me. It's a wonder to me why the police and government don't make it an overt point of fighting the devil, because when they don't they often act, intentionally or not, to assist him. "Fight the devil, why that's whom everybody respects, not you who are honest and responsible" would probably be the answer of some of them if they spoke bluntly.

    It occurs to me naturally that if it is as bad for me as this, then more than likely others (perhaps you yourself) suffer grievously, and on an ongoing basis, at the hands of these monsters, though perhaps in a manner quite different from my own predicament. Should this be so, I would like once again to offer you this encouragement.

    BE RATIONAL. Rationality is truly, along with sincere Love, one of the greatest of all powers in the universe. These Hell people, whether a spirit person or a regular flesh and blood person are notoriously irrational, though granted a given one might be clever at conniving. But such cleverness is merely someone else's way of using them -- not a self-liberating quality.

    The difference between a logical or rational person and an irrational person is the difference between a free person and a slave. And it is some consolation to me at times to mock my enemies for being the slaves they are. For all that we terribly suffer, we are, and for all the chains they place on us, ultimately free and worthy of being free. They by contrast are miserable slaves, even the most wealthy among them, neither truly free nor worthy of being free.

    Do you the same then. Ever cling to right reason like a sword and shield, and, when the moment's right, never cease to remind these people of their contemptible, which is to say cowardly and willing, bondage. Though they array an entire army against you, never lose sight of the fact that though it's an army, it's only an army of apes.


    One Theory

    One manifestation of the "public's" never ending fascination with corpses and examining dead body parts has been brought out in the "CSI" (i.e. Crime Scene Investigation) programs. Last night a local tv news group did a documentary on Seattle's real "CSI," and brought up the point of what a good job the county coroner and his assistants do. In this respect they are quite right, and we ought to fully respect and appreciate the public contributions of such people.

    Yet how is it people are so interested in tracking down killers by going through dead body parts, and yet refuse to discuss spirit people and the possibility of their being such, and which spirit people might after all be considered the real culprits behind many murders, especially serial murders? The very phenomena of the "CSI" programs seems itself to me a reminder that amongst the Fortune 500 we indeed have a real life Hannibal Lecter. Yet because he is so wealthy and entrenched in power no one can or dreams of touching him. Would this not, after all, account for many, if not all, of the "fascination" expressed in movies and television, over serial killers and examining dead body parts, not to mention perhaps also increased "interest" in witchcraft and sorcery shows as well (which might be considered related?)

    Now what say you to this theory? If true, this would explain why he is never caught. For, as Ralph Nader and others have brought up, people with that much money are never prosecuted for really serious crimes, the assumption being made by the powers that be (which is usually such very wealthy people to begin with) that if a person has that much money it would somehow be very unlikely or impossible for them to commit very serious crimes.*

    *Note. The way some witchcraft works, one need not be killing people oneself. Often it will suffice if one can get someone else to do it for them.


    On the Origins of Evil

    If we speak of their being a "dark side," what is it? When we hear or read stories about some horrible murder the typical interpretation is "well, this person (who did it) must be crazy." Perhaps in a given instance this view might be refined by pointing to some physiological or chemical malfunction. Yet even allowing for the truth of such, do they really explain what the "dark side" is?

    Darkness of itself does not seem to be necessarily either bad or good. Rather it becomes bad when it becomes a place for evil to conceal itself. Speaking of it then as a metaphor for evil, it can and has been likened to disorder and chaos. With respect to a chemical or physiological malfunction it is easy to see how these can be taken as some form of dis-order or breaking up of order. Time and chance are often pointed to as the cause of something breaking down, but are these real or merely accidental (or else apparent) causes? Yet what is breaking up this order, chance circumstance or deliberate intention?* If we grant that there are spirit people, and such with bad or criminal intentions toward us, does it not seem to be the case that this best explains why there should be disorder? Where else further could disorder be more specifically traced to?

    Now the breaking down of order, to use a few obvious examples, we see take place in geographical-scale convulsions such as a volcano, typhoon, or earth quake. With water there can be said to be an inherent and regular breaking up in as much as their molecules move and shift so easily, likewise light and fire. With things of geological nature movement is also always present, yet such usually occurs more slowly and gradually.

    When life is broken up it is either to replace something wearing out (and what is wearing it out?), or by another life breaking it up, say to eat it. Truly evil causing spirit people could be seen as an all consuming and or enslaving force. Yet life for such is often so very different than it is for the rest of us, even other spirit people. They seem to draw their view and strength of life from an order which is quite distinct from natural life, yet with connections to our own which allows their invading our midst.

    If this order of theirs is not natural, on what might it be based? Conjecturally speaking, it seems to spring from an evidently ancient way of thinking which sees destruction as the superior state of things. Why take such a position? Is it not contradictory?

    Perhaps their response would be to say that if one were the greatest destroyer one would be the greatest person in the universe, or at worst second. On these grounds then they then understandably seek, by means of fear, bribery, and or deception, to get others to aid them. Of course we commonly find collaborators with the exponent of such a view to deny that there really is a dark side, except in story and pop culture. This presumably is done to avoid his or its being scientifically examined in order that he or it may be that much more free from attack.

    Now if there is such a person, what moral compunction should we have seeing him destroyed, assuming that were possible?

    * It is true we could speak of an occurence of real evil (in its effects) as being the result of folly or negligence. But such would, I think, be the exception rather than the rule as the more usual and predictable incipient cause of actual evil.


    The Phoniest Characters in the World

    2nd Timothy ch. 3:13 "But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived."

    After looking at the pictures of all those beautiful kids I lost, and who were literally all I had in the world, at this juncture, what is now going on, and my adversaries who have brought these things to this head, are both so risibly preposterous that I feel as though I'm living in some corny Vincent Price movie.


    One of the big lies or myths propounded by the (in this case "flesh and blood") hell people, is that "we" have this overwhelming need to impress and prove ourselves to people, particularly in the greater social realm. This simply is not true, or at least not anywhere near so true as they make it seem. As if we were desperate to get others approval! What rubbish!

    What we really are about and what (after fulfilling our moral obligations and seeing to our loved ones) we really need and desire most is to get way from them, and to get them out of our lives. They use their money and power to force themselves on us, and then the government and police won't help us! This is what's really going on. They will then pretend to have value by pointing to angels or such, and saying "see, we have value!" Again, what utter nonsense. Those spirit people who they look to for wonders and value, are truly as phony and worthless as themselves -- indeed (being even more guilty) more so -- only they are (for some people at least) much more clever in disguising the fact, and who, just like these deluded followers of theirs, have to routinely force themselves on others because intelligent people and those with good taste won't have anything to do with them. Some gods!Some value and worth!