A Personal Pictograph in Four Parts

What are all these weird hieroglyphics? This is a Gaian name rune made up of four generic words and one compound broad word. What does that mean? To learn more about Gaian, the history of the Gaian Empire, and a host of other information about The Caligrean, click on the "Participation in the Act of Creation" link below, and find the listing for The Caligrean. There you will find an entire world that my co-author and I have created together.

For now, suffice it to say that the four symbols above represent the principles upon which I base my life. The rune on the left is the word for "person". The rune on the right is the word for "book". The central rune is the word for "deity". The rune on the bottom is a combination of the words for (from top to bottom) "day", "plant", and "soul". Since the rune structure is a downward-pointing triangle (the symbol for "air"), the pictographs are abstract concepts, not concrete nouns. Pleb, therefore, represents people as a whole. Veks comes to mean "knowledge" or "wisdom". Ra means "God". And the combination of ja', olf, and tor creates the concept of "creativity".

I chose this as my name rune at the end of my college career, following a period of induced existential nausea during which I sought to understand why I behaved the way I do. I discovered that my life would lose meaning if humans were the highest beings in the Universe. I could not, therefore, discard my belief in God. Ra is the central rune of my personal philosophy, without which the other aspects would make no sense.

Having chosen to recognize this simple belief, I next considered what traits I considered most important in my concept of this Being. I found three aspects most essential to my understanding of God and my place in the Universe. First, God loves people, and encourages us to do the same. Second, God grants us knowledge, and wishes us to seek wisdom. And finally, God invites us to participate in the act of Creation.

These three aspects overlap in my life. I seek knowledge for it's own sake, but also in hopes of sharing it with others and in an effort to improve my writing. I write because I believe human creativity is a reflection of Divine Creativity, but I also wish to touch hearts and challenge minds with my words. I enjoy the company of my fellow human beings, but contact with them teaches me and inspires me to new heights of creativity.

These answers are a priori only for me, which means if they do not work for you, that is fine with me. The purpose of my induced existential nausea was to discover what I must believe to retain the sense of purpose that has driven me through life. I chose to arrange my website according to this model because it neatly organizes information about important aspects of my life into neat compartments, and because I have not seen a site that uses a personal set of beliefs as the basis, not only of its content, but of its structure.

Eric Zawadzki

Some basic information about me.

Love People

My friends and family have influenced my development from my earliest days. I can't imagine life without them. Pictures, links to home pages, and tributes to the most important people in my life.

Prize Knowledge and Wisdom

My intellectual interests are somewhat eclectic. Favorite authors, movies, and ideas.

Participation in the Act of Creation

My creative endeavors, including poetry, fantasy novels, and roleplaying games.

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