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Legendary is my homebrew epic fantasy roleplaying game. It is an exercise in genre conventions and is less reliant on dice than virtually any system. There is a system within which metagaming is completely legitimate, allowing players whose characters are knowledgeable to have almost as much power over the setting as the GM, and players whose characters are well-connected to have the power to create NPC friends, teachers, and family members to serve the immediate needs of the character and her allies. The GM is therefore known as the Narrator, for while he or she has a great deal of power over the flow of the story, this power is far from absolute.

Mage: the Epic Fantasy

Information about my Mage: the Epic Fantasy campaigns, including rules, quotes, and logs.

Mortal Heroes in the Age of Sorrows

Not all mortals in Exalted need be extras. Some can become heroes in their own right.

Quotes from Various Games

Mage: Epic Fantasy, 3rd Edition D&D, the New Year's Party, and various one-shot games. The most amusing, interesting, or just plain odd things said during gaming sessions. This section is a couple months out of date, but I understand there has been progress made toward updating it.

Mortal Sorcerers in the Age of Sorrows

This was the first draft of my mortal hero rules for Exalted. I'm preserving it as a legacy system because because I have been asked to continue making it available on my web page. Updates to this section are not forthcoming.

Literary Roleplaying Games

What kind of character would Edgar Allan Poe play? How about Emily Dickinson or William Blake? In this new feature, great authors of the past gather around the gaming table to participate in my favorite hobby. This segment has fallen by the wayside in recent months.

Benign Metagaming

An essay on Benign Metagaming and the value of group-centered gaming for players of all roleplaying games.

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