Chapter Eight: Wonders and Equipment

Mortals seldom have access to the wondrous equipment of the Exalted, so heroes tend to cherish those treasures that fall into their possession. Some of these are described in Exalted under the heading of Everyday Wonders (p. 335). Rather than describing the handful of possible wonders space would allow, this chapter provides a broad system for creating artifacts and calculating their costs.

Spells that require an hour or more of preparation cannot normally be released by any mortal artifact. Those that do have their Artifact value increased by 2, if the Storyteller allows them at all.

Clay Jars

These one-use items include potions, poultices, herbs, incense, candles, wands, fruits, or any other item that can conceivably be used up during the activation of the device. While Clay Jars are not prized as highly as more durable magical treasures, they are still a precious commodity, especially if they are extremely powerful.

Many-Chambered Box

These one-use items are usually placed on more elaborate expendable devices - fine wands, powdered gemstones, pills composed of several different herbs, etc... These are often the weapons and defenses of last resort, and their effects are usually related in order to maximize their usefulness under the circumstances in which they are likely to be used. A Box intended for combat might protect the user and enhance her attacks.

Many-Chambered Boxes have a base value of level 0 but must have at least 2 of the following effects, all of which will increase the value of the Box.

Sublime Device

These are prized by magicians and are more likely to have personalized names and histories than Clay Jars or Many-Chambered Boxes. They can take any number of forms - wands, weapons, stones, jewelry, or any other durable device. Gems are an especially common theme and are often inserted into armor, shields, crowns, or the pommels of weapons. Whether mortal magicians began this practice in imitation of Hearthstones or whether Exalted craftsmen copied it from magicians is unknown.

Sublime Devices have a base value of 0 but must have at least one of the following effects, most of which increase the value of the Device. Sublime Devices have a base Essence capacity of 30 motes. The user may only activate one power per turn by means of the Device.

Pinnacle of Artifice

These objects are true treasures. Some are ancient wonders, whether passed from master to apprentice for generations or uncovered at great peril by explorers. Others were only recently created by some of the most powerful mortal magicians in Creation, whether given to the hero as a remarkable substantial gift or reward or taken from the dead hand of its original owner. As such, like all proper artifacts, they should come with names, histories, and detailed descriptions.

Pinnacles include any number of high-quality and durable goods - weapons, armor, staves, drinking vessels, crowns, tools, and even mysterious contraptions.

Pinnacles of a base value of 1 but must have at least one of the following effects, most of which increase the value of the Device. By default, a Pinnacle's power may be used once a day.

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