Chapter Seven: Antagonists

While the statistics given in Exalted are just as useful for a mortal heroes game, this chapter is intended to detail some of the ways heroes might run afoul of many of these beings at some point in their careers and how to portray these beings in a mortal heroes series.

Antagonists at a Glance

The following section deals with ways to depict potential antagonists found in Exalted in a way that reflects the mortal view of these opponents.

Deathlords and the Dead

The Shadowlands are no place for the living, even if some people make these dark and dismal lands their homes. Of course, this means a group of mortal heroes is probably going to find some reason to brave the dangers of a Shadowland, at some point. The dead seldom have cause to negotiate with the living. Some particular scenerios in which mortal heroes will deal with the restless dead include:


The inhabitants of Malfeas are alien beings, and the Yozis want nothing more than to avenge themselves on the gods who imprisoned them, often by destroying all of Creation. Individual demons are not necessarily so destructive in their intentions, though they can often cause a great deal of trouble when they escape to or are unleashed upon the world. Games of Divinity provides excellent, in-depth descriptions of the natures and habits of many Demons, any one of which could provide the inspiration for a story involving these strange and frightening beings. Some circumstances under which the heroes might encounter Demons include:


These powerful beings very rarely bother with mortal heroes except as a man might swat a mosquito, but some stories will involve them. Different kinds of Exalted might be given a different face by the Storyteller. There are many ways to depict them, depending on the needs of the story and the Storyteller's whim:

Fair Folk

The chaotic beings of the Wyld are as alien as Spirits and Demons, but unlike those beings, most fey in Creation are utterly dependant on living mortals for sustenance. Scavenger Sons explores these strange beings in greater detail, but suffice it to say that the Fair Folk have the potential to wear many hats in a mortal heroes game. These include:

Mortal Groups

Heroes will encounter more mortals than they will any other kind of enemy. Like heroes themselves, mortals are a versatile lot. Some will aid the heroes. Others will oppose or even attack them. Some might even be given the unfortunate task of capturing the heroes and bringing them to justice. Many uses for mortals are given in the descriptions of other antagonists or detailed at length in other books, but some additional mortal groups that the heroes might oppose include:

Spirits and Elementals

While many of the little gods continue to carry out their assigned tasks in the Celestial Bureaucracy, most of the ones the heroes are likely to encounter are the ones that are either bending or breaking the laws regarding their relationships with mortals. Like the Fair Folk and Demons, spirits and elementals are intelligent beings whose views are often alien to those of humans. Spirits can play key roles in a heroes game. Some of the most common include:

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