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Memories of the USNS Pvt Jose F VALDEZ TAG169 by: Carlton Cox

Memories of the
USNS Pvt Jose F Valdez

by: Carlton Cox

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Another Memorial to Pvt. Jose F. Valdez """NEW""" May 7, 2004
Article about Memorial dedicated to Jose F. Valdez August 3, 2002
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About Myself
Final Resting Place
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Crew Members Of The Valdez(9 Pages)
Honoring Deceased Crew Members
Crew Members Email List
Memories(8 Pages)

Photos from Lt. "Dave" Davidson 61-62
Click here for Link to Valdez Shellback & Pollywog Photos & other Crew Photos
Almost all photos on this site available in Thumbnail here
Ports Visited by Valdez 61-62
Ports Visited by Valdez 63-64
Ports Visited by Valdez 64-65

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