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February 25, 2004 - Added Email address for Pete Van Abel 61-62 to Crew Email List

March 8 - With sadness I report the passing of Dave McCormack CTR1(61-62 Crew) and have added him to the deceased members page

March 9 - Added Dick Holt CTR1(61-62) to Crew Email List

April 9 - Added James Bartlow CTSN(67-68) to Crew Email List

April 14 - Added Paul Frederick CT3, Ron Nicholson CT3, Earl Roehm CT3 and Bill Kucher CT2 to 65-66 Crew list - Added Paul Frederick to Crew Email List

May 8 - Updated email address's of Clyde "Tom" Thomas and Richard "Dick" Broughton

June 26 - Added new email address for Arnie Williams 66-67 crew

July 6 - Added Howard Chirstianson(CTR3) 68-69 crew to crew list and Crew Email List

August 30 - Added Edward DyckmanCTt3/CT2) 63-64 Crew to Crew Email List

January 15,2005 - Added William "Corky" Short CTO2(64-65) to Crew Email List