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Mostly Mastiff Links

Hi & Thanks for visiting! I created this place because I had SO many Mastiff Links that I wanted a neat place to keep them organized. If your website is linked here & you DO NOT WISH IT TO BE, please send me an eMail & I'll take down the link A.S.A.P. I do not wish to offend anyone or "break any rules" that I am not aware of.

I got wise to most of these links from the wonderful people at English Mastiff OnLine Community. Thank you all!

I am in NO WAY ENDORSING OR RECOMMENDING ANY OF THESE SITES, PRODUCTS, OR BREEDERS in any way shape or form. These are strictly references for myself.

With that said, here are some links arranged by category.

If you'd like to keep my page open as well, just right click on the links & click "Open in New Window".

OnLine Communities
  • The English Mastiff OnLine Community is a great online community, with knowledgable, respectful, sincere people!
  • Have you ever wanted to Meet Up with other Mastiff people? On that page, type in "Mastiff" and there you go!
  • This is the message board at I am not familiar with this board, so I cannot comment on the peeps that frequent there.

Mastiff Health
  • At, check out the health & care stuff, it's pretty informative.
  • For more specific Mastiff Health visit the Devine Farm site.
  • This neat-o site is Home Remedies for your Pets! (Consult your Vet FIRST!!)
  • This is a study about Bloat. It's important that you are familiar with this condition, as it leads to rapid death!
  • With a lot of concentration you too can Read Lab Tests if you bone up at this site!
  • Holistic Health for People & Animals at Shirley's Wellness Cafe.
  • Here at The Pet they have tons of dog & cat health care information written by veterinarians. It's definitely worth a look-see!
  • This is the homepage of Doc Robin Smith DVM. She's got some great Mastiff Health Infomation.

Mastiff Behavior, Training, & Book Links
OnLine Pet Supplies
Mastiff Grub
  • This is not breed-specific to Mastiff Diet however, it could be a good jumping-off point to familiarize yourself with common ingredients & what the heck all those things ARE?!
  • Here is the Great Dane Lady who has 30 years experience with giant breed nutrition. This site is a MUST SEE!
  • At you can see what they have to offer.

General Information Mastiff Sites
  • This site is the bastien of Mastiff info The Mastiff Club of America a.k.a. MCOA.
  • Here at you can learn basic, general information about the Mastiff. They also have quite a few useful links.
  • This Mastiff Home Page is, it's got some good info for Mastiff novices as well as a message board that is linked further up on this page.
  • Another Mastiff Club known as The Old English Mastiff Club. The OEMC also offers rescued Mastiffs to approved home. Link for that below.
  • This is the AKC Mastiff specific page.
  • The Mastiffs of New England is great for those of us in the Northeast!
  • This site is a listing of Extra Large Dogs with a description & pictures of each.
  • Here are the big dogs at Molosser World!
  • Here at Info you can pick up some great knowledge.
  • This is a cute Notice to People Who Visit My Home that I found on the Mountain Oaks Ranch site.
  • This site has various subjects, but is mainly a Mailing List, but worth checking out.
  • Here are a few Sample Letters that can be great for sending to important people who want Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) about so-called "dangerous dogs". You never know when our precious breed will be next!!

Proud Mastiff Parents Page!
  • Near the bottom of Alex the English Mastiff's homepage you'll see thumbnails to click on.
  • Visit Cali's Page she's ADORABLE!
  • Watch Shade the gorgeous brindle English Mastiff Grow as well as how to use positive training with your dog!

Mastiff & Other Breeds Rescue
Traveling with your Mastiff. As if leaving your baby at home is an OPTION for you?!?!
  • This is An amazing site for places your baby is welcome, as well as air & ship travel.
  • Listings, travel tips, emergency medical clinics at Pets!

Breeders with web sites
Miscellaneous Mastiff Stuff
Not neccessarily Mastiff Sites (but good'nuff to include!)
  • This is the official AKC homepage.
  • Here is a Bullmastiff site.
  • IF you go to this website daily & click on a button you'll help raise money that feeds animals in need. I don't know how it works, but you can click daily to help out. It's called The Animal Rescue Site and it's a great cause. It's FREE for you to click! Please, give it a whirl.
  • This happens to be my favorite Search Engine, it never fails me.
  • At this site, you can see tips for all kinds of pets it's called
  • At there are lots of links for all kinds of pet info, like help finding an apartment that allows pets, lost & found pets, pet adoption, pet health, and much, much more.
  • I Love is pretty self-explanatory!

Tear Jerkers, Horror Stories & Other Atrocities (you've been warned!!)

eMail me with more links or suggestions or requests!