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DISCLAIMER: English Mastiff has absolutely NO CONTROL over advertisements that are placed on this website by our Angelfire host. English Mastiff does NOT endorse any breeder or vendor.

The English Mastiff Email List was begun in 1999 and has slowly and consistently grown to its present tally of more than 1,050 members. We are a large Mastiff family and we welcome new members. Ours is a very active email list with a large volume of mail however we archive our messages so that you can stay on digest or no mail and read and answer the mail from the website.

Included in the membership are long time, well known and highly respected breeders as well as members who exhibit in conformation, obedience, and agility, and some even do therapy work with their Mastiffs. All of these members are available to mentor and help first time owners of Mastiff puppies or rehomed Mastiffs. We all try to help each other.

This is the home page for the email list and this is where we present our current projects. We conduct various educational and fun projects that are particularly interesting to new Mastiff owners. We have more than thirty pages of puppy pictures together with corresponding teenager and/or adult pictures of the same puppies so that the viewer can actually see some of the stages through which a giant breed grows and how much a Mastiff can actually change.

Puppy Full Body versus Adult Full Body - An Evaluation

Our newest project is to evaluate 6-9 month old puppies and 9-12 month old puppies in show stance. We will spend a week discussing the faults and merits of our exhibits and three or four very well known Mastiff breeders, or judges, or both breeder/judges, will evaluate them for us and give us their preferences for which puppies they would choose for their own breeding programs as well as which puppies they would award in an actual show.


Next is a single page that shows the hind quarters of some well known, but unnamed and therefore anonymous, Mastiffs. It is easy to recognize the variations of rear angulation that can be seen in the Mastiff breed.

Rear Angulation

You've heard of a pride of lions, but have you ever seen a pride of Mastiffs? These photographs reflect Mastiffs that are fed BARF (Bones and Raw Food) and on this occasion they were served the skeletal remains of cattle.

Feeding Time In Scotland

We have pictures up from 2001 Westminster Kennel Club!! Thank you, again this year, Kathy Neumann, for taking pictures of these wonderful Mastiffs and letting us put them up for all to enjoy. Congratulations to Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Award of Merit Winners and all the Mastiffs that represented the breed with such dignity. In 2001, there were 26 Mastiffs entered, of which 16 competed and 10 were absent.

2001 Westminster Kennel Club Pictures

Are you curious about how your Mastiff puppy will grow?These pictures below from left to right show the same Mastiff bitch as a 5 week old puppy, a 2 year old and as a 9 year old.

This was one of our best projects! We presented Puppy Heads and then predicted how they would turn out as mature adults. You can see both the puppy head beside the adult head. It is amazing how those lovely little heads grow to become those awesome big MASTIFF heads.

Puppy Head versus Adult Head - An Evaluation

This link will take you to the Mastiff entry from the catalog and actual pictures of Rockland County Kennel Club in New York State in 1975!!!



THANK YOU ! to Kathy Neuman for sending these wonderful pictures back to us so that we could share the event

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