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Using the Wavy Blade

Making a Braclet

by Jody Bishel

~1~Start with small pieces of assorted clay
~2~Press clay together into a cane
~3~Pass flatten cane thru pasta machine
~4~Cut strip in half
~5~Press into a block
~6~ Block ready to slice
~7~Press ready block against a larger block
~8~ Now ready to slice your block
~9~A wavy cut slice
~10~ Pass slice thru pasta machine
~11~Place slices next to each other
to form pattern
~12~Blend edges together
~13~Make a square cane with scrap clay
~14~Place cane on design and cut
to cover one side
~15~Cut design along edge of cane
~16~Cover one side at a time
~17~ Covering the last side of cane
~18~ Form into a circle blending seam
~19~ Slice off all sharp edges
~20~Almost done


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