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Silk Screen Demo

by Diane Villano

January 19,2002
photo by Lucille photo by Lucille
1- Small pieces of patterns and green film
2- On left is pattern used- on right is film
with pattern transfered to film
photo by Lucille photo by Lucille
3- Place patterned film on sheet of raw clay
4- With brayer roll over film
to transfer design to clay
photo by Lucille photo by Lucille
5- On film place thick paint on one side
of the design
6- With credit card or similar tool
spread paint thinly over design.
photo by Lucille photo by Lucille
7- film removed from clay leaving design
8- Paint used on film

photo by Lucille
9- left-Paper pattern used for this project ~ right-transfered design on silver Premo clay

photo by Lucille
10- Kaliedoscope with fish in silk screen

photo by Lucille
11- pendant with center section in silk screen

Supplies needed to do Silk Screening on Polymer Clay

You will find all the supplies you need on Gwen Gibson's web site.

For Silk Screen Paint

This is a picture of the
exposure frame
with everything you need
for silk screening

On the back side of the
paper in the exposure frame
you will find directions to use it

Here you will find more 'How To' information
about silk screening on Polymer Clay


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