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######December 17th, 2003: I have been very busy lately so there was pretty much no time for the Celica. I did manage to continue painting the interior. The shroud above the steering wheel is now black with the cruise control and rear defroster red. The only things left is the main dash part (which I will probably just hand paint with a special paint), the fabric on the doors, and the head liner. I also did not buy the headlights and front bumper like I was going to last month due to saving money for an apartment which I just got today! I will start moving in this friday. It should be a nice Christmas. One day I will buy the front Vestatec Air Dam for only $100. It looks good and I think I will get it painted red along with the side skirts, rear bumper, and fender flares after I get the rest of the car painted glossy black.

######November 14th, 2003: Finally registered my celica. Cost $90 but its good till August 2005, and at the same time my girlfriend's Tempo is having some problems after leaving me stranded a couple times going to and from work. Tomorrow I plan on getting two new headlight assemblies and a front bumper, but its gonna cost me $150.

######October 28nd, 2003: Only page left to do is the videos page, but since I don't have any videos I'll just leave it the way it is. I need to add some local cars though...

######October 22nd, 2003: I finally have taken new pictures of my car after a long 10 month wait. Most came out nice but I have to retake a couple of them. Hopefully it won't take nearly as long. I finally finished the History page and started the Picture page. Some time I gotta take some videos and get my guestbook started, plus redo the link page.

######September 19th, 2003: Well I'm finally getting around to getting this website up to speed before I buy a digital camera. When I do get one I will be able to take some CURRENT pictures of my car instead of pics I took in October 2002. I plan on taking a couple pictures for each mod I did and having each its own special page to document the install, price, pros/cons, and whether I suggest anybody else getting whatever it.

######Currently my Celica has been sitting for a couple weeks while I re-register it. I got a $74 ticket after getting pulled over and finding out its 3 days late. So for now I'm driving my girlfriend's '91 Tempo to work everyday. Once in a while I'll fire up my toy and drive to the store or something, but not too far if I get pulled over again I think the cop won't let me drive home this time.

  • A glossy black paint job and some minor rust spots...$600
  • Headlight assemblies need to be replaced...$100
  • Front bumper needs to be replaced...$50
  • Exhaust leak needs to be fixed (3rd time already)...$50
  • Need new brake pads/rotors (performance) all 4 corners...$200
  • Oil changes for: transmission, engine, differential...$20
  • Sometime in future I want to replace the timing chain and add metal guides...$60
Total amount of money needed to get car back to great condition...$1080

Wow thats alot of money, but when it is at that stage its gonna be ready for some major upgrades. Of course until I get there I will be lightly modding just for the fun of it.

Current Mileage: 108,582 miles

######The next thing I would like to buy is the G-Tech Pro Competition. It does so many things (HP, Torque, 1/4 times,etc...), the only thing you have to do is weigh your car first so it gets accurate readings which is no big deal. It costs $250, which I don't think is that bad, and if I get each of my friends to use it I'll charge them $10 a session or something like that. If I do it right I could actually make some money in the end.

Current Savings for G-Tech: $6.61
If you have any questions, comments, opinions, or whatever you can email me at

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