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To the Musical Extravaganza that is The Great Toilet Paper Debate.

This site is dedicated to my wife, Linda Sue, who has debated this issue with me for the last 31 years. Now we can FINALLY get an answer. I say "FRONT and she says "BACK". So PLEASE VOTE. Thanks, Ray

A happy little spot on the web where you are given the opportunity to add your two-cents worth to the age old question.

Instructions for how to change a Toilet Paper roll. (pdf)

This colorful page originated with a pointless argument amongst a few friends (AND my WIFE) as to what was the proper alignment of a toilet paper roll when installed in a standard dispenser.

Since that time, we've come to realize that many people have a stronger opinion on which way the TP should go than their opinion on who should be the next President of the United States, and in most cases, they have a better explanation for their toilet paper buttwipe decision than their Presidential buttwipe decision.

And now, my friend, the decision is yours. Which way does it go? Should the paper be strung over the front??? OR Should it be strung over the back???

Remember, there can be only one answer, "undecided" just won't cut it. You can't compromise and put the roll on sideways, and putting it on different each time just adds utter confusion, chaos and havoc to what, for most of us, is one of the most relaxing times of the day. "Undecided" may only apply to those portable outhouses in which case I agree, don't quibble, get in, get out, that's it. OUR point is: Don't be a wuss, take a stand. Tell us WHY in our GUESTBOOK.


Linda Sue, here is where The Great Toilet Paper Debate WILL be answered.

Please add your two-cents worth to this age old question.

In order to enter your opinion, Click either the "BACK" or "FRONT" buttons under the TP ROLL diagram below. This will add a "VOTE THAT COUNTS". We also ask that after registering your vote, that you also make an entry into our GUESTBOOK expressing WHY you voted the way you did. This will be fun for ALL to review!

Also, we have a couple of "Un-Official Rules":

  • Only ONE entry per site visit PLEASE per topic (let's keep this a FAIR tally), BUT you can try to and SEE what happens.
  • Please be polite, and make all remarks pertinent to the subject. If you don't like our page or others responses, you can write accordingly, but we will delete them if considered offensive to others viewing our GUESTBOOK. If you must type something that is not pertinent, be PRUDENT!
  • Give a hoot, don't pollute, and Help keep our TP GUESTBOOK PAGE looking good.
  • BOOKMARK this page, add it to your links list, make it FAMOUS!.

Now that the site has been up for a while, visit the GUESTBOOK,
Some of the comments are simply HILARIOUS !
Did you know, the average person uses about 20,980 sheets of toilet paper per year. (your mileage may vary!)
The "scientific" answer to this debate can be found at http://currentconfig.com/archives/000083.html (Thanks to MAX from Minneapolis)

And while I'm thanking people, I'd like to thank Nads again, from Purdue University, for the contribution of the excellent graphics that make this page what it is, and once again thanks to all of those who took the time to enter this survey and sign our GUESTBOOK.
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We will ONLY include reciprocal links to those folks who wish to link to us. Thanks

  Available Debates:  Toilet Paper Debate | Sauce/Gravy Debate | Clothes Pin Debate | Shower Curtain Debate | "en'vuh'lope"/"ahn'vuh'lope Debate | Glass Storage Debate |

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