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Welcome to the Web Page of
Wendell and Nancy Deer With Horns

This site will convey what interests us and also what will enlighten others in
Native and non-Native areas.

My name is Wendell Deer With Horns


and this is my wife Nancy Deer With Horns


Wendell Deer With Horns is from the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation
in South Dakota.
He is Two Kettle band of the Lakota Nation.

Wendell was born at Old Cheyenne Agency and raised in LaPlant and Eagle Butte.

He moved to Connecticut in 1984 and is married to Nancy who is of Italian heritage.
Wendell visits his family and friends
as often as possible in South Dakota
and spends time on the reservation he grew up on.
Due to the economy, we don't go out very often these days.

Wendell was employed by Waterbury Hospital since his move out east. He is not working any longer because of medical conditions.

Wendell was on the Native American Advisory Board
of the Institute of American Indian Studies in Connecticut
and was an adviser to the Connecticut River Powwow Society and the
Native American Cultural Society at the University of Connecticut.

Wendell is involved in promoting respect for our troops and veterans
and is a member of The American Legion.

Wounded Knee, South Dakota
December 29, 1890


With the guns silenced at Wounded Knee,
four centuries of major armed conflict
between Native Americans and white settlers come to an end.
In that sense, the west is finally, decidedly lost.
But nothing has ever killed the spirit.
The dream did not die at Wounded Knee; it has continued.
That's why I'm alive and that's why many of my Lakota people are alive.
What the future holds is a dream. As long as we live, as long as we continue to pray,
we will continue, and the dreams of our ancestors will never die.

Author Unknown

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