Deer With Horns

Here is a little more information about us.
People will often write to ask us about our life
so we decided to do an extra page about ourselves.

We enjoyed powwows and camping, but as we are now older don't do them any longer.
We both were traditional dancers,
but Nancy never felt comfortable participating in dance competitions
because she is not Native/Indian.

We have an interest in astronomy and enjoy going to plays.
We think the live theater is so much better than movies.

For music we like a lot of different kinds from rock to jazz,
especially Billie Holiday.

We are science fiction fans with Fringe, LOST, the Star Trek series
and the X-files being our favorites.
Wendell also likes the old reruns of M*A*S*H, The Honeymooners,
Sanford and Son and the old Twilight Zone.
Nancy also enjoys any movie that Sophia Loren is in.

We had rascal boy cat named Grover Scott, and sweet girl cat named Viola Jolie.
Rachel Diane, our sweeite, passed on 2/2/09 at 3:13am.
We miss her so much.
Aubrey Marie, our other fur princess, passed over 6/21/05 at 1:30am.
Aubrey even had a boyfriend on the net.
His name was Biffy (he has also passed on sadly)
We mourn the loss of our Rachel and Aubrey and know we will
see them in Heaven someday
with two other boy cats who have passed on...Russell and Patches.

Our beautiful and sweet cat, Viola Jolie, went over to the Rainbow Bridge on June 21st, 2016 at 8:13pm.
She passed on the anniversary of Aubrey's passing.

Our little rascal Grover Scott was diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome and Feline Diabetes.
Sadly, our darling fur baby passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on August 10th 2016 at 8:45am.
We shall miss him but know he is with our other kitty cats, causing all kinds of mischief at the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss you Aubrey

Our extended families are very important to us
and we write and spend as much time as we can with our
cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

Wendell was a Support Associate at Waterbury Hospital
and has also received his certificate as a CNA.
He is now retired.
Wendell is an officer of both Post 195 and The 6th District of The American Legion.

Nancy is an RN and has "retired" from the
health care profession to do 3D artwork.

Many people will write and inquire as to why Wendell does not
have any pages on Lakota spirituality.
This is because Wendell's spiritual life is something he wishes to
keep private.
He remembers as a child that it was illegal for the Lakota to practice their beliefs.
Today many people saying they are "Indian" or "Native".
Wendell is very careful about who he talks with in this regard.
There are far too many fake "medicine people"
and "wannabes" out there.
We hope everyone understands.

We eat all kinds of food and Wendell loves just about everything.
We tend to be more health oriented
and avoid MSG and processed foods.

Nancy is a member of American Legion Women's Auxiliary.

Labor Day
At a Labor Day Picnic at
Nancy's sister's home, many years ago!

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