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This Page is to Honor ALL Fallen Heroes
but mainly those who served or died in Vietnam
Those who fought for our Freedoms
never imagined so many would abuse those Freedoms

This page has memoriams for
Fallen Heroes - Soldiers - Police Officers
First Responders and Veterans
through Stories shared from family and friends
and my memories about some of them

Found HERE is a
section with Stats about the numbers
of police deaths since 1791 - yes 1791


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The music you can hear in the Background
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and the Scottish Dirge "Sgt McKenzie"
FYI: Mansions of the Lord is the song played during the credits of
the Movie "We Were Soldiers"

The lyrics to the background songs are found

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This is My Page dedicated to the memory
of ALL the male and female Fallen Heroes who died
for our freedoms and rights or serving us since 1776

There are said to be over 2 Billion pages on the net
why did you find this one ?
Please bookmark it so you can take time
to find that reason


Some of the soldiers who died in Vietnam and are memorialized here
have been gone over 56 years or almost 29,433,000 minutes
that's appoximately 1,700,000 BiLLION seconds
do the math,
I hope you can spare a 600 seconds to read this tribute
and please sign the guestbook and use the share buttons to allow
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to participate in this experience

You might find some kleenex to be helpful
as you read about individual soldiers, police officers and Fallen Heroes
who gave all

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This page is updated frequently -
with stories about male and female Soldiers - Fallen Heroes
Veterans and Wounded Warriors, Police Officers and First Responders
my stories and the stories
shared here by their Friends and Family
are extremely moving

Special Thanks to Those who contributed to this page
I invite all who read this page to add your memories
of any of the brave young men and women you might have known
I will post your stories on this page

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My name is Bill Tomsk I am 73 years old
I live on Cape Coral Florida
I graduated in 1965 From Valley Forge High School
on York Road in Parma Heights Ohio
Our mascot is the "PATRIOTS"

I initially started building this page in 1998
to honor Valley Forge alumni who died in Vietnam

I have now added images of the
2 Valley Forge High School Vietnam War Memorials

A small plaque with 17 names on it
hung in the halls for years
before the New Outdoor Vietnam War Memorial was built
The New outside Vietnam War Memorial was dedicated On May 10th 2019
near the front entrance to Valley Forge High School

Tap HERE for a large image of the plaque

Those 15 died during the Vietnam war
and Major Michael Akos died during the Gulf War
One name William Rollason is duplicated

The names seen above are the 16 boys
who died from Valley Forge
while in the service of our country

for an enlargement of the image of the Outdoors Memorial

There are some personal honorariums on this page to some of these boys
Please Read On

To send submissions to this page to honor a Fallen Hero


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Here are some Face Book comments
about the 17 names on the plaque
There is some controversy
about whether some of the names on the Plaque
deserve to be there


Now once more -- the names of the 15 Fallen Heroes
listed on the New outdoor Valley Forge Vietnam War Memorial
Carl Ange
Ronald Becksted
Terry Davis
Thomas Ewalt
Gregory Fischer
Edward Heifner
Ronald Kerner
Terence Kilbane

Daniel Mc Grath
Preston Mentall *
Phillip Molina *
William Rollason
Edward Scott Jr.
Jeffery Whitcomb *
Thomas Zelenka

* Preston Mentall, Phillip Molina and Jeffery Whitcomb
are not listed on any Vietnam Memorial Wall websites
as having been killed in action ( KIA or MIA )
and Major Michael Akos died in the Gulf War

I did not know all of these brave boys
BUT feel we must ALWAYS keep their memory alive


I have since expanded the focus of this page
to include ALL Soldiers - male and female
ALL Veterans and Fallen Heroes
Police Officers - and First Responders

I had many friends and acquaintances who
died in Vietnam or were Police Officers
who died in the line of duty
or were Veterans

I think about them and ALL fallen heroes often

Read tens of dozens of stories Here


I will not make this political -
It would be very easy to do

It is my honor to tell the stories of these young heroes
who - when their country called - answered
and they fought as valiently as any warriors in history


May 5th 2023 will mark the 55th year Army Sgt
and my Cuyahoga Community College Sigma Phi Xi fraternity
brother Bill Papa has been gone
he is just one of the Boys I knew who are remembered here -

Marine Greg Fischer a friend and Valley Forge HS classmate
died 55 years ago as of 2/2023

Yet Another friend and VF HS classmate Marine Terry Kilbane
died in Vietnam July 6 1967 56 years ago

Cleveland Police Officer, Veteran and high school classmate Fred Vacha
was killed on duty June 20th 1973
Patrolman John Saccany - Fred Vacha's partner and
and an acquaintance of mine from my days at
Cuyahoga Community College ( 1965 -1956 )was also badly injured
Their story is HERE


Again I welcome and invite ALL to submit your memories
of those men and women who served
and I will post them on this page



Or send to footeze @

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The Fallen are still on Guard

I am very disturbed by recent events which indicate
many of OUR younger generations abuse their rights
and many of those misdirected youngsters ignore the rights of others
they have no idea what patriotism, courage and sacrifice means

The tributes on this page from family and friends
of of those who died
may give the misguided youth an idea of what it means to 'Give All"

This page has been expanded to include
NOT only male and female soldiers who have died In Vietnam
and ALL of our wars since 1776
I have added the over 23,000 Police Officers
who have died on duty since 1791
I additionally pay tribute to our Veterans and First Responders

You can find links to gett Veterans Help
with benefits and more

Veterans are suffering a scourge right now
22 per day commit suicide
Watch this video to find what you can do to help
Tap Here

I have just started adding Tributes to 911 and other First Responders
Please feel free to submit an honorarium
through the email links on this page


I hope you can spare a few minutes to read this tribute
and please sign the guestbook and use the share buttons to allow
your social media friends and followers to share in this experience

Again Please feel free to submit a story about someone you know

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First I present some data and info
about the men in Blue
and K9 officers ( the Dogs )
I honor the over 00 brave
Police officers who Have died
in the line of duty serving and protecting us all

As of May 2023
Since 1791, 231 years ago
there have been over 23,200 known
line of duty deaths in America.
thats an AVERAGE of 100 per year


The 23200 number includes 1,590 previously forgotten heroes

over 60 K-9 dogs have died since Jan 2016 alone
They are listed too

When on that page
use the Menu BAR "Resources" the "No Parole for Cop Killers"
many of the murderers
occasionally come up for parole
Please sign the petitions found there
and add your voice to keeping
These miscreants in jail


READ ABOUT THE Ft Myers officer Andrew Widman legacy Here


A Fallen Police Officer's Words

I never dreamed it would be me,
My name for all eternity,
Recorded here at this place,
ďIn the line of dutyĒ I hear them say,
My family now the price will pay.
My folded flag stained with their tears
We only had those few short years.
The badge no longer on my chest,
I sleep now forever in eternal rest
These words I pass to those behind,
And pray they keep this thought in mind
And with heavy heart and bended knee
I ask for all here and from the past,
Dear God, let my name be last.
The Monument
By George Hahn


Return to the start of this page
And help honor ALL Fallen Heroes and Veterans


Now a tribute to
My Valley Forge High School classmate
Class of 1965

Clevleand Patrolman
Fred Vacha
killed by a heroin Dealer in Cleveland Ohio

Freds story is told on this page
Tap Here to go to that section


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Later, there is a link to a twitter Member
Steve Wightman who posts the names
Of soldiers who have died since 1962 in Our Wars
including Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan
the unique thing is
He posts the names of those who died
on the anniversary of their death each day
so for Sept 1st you will find
those died on Sept 1st in any year


Some of the names listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall
have been gone over 59 years
Never Forget --
they were someone's Husbands, Sons, Daughters, Mothers,
Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts,
Uncles, Nieces, Nephews and Friends

Some of the time lines might be a bit off

One of them was my fraternity brother
Sgt William James "Bill" Papa
Bill was born
Sept 1st 1945
he died 55 years ago on May 5th 1968 -

My friend and Valley Forge 1967 graduate
Gregory William Fischer
was born Feb 5th 1949
he died 55 years ago in Vietnam on Feb 22nd 1968
He was a 19 year old Marine

Terry Joseph Kilbane, another of my friends
and graduate of Valley Forge
was born Jan 31,1947 and
died in Vietnam on July 6 1967 56 years ago
this page was built to honor them
and ALL the others who served in All our wars

God Bless You


The moving, stirring, haunting song "Mansions of the Lord" was sung
by the West Point Glee Club
during the credits of the 2002 movie starring Mel Gibson -
"We Were Soldiers"
IN which writer / war correspondent Joe Galloway
chronicled the leadership of Lt Col Harold Moore, 1/7th Cavalry U.S Army,
the Battle of Ia Drang Valley on November 14Ė16, 19 know65,
also heard here -- from the movie is the dirge
"Sgt. MacKenzie"
Written by Joseph Kilna MacKenzie

Those songs were also played at Ronald Reagan's Memorial Service

The reason I include these songs ?
( and created this page is seen in the the following message )


some of the spans of time since the events
presented on this page may be wrong


The First Major Battle in Vietnam was Operation Starlite in Aug 1965
U.S. Marines lost 45 men and more than 200 wounded
Read about that battle HERE


You will read many submissions from friends of those who died
And from people who really care about
what went on in Vietnam
Please Book Mark the page so you can read them ALL

I have now added the names and a link
to information about those from my wife's Hometown
( Beaver Falls PA. )
who died in Vietnam
See that link FURTHER BELOW below to honor them

She graduated in 1961 with Joe Namath Football star and
more recent spokesman for Medicare


Make sure you stop
@ the following link for a site that lists all those killed in action Viet Nam
This site has memorials as well as
tributes & insights into those men who died in that land
- put your birthday in the search box and see a list of men born on the same day as you who
would have been as old as you
the names you will see have been gone -- in some cases -- for over 56 years

Stop HERE for "The Online Viet Nam Wall" Page


Click Here for Steve Wightman's Twitter page
EACH day he tweets the names and pics
of those who died in our wars
on the anniversary of their death
For Jan 1st he posts
all those who died
Jan 1st in any year
For June 1st he adds
all those who Died June 1st in any year etc
Please follow Steve so you can check often


Return to the start of this page
And help honor ALL Fallen Heroes and Veterans

I find my self choked up many times
as I sit at my computer,
while I update this page,
and listen to Mansions of the Lord playing
recalling my boyhood friends
and ALL those who have Served IN ALL our wars
BUT especially those who have died for us in Vietnam

I think about what might have been ---
and IF they had had children
what would those children might have done ?
I am sure we have been robbed of many great accomplishments
because of the wars we fight
BUT Heaven is a better place


Please sign the guestbook for this page
by clicking on the designated links
OR send an email to me


As already mentioned, I had 3 friends who died in Vietnam
* William James Papa *
* Terence Joseph Kilbane *
and * Gregory William Fischer *

I also had many Veteran friends who served
in the U.S Marines Air Force
and United States Army and survived During the Vietnam war
They are:
- Mike and Dave Murphy - Donald Avsec ---

Hershel Bruce Walters and his brother Phil Walters
Tommy Hills -- Barry Sybil - Tom Kahill - Joe Bonsay
- Jack King - Joe Andre Cordiak - Robert Ross Vella ( Chico )
Tom Rush - Billy O'Malley - Dennis O'Keefe - Alan Jervinski
Tommy Bleach - Franz Grafton - Paul La Mature - Richard Jablonski

Return to the start of this page
And help honor ALL the Fallen

We each have them to thank for our lives In the U.S.
without their and their family's sacrifices
we may not have the freedoms we enjoy

Again: Because this page is long
I hope you take the time to help remember and honor
ALL the men and women written about here

Please Have some Kleenex Ready

They have eternity, and are now embedded there forever
Some of the soldiers who you will read about on this page
have been gone over 56 years

thats approximately 29,000,000 ( 29 Million ) minutes
what is a few minutes of your time
compared to 'what they have sacrificed for you

First I honor Dan Bullock
at 15 the youngest U.S. Serviceman to die in Vietnam

He is black and one of the many
blacks who died in Vietnam
He joined to help his family
as many blacks did they were exploited to join the service

God Bless Dan

Dan Bullock was still 14 when he
altered his birth certificate in Deep Run N.C.
and walked into a Marine recruiting office to sign up
to help his family who were living in poverty
Dan Bullock died June 7th 1969 - He will be dead 53 years June 7th 2022

Semper Fi Dan Bullock

Above is the rubbing I got of Dan Bullock's name
Nov 15th 2014 When the traveling wall was On Cape Coral FL

He shows what kind of great Young men we had in our country

The next photo is Dan's name on the wall


I did not know this Young Man
But he enlisted in the Marines - and was not drafted
on Nov 10th 2014 I saw a show on the Smithsonian Channel
about the 25th Anniversary of The Vietnam Memorial Wall
the title was " Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25 "
During that show they mentioned a fact
I know most are unaware of
a 15 year old Marine named Dan Bullock
was the Youngest Soldier to die in Vietnam war.
They revealed Dan Bullock had altered his Birth certificate
to enlist in the Marines at 14 - yes 14
He was born Dec 21st 1953

They said Dan did this to help support his family
back home in Deep Run North Carolina
and New York
then he was shipped to Vietnam at age 15
and his tour began May 18th 1969
Dan Bullock died less than a month later on June 7 1969
in a night battle while going to get ammunition for his fellow soldiers
Dan Bullock You are now one of my heroes.

The number one song the day he died was
Get Back by The Beatles with Billy Preston

for the Video of the Dan Bullock
segment in that program

God Bless This Young Man, Dan Bullock

Return to the start of this page
And help honor more Fallen Heroes

This next Fallen Hero is remembered
by his brother Michael Cass

William David Cass
is another young man who joined at 17
He will be gone 54 years in Sept

He had 8 brothers and sister
and joined to help his family

God Bless him and the entire Cass Family
for their supreme scarifice

The number one song the day he died was
The Box Tops - The Letter


I have a new found fixation
on the Vietnam Memorial Wall
after my recent visit to it

The next few paragraphs express my feelings about it
I found these words in a memory left on a page
for one of the soldiers on
the Vietnam Memorial Wall web site

I am a monument to a black period in this countries history.
I am the Vietnam Wall
composed of two angled granite walls
I have been inscribed with the names of
fifty eight thousand,one hundred thirty four American men and women
who died in the hell (that was Vietnam)

Many people come to see me.
Strangely they come mostly in silence-
old people, young people, children, mothers, fathers, widows, ,and veterans
All for reasons of their own
They bring gifts, pictures, letters, flowers, poems and cigarettes
The letters speak of grief and loneliness and regret
They ask forgiveness
They are an out pouring of pain
The people softly touch names on my face
They water my grass with tears
Then they leave in silence and I hope in peace
For I am more than stone walls
I am sending a thank you from a nation that forgot
I am a long past due apology
I am healing for wounds too long left untended
I am a tribute paid to fallen warriors

America has forgotten the wars
will she remember her warriors"?



I must now post a link to info about Jim Eddleman a man who used
his life savings to honor the Fallen
He is building a replica Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Perryville Missouri
it is 80% complete

Tap HERE to be taken tostory behind this project

Every one who visits the wall says it is
More than Just a memorial
It is a spiritual experience
I now attest to that

I was not able to get to the Memorial wall in Washington D.C.
but on Nov 15th 2014 and Nov 16th 2014
I was able to visit one of the traveling walls
in My home town of Cape Coral FL

As I arrived at the parking area for the wall I found myself
unexpectedly overwhelmed AND crying
just from seeing the wall from the lot

After I approached the wall it took me
a few minutes to compose myself
and become familiar with the set up of the listings
As I found each my friends names -
I immediately teared up again
as images of them as young men
from years ago
flashed in my mind

It was definitely a spiritual experience
and I felt their presence

I can now check one thing off My Personal Bucket list:
to keep the promise I made
to my departed friends
to get to the Vietnam Wall

and get Pictures and Rubbings of their Names
as they appear on The Wall -- to Honor them

This page is full of coincidences I now share one

I had been aware for a long time
there were 4 mobile,
traveling replica walls of the Actual Vietnam Memorial Wall
I had been planning to post the mobile walls schedules online
and after seeing the show which featured Dan Bullock
I decided to add that info the next day

I was watching the local news on the same night I saw the documentary -- NOV 10th 2014
and heard them announce, one of the traveling replica walls
was coming to my city -- Cape Coral FL
That very weekend on Nov 15th and 16th 2014
- How strange is that ?

I went there to take pics of my friends names
and get the rubbings of their names from the wall
You will see them after each posting of those listed here

You get rubbings by taking a sheet of paper, placing it over a name on the wall,
and then rubbing over it with a pencil or crayon
thus You get an image of the Soldiers name

Once Again, If you can't visit the actual wall
you may be able to visit one of the
traveling reproductions of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall
they are exact copies -- just on a smaller scale
about 75% of the actual Washington D. C. wall
whichn set up in Various Cities around the country

Here is A PAGE WITH the SCHEDULE for the AVTT ( American Veterans Traveling Tribute )

They have three different walls on tour


CLICK HERE to see the schedule for another
Mobile Vietnam Memorial Wall

Here is an entry from this pages Guest Book
Date: 11/11/2014, 11:06 PM, EDT
Name: Nathan Bullock <174.97.210.*>
Email: ter*y*b*7@********.com
Location: Goldsboro, NC
Thank you for acknowledging my uncle PDC Dan Bullock,
we are very grateful..


On the walls are the names of the servicemen
shown as KIA (Killed in Action),
or MIA (Missing in Action)

those who are missing
(MIAs) are denoted with a cross.
When the death of one who was previously missing is confirmed,
a diamond is superimposed over the cross.
If the missing soldier were to return alive,
which has never occurred as of May 23rd 2015,
the cross is to be circumscribed by a circle


Make sure you STOP
at the following Memorial Wall link to leave comments
about the men who died in the Vietnam War
PUT a name or your date of birth
or YOUR CITY in the search box
then follow the links to an area for each soldier
where you can read about him

Lets Not let these brave young boys and girls, men and women EVER be forgotten

Stop HERE at the Vietnam Wall Website


Please, Please take the time
to Sign and View
My Guestbook
Let me know what you thought about while reading the presentation


Click here for a music video by Jack Murphy - The Promise

U.S. military involvement in Vietnam ended on 15 August 1973
as a result of the CaseĖChurch Amendment passed by the U.S. Congress.
The capture of Saigon by the Vietnam People's Army in April 1975 marked the end of the war,
and North and South Vietnam were reunified the following year.
What did we accomplish ?
- 58,307 U.S. Soldiers dead and 1,622 or more missing
and over 1 1/2 million enemy soldiers and civilians killed there


Also to be found here is a compilation
of the numbers of men and women who died
in ALL other major wars
the United States of America
has fought in JUST the last 100 years

Please be patient and keep reading --
We owe so much to those soldiers
who have fought and died to insure our freedoms
in the wars we have fought and are fighting

But the Vietnam Veterans and Heroes are the main reason for me making this page


This page is my attempt to thank
all the families who had members serve in
World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, AND ALL wars we have ever been involved in

Our Vietnam Veterans came home to a less than a warm reception

BUT There are huge Numbers who survived
AND as a result of their service suffer painful debilitating and in some cases fatal illnesses
from exposure to various elements In Vietnam

Before getting to the tribute I would like to tell you about another Vietnam Veteran - Lucius Littlejohn

UPDATE on Lucius Littlejohn
The above vet died waiting for medical help
Read the online petition started TO HELP THIS VETERAN
it was mostly ignored


I received an email FROM Anne Petitti AUG 11, 2010
further pointing out the situation Many of our vets are now in
You can read what Anne Petitti wrote me about the LIVING VETERANS who served
and continue to die
from service related causes

cholangiocarcinoma or bile duct cancer
Your soldier may have the symptoms seen

More links to help Vets are found at the bottom of this page


To All those who want to help remember those who gave all
Please visit
this Go Fund Me Page and consider making a donation
The money will help fund a permanent replica wall
proposed to be built in Punta Gorda Florida

South West Florida has the highest number of Veterans in the Country


Some people Don't appreciate what Our Boys and girls have done for US
at the end of her show TV Host Nancy Grace
started showing a number which signified soldiers who had been killed
She would also mention a soldier who had died
along with that soldiers next of kin ( with feigned emotions )
I realized it was JUST the number of those who had died in IRAQ
I took it upon myself to contact her
and tell about her slap in the face to
ALL the soldiers and their families who are/were serving
and dying in Afghanistan too
She ignored me so I sent messages to EVERY ORG I could find
Associated with the Military, vets, and their families
and after many attempts to get her attention
Finally IN Sept of 2010 AFTER 4 YEARS OF HER POSTING those numbers
on her show AND 9 years into the Afghan War
she finally started posting the total number of Our Boys and Girls
who have been killed in both of those theaters of battle
Of course there was no explanation from her as to why she changed her policy
She is too self absorbed to know what was going on - and would have claimed
It was her staff that was at fault
Ms ( dis )Grace is nothing more than a over inflated tabloid TV host


Among the names on the Vietnam Memorial
are My fraternity brother William James Bill Papa,
and friends / Valley Forge High School Parma Heights Ohio
Schoolmates Greg William Fischer (class of 1967)
and Terence Terry Ki

The 55 th anniversary of Bill Papa's death is May 5th 2023
Bill was born Sept 1st 1945 -
the day before Japan Signed the Surrender Documents for WWII

Greg Fischer Died 55 Years ago as of Feb 22nd 2023 - he was killed on Feb 22, 1968
on July 6th 2023 Terry Kilbane will be gone 56 YEARS,

What surprised me is so many young people don't know
the difference between Memorial Day ( Last Monday In May )
and Veterans Day ( Nov 11th unless that is on Sat or Sun then it is the next Monday )

Memorial Day 2022 is a day for Remembering, and Honoring all of the Brave
men and women ( boys and girls really ) who paid Ultimate Price for our Freedom,
May the Sacrifices they and their families made for us never be forgotten

Veterans Day pays homage to the veterans who survived their service time


This page is dedicated to ALL those boys and girls who have served our country
or been taken from us too early

BUT especially to: my boyhood friends who were Vietnam era Soldiers
Their Families and ALL families of those who served / serve
deserve our thanks and gratitude too

Lets also not forget the Veterans who served and survived
Please - Always say Thank you,
especially to those Veterans who served in WWII

I also honor Cleveland Patrolman Fred Vacha
and My Father - Cleveland Police Detective Adolph Tomsck

My daughter, who served in the Marines
from 1990 to 1994 was trained as a meteorologist

All of these men and women are responsible for our nation as it is today
Without their sacrifices
we would not enjoy the lifestyle we have become accustomed to

Another startling fact as of Feb 12th 2022 -- 48 years after the Vietnam war ended -
if you accept that 16 years old is the age of being able to join the armed services
( 18 years old is the standard unless they had parental consent for 16 years old )-
so the Age of the youngest men to serve in Vietnam
is NO younger than 63 ( our involvement stopped in 1973 )

The youngest to legally serve in Korea is NOW 85 ( ended July 1953 )
and for WWII the youngest is 93 years old
in they were 16 years old when they joined before Sept 2 1945
( JAPAN Signed the documents for SURRENDER Sept 2nd 1945 )

76 years after WWII has ended
we are losing those WW II Vets to age and natural causes at a daily rate
equaling the daily casualty rate was during the war




Send the creator of this page an email



Finally, to the main reason for this page
Remembering My 3 Friends Bill Papa - Greg Fischer = Terry Kilbane
Bill Papa Greg Fischer Terry Kilbane Vietnam

My three close friends
Died In Viet Nam in the late 1960's
as did 58,295 other men and over 150 women from the mid 1960's to March 1973 -
a total of 58,307 ( still not exact )
AND there are over 2,530 STILL missing

I also remember Cleveland Patrolman Fred Vacha,
My Father, and other Valley Forge High School classmates who served
and various others whom I was asked by family and friends to add

I have put THIS memorial to them on the net
so they will be remembered Always

In addition - From DEC 2001 to Jan 2016 ( That's about approx 4770 days )
5,770 U.S. Men and Women ( just boys and girls in most cases )
have died In Iraq and another 1,800 in Afghanistan
updated Jan 2019)

I know my firends and all those who died
are in Heaven watching over and protecting us,
as they did while they were alive
It is my belief they have an "In with the powers that be up There"
I have asked for their help many times
and it has never failed to come

I have included others here too
- not friends - but none the less heroes in my eyes
Alan Steffen died in Viet Nam - he was from my home town of Parma OH = U.S.A.F
Alan was the brother of Jim Steffen
with whom I worked at the Cleveland Plain Dealer for Many years
Lonnie Allen Floyd whom I never met, but was sent a message by his sister
In addition - Sgt. Steve Lintl whom I also never met but
There is a letter on this page to him from a
a comrade ( John Wolf ) in arms trying to locate him
Plus many others you will read about in few moments


On my Bucket list is: visit the grave of Terry Kilbane in Arlington National Cemetery
and Bill Papa 's Greg Fischers's burial sites in the Cleveland Area soon

Years ago I suffered a spinal cord injury which limits my ability to get around with ease



Now to continue with the soldiers

ALL these were brave young men
who served their country and paid the ultimate price


Again, Please sign the guestbook seen above


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Thank You for the Award
The Australian Artillery - Vietnam


Bill Papa - Greg Fischer - Terry Kilbane and Fred Vacha and Dad
I miss you and think of you often


There are 3 Tribute Videos to these Brave men on this page too !
One was shown on CNN on Memorial Day


In the circle is Bill Papa and His Date Mary Jo Larca
at the Sigma Phi Xi fraternity New Years Eve Party Dec 31st, 1965
In the foreground ( with the big smile ) is Dave Kramer
On the right of the picture is Lenny Kunka and his future wife Gloria Hrynak
just behind Bill and Mary Jo is me - and my future 1st wife - Jessica

Bill Papa and I attended Cuyahoga Community College
together in 1965, and 1966 .
Those were simple care-free days
Full of youthful fun
In some ways
over shadowed by the conflict over the war in Viet Nam


Bobby Goldsboro's - "Honey" was the number one song the week he died



Here is My Video dedicated to Bill, Terry, Greg
Can I suggest: allow the Background Music
on the main page to end before Viewing the Videos
the second one was seen on CNN


Now the video which was shown on CNN
that is me talking about Greg And Terry
CNN said two was enough and did not air the one for Bill Papa

Here's a video with no music
to pay tribute to those who died IN ALL our wars


Where no mothers cry and no children weep
We will stand and guard tho the angels sleep
All through the ages we safely keep - the mansions of the Lord

Sergeant William James Papa

Gone 55 years on May 5th 2023

Bill on left in High School circa 1963 and on the right "In Country" 1967-1968

Home of Record: Garfield Heights, Ohio
Date of birth: Saturday, Sept/01/1945
He was born the day before Japan Signed the Surrender Documents for WWII
Religion: Roman Catholic

Service: Army (Regular)
Grade at loss: E5
Rank: Sergeant
ID No: 51829893
MOS: ----- Not Recorded
LenSvc: 10 months

Start Tour: Friday, AUG/11/1967
Cas Date: Sunday, May/05/1968
Age at Loss: 22
Remains: Body Recovered
Location: Thua Thien, South Vietnam
Type: Non-hostile, Died Of Other

Reason: Air Loss, Crash - Land - Helicopter - Noncrew
ON THE WALL @ Panel 55E Line 026

Below is the rubbing and pic I got of Bill Papa's name on the wall
Nov 15th 2014 When the traveling wall was On Cape Coral FL

Bill is buried in Calvary Cemetery
Miles Ave
Cleveland Ohio

HERE is Bill's Viet Nam Wall Memorial Page = ADD your thoughts


Bill Papa volunteered to join the Army and was NOT drafted

Bill grew up on the lower east side of Cleveland, OH
- near Woodland Ave - his family moved to Garfield Heights when he was 10 or so

Bill was a jovial, personable and fun loving person -
caring and active.
While attending Cuyahoga Community College he helped our fraternity - Sigma Phi Xi
win the inter-fraternity tackle football championship in Oct 1965
with his athletic talents.
Bill was a good friend and He is missed daily.

He and Mary Jo Larca were engaged to be married
when he returned from his tour of duty.

Bill was wounded in Feb 1968 - read this accounts HERE

Then on May 5TH 1968 Bill Papa died -- 55 years ago in a land far away

It was a helicopter accident and Those with him said it was quick


Here is a remembrance of Bill which I received in an email On June 23rd 2005


From Dave Lanara:
Is this the Bill Papa that ran the store with his father
on the corner of Turney Road and Rockside?
I went in that store every day on the way home from school,
and my father Sal and Mr. Papa were good friends.
Mr. Papa was the only Italian my father befriended
in Garfield Heights when we first moved there in 1959.
I was 12 and dad and I would frequently go to the store for bread and milk and of course,
those red, chewy dollar candies I liked.

I remember the day my father found out Bill was killed.
I was already out of the service for a month.
Dad sat at the table and cried a little for Mr. Papa and Bill,
reflecting that I could have been killed but was spared for some reason,
thank God.

I can still see Bill at the counter of the store,
wearing a butchers apron sometimes or a checkered shirt.
Man, I just got choked up, sometimes it hits close to home.
Take care.

Dave Lanara
Friend of Bill Papa


Here is another email I received about Bill:

Bill Papa and his family were neighbors of my family
We lived on 22nd and Creighton Ave.
It was a small street sandwiched between Woodland and Scovill Ave.
Near Downtown Cleveland
When he was in Vietnam I went to Gullucci's Butcher Shop
and I bought him a huge italian salami "Coppocola"
The owner Gus said it would survive the heat of Vietnam.
Bill wrote back that his whole outfit had it gone in an hour.
Our whole family was devastated when he passed away.
Mary Jo was my sister and I felt her grief.


Clyde & Betsy Bena Added - FEB 13th 2007

is the entry from the Greater Cleveland Veterans Memorial Page
Submitted by Mary Jo Larca
Dedicated to William James Papa


Now Gregory William Fischer


PFC - E2 - Marine Corps - Regular
19 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Feb 05, 1949
His tour of duty began on Dec 04, 1967
Casualty was on Feb 22, 1968
Body was recovered
Panel 40E - - Line 62

Greg is interred at
Sunset Memorial Park
6265 Columbia Road
Below is the rubbing and image I got of Greg Fischer name on the Wall
Nov 15th 2014 When the traveling wall was On Cape Coral FL

Greg Joined the Marines to fulfill a lifelong ( 18 years ? ) desire to be "The Best"

It is hard to believe as of Feb 22nd 2023 Greg has been gone FOR 55 years

We use to play pick-up football at Dennis Tepper 's House
on York Road with Paul and John Fitzgerald -
Carl Werner - Paul Lamiere - Terry Kilbane - Dave Sydel -
Tom Spidel - Dave Prestel Roman Pawnyk
and the rest of the guys -
he was a quiet unassuming young man - with the heart of a giant -
I miss Greg's laugh and quick wit

Paul Mariat's - "Love Is Blue" was the #1 song the week he died

Greg was memorialized
in a Cleveland Press Article On May 30th 1968 ( Memorial day )
and again more recently in USA Today on 3/11/2003 article --
I was informed of these articles by Grant Leiby from VFHS class of 1965.
is that article but you must have ADOBE 6.0 downloaded to view it

For Greg's Page on The Greater Cleveland Veterans Memorial PAGE
Click HERE


A nice surprise -- On Jan 21st 2008 Dennis Tepper
Found this site when searching Google
He thanked me for my effort to remember our friends

Dennis said he had been working for the Veterans Administration in N.Y.
until he retired recently

The following is an email I received Feb 5th ( Greg 's Birthday ) 2008
My name is Mike Madden, I lived on Glamer Dr from the late 50's to the
mid-60's and went to Holy Family grade school. I had an older
brother--Joe-- and sister-- Mary--that graduated from grade school
ahead of me in 1960 and 1959. Your name sounds very familiar, I'm thinking
you knew my brother. We both went to Cathedral Latin. thanks

I knew Greg Fischer in the neighborhood--he lived on Schwab Dr.--and
played ball with him at the local parks. I was in college at Dayton
when I saw the news of his death and was really stunned by it.
As luck would have it I ended up in the army late in 1968 and was shipped over to Nam
in 1969 and put in 14 months there.

I appreciate the work you've done with the site; I'm sure all the
families of the guys that were killed over there feel the same way.
Mike Madden

>Thanks for nice words Mike
But most of all thank YOU for YOUR and you family
for YOUR sacrifices
while serving our country and putting your life on the line



Now - Terence Joseph Kilbane



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Terry Kilbane

Gone 5 years on ( July 6 1967 )
I think about and pray to Terry
and my other friends who died in Vietnam
and ALL Fallen heroes EVERY day

LCPL - E3 - Marine Corps - Regular
20 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Jan 31, 1947
From PARMA, OHIO Length of service 1 year.
Casualty was on July 06, 1967

Body was recovered

Panel 23E - - Line 20
Below is the rubbing I got of Terence Terry Kilbane
Nov 15th 2014 When the traveling wall was On Cape Coral FL

and the PIC of Terry's name

Terry was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery
Brookpark Road
Brookpark Ohio
I was informed Terry was buried there July 17, 1967
and moved to Arlington National Cemetery, Va., March 25, 1993

The Association's - "Windy" was the number one song the week Terry died

Terry too joined the Marines and was not drafted

Terry was the first of my friends to die.
I met Terry through friends at Holy Family Church on York road -
he was a year behind me at Valley Forge High School ( class of 1966 )
Terry was the spark which makes a car run - the center of attention -
Just A great guy to know ---
He occasionally played football with us at Dennis Tepper s House.

Here is a startling co-incidence - Terry's Father, Joe was a Cleveland Police Detective,
and worked with my father, WHO WAS A NARCOTICS DETECTIVE in Cleveland
Terry was also a classmate of mine @ Valley Forge

In another case of a degree of separation --
Me and Terry shared the same jobs
as he was a "flyboy"
sort of a Jr apprentice
in the pressroom at the Cleveland Press and Cleveland Plain Dealer
previous to his joining the Marine in The summer of 1966
I started working there in June of 1967
But having never been aware Terry too had worked there before me until recently when I read His bio at
the site found Here

Yet One more strange event:
On Oct 2nd 2007
I was revising this page and
I still did not have a picture of Terry Kilbane
after many attempts to contact Valley Forge High School
I remember saying to myself I wish I had a pic of Terry to include on my page

The picture of Terry included here was found
The very next day - Oct 3rd 2007 in an email I received:
Here is that email:


Iím Terry Kilbaneís younger brother and came across your website.
What a wonderful thing you are doing for all these brave
guys who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Iím forwarding some info on Terry so hopefully
you can incorporate it in your site.

Thanks and God Bless!!

Kevin Kilbane

Here is the info he forwarded to me
It is where I found THE PICTURE
NOW included on this page

It is copyrighted Greater Cleveland Veterans Memorial Page
Click Here
to get a glimpse into what Terry endured
in Viet Nam and how his family has dealt with his passing

I believe that Terry, Bill, Greg, are still very active
- guiding, protecting and helping us ALL

Just ask them

God Bless Them


Here is an email I received on NOV 17TH 2014
- From a schoolmate of both Terry and Myself - Ken Leib
Subject: Your about Friends in Viet Nam Memorial Page
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 17:12:10 -0500

Thanks so much for doing this. I knew Terry Kilbane.
We were in Columbus, Georgia, visiting my oldest daughter and her husband
who works at the base now after his service.
When ďThe WallĒ was at Ft. Benning, we toured, and just as you indicated,
it was tough to fight back the tears. I would urge anyone,
even if they are not from that era and donít know anyone who
gave up their life in service to and for us, t
o visit the memorial and make a rubbing.
It affected me deeply.

Terry was a great guy.
After they published his diary of his last days and the grueling combat
he and his comrades were caught up in,
I mentioned the article to my brother
who was a plainclothes officer on the Cleveland police department at the time.
I told him that I knew Terry from school
which caught my brother by surprise and he told me his partner was a relative of Terryís.
I wish I could remember whether he said his partner was Terryís cousin or uncle,
but that was so long ago.

In any case, I thank you for taking the time to do this. None of them should ever be forgotten.

Ken Leib


Here is a response from Ken Leib after I mentioned in an email to him
the connection from Terry to Cleveland Police

More amazing degrees of separation:
Subject: RE: Your about Friends in VietNam Memorial Page
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 14:00:06 -0500

Hi Bill. Itís a world made smaller by FB and all social media. Grant and Will Leiby were,
of course in my homeroom for four years and we were friends.
My closest friends were Dale Butterfield, Bob Reimer, Jim Petrick, Rich Kempton.
Terry and I became fairly good friends through classes
although we didnít hang around together much.

I came from a family with several Cleveland Police Dept.
connections beginning with my great grandfather
who was Safety Director around the turn of the century (1900),
a cousin who was Elliot Nessí driver when he was mayor of Cleveland,
a cousin who was an inspector and my brother who spent 34 years in the department
with most of it as plain clothes.

His birthday is around Thanksgiving and Iíll be giving him a call.
My wife and I have lived north of Cincy since we married
so I donít get to see my brother much but
Iíll ask him whether his partner was Terryís dad
or uncle because I cannot, for the life of me, remember what he told me.
Heís 82 with a triple bypass so his memory isnít what it was,
but then Iím 67 without his heart problems, yet, and my memory isnít anything like it was either.
I always told people that having teenagers killed my brain cells.

I hope things are going well for you.
Once I find out for sure about my brotherís partner,
Iíll drop you a line. Take care, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Ken Leib

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Now a story provided to me by a hero Bill Madden
Bill Madden is a wounded warrior
He is Another Valley Forge High School 1965 graduate

Above is a picture Bill Madden had a corpsman take - JULY 9TH,1968
after being hit with a mortat round
The corpsman said "Man I heard the Marines were crazy
you just proved that right
Bill Madden went to Vietnam in Sept 1967
and came home October 1968
He served with the 2ND. BAT. 9TH. MAR. 3RD. MAR. DIV.
Bill earned two Purple Hearts
the second captured above was the worst - it put 9 holes in him

Bill Madden spent 29 days in the hospital
He was discharge in 1970 as an E5 SGT

Thank you for your service and sacrifices Sgt Madden
and Welcome Home


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This next section of this page
lists the names of soldiers who died in Vietnam
from my wife Jackie's home town -
Beaver Falls PA.
some died over 56 years ago

Beaver Falls is a small town Northwest of Pittsburg PA
and is typical of many small towns
the Population Of Beaver Falls in the 1960's was around 10,000
14 of their names are on the Vietnam War Memorial wall

For More info on the 14 Soldiers from Beaver Falls PA.
Click on the above image
to be taken to that page

God Bless them All


This Next hero was submitted by a Vietnam Veteran

Thank Him for his service and Welcome him Home
His Tribute Honors Sgt Charles Edward Clay
Who saved his Brothers Life
and weeks later was killed by enemy fire

SGT. Charles Edward Clay was posthumously awarded the



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Please Use the following email link to contact me
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remembrances of those you knew
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This next rememberance was posted on Sept 3rd 2016
upon request of a twitter follower

Raymond Ben Shawn

The #1 song the day Raymond died was:
Herb Alpert's - "This Guy's in Love with You"

Here is a poem placed on the Virtual Wall Page
Written to Raymond from
a high school Friend
you can feel the pain


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I posted this listing on Aug 25th 2016
its from a Face Book friend
and another example of it being a small world
The sister in Law of this next soldier
liked a post about this page
I messaged her and asked if she had a loved one she wanted added
she gave me his name
Daniel Jackson McMahan

while looking up his info at
I saw he was from Cleveland. OH
of course you know that is my hometown
Then I noticed her name again "McMahan"
and asked her if she had a relative
who worked as a bar tender at the Nightclub my Family Owned in Parma
to my amazement she said the woman was her cousins wife
and that she had been to our club many times


Now a newly added remembrance
added on Memorial Day 2016 for Bob Hamlin
his family and friends always called Him Bob

I am hoping more info will be submitted about this Brave Young Man
Bobby Vinton's "Mr. Lonely"
was the # 1 song the day Bob Hamlin died


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I worked with the next Heroes Brother, Jim Steffen in the pressrooms
@ The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Press and Art Gravure Corporation Of Ohio

Alan Ralph Steffen
SSGT - E5 - Air Force - Regular
Date of Birth Jan 14, 1939
Marital Status: Married

Length of service 8 years
Casualty was on Nov 26, 1966
Body was recovered
Panel 12E - Line 123

The Supremes - "You Keep Me Hangin On" topped the music charts the day Alan Died


Others Memories and Stories of Friends Lost

These memorials are the reason I built this page
so those left behind could
remember their loved ones
for psterity

Mr Patzwall you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers

Lt. James George Patzwall 's brother, John
left a message in the guest book for this page it says:
Date: 5/22/2015, 5:09 PM, EDT Name: John Patzwall
Location: Baltimore, MD
Thank you for creating this site which I found,
as this Memorial Day Week-End begins,
while searching for the lyrics for "Mansions of the Lord".

This marks the 49th Memorial Day since my brother,
2nd Lt. James G. Patzwall, USA, PH, BSM
he was killed in action in Viet Nam on Feb. 28, 1966.
Jim was a graduate of the University of Maryland.
He and his high school sweetheart Barbara married in 1964.
Their son, John, who was six weeks old when his father went overseas
and six months old when he died,
will be fifty [50] years old in one month.


From Ron M -
Class of 1965 @ Valley Forge High School
Parma Heights, OH.
My Memory of Henry Charles Sanford
Our Class 45TH Reunion Page is @ This link HERE
Henry was a Parma High School graduate.
Henry was one of my best boyhood friends from 7th grade class
@ a school we attended together while living in Des Moines Iowa

In 1960 we both moved elsewhere and as things like that go we lost track of each other.

As incredulous as this sounds --- years later, I was in the Parma post office buying 1 stamp
I noticed a guy whom, at that second, resembled my old 7th grade friend
I approached him and we talked & and it turned out -
after all the moving ( 3 times for me & 2 times for him )
we both lived in Parma less than a mile from each other
divided only by the Parma High School & Valley Forge HS dmz line
Unfortunately I found out he was killed in Viet Nam only months later by a Viet Cong boobie trap
Henry Sanford was a great GREEN BERET
God rest his soul
Ron M - Valley Forge HS Class of 1965



SGT - E5 - Army -
Regular MACV Advisors
21 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Aug 29, 1946
Length of service 2 years.
His tour of duty began on Dec 21, 1967
Casualty was on Jun 12, 1968
Body was recovered
Panel 57W - - Line 3


Here is another request to add a name:

Please add Bill Rollason to your list.
He lived in Parma and graduated from Valley Forge in 1968.
He was my brother's best friend.
John R Basehore CRS GRI (Class of 66)
Associate Broker
RE/MAX Achievers
10555 N 114th Street #105
Scottsdale, Az 85259
480-603-4610 Direct

Its Done Mr Basehore


SGT - E5 - Army - Selective Service
101st Airborne Division
21 year old Married, Caucasian, Male Born on Dec 08, 1948
His tour of duty began on Sep 18, 1969
Casualty was on Jul 18, 1970
Body was recovered
Panel 08W - - Line 29


You are invited to send me remembrances
of those you knew who were soldiers lost in ANY of our wars
police officers who died on duty
send an email to the link below
and Put "Add to Vietnam Page" in the Subject line or
It may get overlooked
or use the following Link to send your info


This next Hero was added to this page AUG 23 2016
I will get a rubbing when
I next visit the wall

Army Rank: Staff Sergeant Company: Advisor

Silver Star Citation - Post Humously


Now Sgt Mc Brides Story

Awarded for actions during the Vietnam War
The President of the United States of America,
takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously)
to Staff Sergeant Claude William McBride,
United States Army, for gallantry in action
while engaged in military operations in Vietnam,
on 17 August 1963, and serving as an Advisor
to a Combat Patrol of Vietnamese irregular forces.
As the only American advisor in the lead
of this patrol, Sergeant McBride demonstrated courage,
strategy, and professional competence which insured
the success of the patrol's mission.

When the change in terrain presented the probability
of an ambush by hostile forces,
he directed the point element to advance further ahead
of the main body of the patrol
to avert a surprise attack.
Immediately upon completion of this move,
the point element with Sergeant McBride in the third position,
was attacked by insurgents
with small arms fire from a distance of approximately twenty meters.
Then, with fortitude and determination,
he exposed himself to the direct line of the gun fire
from a distance of ten meters and
led the members of the point element in a charge
which forced the insurgents to abandon the ambush

Mc Brides brave action, personal example,
and deep concern for his Vietnamese counterparts
prevented heavy casualties and inspired
the Combat Patrol to pursue their efforts
in the defense of their homeland.

He died on Aug 23 from his woulds

Sergeant McBride's conspicuous gallantry
was in the highest traditions of the United States Army
and reflects great credit upon himself
and the military service.

The number 1 song on the day Claude Mc Bride died was
"Stevie Wonder - Fingertips (Part 2)"


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Click Here for Steve Wightman's Twitter page
EACH day he tweets the names and pics
of those who died in our wars
on the anniversary of their death
For Jan 1st he posts
all those who died
Jan 1st in any year
For June 1st he adds
all those who Died June 1st in any year etc
Please follow him so you can check often


Here is a message I received through my Face Book Page
about Lonnie Floyd, I feel honored the family would allow me to post this

Brenda Underwood June 24 at 12:35am
I just visited your site and was speechless
while listening and reading the tributes.
It really touched my heart because my brother
Lonnie A. Floyd was KIA 1-14-67 while serving with the 173RD ABN.
He was 19.
Just today I received an email from a fellow who had been in basic
training with my brother
and he told me many things I had not either
remembered or ever knew about Lonnie during their training.
I was only 14 then and 16 when Lonnie was killed.
I wish you had known him.
If you have a chance please visit Lonnies VietNam Veterans Memorial Fund site
and read a little bit about this wonderful soldier who will
always be young in my heart.
Thank you for allowing me to visit your
site and learn a bit about your friends.
God Bless.
Brenda Floyd Underwood

And a follow up to the first message:
Brenda Underwood June 24 at 11:12am
Good morning Bill. I will be honored to have Lonnie's link posted to
your site among your fallen friends.

He would be proud & you would've be
proud to have him as a friend.

His grave has never gone one day
without a flag & flowers and I've made sure thru my children &
grandchildren that his legacy and memory will always be in their hearts.
My mother visited The Wall with our local Vietnam Veterans Chapter
when the Wall was dedicated and never missed a Veteran's Day
til the year before she died in '03.
My husband & I have always visited the Wall on Memorial Day
and ridden with the Rolling Thunder Group on the Sunday before.
It's a trip that grows more dear to me each year.
I know Lonnie is looking down on us & while at the Wall
I can almost hear him say "I love you Little Sis".
Thanks Bill for your page
& next year at The Wall I will look for your
friends names & leave a part of my heart with them too
service and sacrifice == Thanks so much.
Brenda Floyd Underwood-Hixson, TN.

Now Please join me in remembering Lonnie Allen Floyd

Lonnie Allen Floyd.

Lonnie ALLEN FLOYD is honored on Panel 14E, Row 27 of the Viet Nam War Memorial

Date of Birth: 7/29/1947
Date of Casualty: 1/14/1967
Home of Record: CHATTANOOGA
State: TN
Branch of Service: ARMY
Rank: SP4
Casualty Country: SOUTH VIETNAM
Casualty Province: BINH DUONG

The Number 1 song the week Lonnie died was The Monkees - I'm A Believer



A request from another person ( Adam Misztal ) who wants his friend remembered
Gilbert Feliciano

I went to Lincoln High
graduated in 1965. Served in Nam in 1971 with 101st AB
Please add Gilbert Feliciano to your list of heroes
He was a Marine KIA in 1967.
He had a 75 yard punt against St.Ignatius in 1964.

Adam Misztal

Adam I was at that game, I graduated from Valley Forge but went to Ignatius from 1961 to Dec 1964

Marine Corps - PFC - E2
Age: 20
Race: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Date of Birth Feb 21, 1947
Marital Status: Single

PFC - E2 - Marine Corps - Regular
Length of service 0 years
Casualty was on Jul 4, 1967
Body was recovered
Panel 23E - Line 2


The picture above is from someone who saw my one of my other pages
and wrote to me and sent this last picture ever of their brother
-- I have lost the info that goes with it
If the sender ever sees this page again
Please contact me and resend the text that you would like to accompany his picture


Once More
I often think about these friends and the others -
their faces are as clear today
as when I saw them for the last time over 55 years ago.

Sometimes I sit on my lanai and listen to Kenny Rogers song
"2O YEARS AGO " and find myself again weeping.

As I think about my life and the successes I have had and the failures I have succumbed to -
the good things and the bad -
I remember these good men -
and MANY of the other 58,248 men and women
who died in Viet Nam NEVER had a chance to experience things -

What would they have accomplished if they had lived -
if they had children
what heights would they reach -
in most cases we would never know


We were all just kids
-- so young with so many ambitions -
so many hopes and dreams -
What a tragedy


is a web page with a collections of Photos From Viet Nam
The Photographer is award winner Robert Hodierne

I must warn you some are very graphic
I add them to educate those of you too young to remember
what type of war our countrymen had to fight in



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Now read about the women who have been
Killed in action in our wars

Please feel free to submit memorials for any you may know

The newest addition is from Iraq 2
Elizabeth Jacobson

Here is another page with more on Elizabeth Jacobson


There is no accurate number of the number of women who
died during the Vietnam War
At least 9 women's deaths were combat related
Many Many others died while serving in various other ways

This next section of this page Honors some of those women heroes

Tap on The Dog Tags above for a real history lesson
about women who died in Vietnam


Sharon Anne Lane
killed in action Vietnam


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And help honor ALL Fallen Heroes, Veterans Wounded Warriors and their families

Here is an email I received from a woman who remembers those days:

Hi Bill;
I am listening to your web-site as I write this.
I was a young lady during the Viet Nam conflict,
and did not understand why the troops were being treated so badly,.

So I sent letters through the USO and would receive answers for awhile
--- then one day the letters would stop........I have never ask why,
I only prayed that a son came home.
That a husband was reunited with his family,
or that old buddies were sharing a drink with friends
at the local gathering spot.

Once in awhile, in a dream I will remember a name-but never while awake
--so I did not look through the lists.
Thank you, Bill for taking so much trouble to remember these men and women
----I will think of them as Grandparents and angels and love them still.

Lovingly, Mrs. Kitty Scheuerman


Please feel free to submit memorials
for any soldiers or families you may know

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Click Here for a Great Tribute and Help Site to Our Soldiers


Here is something I could NEVER understand
For years over 11,000 people PER YEAR have died in the U.S. from guns and heroin overdoses
that equates to APPROX 30 per day

That number far exceeds the daily numbers of those killed
in every war except our civil war and WWII
Where are the protesters to change our guns laws
and demand the source of the heroin Be stopped ?
It seems they were out in the 10's of millions against the Vietnam war
and yet we still are killing and maiming each other
in record numbers (100,000 PER YEAR or 273 per day are wounded by guns
of those approx 3000 are children under 10 )
Again: 30 per day die from gun related shootings
and just Heroin overdoses

Do you think the boys and girls who died in our wars wanted to die
so we would have the "right" to kill or hurt each other
although that is what the gun lobby would have you believe


I live just 5 miles
from one of the only 4, full sized replicas, of the Iwo Jima Flag Raising Statue on Cape Coral FL


Visit Justice For All

and read about the restoration
of THE Cape Coral Statue commemorating the Iwo Jima Flag Raising
Founder Marian B. Scirrotto
....There is More on the battle of Iwo Jima Below


It is amazing that JUST OVER 1 million U.S. soldiers and U.S. combatants
have died in all the wars we have fought since 1776
most OF THOSE ( 600,000 ) WERE killed in Our Civil War,
with over 51,000 dying in three days
at The Battle of Gettysburg July 1 to 3rd 1864
BUT OVER 1,200,000 have been Killed / injured by guns on our streets JUST since 1970
shame on ^^^^^^^

Now the statistics on wars The U.S has fought in the last 100 years

I have added an average daily death toll for each conflict
to compare that to the 85 people still being Killed each DAY in the U.S. from Guns

If you don't believe that figure go HERE

85 people per day
are Killed by guns in the U.S. that equates to OVER 31,000 per year -
In the years since the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, started
we have lost over 6000 soldiers or 1.1 per day
My point here is -
Why aren't the people who are protesting the war
- trying to stop the slaughter on our streets


U.S. Stats Killed in WW I
1914 - 1917
= Total served = 3,134,991 ~ killed in action = 53,402 ~
and 63,114 (non-combat)
~ wounded 204,002
Roughly 37 killed per day


World War II
7 Dec 1941 ó 2 Sep 1945 approximately 1400 days
Total served = 16,112,566 ~ total killed = 404,997 ~
291,557 Killed In Combat plus
~ 113,420 = died in non combat action ~
wounded = 670,846
Which is nearly 290 deaths per day

The bloodiest single battle ever in U.S foreign wars
was the period from Feb 18 1945 to March 25th
During the battle for Iwo Jima

nearly 7000 Marines and Navy personnel lost their lives
The Flag raising statue in the pic is located in my home town
Cape Coral, FL. and is
One of only 4 full size replicas of the original sculpture


Korean War
25 Jun 1950 ó 27 Jul 1953
Approximately 1100 days
Total served = 5,720,000 ~ Killed = 54,246 ~ Military Combat = 33,686
and Non-Combat deaths = 20,560 ~
Wounded 103,240
That is 48+ per day killed from all causes


Vietnam / South East Asia

Approximate length = 3220 days
From 4 Aug 1964 ( this date is not set in stone ) as The U.S. had troops in Vietnam for many years
But is considered to be the Date a major commitment of troops was made
ó to March 29, 1973 - The day the last remaining American troops
withdrew from Vietnam as President Nixon declared it
"the day we have all worked and prayed for has finally come."
Actual date of large troop arrival was March 13th 2005

Total served = 8,744,000 ~~ Killed in Military Combat = 47,457 ~
Died from Non Combat wounds / injuries = 10,796 ~
wounded = 53,303
Total Dead in Viet Nam = 58,249 of which 8 were women
That equates to just over 17 per day killed


Iraq 1 = 1991 = 269 killed in an action
from all causes
The fighting lasted approximately 70 days ( 3.9 per day )


Updated May 22nd 2016
Because The present Iraq war ( Enduring Freedom ) = 2003-2016 = is Ongoing
and we are now approximately 4900 days into it as of This update
These figures may be off by a small margin
I will attempt to update them frequently
American Deaths
Since war began (3/19/03): 4398 have died
37,120 wounded

That is approx. 1.8 deaths per day

Most of the 4389 U.S Troops killed in Iraq since the 2003
action began were killed since the war Officially ended (5/1/03)

The low per day death toll is due mainly because of the quick response
and improved methods of getting wounded to medical facilities

Here is a daily update of the casualties HERE




Now the focus of our EFFORTS AGAINST TERRORISM is Afghanistan

The death toll is rising in this god forsaken country as we send more troops into the conflict

US Military Deaths 2001 to 2016 - Afghanistan US 1800
that is one U.S. death every 2.2 days

The lowest daily rate in ANY war -
This war has escalated and keeping up with the numbers is a daunting process
HERE is a site which gives daily updates on Soldiers from all nations Killed In Afghanistan
God Bless their souls


For more complete AND accurate and up to date numbers on those killed
in any of the wars The U.S. has been in - in the last 100 years go
~~~ HERE ~~~



Make sure you stop
@ the following link for a site that lists all those killed in action Viet Nam
This site has memorials as well as
tributes & insights into those men who died in that land
- put your birthday in the search box and see a list of men born on the same day as you who might be as old as you
the names you will see have been gone -- in some cases -- for over 56 years

Stop HERE for "The Online Viet Nam Wall" Page



Then click HERE

for a page dedicated to those who have died in Iraq
with a daily update of names and pictures and numbers of killed and wounded
God Bless Them ALL

Again, make sure you

and visit the following link to leave comments and memorials and insights
into those men who died in that land
- PUT YOUR CITY or a name in the search box --
then follow the links to an area for each soldier where you can leave a tribute & Pictures of your own
Lets Not let these Brave Boys EVER be forgotten

Stop HERE at the Vietnam Wall Website Online for that



the Stories Of My Father
followed by the memories of a few other Police Oficers I knew

My father Detective A. A. Tomsk -
Detective Geaorge Zicarell - Killed on Duty
and My Friend and Valley Forge High School classmate -
Cleveland Police Officer Fred Vacha 's Murder


First Remembering My Dad
Detective Adolph Tomsk

Dad was a Cleveland Policeman for 25 years from
Aug 20th 1946 to Aug 20th 1971

He served as a Military Police Officer in
The Iraq, Burma, India Theater during World War II
reaching the Rank Of First Lieutenant

He joined the Cleveland Police Force in 1946

He rose to being a detective in 1950
and remained one for 21 of his 25 years
at first working on the Narcotics Squad
where he was injured on Duty
while arresting a Heroin Dealer

How irresponsible was it of the Plain Dealer to print our address ?
Luckily they spelled his name wrong

After his operation he was transferred
to duty in Bunco, and Finally Selective Service / Extradition
bringing back draft dodgers
and prisoners from out of state


Another of the over 150 articles written about my dad's
activity during his 25 year career

I miss him

He was My Hero and he passed in 1991
He worked two jobs ever since I could remember
16 hours per day - 48 weeks a year
His second job was as dock manager for Motor Express
an Over the road trucking firm

We always took a nice vacation in the summer
the best was a 3 week road trip
to the west coast in 1955 - I was 8

He bought a new 1955 4 door Chevy Bel Aire ( Turquoise over White )

He loved to fish and hunt and would take me with him many times
It was those days I looked forward to
In the woods or on a boat with him
he always had two thermoses of Onion Soup



Another Fallen Hero
Detective George Zicarelli

George joined

the list of the over 23000 Police Officer
who have died in the line of duty since 1791
as of May 2022- thats about 100 per year
Tap HERE to read about the others

One of my Dads Co workers who was like an Uncle to us
George Zicarrelli was killed on duty Sept 17th 1979
while in New York for the extradition of a prisoner

Read the details of his death


Return to the start of this page
And help honor ALL Fallen Heroes and Veterans


Now Cleveland Police Patrolman Frederick Vacha Jr's Story

He was murdered on duty by a Heroin Dealer
Fred was a high school mate of mine
at Valley Forge High School in Parma Heights Ohio
We graduated in 1965

Fred would have been
74 years Old July 15th 2022

1965 Valley Forge classmate and friend
- Fred Vacha was also a
A Former United States Marine

Only to be gunned down doing his job protecting others

He was killed on the streets of Cleveland Ohio
by known heroin dealer Floyd Graham
June 20th 1973


Incident Details
Age 26
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Date of Incident: Wednesday, June 20, 1973
Weapon Used: Handgun; 9 mm
Suspect Info: Floyd Graham Sentenced to life
He was having parole hearings every 5 years
until the family petitioned the parole board
to extend the "Flop" hearings to 10 years
( see further below for the results
of that petition to keep Floyd behind bars

Patrolman Vacha was brutally and mercilessly shot and killed
as he and his partner patrolled a
high crime area as part of the Impact Task Force.
The two officers
observed a known drug dealer
( Floyd Graham )
acting suspiciously and pulled up alongside of him.
As Patrolman Vacha called out to the man ( Floyd Graham )
he approached the squad car and
opened fire with a 9mm handgun.
Patrolman Vacha was hit in the head,
killing him instantly.
The other officer John Saccany
was struck three times in the legs
and suffered serious injuries

The suspect ( Floyd Graham ) was arrested a short time later.
He was sentenced to two life
sentences for Patrolman Vacha's death and the attack on his partner.

Patrolman Vacha had served on the Department for 4 years.

Here is an online detailed account of Fred's Murder
Tap here to read the deatails


Here are some reasons I must be doing something good
and keeping my promise to help others

This was a message in my guest book for this page
see "View Guestbook" link

Tanya Holl Vacha
Canton, MI
March 23 2008

What a great web-site you have set up.
I saw your comments on the petition and couldn't help but wonder
what I may find if I typed my dad's name in and did a search.
All of the friends and other people you have listed on this web-site would be so proud
and honored that you have done this.
Thank you for not forgetting and for giving me a place where I can see my Dad's face on the computer.
My dad was Fred Vacha and although I don't remember knowing him,
I think of him always.

Tanya Please email me directly


Here is an email I received Oct 9th 2007 in regards to Fred and two other classmates named here:

Thanks for your work regarding the website honoring our friends and classmates from "Forge".

I am a '68 VF grad and lived next door to Fred Vacha
on Commonwealth Blvd. in Parma Hts. from 1960 to 1968.
Before Fred lost his life as a Cleveland police officer in the fifth district
(along Buckeye Road) in 1973,
he also served honorably with the United States Marine Corp.
Although Fred never did a tour in Vietnam,
his dedication to the Cleveland PD is most deserving of your mention
and those of us who knew him and his 3 brothers Jim, Lou and Don,
thank you.
Bill Rollason and Tom Ewalt were also friends of mine.
Bill was in my vocational electronics class for 3 years and always had just the right
wisecrack at just the right time.
Tom and Bill and I all arrived at Valley Forge
after our junior high years at Pleasant Valley Junior High.

I often think of Bill, Tom and Fred and was amazed to see their names
and tributes after stumbling across your site.

Thanks again! Your tribute is very much appreciated.

Richard Ford
Valley Forge High School Class of 1968
Now living near Van Wert, Ohio


From the webmaster: My first wife, Jessica, introduced me to Fred in High School
and Fred and I hung around together @ Manner's Big Boy on Pearl Road
and The Whip too in Parma Heights during those years

#1 song the week Fred was Killed = Paul McCartney - My Love


I will post updates on any upcoming online petitions
to keep Fred Vacha's Killer
( Floyd Graham ) in jail
Thank you for your support
(over 11,000 signed the last petition )

Again: It seems Graham was coming up for parole every 5 years
but because of the parole board finally
granting the family's numerous request
to extend that period to every 10 years
the next hearing is now in 2023
HERE is an article about patrolman
Fred Vacha's Killer parole hearing
and the family's request for an extension
between future hearings from 5 to to 10 years

I received an email From Stephen Loomis
President of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Assoc.
in Aug 2013
in answer to my inquiry as to the outcome of the hearing
Here is that answer


I don't believe what happened -
as I went back to read the complete petition page
on my second visit to the petition page
I saw that Fred's partner was named --- John Saccany

The hair on the back of my neck stood up
John went to Community College with Bill Papa and myself in 1965 and 1966 and
then, I also worked with John's father - Hank Saccany at the Plain Dealer Art Gravure Division
from 1967 until Hank died from a gunshot

John's injuries forced him off the Police Department
but went on to become a very successful lawyer in Cleveland
it gets even stranger and stranger,
as John is in a law firm with another Fraternity Brother of Bill Papa and Myself - Jim Szaller of Szaller and Brown

There is another coincidence with Terry Kilbane and The Plain Dealer told in Terry's memoriam section
Talk about six degrees of separation - I get goose flesh


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And help honor ALL Fallen Heroes and Veterans


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Another Wall page is HERE
The Virtual Wall

Tributes to Our Viet Nam Soldiers


Above is one more way I can help others
You should be seeing the Amber Alert Banner
If the Back Ground is Yellow there is an active Amber Alert
which means there is a child missing or abducted


- Nov 11 2007 -
Veterans Day
I just saw a piece on a CBS News about Jacob Jake Vanderbosch
Killed 2005
Mothers are still Crying
Fathers still miss catches
Brothers are still wondering
When Will It End ?


Is Another Fallen Heroes Memorial Page
Which honors those who havefallen in Iraq


This Next section list some Veterans
Who have written Books about
Thier Vietnam experiences
1st Author Jack Estes has written books and
travels giving interviews and speeches
about his time in Vietnam
He also offers help to
Veterans through his Non Profit

The Fallen Warriors Foundation

The Next link is Jack Estes 's Page for his books

The Links in The Menu Bar
Take you to Help for Vets

Click the Button Below Now
to follow Jack Estes on Twitter


Next is a link to a story of another Vietnam Veteran

George Reischling

Courage on the Mountain

This book touches on many of the aspects of the war
and it's aftermath
I found the section on the atrocities
commited by the North Vietnamese Army most enlightening
something not covered fully by the media at the time


Tap Here to return to Previous section


Another tribute found on the web to Soldiers

We were American Soldiers

We were members of the United States Armed Forces.
The protectors of the greatest nation on earth.
We were proud of the uniform we wore,
We always acted in ways creditable to the military service
and the nation we were sworn to guard.
We are proud of our own branches and units.
We did all we could to make our individual units the finest in the world.
We were loyal to those under whom we served.
We did our full part to carry out orders and instructions given us
As soldiers, we realized that we were members of a time-honored profession.
That we were doing our share to keep alive the principles
of freedom for which our country stands.
No matter what situation we were in,
We never did anything for pleasure, profit, or personal safety,
which would disgrace our country.
We pursued every means we had, even beyond the call of duty,
to restrain our comrades in arms from
actions disgraceful to themselves and the uniform they wore.
We were and are proud of our country and it's flag.
We tried to make the people of this nation
proud of what we represented,
for WE WERE - and always will be - American Soldiers.


Here is a memorial to one of our fallen troops
Jessiah Jameson

God Bless Him and the ALL rest

In Loving Memory of Jessiah Jameson
From His Family and Friends.

Jacobs Light Foundation
In Memory of Jacob Fletcher - who was killed in Iraq


Here is a Message I received Fri, 28 Nov 2014 14:06:43
Subject: Your web site, and friends

Here's to Terry, Bill and Greg.
I served as an infantry lieutenant in 1968- 1969
and would to add my fellow soldiers Andy Kirschmayer,
Steve Gabrys, and Kanji Yoshino
to the list of lost friends
along with the other over 58,000.
Thank you.
Dr. William Ted Moore
229 East Broad Street
Savannah, GA 31401
ph. (912) 335-1953



Now my Tribute to a 911 First Responder

If you have a loved one
Or friend you would like added
send me his Info


Christopher David Younk

God Bless Those who give all to protect
our freedoms and rights
It behooves us ALL to respect those rights and not defile them

Christopher David Younk
was 40 years old when he died
He Resided in Fenton, MI
He was born April 13, 1976 in Royal Oaks, Michigan.
He was a veteran of the U.S. Army
and an Iron Worker with Local 58.
He was a first responder at the World Trade Center
on Sept 11, 2001 as an Iron Worker.
He suffered from health issues as a result until his death

Surviving are:
mother, Lauri Gibbens;
4 children, Andrew, David, Aiden and Addysen Younk;
2 grandchildren, Erik Younk and Austin Younk;
sister, Brittany Beauchamp; 2 brothers, Stephen Beauchamp
and Nicholas Beauchamp; niece, Jennifer (Lexi) Beauchamp;
nephew, James and Trystyn Beauchamp.

Christopher David Younk Obituary is seen
if you Tap HERE


I have also added info about
Vietnam Veteran Authors and their Books
Jack Estes and George Reischling
Please read their bios and
Info re Help for Veterans


Please Click the Button Below Now
to follow Jack Estes on Twitter
He needs your Support

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Here is a request from one soldier to another
John Wolf TO Steve Lintl --
I found out about Johns search on You Tube
If you know Steve Lintl please tell him to come here and read this page

If you ARE Steve go to
THIS Link to see the You Tube Video
meant for you

Sgt. Steve Lintl was a Platoon sergeant
when I arrived in Vietnam to join
an infantry unit. Steve rarely broke a smile, or at least to me,
he was all business. I am proud to have served with and under Sgt
Steve Lintl; he was a leader, a brave soldier and someone everyone
looked up to. I also thank him for saving my life.
On about November of 1970 our squad (7 guys) was out on patrol and walked
into booby trap. One of our guys must have either tripped a wire or it
was manually detonated? Immediately after the booby trap went off the
VC started dropping mortars shells or hand grenades in on us. The VC
knew we were vulnerable due to shock from the explosion and knowing we
would have wounded. We had two guys down with severe injuries and it
appeared we might be surrounded. The two that were down, Vernon Zornes
and Rob Runge, were very popular in the unit. As one of the new guys,
I was assigned a position in the back of the pack behind Zornes.
Zornes literally saved my life that day, his body protected me from
the blast that went off in front of him.

It was my first action; quite frankly I was unprepared for seeing anyone
much less one of my buddies injured. We were also facing the
possibility of being overrun by the enemy. We were in a difficult
situation, tend to the wounded or defend ourselves? I was next to
Zornes and he was hit pretty bad and did not appear to be breathing.

Prior to going into the Army or going to Vietnam you wonder what would
happen if you or your fellow soldiers were hit, what would you do?
Would you run, try to hide, freeze up or start fighting back? I have
to admit I was scared and did take a second to pause, if I treated him
it would be the first time I had ever kissed a man. I immediately
started giving Zornes artificial respiration.

As I said we were getting hit by mortars or hand grenades, I think we all
knew this could be the end for the entire group. At this point there
were 5 of us left, 3 of us were tending to the injured, leaving on 2
guys to repel the enemy. Then out of nowhere came the Calvary, it was
just like the Western's I had seen many times before when I was a kid.

Without regard for their lives a group of soldiers ran through a
hedgerow near us, they were lead by Sgt. Lintl, Sgt. Kailua and
Tom "Doc" Tierney. They had heard the explosions and ran to our
rescue. I will never forget the relief I got when I saw them running
towards us, I knew that we would be OK.

Unfortunately, Zornes and Runge did not survive and joined the Vietnam
Veterans wall that day. We did our best to try and save them. In doing
so I found out that under extreme duress I could show courage and
clear thinking. It's what some men worry about, some get the chance
and some don't. Some think their tough until they get into the same
situation and wilt. All the men I served with on that day learned what
they are made of, they answered the call and served with distinction.

John Wolf

If you are related to Steve or know him, please give him my best and tell
him to drop me a line sometime. I imagine this story is unknown to
most of Steve's family or friends. My guess he is kinda quiet about
his heroics. From Wolfie


Here is another site where Vets are looking to contact other vets


The songs listed as #1 were taken from a Page By Bob Borst
WHICH LISTS ALL THE # 1 Songs by week since 1920
found @


Support the Troops

And stop @ Talking With Heroes




Laurel Coughlin Shared this story and Scott Serres's photo on Face Book
Sept 6 2015
Scott Serres's photo.
You're a 19 year old kid. You are critically wounded and dying in the jungle somewhere in the
Central Highlands of Viet Nam . It's November 11, 1967. LZ (landin...g zone) X-ray.
Your unit is outnumbered 8-1 and the enemy fire is so intense from 100 yards away, that your
CO (commanding officer) has ordered the MedEvac helicopters to stop coming in.
You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know you're not getting out.
Your family is half way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you'll never see them again.

As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day. Then - over the machine gun
noise - you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter. You look up to see a Huey coming in.

But.. It doesn't seem real because no MedEvac markings are on it. Captain Ed Freeman is
coming in for you. He's not MedEvac so it's not his job, but he heard the radio call and
decided he's flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire anyway. Even after the
MedEvacs were ordered not to come. He's coming anyway. And he drops it in and sits there in
the machine gun fire, as they load 3 of you at a time on board. Then he flies you up and
out through the gunfire to the doctors and nurses and safety. And, he kept coming back!!
13 more times!! Until all the wounded were out. No one knew until the mission was
over that the Captain had been hit 4 times in the legs and left arm. He took 29 of you and
your buddies out that day. Some would not have made it without the Captain and his
Huey. Medal of Honor Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Air Force, died last
Wednesday at the age of 70, in Boise, Idaho. May God Bless and Rest His Soul.

I bet you didn't hear about this hero's passing, Weíve heard plenty about murders, Health
Care, Border security etc. BUT NOTHING ABOUT THE PASSING OF Medal of Honor Winner
Captain Ed Freeman. Shame on the media !!! Now... YOU pass this along. Honor this real

Hero. Please

Laurel Coughlin / Scott Serres's

I know this page is about Friends Lost
But I feel compelled to add the following links
I am spearheading an effort To Help ALL Americans Show Support for Our Troops
and Pay It Forward

Please Visit Warren Michael 's sites
to hear his Patriotic Tribute Songs
Money from the sales will be Donated in full
to help with Groups such as the
Gold Star Mothers, The Purple Hearts and Honors and Memories

" Purple Hearted Heroes "

And Listen to

* Loving America *

The items found there ALL have Military, Veterans and Families Honor System Discounts
which make great ANYTIME gifts for ANYONE
but especially soldiers
include some in a care package
Sites offering care packages to soldiers SHOULD BE MADE AWARE about the Great Items offered at

This Link Here and Support Our Troops

Some of the items found there were Packaged By Adult Handicapped


And Here is another Veterans All Around Help Page

Visit Justice For All

and read about the restoration
of one of the Full Size Statues of the Iwo Jima Flag Raising
It is found on Cape Coral FL

The Web site also presents other injustices that need to be addressed
To protect the rights those remembered on this page died for
and insure they DID NOT Die in vain
Founder Marian B. Scirrotto


Here are some emails and pictures I received from someone who was NOT IN Vietnam BUT
continues to try to help others remember
His name is Fielding Freed
Fielding tells me he was born during the VietNam war
It is my wish that others who could not possibly remember
the Vietnam war or the controversy that surrounded it
educate themselves about that era
and help us Memorialize those who gave all for their country

God Bless You Fielding

Fielding stands on the side of the road leading to
Folly Beach SC on Memorial Day and
greets those heading for a day of fun
We should do as Fielding does and recognize
the day is also sad for the families and friends
of those who have died for us


Another reason for this page
is to honor and help Veterans and First Responders
who served/serve and protected/protect us

Maybe you can help a Homeless Vet


Tap Here for A large Image of the the thumbnail

on how you can Help Homeless Vets
a small group of volunteers
supporting homeless Veterans attempting
to organise housing and employment.
In the past they were self funded and managed
to get 8 heroes off the streets.
They sadly now depend on donations and are at risk
of havibg to shut down our cause
if they are not more successful in getting
more patriots to join.
tap HERE

And donate at their Go Fund Me Page


Also Tap here
for info which can help veterans
deal with the aftermath of serving

Fielding strongly resembles actor Jeff Daniels in my opinion


Click Here for Another Song about those days ( 1964 to 1973 )
the lyrics are in the description - click on "Show More"

Words By Wade Smith
Music co written and Performed by Barry David Butler
(c) 2012 All Rights Reserved
Sebring, Florida
Click HERE for More ON SINGER Barry Butler




I have a comfortable life thanks to
the brave men and women
honored on this page
Me, taken in May 1964 with my 1962 racing Chevrolet Corvair

I now live
in FL
here I am in 2005 ~ with my 1966 Corvair
and Gilligan my Blue and Gold Macaw


I was granted a miracle recovery from a spinal Injury
My Touched by an Angel Story is told

Mickey Mantle is involved in the story
behind this picture



The Men of Sigma Phi Xi
Oct. 1965
We were all just boys really

+ + + + +

HERE is a page where you can raise funds for any cause


Not many are aware of the meaning of a Gold Star
displayed in the window of a home.

The Gold Star signifies that a member of the HouseHold died during their service to our country
since DEC 7th 1941 over 500,000 Gold stars have been placed in windows in the United States.

The Gold Stars signify there are mothers
fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles,
nieces and nephews and friends are dealing with the loss
of a soldier in combat
Thank you to Gold Star Mothers,
Gold Star Fathers and Gold Star Households

Here are some organizations which
Help NOT ONLY Veterans
but everyone in need of their services

My placement of them on this page
does not constitute an endorsement by me
I merely offer the info about their services


This first one assists ANYONE who
has trouble with Social Security and Disability filings
Tap Here to go to
Fran Paulson Motley 's Twitter Page
and follow
then DM for info

Or send an email == HERE


Tap Here to
Return to the start of this page
which Honors fallen soldiers, police officers and Veterans


Now some links to Mesothelioma sites

First one submitted by Ian Hart
Take a look at this article about mesothelioma in the military here:


Many of these men and women were exposed at work or during their military service and
are now suffering from asbestos-related diseases,
such as mesothelioma cancer, a devastating and nearly always fatal disease.

The site is a great resource for THIS ILLNESS .



MesotheliomaMore information for Veterans


More than 30 percent of Americans beset with mesothelioma
were exposed to asbestos during military service.
The mesothelioma center offers the most comprehensive and
updated information on asbestos exposure and mesothelioma treatments
if you have received a mesothelioma prognosis.
with help for Veterans



Please see my page
To Find Missing & Abducted Women & Children


Here is a very important cause
N.A.S.A. and our military should adapt and use its drone
and satellite surveillance technology to
Help Find Missing and Abducted women and children
Solve other crimes and Protect Our Borders

Read more about the effort HERE

Here is a link to a case
which I have taken particular interest in
Mainly because Joanie Hall needs to be found
and because they help me with my Effort to Adapt the existing satellite picture
and drone surveillance technology to Find the Missing


"Veterans are able to save money on their homes with a VA refinance or a VA purchase loan. compares different lenders to help you find the one that works best
with your needs and will save you the most money possible."




Papa pp -- Cancer heroin

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google-site-verification: google52ad75ba6ec54e50.html google52ad75ba6ec54e50.html

Gold star Families gold star mothers Patricia Tosck Bill Beskid, Laura laurie, Gloria Hrynak,
Tim Custer, Mort Kane, Bob Vitarius, Bill Braund, Sal Camaratta, Nick Toth, Rodney Disbennet RODNEY Disbennett,
Howley Childs, Mary Jo Larca, Joe Luca
Mayfield Heights Ohio, Dan Hill,
Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus Oh OHIO
How many marines died in Vietnam Viet Nam VietNam
How Jim szaller, john saccany, john sutter, bob husak, bill tomik
Art Gravure Corporation of Ohio
Plain Dealer many US soldeirs died in war
Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus Parma ohio. Parma Heights OH.
1965, 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970

Valley Forge High School 1965, 1966 1964 Parma Heights OHIO.
St Ignatius Cleve. OH. 1963 1964 1965
Mary lou willcomm sister mary loise wilkomm kathy burns Bill
Pat Masters 1965 1966 1967 1968 1966 Valley Forge High School class of 1965 1969
Jim Szaller, Bill Miller,
PBS The Vietnam War series Ken Burns

How many americans died in vietnam, how Du Bois,
many american soldiers were killed in viet nam,
"how many women died in VIETNAM" .
Number of soldiers servicemen females women who died in Wars
Roman Pawnyk

Died, Killed, WOUNDED IN Viet Nam.
Vietnam dead marines
Support our Vietnam veterans how can I send a gift to a soldier,
Donald Avsec. Tony Avsec
mike murphy, dave murphy,
t.j. murphy, susan murphy, tony avsec, bill
Frank Kellerman, Lothar graff Franz Graf
Ronald Sibbing
John Toick help s other
Flags of our fathers Iwo Jima cape coral statue
and all the students from Valley Forge High School in Parma Heights Ohio
class of 1965 1964 1963 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970
who died there
what is the total of British soldiers who died in wars

An ava ( aviary ) is a bird nest
james taylor was a singerman,
Jessica is Santa clauses s wife s name --
I went to cuyahoga community college with dave kuntz in 1966
-- jan is like jelly -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~
a shrout is a death cover.
How do I find how many American soldiers
died were killed in vietnam. VietNam War conflict
how many Americans are still missing in southeast asia.

PBS The Vietnam War series Ken Burns

personal care items how can I send gifts to soldiers
to show support for the troops
deployed in Iraq male and female
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mary plain dealer pressman ragman help 1965 valley forge High school Parma Ohio
others Singerman

1965 class reunion Valley Forge High School Parma Heights OH. Ohio.
Alumni Organization Reunion class of 1965 Vally Forge High School Parma, OH 45th class reunion
Joe Dagata De Gada Linda RYKE BROWN
Kathy Chappel Russ Todia, Jessica

Sgt. MacKenzie - Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia "Sgt. MacKenzie" Single by Joseph Kilna MacKenzie.
from the album We Were Soldiers.
Released ... "Sgt. MacKenzie" is a lament written and sung by Joseph Kilna ... - 26k - Cached Sgt. MacKenzie
Sgt. MacKenzie. by Joseph Kilna MacKenzie. MacKenzie Tartan.
Sgt. MacKenzie ... The lament,
"Sgt MacKenzie", is written and sung by Joe Kilna Mackenzie son of ... - 8k - Cached
We Were Soldiers - Joseph Kilna MacKenzie - Sgt. MacKenzie We Were Soldiers. Music. Joseph Kilna MacKenzie -
Sgt. MacKenzie ...
/Sgt._MacKenzie - Cached - Music Downloads
Sgt. MacKenzie - Joseph Kilna MacKenzie. Final Battle - Joseph Kilna MacKenzie ...
Mansions of the Lord words lyrica - 14k - Cached Play VideoYouTube - Warhammer-We were soldiers
Music videoSong: Sgt McKenzie from We Were Soldiers ... by Joseph Kilna Mackenzie, about his grandfather, Sgt Mackenzie, who served ...
Veternas living veterans dying at the rate of 1200 per day in 2016 - 103k - Cached Mansions of the Lord
Mansions of the Lord. This song was sung by the West Point ...
(excerpt from "Sgt. MacKenzie" by Joseph Kilna MacKenzie)
Lay me doon in the caul caul groon ... - 5k - Cached
Aziroet :: Comunidad de blogs :: Crear blog Wordpress gratuito importar ...
Aziroet: Comunidad de blogs graos basados
en el sistema Wordpress que darŠ ... aremehisablog, aremehisaaguilar,
Lee the alayna ma rp oliver barker accepted ... - 15k - Cached
Joseph Kilna Mackenzie Filmography - Yahoo! Movies
We Were Soldiers Mel Gibson Joe Galloway
Joseph Kilna Mackenzie : find the latest news, photos, filmography and awards at ...
(2002) song producer & performer ("Sgt. Mackenzie")
Back to Top. Yahoo! ... - 13k - Cached

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Remember and support our troops on Veterans Day 2006 2008 1918 1919

Celebrate Veterans Memorial Day Nov 11th 2008 2009 2010 2011

Dave Kuntz BASKETBELL TRI-C 1965 1966 coach eugene amari ed stoch euclid Ohio

Bill Papa Terry Kilbane Greg Fischer Died In VietNam with 58,249 others
we owe them and their families our gratitude Cleveland Police officer
Fred Vacha killed in line of duy by Floyd Graham Bill jack Bill k Cape Coral FL remembers them
-- 1966 1968 1967 1969 OH send gifts to any soldiers free personal care items Cuyahoga Community College OHIO
1966 1967 1968 1969 Beskid Vitarius Mort Kane jack l To help sandy donald avsec
vALLEY FORGE HIGH SCHOOL 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969
John Sutter Bob Vella Bill Tom, Ken Gorecki, fred Feldt, andre Joe cordiak

remember a good friend of ALL Soldiers
Robin eggs William
Star of Good Morning Vietnam

God Bless You Robin
You were the Best

Robin Williams coomits suicide by hanging himself with a belt and cutting his wrists Aug 11th 2014
Robert Vella and I hunted in Nebraska in the late 60's and early 70's

ceil gassett

Suicides Vietnam soldiers Vietnam soldiers suicides heroes too bpapa1968

List of Beaver Falls Men / boys
who died in Vietnam and are listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall Viet
Nam War Wall Memorial

George Reischling Daniel Jackson Mc Mahan. Jack Estes
of duty by Floyd Graham Viet Nam Bill jack Tock.
Memorial day 201 The Vietnam War series Ken Burns

Memorial day 2020

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