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Inside the Purple Room

Listed below are all the rated-R & NC-17 short stories and poetry I created for the old "Oui, Claude!" site. Some go back to winter of 1997, with the rest created between 1998 and 2001. I have no plans to add more.

The Short Stories

These are either one or two part stories. Most are rated hard "R" to NC-17. Each has a "steam" rating from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most explicit. While not "nasty" or degrading, my stories do contain explicit and frank descriptions of sexual activity, especially "the act". Each entry has a disclaimer to that effect.

The Gift
The first Frollo-Nisha (my fanfic alter ego) adult story. It's a very short two-parter. STEAM RATING: 8

Jungle Love
My second story is a follow-up to my Feast of Fools fanfic (see F'Freak's FoF. Borrows a theme from the Time's song of the same name...With a song parody to go with it! STEAM RATING: 9

The Subject was Peaches
A hot summer day, a trip to a country hideaway, fresh ripe peaches...This story is HOT! STEAM RATING: 10+++

Someone's in the Kitchen
A timely visit from the Good Judge, his lady's home baking, delights of the kitchen...Then the fun begins. STEAM RATING: 10

All in a Day's Work
My goodness, Claude and Danisha are busy slaving over mountains of work, but all work and no play can make two people rather dull. Not as explicit but a fun romp. STEAM RATING: 7

It's Just Lunch!
Claude's Brown Sugar Dream Girl makes a special time trip armed with lunchtime goodies. ;-) STEAM RATING: 8

Latent Ecstacy
Now it's Jehan's turn. Forbidden fantasies about his brother's woman leave Jehan quite unsettled. STEAM RATING: 10

Poetry Collection

Unknown Pleasures
First entry to my short collection of verse. Judge Frollo muses on his Nubian lady.

Passions: His AND Passions: Hers
A pair of hot verse with each of our time-traveling lovers pouring out their feelings for each other.

The Purple Room
Crazedwriter's World/Passion Magic
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