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NAHTMMM's Domain--Home to CAPUT, Fractals, and Other Stuff

The Rest of the Site

Links to my Star Trek novel parodies.
Links to zany, weird, fun, informative, or even--gasp!--useful sites
Quotations to remember for a lifetime. Unless the desperate operation to wipe the memory of them succeeds.
Fiction and artwork. Currently only artwork (and precious little of it at that), but whatever.
Lotsa eye-catching fractals to look at here.
The site map, or at least an approximation of one.
The KellyzKorner Writing Contest Awards page.

Welcome to my public website. Feel free to shudder at the tacky color schemes, read the text, scan and disregard the political stuff, wince at any artwork that manages to sneak onto this site, and by all means right-click on the external links and open them in a new window. There is a LOT of good stuff in there!

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Links to St. Louis destinations

Non-definitive interpretations of my username