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Kim, Founder & Director : Kim has had over ten years of experience dealing with the paranormal and established the SSM PRG in 2006. She is a local researcher and history enthusiast in Sault Ste. Marie and delves greatly into quantum physics and quantum geology as methods to explain the "unexplainable".

Tammy, Team Leader: Tammy is a former real estate professional, specializing in debunking common paranormal activity that is often confused with settling of older homes, wiring, etc.

Christine, Investigator: Christine is a pharmaceutical technician, specializing in chemical compounds and debunking.

Talia, Investigator: Talia is a certified holistic nutritionist as well as very intuitive and specializes in Wiccan/Occult symbols.

Nancy, Empath/Investigator: Nancy is currently a student in Police Foundations, and specializes in Wicca and energy readings.

We also have many other individuals who join our team from time to time in order to ascertain the truth, such as social workers, clergy and digital specialists.