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"What do YOU care what other people think?"
Dr. Richard P. Feynmen

What's the point of this?

I have created this site in response to my frustrations with Myspace and Facebook. While both are good networking sites, they lack the freedom I enjoy of using good old fashioned HTML and a blank webpage. This site is a catch all for all my interests and anything that I find facinating. Yes, this is an indulgent way of putting my mark on the world, but what the hell, isn't that what we all want? Peace.


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Last Updated: March 2007

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Note: This is an eclectic fan site. I am not, nor am I affiliated with Matthew Broderick, Michael J. Fox, Jonathan Larson or any other persons mentioned on this website. Materials contained within this site are here for your individual / personal home entertainment only. Photo sources are gathered from internet and scanned from various magazines. Photos will be gladly taken off upon request by original owners.