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A second sequel, Kingdom Hearts 2 for the PlayStation 2, was officially released in Japan on 22 December 2005 and release date for USA on 28 March 2006. Taking place a year after Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II Walkthrough features Sora, Donald and Goofy, as well as a new cast of characters, including King Mickey Mouse himself and familiar Disney character faces. The Heartless are still running loose and a mysterious group, Organization XIII, is plotting against Sora. There are new walkthrough levels exclusive to the sequel, such as Pirates of the Caribbean's Port Royal and The Lion King's Pride Land, as well as new places to visit in old levels; those include the Underworld in the Hercules world and the palace garden in Agrabah. This Kingdom Hearts 2 sequel uses a refined camera system, and includes a Drive ability that gives Sora the ability to merge with one of his party members for a short time......

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Kingdom Hearts II Screenshot Photos Gallery
Pictures of the Playstation 2 strategy/role playing game by SQUARE ENIX USA INC.

kingdomhearts3.jpg 3.2K

KingdomHeartsII_01_PS3.jpg 3.0K

kingdomhearts_minnie_mouse1.jpg 3.9K

kingdom_hearts_3.jpg 2.0K

kingdom_hearts_2_goofy1.jpg 3.0K

kingdom_hearts_2_women1.jpg 2.3K

kingdom_hearts_ariel1.jpg 2.5K

kingdom_hearts_battle1.jpg 2.4K

kingdom_hearts_blue_ruby1.jpg 2.8K

kingdom_hearts_characters1.jpg 3.2K

kingdom_hearts_chipmunks1.jpg 2.8K

kingdom_hearts_cinderella1.jpg 2.7K

kingdom_hearts_daisey1.jpg 2.8K

kingdom_hearts_disney1.jpg 2.8K

kingdom_hearts_donald1.jpg 3.0K

kingdom_hearts_enix1.jpg 2.7K

kingdom_hearts_fighting1.jpg 3.0K

kingdom_hearts_genie1.jpg 3.0K

kingdom_hearts_hottie1.jpg 2.8K

kingdom_hearts_ii1.jpg 2.4K

kingdom_hearts_ii_goofy1.jpg 2.6K

kingdom_hearts_lion_king1.jpg 2.1K

kingdom_hearts_logo1.jpg 2.3K

kingdom_hearts_parrot1.jpg 2.7K

kingdom_hearts_players1.jpg 3.1K

kingdom_hearts_prince1.jpg 2.1K

kingdom_hearts_princess1.jpg 2.8K

kingdom_hearts_screenshots1.jpg 2.6K

playstation_2_kingdom_hearts1.jpg 3.4K

Sora_Organization_XIII1.jpg 3.0K

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